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Steve Baker MP & what he really thinks about the Muslim constituents of High Wycombe

Top Gunning MP Steve “Goose” Baker

With the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza escalating, I thought I’d do my democratic duty, by getting in touch with my MP Steve Baker and asking what he intends to do.

What followed was a typical politicians attempt to placate a restless native constituent, I’ve captured the screen shots from Twitter for you to see how the dialogue developed:

A few points of note:

Steve Baker MP has since deleted all the tweets he made, you can check yourself on his twitter profile.


Steve Baker MP talks about “Decry all aggression” and yet served the Military Industrial Complex with the Royal Air Force as an Engineer between 1989-1999

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in touch with Steve Baker MP.

I wrote to Steve Baker MP asking him to spell out the actions our government intended to take in response to Israel’s murder on the high seas of Gaza-bound international aid workers in June 2010.

I then followed it up with what Steve Baker had responded with alongside the crass comments made by my former MP Paul Goodman.

You see the Government has spent Millions of pounds it could barely afford on the PVE strategy – a part of which was to hear any aggrieved concerns of it’s citizens.

Guess what?

When it comes to foreign policy of this Government, it is inherently biased towards Israel and any attempts to engage any constructive dialogue are met with bewildering statements.

Steve Baker MP, last time you held a meeting with the self elected “pillars of community” in H/W, it was relayed to me that you said “there’s a blog by a chap called The Akh, that’s saying I sent out the same standard responses to everyone” so I clearly give you – or your team some credit for keeping their ears close to the ground.

I was also told when you were pressed on the issue of Palestine, your response was a rather pathetic and patronising “what do you want me to do about it?”

Well Steve, if I had been in that room, I would have told you, clearly and unequivocally that Israel was created by the British mandate in Palestine and handed over the land under the auspices of the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

It’s no good trying to fudge Britain’s responsibility for it’s actions then and the unintended consequences of it’s toxic legacy in the region today.

The Conservative party is full of members of the CFOI “Israeli Friends” lobby group, at this moment in time, I do not know if you are

Sorry Steve, I’m not one of those hand wringing, cha wallah types of my community, the ones that will bend over backwards for you in return for a picture opportunity.

You and every single elected member of parliament are our servants, you serve us, the citizens and the taxpayer. I suggest you familiarise yourself with that notion.

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Obama & more of the same ol’ shit

Yesterday, tens of millions of idiots went out and voted, thinking it will bring a change to their economic condition.

Nothing changes in the shit chain, the end product will remain the same.

Question is how long will you tolerate eating it?

It’s only funny because it’s true, right?

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