Chechnya Grozny

One response to “Chechnya Grozny

  1. The war of Chechnya Grozney and Russia, appears as most wars, a exercise based on Mans stupidity and a exercise in futility, the great tragedy of these excesses is the inability of Man to learn from experience, the idea of madness is if you keep doing the same thing and it ends with the same outcome and yet we hope for a different outcome is insanity, other than a philosophical proposition, this being true.
    As weaponry becomes evermore destructive, what becomes a puzzle to me is the indifference of so many to take a positive anti war position as say in Governments being required to direct energy to the ending of wars, of significance, we see considerable numbers of civilians killed or maimed as a result of war, seeing civilians become increasingly targets as war casualties, the only explanation I have for this is the effects of propaganda, as with people like Murdock, having the ability to prostitute reality and reconstruct the serious to trivia for pulp indulgence for mass consumption, and the indulgent appetite of drug related mind sets, such as sport, alcohol, and the smorgasbord of thrills that assail the mind of those that appear as if they are immune to such threats.
    War is profitable only to the few, how is it possible the few have ability to destroy the lives of so many? It appears as the mainstream of our planetary inhabitants have neither the will nor the ability to connect the subversive ideologies that confront the individual, today.
    I suggest two mainstream educational systems exist today, the university graduate and specialized training that entails a narrow pursuit often as a result of attainment of this specialized knowledge, and the renaissance man, those that may have a curiosity on all aspects of the Universe, this approach has no particular exams, nor is there any rest from constant vigilance and application of mindfulness, naturally in the main this type of being has neither time for parties, not that he would desire this, nor having holidays, the writer of this essay would have a preference of incarceration than being beside the palms, or watching the blue lagoons or passing time at a tropical seaside resort.
    The frustrating aspect of the renaissance man is the limitation and impending fate for him, knowing he knows so little of what is, and grasping the idea he will come to his end and to come to terms with his own limitations of knowledge.

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