2 responses to “The Military Industrial Economic Complex & It’s Implications in Mali & Algeria

  1. Who would of thought Mali may well be the next breeding country that the West abhors? or is it? The capitalist system thrives on fear in so far as to galvanize a sense of bonding as with a group searching for a cultural identity, and the justification of taxpayers money paying off debt to Bankers who love conflict, or the money generated by this process, a consideration must be given to how few so called terrorists can tie up large amounts of money the West has to pay for security, every thing has its pros and cons, in a time of increasing unemployment, security and police can be useful to reduce unemployment.
    So far the Western Allies have avoided any admission of terrorism committed, in particular to its history of criminal activity, how do the Colonists such as Australia, make admission to its past criminal activity? we note the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, made a speech in Australia’s Parliament, apologizing to the Aboriginals, not long after he was overthrown as PM, is this enough as compensation to the Aboriginal land holders who had a tenancy here for some tens of thousands of years?
    Whilst we see endless accusations against Lance Armstrong, on our media, on his dishonesty and our high moral ground as to how corrupt he is, surely all this sporting obsession, is all a charade to take the publics mind off of serious issues, such BPs oil interests in Algeria, that has little financial return for the inhabitants of Algeria, most likely the destruction of these people, is it any wonder several British hostages have died as a result of British meddling abroad, of course we go through the weeping process as a matter of form, and concern for our boys, but do we get the Algerian story? no, Murdock and his word fabricators are at work to manipulate the story for the British public, to digest as to how nasty these terrorists are, here the British spin movers have to be careful not to say how incompetent the Algerians are in dealing with this saga as they are concerned not to get on a bad footing with this Government as they cannot afford another enemy at this time being Arab Country. A concern for the West is the Northern African Countries, and the Mediterranean waters that separate, yet close enough to be uncomfortable, often our media we hear commentators repeat, is Afghanistan able to maintain security when the Allied forces pull out? this superior and conceited mythology that perpetrates and inflicts evil on the other, surely if the Afghani’s are capable dealing with the Russian invasion they are able to deal with the American invasion, it is a matter of time when America as with Britain fall from being a World power, the principle reason as with most situations of failure of power, is corruption, and lack of moral judgment and loss of integrity, that fails to sustain.
    Noted Brian H, a anonymous blogger on Autonomous Mind, is typical of right wing ideology, he is either a MI5/6 agent working as a troll, or is a typical over educated professional aged student, who works part time for Murdock, arranging crossword puzzles, I have to keep a dictionary handy to follow his word descriptions, the desire to be seen as a superior human being can be seen in his pithy statements are legend, behind the charade of this academic, is this deep rooted insecurity and insincerity, this is the problem we have today in the British class system, unless you have been to Oxford, or suchlike, you are not a fit and proper person, to speak, in other words, education is a weapon to destroy the self expression of the many, and we left with these twerps such as the anonymous BH. who have one thing in mind, called put down, the hidden disease, even the Queen has the same symptoms.

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