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MPACUK Take on the EDL & the Police – Stop Islamophobia!

As part of their Stop Islamophobia Week campaign, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) took to the streets of the EDL’s heartland, culminating with the local police commander apologising for failing to protect two local Muslims who were hospitalised after an earlier attack by the cretinous EDL.

While Muslims stay pacified sitting in comfort in their masajids debating about the benefits of fasting in the month of Shaban, these handful of Muslims practice what Islam teaches, by standing up to their oppressor and demanding justice.

MPACUK, The Akh salutes you!

The following is taken from the MPACUK website:

Since January, the Beacontree Heath Islamic Society has been harassed by the EDL, so much so that the mosque has not been able to open for prayers.

On 18th June, two Muslim men were attacked by up to 40 EDL members resulting in one of the men having his cheekbone permanently broken.

On both occasions, the mosque has not taken any substantial action due to fear of a reaction from the EDL and the Police have only conducted the most basic of investigations and have not pursued this case the way it should have been.

MPACUK has been disgusted by the Police’s action, or rather their lack of action, and so on Saturday 9th July organised a demonstration from the mosque to Chadwell Heath Police Station to demand to know why they are not taking more effective action against extremist groups like the EDL and also how can they could justify not having enough Police officers on the ground considering that the EDL have been known to target this area over the last 6 months.

We need more action against the EDL and hold the Police to account for not doing more – join our campaign to stop Islamophobia.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Alternative Voting – #Yes2AV

Both the CONservatives and the BNP want you to vote NO in the alternative vote referendum tomorrow as it will severely hit their chances of a slice of power. If you are undecided or confused, here is an idiot’s guide on the alternative vote referendum.

Why is 5th May a big day?
On 5th May we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose how we would like to vote.

What is this ‘Alternative Vote’ thing?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Instead of just putting an ‘X’ for one person when you vote, you can rank the candidates with 1 for your favourite, 2 for your next choice and so on. If there’s somebody who you don’t want to rank, then just leave them out.

This way even if your first choice doesn’t win, you can still have your say in who your MP will be as your vote can be transferred to your second choice. It’s still ‘one person, one vote’ and now we get a real choice and a real say.

What’s wrong with the current voting system?
Currently we have the ‘first past the post’ system, i.e. you vote for one person only and you don’t get a second choice. MPs can win even if they only get 1 vote more than the next person. This means that MPs can get into power even when most voters wanted other people.

It also means that lots of peoples’ votes are wasted and don’t count in deciding who becomes the MP. Because of this many MPs ignore what us voters say, as they are confident they have a job for life.

What’s so great about the Alternative Vote?
The best thing about this system of voting is that an MP can only be sure to come in to power if they get at least 50% of the votes; so that will mean that those MPs who manage to stay in power by a few votes only will be in danger come election time.

As MPs have to aim for 50% of the vote it’s good news for us, because anti-Muslim parties such as the BNP and UKIP will be out immediately. (That explains why these parties are against the Alternative Voting system.)

As candidates will no longer be able to hang on to power by a few votes, they will have to work harder. If you’re unhappy about something your MP will actually have to listen to you or run the risk of losing power.

So what should I do?

Remember – do yourself and the wider community a favour and vote YES on 5th May.


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AP Anjem Choudry Goes To America & Declares On Fox News It’s Time for “Muslims To Rise & Establish Khilafa”

Isn’t it interesting that America would let in the chief agent provocateur Anjem Choudry into their country without a problem but wouldn’t let in a guitar strumming sufi like Yusaf Islam or university lecturer Tariq Ramadan.

Not only that (but what a surprise that) Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News gives Choudry a platform so that he can claim he represents what all Muslims secretly wish for, thus building the anti-Islamic sentiment that sustains America’s right wing rhetoric. These two need each other like flies on stink.

Muslims in the UK have wizened upto his AP tactics and have confronted him and his goonsquad everywhere they have appeared, as documented in an earlier post “Luton Muslims Kicking Out Al-Muhajiroun”

Choudry and his agents have a long track record of causing problems and then running away leaving the locals to pick up the fight – The EDL’s rise in Luton is down to Choudry’s boys antics at a British army homecoming parade, but when it comes to fighting the thousands of far right racists like the EDL & BNP, they are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s some advice, do what you did to his mentor OBM, revoke his passport while he’s out of the country, and then see how he cries foul.

Anyone who believes that Anjem Choudry is sincere needs their head examining.

A rather timely distraction to the struggles taking place in the Muslim world?


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Israeli Flags Flown By English Defence League At Luton Hate Parade

How many Israeli flags were paraded by the racist English Defence League yesterday?

