What exactly is Jihad for a British Muslim in these corrupt times?

In his return to writing, The Akh ponders over what Jihad means for Muslims such as himself living in Britain, the “disease” we all have and do we need to re-contextualise the struggle?

So……here I am…..I knew I would be……I took the last few months to totally switch off, I popped the blue pill, no news, no media, no twitter (what a shock!), just me, my thoughts and my people. It’s been a while since I last wrote & 2013 has so far been a year that I’d rather consign to the rubbish dump of history.

Lately I’ve begun to develop “the itch”, to get writing again as a first step….to get the head into akhtivism mode again?….. maybe.

I was determined not to see what goes on in the world around me and short of finding a deserted island (which I almost did) and cutting yourself off from the so called humane world we live in, it’s proved nigh on impossible. It’s what my Oxford professor labelled as “The Disease”, the disease being that once your eyes have been opened and conscience awakened, it’s no longer possible to switch it off……yeah ignorance is bliss, but there’s always something there, nagging at you, the  moral conscience – the adherence to the unwritten laws and guiding principles we all have.

It’s the moral imperative – that when you’re presented with the cold hard facts of life – what do you choose to do with them?

To paraphrase Wilberforce, you can choose to look the other way, but you can never say that you didn’t know.

The world is getting increasingly more sad & shocking.

Take a step back and look for yourself.

While I was on my sabbatical, I and many of you would have noticed in these past recent months how corrupt life is, right here in the UK. Sure we like to point to the banana republics & the tin pot dictatorships the world over and laugh at them and give ourselves a big congratulatory pat on the backs on how high and mighty we are.

We are the beacons, the shining light that the savages of the world must inspire to.

Still believe it’s our freedoms and democracies that they hate?

Virtually every institution has been implicated and charged with stupefying levels of corruption. You thought it was limited to the the financial sector?

It’s our political classes, our religious institutions, the NHS, the BBC, the sporting world & the mega stars that you and our children idolise – they’re all guilty of cover ups or turning a blind eye because they stood to gain from the malfeasance they committed and continue to get away with by simply claiming it was a different culture “back then”…….everybody did it and if everybody is guilty that means none of us is guilty.

We live in an era that proves that any dissenting opinion or the activities of any whistle blowers will have you labelled as a terrorist and hunted down.  There is no transparency and there is no accountability, these are purely words, constructs, created by those in power to give us the illusion that we actually have a say in how the world is run.

We as a country cannot be forgiven for becoming desensitised to discover that the very people in whom we put our trust to act honourably, even to protect us, are in the end only protecting themselves.

Perhaps the most indulged phrase which emerges from such wanton acts of criminality is the need for greater transparency today so that what happened in the past can’t happen now.

We, the public are left to imagine a state of greater openness but exactly what have been the changes in the people and the management of so many of these institutions to give us greater hope that things are different now?

Have people become less hateful, less racist? less bigoted? less Islamophobic? and any less selfish?

Our trigger happy government loves to put into place all kinds of legislation, yet legislation cannot transform cultures and mindsets – for that to happen all of us as individuals need to examine our actions and attitudes and judge whether we are living lives of self interest, with little accountability to anyone beyond ourselves or lives where we know that what we say or do matters, that when we try to live with some moral integrity, aware that in many ways we are all connected and maybe, just maybe something within society will shift a little for the better.

There are many people in this country who want to see us, the three million Muslim minority, not to take too much of a “militant stance”, which simply translates as an uncompromising stance. These special interest groups are absolutely against the successful regrouping or organising of any Muslims in the political sphere (termed as Islamists) who’s thinking is international (Ummah conscious) and no longer localised.

The message to all Muslims is this, give up your God given rights, give up your rights enshrined within the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights to self determination and self defence, put down the AK47 Mr. Jihadi, give up the RPG brother insurgent, give up the struggle and enter the political arena.

Maybe it’s time to give up the contractually obliged religious mentality?

