“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

Muslims are the new Jews right? Surah Maidah Verse 24 encapsulates everything that is wrong with Muslims today.

In Palestine we had almost two hundred people dead, the vast majority being women and children, with close to a thousand injured, there was more than a billion pounds worth of damage caused to infrastructure, that will never be rebuilt – thanks to the Israeli blockade of building supplies like cement and steel coming into Gaza.

You and I know this because we don’t believe the lies spun by the mass media, we rely on our own sources, from people like Harry Fear for example who reported from Gaza with his laptop and an internet connection. You see, that’s all it really takes, that and having the courage to do it.

When Gaza was being pummelled by the Israeli’s, I thought I’d do my best from here, to rally the locals, get some sort of pressure built up against the local MP to act. I was effectively given lip service – “Yes, we’ll do something” or to that effects. Well you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

Knowing they’d do nothing I took on my MP myself – I called him out on twitter – you can read my last post to see how that worked out.

Top Gunning Steve “Goose” Baker did put out a statement – if copying and pasting little willy hague’s pro israeli announcement is a statement:


During the bombardment of Gaza, there were two Jumma Khutbahs (two Friday prayers) were you would have thought the Shaykh would have made some kind of a mention of what’s going on in Palestine.


No announcements were made – apart from the obligatory we’re doing a collection.

On November 22, there were several arrests made connected with street grooming in my area.

The following Friday, each and every single Masajid read out a five minute statement, prepared by the local head of Police:


And herein lies my anger, my incandescent rage, that the MP, police and intelligence agencies can create the PVE inspired “Muslim Communication Forum” to deliver any edict to their congregations.

Try and get the very same unapproachable, self appointed community leaders to do anything where people are being butchered with impunity?

It’s a nice, big, fuck off to you sonny boy!

So yes, The same way the Jews told Moses that he and his Lord should go and fight, is the same way that these “Muslim leaders” do nothing but sit on their backsides and do nothing.

But whenever the Devil comes knocking on their door and tells them to deliver a statement to their people, they will bend over backwards for master.

To the people of Palestine, you’re on your own, we can’t do nothing for you.

You and your Lord go fight, we’re happy sitting right here.



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3 responses to ““So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

  1. Jarrar Mughal

    Needs to be said

  2. You

    Surprised you used the argument of Gaza over Syria as hundreds are getting martyred there daily as opposed to over an 8 day period of terror.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      It’s been over 65 years of murder and occupation in Palestine

      Yet the world only notices when the israelis really go for the jugular every few years.

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