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Liam Fox & Adam Werritty, but no mention of Luke Coffey, CIA agent with access all areas pass at the MOD

The big story is of Liam Fox & his special relationship with Adam Werritty, homo-honeytraps aside, the real story here is of another one of Fox’s special advisors Luke Coffey that is going unreported.

Liam “I’m not a homo” Fox hired an American, Luke Coffey to work in the Defence Department as a special advisor.

On 6 June 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Liam Fox, the UK Defence Minister lets a US ‘mole’ roam the Ministry of Defence

According to the Sunday Times in June 2010:

UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox hired Luke Coffey as a special adviser.

Luke Coffey runs the London branch of an American think tank called CENSA (Council for Emerging National Security Affairs).

At least a quarter of the members listed on its website have been in the CIA or other American intelligence agencies. They include Matthew Thompson, a former CIA analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence; Jeff Benson, who worked in the US Office of Naval Intelligence; Sean Bielat, who serves in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as an intelligence watch officer; and Paul Crespo, who served as a defence and naval attaché at American embassies in the Balkans, the Gulf and Latin America. Coffey was encouraged to establish a London chapter by one of his former army commanders.

Luke Coffey has been issued with a pass giving him access to all areas of the Ministry of Defence.

Liam Fox now wants the UK to buy American, rather than British made military equipment.

Adam Werritty is a director of a company called Security Futures and has been seen setting up deals where the real Weapons of Mass Destruction (British made military exports) can be sold – Sri Lanka, Libya and the Gulf States who are so scared of a revolution they have bought in crypto soldier of jesus, Eric Prince and his Blackwater/Xe mercenaries to protect the scumbag shakes (misspelt deliberately).

Former UK armed forces minister Kevan Jones has told the Guardian that Fox’s unrecorded meetings with Adam Werritty could pose “a threat to national security”.

So Liam “The lady doth protest too much” Fox has a thing for hiring young men (as special advisers) who have their own financial interests and those of the American military before any loyalty to Britain.

What was that about THE special relationship again?

The Military Industrial Complex runs shit….ask Dr. Fox


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Brian Haw – A man of unshakeable belief & conviction

The Akh was saddened to hear of the passing of veteran peace campaigner Brian Haw , inna lillah wa inna ‘ilayhi raji’un.

Brian Haw was a man of unshakeable belief & conviction and led a peaceful protest in Parliament Square since 2001.

He was a thorn in the side of the Government who tried to have his peace camp banned. Brian saw off the initial legal challenges but the process continued during his illness. Not many of us enrage the Government so much they pass a law specifically aimed at outlawing them.

He was persecuted by successive governments for standing up to their foreign policy and waved the flag proudly for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan & Palestine and he reminded us that one person with determination can show principles whilst lies and distortions abound.

The Akh bumped into Brian at so many anti war demo’s over the last decade & remember when he stayed overnight in my area when walking up to the Oxford Union to debate a motion.

May Allah have mercy on his soul.

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What Were The SAS Doing In Libya?

What were a SAS hit squad doing in Libya, landing in the middle of the night in a helicopter, armed to the teeth and carrying multiple passports each?

Sounds like something out of a call of duty video game where you and your crack squad have to enter the country and take out a high profile target.

I made a half hearted case for western intervention in Libya last week, to stop the country sliding into a all out civil war.

Here’s Britians’ ambassador to Libya, Richard Northern, speaking to a resistance leader, trying to explain what the SAS were doing on Libyan soil:

As the Aangirfan blog states:

The Independent points out that the USA has asked Saudi Arabia to supply the anti-Gaddafi rebels with anti-tank rockets and mortars.

Meanwhile, the USA seems to be plotting against Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of the Carter Doctrine, a plan drawn up by the Pentagon, codenamed ‘Dhahran Option Four’ provided for an invasion of the world’s largest oil reserves, namely Saudi Arabia.

Whilst the US conquest planners are preparing a range of land, sea and air military options in Libya, according to Rupert Murdoch’s New York Times.

The video above stated that a plan for an invasion of Libya is set. War is coming and it has nothing to do with humanitarian aid, nothing to do with helping the people, nothing to do with instilling a fair democratic processes in the country.

It has everything to do with colonising Libya, exploiting the country, steal it’s natural resources and brutalise the people by direct occupation or by installing a puppet government.

Malta being used as a “jump off” base to launch an attack on Libya?

Much of the military equipment needed to enforce a no-fly zone is already based on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Isn’t it good to know that Britains’ most feared and elite commando squad can be captured by a bunch of men playing soldiers, who have no military training and have been on the job for a couple of weeks at most defending their patch of turf.

Cream of the crop huh….more likes Dad’s Army?


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The Hypocrisy of the American Led Global War of Terror

A short film about war, terrorism and hypocrisy. It’s main focus is the war in Afghanistan.

If you still don’t know why people fight back to defend their land and families, then go kill yourself.

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The Corporate & Mass Media’s Complicity In Iraqi War Crimes

While all of the media fell over themselves to report the Iraqi Wikileaks, few media outlets are going back to their own coverage and acknowledging how they had failed at the time to report many of the atrocities we now know the US military knew about, and covered up.