To inculcate legitimacy for their nefarious schemes, they will demonise us, the vociferous and dissenting opposition, with the Islamist or terrorist tag….that’s politics….You’ll go from being a Jihadi to an Islamist in one quick swoop…..yeah we’re damned either way

Islamist is an acceptable term, Jewist isn’t, Christianist isn’t…..let me know when you work out why that is?

Did you think they would roll over and let you eat from the table?

No….we’re fed like dogs with crumbs from the masters table

Once you reach the same conclusion that I have, that signing petitions and protesting do not work, then what do you do next?

How do we reconcile our Islamic principles, of Jihad, to struggle for truth and justice within the constraints in modern day Britain?

Do we lobby? do we write? do we organise? do we teach others? do we learn? do we blog? do we blow ourselves up?

There is no nation, there is no state, there are criminal syndicates who claim to be your government and then there is you

Life isn’t going to get any easier, you just have to get stronger and I’ll assure you of one thing, if you think I’m going to change, or compromise my attitudes, my way of life or in my expression or my goals….you’re wrong.

If you read this message then you are the resistance, and you have to continue to resist, to revolt and to rise and always speak truth to power.


1 Dhul-Qi’dah, 1434

Friday 6 September 2013


Many thanks for all your messages over the last few months, they were greatly appreciated & I’ll be back on the twitter game, where you can contact me @HotterThanCurry



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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun – From Allah we come & to him it is we return

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oun – From Allah we come & to him it is we return

Today, my father turned 70

But there’ll be no celebrations, no hugs and no joy.

On 25-Jumada al-Awwal 1434AH, Saturday the 6th of April 2013 I lost my father, my friend, my mentor.

My father had fought cancer for the last two years of his life and did so with a determination and stoicism that belied the true nature of the savage affliction that was ravaging his body.

He fought it to his last breath and he fought it with dignity.

I thank you all for your calls and words of comfort. All I can ask is that you make duah for my father that Allah has mercy on his soul, forgives any of his wrongdoings and elevates his status in the akirah.

My father’s legacy is huge, how does the eldest son follow in the footsteps of the eldest son?

To my father, “The Big Man” I leave you in the care of Allah, as nothing is lost that is in his care.

Over this same last two year period, I have lost my Aunt, a dear school friend that I grew up with and father to 3 young boys, both to cancer, while another one of my friends remains hospitalised on long-term life support. As many of you know, I’ve had my own health issues & quite simply, I do not have it in me to continue any more.

The cathartic release that writing has provided, this blog, the twitter battles, it’s no longer enough, and the anger is too visceral.

I’m cashing out and leaving town.

But I know, that I am my Fathers son & it is his blood and his anger that flows through my veins, it was his battle for justice & activism that had me politicised as a two year old.

I know that I am my Mothers son & it is her blood and her passion that had me on the picket lines as a six year old…..but those are stories for another day.

My revolution, my struggle, my jihad, it’ll continue and in time I’m sure I’ll reactivate this blog and The Akh will be resurrected, but for now, I’m hanging the mask up.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

May the peace, mercy & blessings of Allah be with you all

The Akh

12 Jumada – al Thani 1434AH
22 April 2013

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Liam Fox Joins NeoCons at Bahrain Symposium

Liam fox

What will Liam Fox, the former disgraced Defence Secretary, be doing this weekend?

He’s one of the chief guests at the Bahrain Symposium, that’s designed to rally Western opinion to the side of the Bahrain government in its struggle against street protests and civil rights demonstrations.

The participating institutions and key note speakers read like an A-Z of the Neoconservative directory, with the overlord himself, George W Bush’s ambassador to the UN and war-monger supreme John Bolton given top billing.

Be under no illusion as to which direction Bahrain is being pulled – further into the direction of America.

Which begs the question why has the FCO and our Government sanctioned Liam Fox to speak at this event?

It’s bad enough that the former Metropolitan Police Commander John Yates “of the yard” is working for and defending a blood-stained Middle East tyranny, but should we really be surprised with Liam Fox getting in on the blood soaked action?

After all this is a man who was at the centre of serious allegations of colluding with Mossad and Zionist interests alongside his “aide” Adam Werrity.

