Think Tank Henry Jackson Society Promotes Iran War To Parliament

The Henry Jackson Societies attempt to build a pro war consensus against Iran gathered further pace last week, as they pitched their case of “what it takes to prevent a nuclear Iran” to a packed committee chamber in Parliament.

As we showed in a damning expose last week, penned by Alan Mendoza, a former Co-Director of The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) In a damning indictment, Mendoza stated that the HJS are an:

“abrasively right-wing forum with an anti-Muslim tinge, churning out polemical and superficial pieces by aspiring journalists and pundits that pander to a narrow readership of extreme Europhobic British Tories, hardline US Republicans and Israeli Likudniks…..provides an insight into the obscure backstage world of Conservative politics”

HJS are a Zionist, Neo-Conservative front that are lobbying intensively at the heart of our Government to manufacture consent for an attack on Iran.

A recent study released by the Political Studies Association at the University of Durham titled “Thinking ahead : David Cameron, the Henry Jackson Society and the British Neoconservatives” makes for some very shocking reading to the uninitiated, on matters of Foreign Policy and International Relations.

The “expert talking head” the HJS bought into Parliament to effectively sell war to our politicians was one Michael Makovsky, Foreign Policy Director of the Bipartisan Policy Center, a right wing, pro war, Neo-Con, American think tank.

Michael Makovsky is himself an interesting character, between 2002-2006, Makovsky served as a special assistant for Iraqi energy policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defence and is a founder and president of MSM Consulting LLC, an energy and political risk consulting firm for various investment firms, focusing on markets and hedging strategies for oil, petroleum products, natural gas and electric power.

Makovsky also authored “Churchill’s Promised Land” exploring Winston Churchill’s relationship with Zionism.

So what you have is a staunch zionist, that definitely stands to gain ideologically with Iran’s destruction and possibly earning a few bucks by hedging investments on behalf of his clients on the world oil bourse.

Sadly our Parliamentarians are either too stupid or are complicit with this scheme, the picture above was gleefully tweeted by HJS staffer Ray Kassam shows a packed parliamentary committee room listening to the lies being spun:

Just in case our Oxbridge educated political elite have forgotten about the lies and spin that led to the illegal invasion and subsequent murder of over a million innocent Iraqi’s, let’s just remind them of a few facts.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) just released its most recent report GOV/2012/37 30 August 2012on the state of Iran’s nuclear program.

As usual this report is used to hype up the “nuclear Iran” scare.

Rupert Murdoch’s The Times was busily reporting that Iran is stockpiling weapons grade uranium a claim which is so completely false as even its own report below that headline states:

The Israeli diplomat said that Iran was in the process of doubling its capacity at Fordow to about 1,500 centrifuges, increasing the amount of 20 per cent-enriched uranium it could produce. Uranium enriched to 20 per cent fuels Iran’s main research reactor, but it is also just below the level usable in nuclear bombs.”

Not only is any Uranium Iran has below weapons grade but, according to the new IAEA report, “Iran has today less enriched Uranium that could quickly be converted into a nuclear weapon than it had in May 2012”, the time of the IAEA’s last report GOV/2012/23 – dated 25 May 2012 on the issue.

In an unprecedented visit to Israel, Sir John Sawyers, head of Mi6, urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to give the go-ahead to plans to bomb Iran. Britain may well be opposed to taking decisive military action on Iran right now, but with the likes of the HJS beating the drums of war to our Politicians, it makes the likelihood of an escalation of hostilities far more likely.

Recently Sir Nick Harvey the Lib Dem MP was removed from his post in the Ministry of Defence. The former Armed Forces Minister, told friends that he was fired in the reshuffle to allow Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to sign Britain up to an Israeli-US preventive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear installations.

Was Harvey sacked just so he wouldn’t embarrasse the Government by being too critical of Israel’s actions if he had still been in the key Ministry of Defence post?

The row broke as sources confirmed that the US has asked Britain to provide frigates to patrol the Straits of Hormuz, where an Armada of international naval power is massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike. That’s quite a manoeuvre to pull off, while the rest of the world is distracted by a video no one ever really saw, cruisers, aircraft carriers and minesweepers from 25 nations have converged onto the Persian Gulf.