This comes off the back of BBC2 Newsnights “Inside the English Defence League leadership” where EDL spokesman Amit/Guramit Singh was clearly heard saying that he receives his “intelligence” on Islam “from our researchers in Israel”.

This should come as no surprise to anyone.

Groups such as MPACUK have been exposing this connection as far back as June 2010.

Zionist Federation And EDL Unite Against Muslims

The EDL and Its Zionist Connection

The Akh calls on David “I’m a Zionist” Cameron to act on his speech about “muscular liberalism”, come on Dave, show us your muscles and deal with these two extremist, supremacist and racist groups aiding and abetting one another.

Or are Muslims your only enemy?

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Nazi Nick Gets His Backside Handed To Him!

Demo BBC Studio's Question Time

Nazi Nick Griffin had his proverbial backside handed to him on a silver platter on last night’s Question Time.

The Akh was pleased to see that not one of the panellists gave up an inch of ground when exposing Griffin for the vile, racist that he is. Even Sayeeda Warsi, of whom I’m no fan of (what was up with the huge poppy?) came up trumps.

He did try and throw the “We support Israel against Hamas” when asked about being a holocaust denier, thankfully no one bought that.

Interestingly the BNP website was down this morning, with a note stating “We have had to take our normal website offline”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nazi Nick and his adherents would all just go “offline” and let the decent people of Britain live together with some semblance of peace and unity.

If you missed it, you can watch here on the iplayer.

All I’m going to do is run through the press briefings and I’m glad to announce, that the British Media have come out unanimously in rightfully condemning the BNP for their abhorrent and repugnant ideological views.


The Times carries a half-page photograph of anti-fascist campaigners protesting outside BBC Television Centre before the show was recorded.

For that paper, Libby Purves writes of host David Dimbleby “only occasionally was it apparent that his flesh was creeping”; Matthew Parris remarks that “nobody dared try what, if it could have been done, would have been the most devastating tactic of all […]: to brush him aside as a small man, enlarged by the anger of his enemies”, and David Aaronovitch concludes :

he confided that he thought the BBC to be ‘part of a thoroughly unpleasant ultra-leftist establishment’, when voters know it best for Strictly Come Dancing. He showed himself to be, not so much a fearful Nazi, as kook.


The Guardian focuses on Mr Griffin’s denials with the headline “As protesters bay outside BBC, Griffin insists ‘I am not a Nazi'”. In an editorial column, the paper portrays the BBC as:

a ratings-hungry corporation [which] failed to defend the values embodied in its own equality policies; it confused ultra-relativism with a proper commitment to free speech.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail headlines its report “Bigot at Bay”.

“Jeered, scorned and ridiculed… but still BNP leader milks his moment in the spotlight,” the Mail says.

The paper says the “priceless air time” has left the BBC facing accusations of “publicity-seeking naivety” and Max Hastings regrets that “[a]s a history lesson, almost all the panel talked tosh.”


The Independent reports on the demonstrations under the headline “Griffin’s baptism of fire at the BBC”.

It says the BNP leader had to be smuggled in through a back door. Tom Sutcliffe reflects:

Was it an early Christmas present for the BNP, an audience member asked finally, as Peter Hain had charged? If it was it was one of those presents that requires you to adopt a fixed and unconvincing grin, and which falls apart in your hands even as the wrapping is coming off.

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph has a photo of Mr Griffin surrounded by his minders as he arrived at the BBC.

It says the corporation was “under siege” after the BNP leader used his appearance to attack Muslims and homosexuals while defending the Ku Klux Klan.

It says the “controversial statements” were made in response to “intense questioning” by audience members from ethnic minorities.

The Scum

The Scum carries the headline “When Auntie Met Nazi” and says Mr Griffin “outraged the Question Time audience”.

“Booed Nick Griffin smugly” joined the panel after the BNP leader sparked mayhem at TV Centre, it reports. The paper’s deputy political editor Graeme Wilson writes : “Shifty and ridiculous, the BNP leader crumbled before our eyes.”


The Daily Express describes the appearance as a “dangerous and shameful moment” for British democracy, its editorial claiming :

Griffin has learnt plenty since his days as a National Front boot boy. He has coated himself with a fake veneer of respectability, becoming the purveyor of a sharp-suited, soft-focus form of fascism.


The Daily Mirror says Mr Griffin “slunk away” from the BBC after a “pitiful display” which exposed him as a political lightweight.

But in its leader column, it says “free speech should not include the right to spread hatred on national TV”. Political editor Kevin Maguire adds :

The logic of Thompson’s argument is Griffin will be invited on other programmes which feature other politicians. Putting Griffin on Question Time inflates his position. Last night the BNPer was deflated. Let’s leave it at that.

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