When it comes to Palestine, the Masajids are useless

Pick an issue, a real world issue that effects Muslims – Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and you can count one hand the number of Masajids in this country that actively teach their congregation what they can do to change the status quo.

Now pick another issue from the list –

– is it permissible for women to wear nail varnish?

– does Allah have a hand, or is it a meta-physical hand?

– defeating satan by saying Bismillah.

These are just three topics that I’ve heard with my own ears, over the last few years on Jumma Khutbah’s whilst various parts of the Muslim world were being bombarded back into the stone ages.

I’ve nothing against these topics being discussed, but theirs a time and a place, their is a priority.

I originally wrote this article The World Against Israeli Apartheid for the MPACUK website during Ramadan and due to time constraints, ended up not posting it on my own blog. That article is worth reading, and I’d highly recommend you take 10 minutes and watch the video above taken from “The World Against Apartheid”, which shows the force of good religion can play in defeating evil.

If our Masajids ever grew a collective backbone that is.

Regular readers will by now be familiar of the travails I’ve had with my “local community leaders” in getting them to do anything constructive when it comes to the affairs of Muslims. The last two blog posts are a quick reminder:

Steve Baker MP & what he really thinks about the Muslim constituents of High Wycombe

“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

As I wrote previously, the Masajids and the self elected leadership are the ultimate community gate keepers, they’re not here to help facilitate your concerns, they’re here to ensure any potentially tough questions and situations are smoothed over, a quick and simple “not my problem sonny” and it’s done with.

Because when you tell me “Yes we had a meeting with the Shura about it”


that’s it

You should be satisfied that a bunch of uncles and grandads took 30 seconds to discuss it between running their taxi empires and slurping tea and chowing down on samosas.

You would have thought that an area that has 20,000 voting Muslims in it should be taken seriously:


And it would be if the community leaders and councillors had anything other than their own ego’s and careers at stake.

You see, an MP like Steve Baker has a civic role to play in society, so when a local car dealer asks him to pop down for the grand opening of his business, he usually will:

Steve Baker MP Capture

Muslims are all too happy to get the MP to pop around for a picture opportunity when they’re opening a new curry take away, or along a meaningless march like the Prophet (SAW) birthday celebrations, or hell, just to get their picture with the great MP himself:

Steve Baker MP & Locals

But get any of these self serving, self righteous leaders to demand their MP does something constructive for 20,000 potential votes?


That’s impossible

I mean we’ll have a meeting about it.

But what can we do?

You see that’s what the gate keepers will tell you – to keep the restless native quiet – so the master can go about his job unabated.

Last week the world spoke out against Israel in the United Nations Assembly.

William Hague and the UK proved to be on the wrong side yet again by their abstaining vote.

The sands are shifting in the favour of the Palestinians 65 year struggle for justice.

It’s not an act of negligence, but damn right criminality, that so many of OUR Masajids did nothing to help.


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One response to “When it comes to Palestine, the Masajids are useless

  1. With reference to utube on The Great Mufti, Hajj Al-Husayni, this brief history on the British war with the Ottomon Empire and the securing of Arab lands for the Arabs, and yet the hidden agenda of the British is the backing and infiltration of the Jewish people.
    The movie suggests the Mufti collaborated with the Nazi’s, I suggest the Mufti had a alliance with Germany in terms of assistance and back up from the British who betrayed the Arabs in intention and the Jews who were infiltrating Arab lands.
    The Mufti were not complicite in details of the Nazi plan that implicated Germany in war crimes, indeed no charges were made against the Mufti in war crimes relating to WW2.
    The British hung many Arabs and were killed by the British for resisting Jewish theft of Arab lands.
    I suggest that Britain has and is a Nation that is at basis a criminal organization, that has been formed over centuries that having foreign leaders and Royalty as all part of the establishment that having no spiritual guidance nor creed other than pursuit of power leading to violence on a World scale.
    The seemingly strange event to in Woolwich, that seemingly is a problem for the British public, is incomprehensible that such violence exists in Britain, what seems to elude the consciousness of this group of people is the fact that throughout the World that the British colonized is the violence witnessed in Woolwich, was commonplace throughout the World where the British had been and the colonists from Europe had sojourned.
    Behind the cultivated speech and the sophisticated mannerisms of the British, masks the evil which is peculiar to the British psyche. to the extent they no longer can grasp what I am spelling out, the hypocrisy has become so embedded as like a virus that has permeated and percolated that it now is all part of what we know as being a human being is.
    What do I mean? as example a check on John Pilger and the Leverson inquiry may be useful, what you have here is a display of clever and artful rhetoric that is all about the art of performance and no substance, it would seem Leverson is Jewish, to the astute mind this should not be surprising.
    I suggest little hope for reforming the Establishment in terms of a resolution to the problem of military as a solution, the environment, and ecological problems.
    The main religion of the British establishment is faith and belief in material substance, in particular devotion to technology, besides having a innate sense of superiority and a language that apparently seems to the orator a perfected understanding of what is, all of this belief system is suspect to me, without further inquiry as to what and where we are going or being taken their is little hope, for the planet and the inhabitants quality of life.

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