On the whole, the “nuclear Iran” scare has little to do with reality and everything to do with the Israeli, American and British desire to subjugate Iran and thereby further their global and regional domination. As was proved in the run upto the Iraq invasion, we cannot expect to read about the reality of Iran when the consensus is dictated by Israeli pro war hawks, to our imbecilic politicians or even in the majority of the western propaganda media channels.

The Neo-Con/Zionist axis of evil promotes wars that have absolutely nothing to do with Britain or the British people. Merchants of hate like the HJS piggy back onto Iran to simply promote their own agenda. They are not interested in the oft quoted “Freedom & Democracy”, peace or the idea that Western civilisation is far more advanced than the rest of the world.

The HJS operate as a “Fifth Column” in Britain, with every single conflict and war that they promote requiring the death of British troops and our taxes to fight their wars. It gives their special interest groups that fund their think tank activities, billions of dollars in extra profits received from servicing the war industry.

You can read further on the Henry Jackson Society in one my recent articles:

Raheem J Kassam – Another “Muslim” house slave for the Neo Cons & Right Wing Tories

As well as the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK taking apart another HJS affiliate, in an article titled:

“Where’s Rupert Sutton’s head at?”


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2 responses to “Think Tank Henry Jackson Society Promotes Iran War To Parliament

  1. Is our ignorance on behind the scenes with reference to Iran, on Australian TV, on ABC, the president of Israel appeared with a picture of a bomb, representing Iran’s nuclear achievement or threat to Israel, and warns next summer they have the capacity to complete this project.
    I understand the significance with the president’s appearance, is to drum up support for the attack of Iran.
    The destabilizing of Syria, being one step closer to the potential destruction of Iran, and its isolation, as it exists today, the reification of the Islamic faith and its put down, serves two main objectives, to obscure the historical establishment of a culture alien to the harmony of established people and traditions, and the extraction of the Middle East’s resources.
    The history or British, European and American, colonization of land throughout the world, by violent means, since WW2, oppression by the allied forces have came by violence and institutional trading of resources, for the solely benefit of the allied front.
    The ruthless ideology imposed by these aggressive forces appear to a growing number of people as a anachronism that appears as if this fervor is more to do with the spirit of the Roman Empire political ambitions, than the enlightened aspirations of a contemporary awareness that some humans envision.
    A widespread held belief of trust in technology as a virtual religious belief, is not a philosophy shared by myself and many others, particularly when often advanced technology is in the hands of those who one may well have doubts as to the outcome and use of this technology, such as Israel and its potential use of nuclear power, as a solution of its aggressive settlement to a problem that requires a different approach than settlement through grandstanding and violence.
    As Britain has been a major instigator of violence in its aggressive history, we now require the same to come forth with a transition of solutions that are different from super power aggressive outcomes, we are unable to find light from right wing entrenched Cambridge or Oxford Establishment, and those like institutes, including London School of Economics, Stanford University, and those institutes of a entrenched mind set, that are in particular endorsed by the Zionist banking fraternity and conspicuously the IMF is established next door to The White House.
    Our challenge to day is work towards World demilitarization, for the sake of the environment and working towards lowering pollution of this Planet, here in Australia, not notable for original thinkers that stay in this country, other than Pilger and Assange, both now living away, our servile government to American interests, stress the importance of low wattage light bulbs, for energy saving and each civilian to play their part in commitment to conservation, and yet military expenditure knows no bounds that have been a concern for our Government, the use of grain crops for fuel with military jet use, is notable, I suggest the use of nuclear shells used by America, contaminating the Earth for future crops is a indictment of the folly we now have to endure.
    We have to make a concerted effort to rid ourselves of the present World leaders, who having proved they are inept and incapable to lead and create a vision suitable to our times.

  2. Zionist Cameramen at Edinburgh Batsheva Protest

    Shortly after the Edinburgh Batsheva Protest in August 2012, videos appeared on YouTube trying to discredit the protesters with false allegations. The videos are purported to have been taken by Harvey the Zionist undercover cameraman, then passed to his Zionist friend Richard Millett to upload with false allegations.

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