The further promotion of a divisive and false narrative of the “Sunni Vs Shia” schism is being played throughout the Middle East, depending on your perspective you either see it as an Arab Spring or as a Arab Firestorm – with outside influences stating their claim to how the MENA bloc should be carved up. A new Sykes-Picot.

It has been a long held prejudice of the western nations that the Muslim lands cannot manage democracy & that the only way to ensure control over the former colonies was to prop up highly controlling regimes as a way of ensuring stability.

The actions of the FCO have not gone unnoticed by Sarah Leah Whitson, the Director of Human Rights Watch Middle East and North Africa Programme, who was scathing in her assessment of the governments aims in the region:

Twitter capture

Ambassador Iain Lindsays’ only comments echoed statements from the regime about Iranian involvement in Bahrain. Speaking to the regime owned Gulf Daily News, he said:

“Iain Lindsay also said there was “increasing evidence” that Iran was “providing support to people here who are bent on violence”

Iain Lindsay UK Ambassador to Bahrain

While the Ambassador sits in the palace telling the King what to do, it leaves many British Muslims questioning the role of our Government with regards to the ongoing democracy movement and creates a real sense of anger that the UK’s Ambassador would echo the Government’s main line of attack against the opposition.

They have regularly called on opposition figures to denounce terrorism, despite it already happening, played up talk of reforms and of course regularly blame Iran for “instigating protests and violence” in Bahrain.

With the Neocons having their public relations pow-wow this weekend in Manama, one really has to question what our Government means when they throw around terms like freedom, democracy, justice and supporting human rights.


Cross posted on the MPACUK website:

You can contact me on twitter @HotterThanCurry

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The idiocy of militant secularists & atheists

“It’s such a shame athiests will never know true love #atheists” – and with this simple tweet I opened the floodgates to my little experiment on Sunday, what happened next was idiocy and buffoonery by the militant secularist and atheists on the twittersphere.

After watching & dropping a few tweets on sunday morning (as one has become accustomed to doing while watching the BBC’s Big Questions) to the question should Britain become a secular state? I was not wholly surprised by the marginalisation of religion (Islam) and immigration (Romanians are the new Paki’s) as the major bug bear for the panel and the audience, token muslim representation withstanding.

Like Nicky Campbell always says, join in the discussion, so I did:


Within minutes I was inundated with these types of messages:


I figured, for the last three Sundays, I had tuned into the Big Questions and it was always the same, an underlying whiff of acceptable criticism of Islam, hidden by a veneer of academia or professional positioning.

Yeah it pissed me off no end, and it should piss you off too.

So I thought, I’d try a little social experiment, and where better than a platform of social media, over the course of a couple of hours on sunday afternoon, I tweeted the following:


I know what you’re thinking.

Why did I do it? Am I a troll? Why do I want to annoy people?

Because annoying people is funny. Why is it funny?

Maybe because I find life and the people in it so fucking irritating at times.

So to turn the tables now and then by being an absolute pain in the arse, to jedi mind trick them into thinking they’re getting one over me, but instead they’re revealing their true nature, idiocy.

So here’s a selection of tweets that came back – note even the “popular historian” Tom Holland (the one who makes up Islamic history with the help of Israeli’s) fell for it.





As the hatred, bile and anger of these militant extremists grew, I laughed.

I found I actually enjoyed trolling atheists.

You must have noticed the deliberate misspelling of “atheists” – what pedant could possibly resist that bait?

Not many, and I must have had a dozen catches almost straight away.

You know the type.

Militant Wankers

The type that have “#atheist” in their bio, like anybody gives a fuck.

The type that searches for #atheist on Twitter.

And I argued with a handful of them simultaneously for close to an hour, giggling like a schoolboy as I typed:

“Your going too hell!”

They didn’t know whether to go after the religious debate or the grammar.

It was hilarious.

A collection of atheists despairing for humanity!

It’s a great way to redress the balance when you’ve been wronged; to put things right so that you can get to sleep without grinding your teeth in anger.

