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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun – From Allah we come & to him it is we return

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun – From Allah we come & to him it is we return

Today, my father turned 70

But there’ll be no celebrations, no hugs and no joy.

On 25-Jumada al-Awwal 1434AH, Saturday the 6th of April 2013 I lost my father, my friend, my mentor.

My father had fought cancer for the last two years of his life and did so with a determination and stoicism that belied the true nature of the savage affliction that was ravaging his body.

He fought it to his last breath and he fought it with dignity.

I thank you all for your calls and words of comfort. All I can ask is that you make duah for my father that Allah has mercy on his soul, forgives any of his wrongdoings and elevates his status in the akirah.

My father’s legacy is huge, how does the eldest son follow in the footsteps of the eldest son?

To my father, “The Big Man” I leave you in the care of Allah, as nothing is lost that is in his care.

Over this same last two year period, I have lost my Aunt, a dear school friend that I grew up with and father to 3 young boys, both to cancer, while another one of my friends remains hospitalised on long-term life support. As many of you know, I’ve had my own health issues & quite simply, I do not have it in me to continue any more.

The cathartic release that writing has provided, this blog, the twitter battles, it’s no longer enough, and the anger is too visceral.

I’m cashing out and leaving town.

But I know, that I am my Fathers son & it is his blood and his anger that flows through my veins, it was his battle for justice & activism that had me politicised as a two year old.

I know that I am my Mothers son & it is her blood and her passion that had me on the picket lines as a six year old…..but those are stories for another day.

My revolution, my struggle, my jihad, it’ll continue and in time I’m sure I’ll reactivate this blog and The Akh will be resurrected, but for now, I’m hanging the mask up.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

May the peace, mercy & blessings of Allah be with you all

The Akh

12 Jumada – al Thani 1434AH
22 April 2013

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Liam Fox Joins NeoCons at Bahrain Symposium

Liam fox

What will Liam Fox, the former disgraced Defence Secretary, be doing this weekend?

He’s one of the chief guests at the Bahrain Symposium, that’s designed to rally Western opinion to the side of the Bahrain government in its struggle against street protests and civil rights demonstrations.

The participating institutions and key note speakers read like an A-Z of the Neoconservative directory, with the overlord himself, George W Bush’s ambassador to the UN and war-monger supreme John Bolton given top billing.

Be under no illusion as to which direction Bahrain is being pulled – further into the direction of America.

Which begs the question why has the FCO and our Government sanctioned Liam Fox to speak at this event?

It’s bad enough that the former Metropolitan Police Commander John Yates “of the yard” is working for and defending a blood-stained Middle East tyranny, but should we really be surprised with Liam Fox getting in on the blood soaked action?

After all this is a man who was at the centre of serious allegations of colluding with Mossad and Zionist interests alongside his “aide” Adam Werrity.

The further promotion of a divisive and false narrative of the “Sunni Vs Shia” schism is being played throughout the Middle East, depending on your perspective you either see it as an Arab Spring or as a Arab Firestorm – with outside influences stating their claim to how the MENA bloc should be carved up. A new Sykes-Picot.

It has been a long held prejudice of the western nations that the Muslim lands cannot manage democracy & that the only way to ensure control over the former colonies was to prop up highly controlling regimes as a way of ensuring stability.

The actions of the FCO have not gone unnoticed by Sarah Leah Whitson, the Director of Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa Programme, who was scathing in her assessment of the governments aims in the region:

Twitter capture

Ambassador Iain Lindsays’ only comments echoed statements from the regime about Iranian involvement in Bahrain. Speaking to the regime owned Gulf Daily News, he said:

“Iain Lindsay also said there was “increasing evidence” that Iran was “providing support to people here who are bent on violence”

Iain Lindsay UK Ambassador to Bahrain

While the Ambassador sits in the palace telling the King what to do, it leaves many British Muslims questioning the role of our Government with regards to the ongoing democracy movement and creates a real sense of anger that the UK’s Ambassador would echo the Government’s main line of attack against the opposition.

They have regularly called on opposition figures to denounce terrorism, despite it already happening, played up talk of reforms and of course regularly blame Iran for “instigating protests and violence” in Bahrain.

With the Neocons having their public relations pow-wow this weekend in Manama, one really has to question what our Government means when they throw around terms like freedom, democracy, justice and supporting human rights.


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