Paul Smith gets ASBO for making bombs – What if he was Muslim?

Is it possible a Muslim could have convinced a court that the explosives found in his home and his bomb making expertise were merely a hobby and were in no way a threat to harm or injure others?

Of course not.

But that’s exactly the line of defence used by Paul Smith to convince Hull Crown Court  that he wasn’t a terrorist threat and he escaped with nothing but an ASBO

Unbelievable right?

When his house was searched, officers discovered two pipe bombs, bomb-making equipment and a number of “sophisticated” explosives, with an army bomb disposal team being rushed in to make his house safe.

Of course this wasn’t headline news, receiving rolling coverage on the news channels as there was no Muslim involved.

Det Ch Insp Steve Hibbit, from Humberside Police, stated:

“We never found any evidence that Mr Smith had any intent to harm anybody, either as a group or an individual”

He added that Paul Smith had an interest in explosives:

“in the same way that other people have an interest in collecting stamps”

Before rounding off with:

“He was clearly self-taught using recipes that are readily available to anybody”

If a Muslim had “an interest in explosives” and taught themselves how to make improvised explosive devises “that are readily available” on the internet, there would be howls of derision that radicalised Muslims are downloading Al-Qaeda’s bomb making manuals.

If he was a Muslim, he’d have been shackled head to toe, his family and their extremist ways would be exposed in the scumbag press, the Masajid he frequented would be accused of training terrorists and he’d be rotting in Belmarsh.

Well done to the police and the so called justice system for proving yet again that Muslims really are the enemy.

This is by no means a one off – for further reading on how the Police and Justice system are inherently biased against Muslims, read “What if he was Muslim?”


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5 responses to “Paul Smith gets ASBO for making bombs – What if he was Muslim?

  1. sore.talon

    Reblogged this on youngNomad and commented:
    what if he was muslim?indeed.

  2. Anon

    You expected any more from these people? They are INHERENTLY racist. It is within their culture, their very identity to by biased against the popular enemy…. Ask your average white British teenager what he thinks of Germans, born 50 years after the war ended and the first thing they will come out with is Nazi. They really actually don’t care about anything but their own self preservation.
    And this makes me very sad… Because the nation i was born in, the ones whose ideals were promised to me, well it all turned out to be a lie.
    I no longer envisage a future where this country is even safe for muslims, you know the “conservative” ones, the ones who actually pray, and don’t drink, and refuse to fornicate like the media tells us is best.
    Just imagine what thousands of mentally unstable, trained to kill muslims, trained to hate us, return when the wars finally end.
    It vexes me, that this is the case. I have met few exceptions to this rule. Weather out of ignorance or arrogance, the mistake is still theirs.

  3. The police regardless of your local police or MI5/6, are all part of the political agenda, if the bomb maker being associated with the Islamic faith, would be identified as a terrorist, this is part of the propaganda that the Establishment endorses as 1/ to integrate a society that has differing agendas, 2/ the targeting of any group that is perceived as being outside its domain of power.
    The police, judiciary, are complicite, either consciously in part or unconscious, as a result of there cultural prejudices and bigotry, inherited as a result of the internalized mind set of unquestioned assumptions, this mindset is also endorsed by the psychiatric profession, that has to be implicit as enforcing law enforcement, as also a uniting front, validating a police and military state, as normality in securing and keepers of the peace.
    One may well sympathize with outlawed terrorist organizations in what they desire to achieve, the use of violence in this process is another issue, this is so as the ruling elite thrive on violence, and enforces loss of individual rights.
    My recent perusal on America being 4.5 of the Worlds population, and using 25% of the Worlds energy resources, speaks for it self, you may ask how is this possible? its called military control, not only can you see here whom are committed to terrorism, but worst, how this instills terrorism.
    The political agenda of violence that appears recalcitrant as a force, in the West is not working as being in conflict not only in opposition to the majority of people on the planet but also in violation to the eco systems and pollution of the environment, and the greatest hazard the pollution of the mind.

  4. Akh The Angry Academic Activist

    Thanks for the comments.

    And as ever, the lack of media coverage is more telling – if it had been committed by a Muslim – think – media bias exists.

    Muslims are public enemy #1

  5. free Balochistan

    If he was a Muslim, there would be articles in Guardian asking us to understand his motives, more sinister commentary would involve suggestions that he was fitted up by Mossad, CIA and MI5. But because he is the white and non-muslim, the white guilt trip Kufrs become very quiet.

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