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Israel, The Gerald Scarfe Cartoon & “Anti-Semitism”

Gerald Scarfe Cartoon Israel sundaytimes 27 01 13

I’m sure if the cartoon by Gerald Scarfe was of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH there would be no apology, instead we’d be reminded that Britain has fine, upstanding traditions of freedom of speech and expression, and nothing is sacred enough to be above satire & Muslims should grow a thicker skin or go back to wherever they came from.

That’s the standard “intellectual” media response.

This comes off the back of Bradford East MP’s David Wards comments that got him into big trouble with the zionist lobby.

Of course, the cartoon and the MP’s statements barely scratch the surface of the actions of Israel.

After all, this is a state that forcibly sterilizes Jewish Ethiopian women before letting them into Israel.

Nazi Germany’s Eugenics programme lives on in Israel today.


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American Jews are falling out of love with Israel

Norman Finkelstein was on BBC Hardtalk recently, the topic being discussed – American Jews are falling out of love with Israel.

Finkelstein argued that American Jews are now so unhappy with the murderous and quite frankly indefensible actions of Israel, that they want to distance themselves from that country.

Watch out, the Hardtalk presenter Sarah Montague looks to be an Israeli hasbara agent.

Dr. Finkelstein is adept at putting zionists firmly in their place, even beating the trump card of the holocaust, as this old blog piece testifies.

And if you still want more, I’ll direct you to read “On the Crisis of Zionism” an article on the much discussed Peter Beinart book. You know when Rolling Stone magazine starts covering Palestine it’s getting to be a pretty mainstream issue in America.

Recently Hebrew graffiti denouncing Zionism was sprayed inside Israel’s own Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in occupied Jerusalem:

Translated into English, the above reads as:

“The war of the Zionist regime is not the war of the Jewish people”


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BBC Expose The Extremist Jews & Israeli Influence on Geert Wilders Freedom Party

On Monday night, BBC2 screened a shocking programme about how some Jewish extremists and Israel have been secretly behind the rise of the notorious Fascist Geert Wilders.

The programme was remarkable because it goes behind the superficial Nazi ranting of Wilders to uncover how some Jews are the real organ grinders and Wilders along with his fellow travellers in the EDL and Pamela Geller are simply the Monkeys.

Everyone needs to watch the programme in its entirety to establish how we Muslims have been targeted and set upon by some very powerful Jewish extremists. First Louis Theroux exposes “ultra Zionists” and now this excellent BBC 2 programme, good to see all our collective criticism of BBC’s pro israel bias getting through.

Ironically in Europe, Jews were the oppressed but have now become the oppressors of Muslims. The entire programme is about 1 hour and The Akh urges you to watch it all, however, if you are simply interested in the Israel connection then have a look at the segment from the show above.

Props to LondonMuslim

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Never Fear, Captain Israel Is Here To Save The Day!

Meet Captain Israel, he is here to save one people only namely the ‘chosen tribe’.

Captain Israel the ethnic cleanser, murderer, hero for the politically indoctrinated zionists.

With his flaming Menorah torch, he is here to set the entire region on fire.

It has become pretty obvious that that Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity anymore.

Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

Props to Gilad Atzmon for bringing this to The Akh’s attention.

Have a flick through for yourself to see the shameless hasbara/propaganda the zionists brainwash their children with.


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Helen Thomas: “Say One Word About Israel & You’re Anti Semitic!”

“You touch Israel and you are finished.”

No freedom of speech when the racist apartheid state of Israel is concerned, as veteran White House corps and journalist of over 70 years Helen Thomas found out when she criticised Israel.

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Take That AIPAC!

Monday night was the first time I was willing to get arrested for an action.

Though unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to finish performing our dance and sharing our message before we got ‘escorted’ out, I felt we accomplished our mission.

As I sat in jail, with the 6 additional activists, for 6 hours Monday night, I had a chance to reflect on why I was willing to risk arrest to disrupt AIPAC’s annual dinner in Oakland.

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Have Israel turned Fidel Castro?

The Akh would like to know how “El Jefe” went from saying:

“The State of Israel’s hatred towards the Palestinians is such that it would not hesitate to send 1.5 million men, women and children to the crematoriums in which millions of Jews of all ages were killed, the swastika would seem to be the flag of Israel today”


“I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.”

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: ‘Stop Slandering the Jews’

Have the zionists done what America has failed to do in all these years and turn Fidel Castro?


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