One glaring example: the slaughter of thousands that took place in Fallujah, where all media correspondents were banned, so no one could report on what the Americans were doing.

The footage captured by Independent News correspondent Kevin Sites reflects on the controversial “Fallujah mosque shooting” video he captured in November of 2004, footage which was available on the internet and even on Kevin Sites own web page, but was ignored by the mass media.

Reports such as the one I’ve included below were common place to those who do not trust the mass media who tow the government and corporate line, most Muslims and people of good conscience were screaming out about the war crimes that were being committed, only to be told we were extremists, but when a liberal white face such as Julian Assange says it he’s lauded like he’s the second coming.

Shame on you.

The blood of over a million dead Iraqi’s is on your hands.



The carpet of the mosque is stained with blood and covered with fragments of concrete. Tank shells and machine-gun rounds have pitted the inside walls. The rotting, sweet smell of death hangs in the morning air. Gunsmoke-laced sunbeams illuminate the bodies of four Iraqi insurgents. A fifth lies next to a column, his entire body covered by a blanket.

I shudder. Something very wrong has happened here.

Yesterday I had seen these same five men being treated by American medics for superficial wounds received during an afternoon firefight. Ten other insurgents had been killed, their bodies still scattered around the main hall in the black bags into which the Marines had placed them.

The commander of the 3.1 Marines, Lieutenant Colonel Willy Buhl, told me that these five wounded, captured enemy combatants would be transported to the rear. But now I can see that one of them appears dead and the three others are slowly bleeding to death from gunshots fired by one lance corporal, I will learn later, who used both his M-16 and his 9 mm pistol on them, just minutes before I arrived.

With my camera rolling, I walk toward the old man in the red kaffiyeh and kneel beside him. Because he was so old, maybe in his early sixties, and wearing the red headgear, he had stood out the most to me when I was videotaping the day before, after the battle.

Now the old man is struggling to breathe. Oxygenated blood bubbles from his nose. Another man, stocky and dressed in a long gray shirt called a dishdasha, is slumped in the old man’s lap. While I’m taping, the old man is bleeding to death in front of my camera. I look up to see the lance corporal who had just shot all of them moments before, now walking up to the other two insurgents against the wall, twenty feet away. One is facedown, apparently already dead. The other, dressed in an Iraqi Police uniform, is faceup but motionless, aside from his breathing.

The lance corporal says, “Hey, this one’s still breathing.” Another agrees, “Yeah, he’s breathing.” There is tension in the room, but I continue to roll on the man in the red kaffiyeh.

“He’s fucking faking he’s dead,” the lance corporal says, now standing right in front of the man.

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Wikileaks Iraq War Logs – American & Britain Armies Have No Humanity

A grim picture of the US and Britain’s legacy in Iraq has been revealed in a massive leak of American military documents that detail torture, summary executions and war crimes. The newly released Wikileaks documents show the level of brutality unleashed upon the people of Iraq, and the extent to which the Americans & British went to cover them up.

The problem I have with the release of this data is the sheer volume of it all – it all becomes statistics, straight, cold, hard statistics that numb the reader by taking away the humanity or the lack of it shown by the invading forces.

This is typical of the information released, military jargon.

These people have names.

Nahiba Jassim – a pregnant woman – was murdered in a US army checkpoint shooting.

She was being rushed to the maternity hospital in Samarra when the car was fired upon at a US army checkpoint. Saliha Hassan, her cousin who was in the car was also murdered.

They were just two from almost several hundred civilians who were murdered in cold blood, it didn’t matter if you were a pregnant women or even mentally ill.

This bit of military jargon refers to the torture and execution of Adnan Awad Al Jumaili. He was left to die in jail, with the Pentagon issuing secret orders to it’s troops to look the other way while people were being tortured to death.

The UN Convention on Torture blocks states from handing individuals to the authorities of another state where this would place them at serious risk of torture.

The British army are no better.

A soldier shot dead an eight-year-old Iraqi girl as she played in the street.

She remains nameless.

Support our troops?

When will people get it into their thick heads that the military are a bunch of thugs in uniform who are paid to go to other countries and kill other defenceless people.

I can’t support that, oh and by the way the second world war ended more than sixty years ago, so the battling nazi’s line doesn’t carry weight with me.

Dispatches carried out a summation of the wikileak findings last night, the programme Iraq’s Secret War Files is available to watch for the next seven days on the Channel 4 website.

The fact that the supposedly damaging leaks are in fact bolstering American accusations against Iran while minimizing American complicity in Iraqi deaths leads some to believe that the leaks are in fact engineered by the Pentagon to either discredit Wikileaks, or are in conjunction with Wikileaks which is a U.S. government outfit.

While all of the press seems to be reporting the story, few media outlets are going back to their own coverage and acknowledging how they had failed at the time, to report many of the atrocities we now know the US military knew about, and covered up. One glaring example: the killings that took place in Fallujah, where Al Jazeera correspondents were banned.

There is an oft repeated phrase that “the truth is the first casualty of war”.

What we are seeing now is the sordid truth being revealed, the truth of murder, rape and torture of innocent men women and children, by the very people who still view themselves as liberators, bringing freedom and democracy to the birthplace of civilisation.

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