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Aaron Alexis, Washington Shooter is a Buddhist, Not a Terrorist

Aaron Alexis Buddhist Terrorist

The Washington shooter was a Buddhist

Has he been described as a terrorist or is he simply the wrong religion?

All Buddhists should come out and apologise for the shootings, there’s an urgent need for Buddhist leaders to stand up against the rampant extremism running in their communities in America and in Myanmar/Burma.

From a hidden bunker in the mountains of Nepal, the Dalai Lama is the spiritual head of a secret terror network that ordered the Washington shooter to carry out his deadly mission.

Sounds ridiculous right?

But this is the exact type of propaganda you hear on the news everytime a Muslim has anything to do with an act of terrorism.

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Paul Smith gets ASBO for making bombs – What if he was Muslim?

Is it possible a Muslim could have convinced a court that the explosives found in his home and his bomb making expertise were merely a hobby and were in no way a threat to harm or injure others?

Of course not.

But that’s exactly the line of defence used by Paul Smith to convince Hull Crown Court  that he wasn’t a terrorist threat and he escaped with nothing but an ASBO

Unbelievable right?

When his house was searched, officers discovered two pipe bombs, bomb-making equipment and a number of “sophisticated” explosives, with an army bomb disposal team being rushed in to make his house safe.

Of course this wasn’t headline news, receiving rolling coverage on the news channels as there was no Muslim involved.

Det Ch Insp Steve Hibbit, from Humberside Police, stated:

“We never found any evidence that Mr Smith had any intent to harm anybody, either as a group or an individual”

He added that Paul Smith had an interest in explosives:

“in the same way that other people have an interest in collecting stamps”

Before rounding off with:

“He was clearly self-taught using recipes that are readily available to anybody”

If a Muslim had “an interest in explosives” and taught themselves how to make improvised explosive devises “that are readily available” on the internet, there would be howls of derision that radicalised Muslims are downloading Al-Qaeda’s bomb making manuals.

If he was a Muslim, he’d have been shackled head to toe, his family and their extremist ways would be exposed in the scumbag press, the Masajid he frequented would be accused of training terrorists and he’d be rotting in Belmarsh.

Well done to the police and the so called justice system for proving yet again that Muslims really are the enemy.

This is by no means a one off – for further reading on how the Police and Justice system are inherently biased against Muslims, read “What if he was Muslim?”


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America’s Home Grown Terrorist Roger Stockham Attempts To Blow Up Mosque & Airport – What If He Was A Muslim?

Roger Stockham, is a terrorist to you & me, after all this is a man that tried to blow up one of the biggest mosques, has previously planted a bomb in a Nevada airport, held hostages in a office building using two bombs and a pistol as well as kidnapping his own 9-year-old son from a foster home and stealing an airplane to make a getaway.

To America, he is a mentally disturbed individual who “never meant to hurt anyone at any time and had no intention of blowing up any mosque at any time”.

The mainstream media have completely ignored this, just imagine if just one of these list of crimes had been committed by a Muslim man, his mugshot would be on every single TV screen, on the hour every hour.

So what does that tell you about our media culture?

If a Muslim man was armed to the teeth with machine guns and a bomb and he had been caught outside a church, you honestly believe it wouldn’t be front page news?

Well I’ll tell you why this didn’t make the news.

The official narrative in the war against Islam dictates that it is either the foreign Muslim bogeyman, hiding out in caves in the mountains of durka-durkastan that is the perpetrator of such heinous crimes or the “sleeper cell” hiding in our midsts.

A man who is brown skinned with a non european sounding name is so much easier to tag as a terrorist than a white man who is part of “our” community.


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America’s Home Grown Terrorists Attempt To Bomb Martin Luther King Day Parade – What If They Were Muslim?

A backpack bomb which could have killed hundreds was disabled after being found along the route of a Martin Luther King memorial day parade in the U.S. The device was spotted on the street in Spokane, Washington, by workers just 30 minutes before 1,500 people were due to walk past in celebration of the late black civil rights leader.

Oh you haven’t even heard that this happened?

Want to know why?

Because Muslims weren’t involved, if they were, it’d be prime time news the world over.

The FBI has so far declined to reveal specifics about the explosives but an official familiar with the case said the bomb was sophisticated and had a remote detonator.

Some 15 different hate groups are in operation in Washington State including the racist Aryan Nations.

The FBI said those responsible are to be considered ‘armed and dangerous’, but this being America, we don’t label our own home grown threat as terrorists….terrorists are the brown skinned Muslims from the unpronounceable mountain covered corners of the world.

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Christian Pastor Fred Phelps Thanks God for the Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – What If He Was A Muslim?

Pastor Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist church in Kansas praised Jared Lee Loughner for killing six people, including Christina Taylor Green and wounding 14 others.

Fred Phelps states in the video above:

“Thank God for the violent shooter, one of your soldier heroes in Tucson – Westboro Baptist church will picket their funerals.”

Can you imagine the uproar if these words stated by a Muslim?

The Akh suggests that America should deal with it’s own extremists before pointing accusatory fingers to anyone else.

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Jared Lee Loughner – America’s Home Grown White Terrorist – What If He Was A Muslim?

If a Muslim man put a map on the internet with crosshairs on twenty politicians and one of them got shot in an assassination attempt and several others were killed, where would he be sitting right now?

These must be tough days ahead for young white men in America, they’ll have to personally denounce the Arizona shooter, apologise to all Americans for the actions of one man, be racially profiled in “random” stop and searches, explain and……oh wait a minute.

The same standards you use against brown skinned Muslims aren’t applicable to your home grown white terrorists.


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