And there you have it – do as I did, troll an atheist or secularist or humanist or culturlist or whatever the fuck they’re labelling themselves as today – it might be the most fun you have while pissing someone off and the beauty is that you can’t blame yourself, if these individuals own self righteously obtained moral high ground and indignation wasn’t so screwed up they wouldn’t bother you?


“To you be your religion, and to me my religion”
“Lakum dinukum waliya deen”

Quran Surah al-Kafirun (109/6)


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Show Israel the Red Card – Kick Israeli racism out of UEFA!

Show Israel the red card banner

Last night, I attended the England V Romania U21 Football match & as I neared the stadium, I saw the above banner unequivocally stating to “kick Israeli racism out of UEFA!”

After stopping and speaking to the chaps stood out in the freezing rain – handing out leaflets and stating their position – I was pleasantly surprised to see that this grass roots movement is beginning to take hold within the public conciousness.

One of my fellow bloggers – http://abdelxyz.wordpress.com – (who you should be following!) has been writing on this issue for some time now:

More than twenty years after the spectre of apartheid was finally ended in South Africa, the very same system of state-sanctioned discrimination is alive and well in Israel today.

The Apartheid State of Israel discriminates against Palestinians in every walk of life, including sport.

The world of sport cannot be divorced from other aspects of life and the standards deemed acceptable by sporting bodies, sends very powerful signals to the public.

Since Israel was announced as host there have been a number of calls to boycott the tournament or for UEFA President Michel Platini to reverse his decision.

One well-known petition is organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In the text of the petition it reminds Platini that “Hosting an international sporting competition is an honour. However, there is nothing honourable about the actions of Israel towards the Palestinian people. Your damaging decision sends the message that UEFA has no issue with the illegal and discriminatory treatment of Israel towards the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps Platini granted Israel the opportunity because Israel is a benevolent host – just ask the Ethiopian Jews who live there.

Ethiopian women were ‘kindly’ administered birth control shots without their knowledge

Prominent Israeli politicians join street demonstrations shouting ‘Blacks out’ and refer to Blacks in Israel as ‘cancers’ and ‘infiltrators’.

You all know that the leader of the free world, Barack Obama has gone to Israel to re-affirm his loyalty to the terrorist state (what do you think the millions of shekels in campaign donations buy?) THAT speech in Cairo seems like an awfully long time ago.

The Palestinian people are patient, but the patience is beginning to wear thin, the following a message pinned to a tent, on the ruins of a house bombed by the Israeli’s in one of their all too frequent attacks:

Obama Apartheid

And you know all too well what happens to the Palestinian Ghandi’s who protest peacefully:

i have a dream

“I have a dream” – not if you’re in the only democracy in the Middle East!

Remember to play your part – The world must rise against Israeli apartheid give zionism the red card!

kick israeli racism out of uefa


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It’s Passover & a locust plague hits “God’s chosen people” in Israel

Ban’ee Israel getting swamped by a plague of Locusts over Passover – you couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Just as a swarm of locusts was inflicted on Egypt as one of ten deadly plagues sent by God to persuade the Pharaoh to release the Hebrews from slavery, locusts swarm on the zionists while they keep millions in virtual bondage in occupied Palestine.

Seeing mankind has failed the people of Palestine, maybe we can just leave it to God after all.

Bring on the frogs, rivers turning to blood, darkness and boils.

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UKIP & The Future for British Politics

Nigel Farage UKIP Loves Israel

The Lib Dems win, with a much reduced majority UKIP come second in the Eastleigh by-election.

What does it all mean?

Grant Shapps “rare for governing party to capture a seat” Conservatives to become even more Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay like UKIP.

John Denham “People were concerned about migration” Labour must to copy UKIP policies.

UKIP have policies the right wing tories want but can’t have & Labour have no policies or leadership.

Political parties will try & tap into the centralist agenda which apparently UKIP now have, and it’s too lazy to call it a protest vote.

UKIP taking away votes from the Tories at the next general election?

Maybe, who’s jumping into bed with Nigel Farage?

Dave or Ed?

Odin’s Draupnir indeed


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