2 responses to “The real reasons why there will be no economic recovery

  1. Recently I checked on a web site what Rothschilds, are worth one estimate is 500 trillion dollars, naturally no one knows because this family is a covert and deviant operation, I believe the tradition of this Family is connected with a allegiance of the Talmud, whatever the Family as with the Rockefellow Family they are into divinity , as having a special revelation from God, primarily having assets that signify His purpose as custodians of wealth, many have this idea that God has blessed them with a purpose, Hitler also had this same idea, this assumed idea of self is all very well until as this article points out, money is a printed artifact as with prints by artists that are usually numbered in sequence of a limited edition, different from money in terms of plastic or paper printed money, that has no limits in serial numbers as printed as required, this is why the American dollar is a low rated exchange of value as money is printed without regard for any relationship to commodities.
    What is alarming is the observance economists give this creed as if it has any real value other than the pretense and hypocrisy this system evokes, the danger of this mythology is the death and maiming of targeted groups or individuals that become statistics.
    At present we witness the devastating of war in Syria, it is inconceivable if you are intelligent to think a leader such as Assad would choose to destroy Syrian culture, life of the Syrian people and the destruction of this great country, even if he were to be found a worthy leader, is it more noble to resign and swallow ones pride than the destruction we now witness? and with particular reference to a outcome that Assad may well be facing as a individual dire consequence, that now appears fatal.
    This tragedy of Syria is further mired by the cost of rebuilding and the Western Allies may well be involved with its Institutes supply of money such as the Rothschild’s, leading into unsustainable debt and extensive ownership of the infrastructure and land, useful for extensions of Israel territory.
    Of recent I had read the division within the the Islamic religion, that is Sunni and Shia, philosophy, was instigated by a Jewish cleric to subvert the foundations of this religion, soon after Mohammeds death, however this ploy appears to be age old, in particular having been used and refined by the British Intelligentsia in conquest and theft of foreign Lands, called colonization, as noted with the childish prittle prattle we witness in British Parliament, rather like the British University debating society, which is where Parliament recruits its membership from.

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