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Muslims going for Gold in the Olympics during Ramadan

Woroud Sawalha – Palestine

The Muslim month of Ramadan – fasting – coincided with London’s Olympics and ever since, I’ve been inundated with arguments that the Olympics are kufr and I’ve witnessed the passing of a quasi-takfeer on Muslims participating in the Olympics.

Firstly, unless you as a Muslim have replaced worshipping Allah Az’Wajjal with worshipping the rings of Mount Olympus, I fail to see where the aspect of kufr comes from.

Secondly, I recently heard a BBC documentary titled “Heart and Soul” which explored the clash between strict religious obedience and the quest for Olympic glory.

You can listen to it below:

Peter Musembi from BBC African Sport talks to top athletes, to find out how they deal with the dilemma, he hears from 10,000 metre Gold medal winner Mohammed Farah, born in Mogadishu but raised in London, he has also deferred his fast in past years.

You can read an excellent blog written by Shahad Kamal on Mohammed Farah titled “One Nation Under Gold”.

Mohammed Sbihi, the first ever Muslim rower to gain a medal for Team GB. Sbihi tells Musembi how he has faced criticism for deferring his fast until he is out of competition, and how he has donated his own money to fund meals for homeless children in his family’s home country Morocco.

He also meets an Olympian of the future, 18-year-old Ambreen Sadiq, the first British Muslim female boxer, who tells the programme how she deals with her brutal training regime, while denying herself food or drink for up to 14 hours a day.

There is a hikmah (wisdom) in whether Muslim athletes fast and compete, or do not fast and pay for thousands to be fed. It is a personal choice for the individuals concerned and it does not give any other Muslim the right to judge.

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Muhammed Sbihi Britain’s first Muslim Olympic rower solves Ramadan dilemma

Muhammed Sbihi – Britain’s first Muslim Olympic Rower

Muhammed Sbihi, Britain’s first Muslim Olympic rower has solved the Ramadan fasting dilemma for athletes, instead of fasting during the Olympic games he’ll pay for the meals for 1,800 people in his native Morocco as recompense.

When Muhammed Sbihi was picked for the GB rowing Olympic squad he faced a dilemma, how to marry his faith and to practice the month of Ramadan, where one must abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours and the demands it would have on him as a athlete in a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Willing to find another solution, he then heard about Moroccan goalkeeper Badou Zaki, who though a Muslim never fasted during his time at Real Mallorca in Spain’s La Liga. Instead, he would go to Morocco each year to pay for thousands of meals for the poor.

A cousin in Tangiers, the home town of Muhammed’s father, consulted scholars to come up with the final answer. Muhammed would follow the example of Ezzaiki and provide 60 meals for the poor for each day he misses the fast.

So this summer, up to 1,800 people in Morocco will eat a meal thanks to a 6ft 8in rower chasing a gold medal in the UK.

Islam is a religion of ease, Allah SWT knows the limitations of his creation. Allah, in the Quran, declares that religious morality is easy and that He will make things easier for those who follow their religion:

“He has chosen you and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship”
(Surah Al Hajj: 78)

“We will ease you to the Easy Way”
(Surah A’la: 8)

So well done to brother Muhammed Sbihi, looking forward to seeing you bring home the gold medal, Insh’Allah.


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Creating the Terror Threat: London Olympic terror exercises carried out – with help of the Mossad

A set of “exercises” have been launched to see if the London Olympics are ready for any would be terror attacks, with Israel’s Mossad helping out.

The UK’s entire defence establishment, including the emergency services, participated in the massive drill, which was held secretly by the British Defense Ministry. But British intelligence officials were not satisfied, and invited their Mossad counterparts to share their experience.

A source at the British Olympic Association said that “certain Israeli elements are advising us on securing the Olympic games.”

So you have Mossad knowing the key operational details of the security apparatus of the London Olympics, after all, if you know how the operation runs, you also know how to get around it.

That doesn’t make me feel any more secure, and I have tickets for the Olympics.

Reminds me of the simulated terror drills with a “scenario of simultaneous attacks on a underground and mainline station” on the morning of 7/7, as the video above shows.

What are the odds of an exercise happening with that scenario and the exact events playing out in real life at the same time?

Is The Akh suggesting that the mossad would infiltrate the security apparatus of the London Olympics to carry out a false flag operation?


They would never do that.


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2012 London Olympic Tickets Go On Sale

Gog & Magog opened the ticket sales for the 2012 London Olympics this morning, predictably this being the UK, the ticket system crashed, can’t fathom why it would…after all who wants to see an event the whole world participates in once every four years.

The ZION olympics (a theory too far stretched) are selling tickets in what has been described as the “most expensive tickets ever in sports”

“The committee is breaking with Olympic tradition because the market for corporate hospitality is enormous…that’s why we decided it was better to make it an official program, it’s better than corporate hospitality cropping up unofficially.”

Paul Deighton, chief executive officer of the London organizing committee and former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker.

The London organizing committee, or Logoc, is counting on selling packages worth as much as 4,500 pounds ($7,280) a person to companies in London’s financial district and the wealthy at the same time the U.K. government is implementing the deepest spending cuts since World War II.

And this is what a £4,500 ticket will get you

I visited the Olympic site back in March 2010, I asked back then what the chances were of getting tickets…the answer it seems is the same then as it is now.



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My Trip To The 2012 London Olympic Site

Last week “The Akh” had a chance to visit the ongoing construction site that will eventually become the 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

Despite the machine guns, patrol dogs and being buzzed by the occasional low flying Chinook, it was an enjoyable experience, like watching a real life lego set being built before your very eyes.

I have uploaded the complete picture slide show, so you can have a look by clicking through

I had mixed feelings about this, on one hand it’s an immense waste of money, yes, just think of all the schools and hospitals we could build, on the other hand it regenerates a whole swathe of an otherwise downtrodden and neglected East London.

Whatever your opinion, the scale of the construction is of a gargantuan proportion and some of the engineering is truly first class.

Let’s hope it delivers some kind of value to the tax payer, I wonder what the cost per million will be for every Gold medal we win in 2012?

Can I get a ticket?

Fat chance of that happening.


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