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BBC Panorama’s Jane Corbin’s husband is John Cradock Maples, former MP & President of the Conservative Friends of Israel

I was watching last night’s BBC Panorama titled “Living with the Ayatollah”, where presenter Jane Corbin produced a piece of propaganda that was anti Iran & Press TV from the get go.

I’ve written extensively about Panorama’s programming and as you can see, their is now a track record of biased, one sided propaganda on the part of the BBC, so much for a public broadcaster that prides itself on it’s investigative journalism and even handed approach.

In August 2010, Jane Corbin was the presenter and interviewer for “Death in the Med”, a program that whitewashed the Israel attack and killing on the MV Marmara. This program drew much criticism for its propagandistic nature and for its duplicitous and dishonest way of dealing with the interviewees, namely Ken O’Keefe.

Is seems to be the exclusive remit of Jane Corbin to have an anti-Muslim tint to everything she says.

One cannot help but wonder if Jane Corbin’s husband, John Cradock Maples, now Lord Maples, is a former member of parliament, who was one of the 50 top influential right wingers in the country and served as the president of Conservative Friends of Israel.

Has Lord Maples and his Israeli affiliations brought any pressure to bear on how his wife approaches the making of publicly funded, yet appallingly unbalanced, BBC documentaries?


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BBC Panorama’s – British Schools, Islamic Rules and The Policy Exchange Connection

So the BBC Panorama’s John Ware finds “Muslim Extremists” running schools and takes the evidence to Michael Gove, Education Secretary. Policy Exchange, the think tank also reports on the same thing as reported by Andrew Gilligan. The ex-chairman of Policy Exchange is…….Michael Gove.

John Ware is a despicable individual with a long and proven track record of Islamophobic hate statements.

Another Panorama report by Ware, entitled “Faith, Hate and Charity” sought to discredit Interpal, a British charity that provides relief and development aid to Palestinians in need. The documentary was criticised for, among other things, an over-reliance on partisan Israeli and American sources.

The right wing think tank Policy Exchange’s reason for being is to serve as another divisive unit, attempting to drive a wedge between British Muslims and the rest of society.

Before Nick Clegg sold out his principles, he blasted that Policy Exchange directors of “bizarre and underhand behaviour”, and questioned the validity of their “evidence”.

The Akh is pleased to see organisations other than the Muslim Public Affairs Committee taking up the media jihad.

Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) issued a notable press release.

Engage also had a piece on this topic, showing how several media outlets, including the Daily Mail, the Metro and the Daily Star acting as a force multiplier by re-reporting on this latest Panorama programme.

Muslim organisations have  to learn how to defend themselves and their much maligned communities. By understanding  the modus operandi of the how the political system works and is influenced by the media and think tanks alike is a vital and necessary first step in grasping the insidious nature of the game being played against Muslims.


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CONservative’s pressurise BBC to drop Ashcroft Panorama programme?

Why did the BBC pull an edition of its Panorama programme about the financial affairs of Tory backer Lord Ashcroft just hours before it was due for broadcast?

A statement from the beeb didn’t reveal too much.

Perhaps moneybags Ashcroft is seeing a return on all the millions he’s pumped into the CONservative party by getting them to pressurise the BBC to drop the programme…or are the BBC afraid of being threatened with a law suit?

Lord Ashcroft’s dodgy dealings has seen him labelled as someone who has ‘subjugated a nation’, a claim from the Prime Minister of Belize himself. While the CONservatives have been more concerned with his “non-dom” tax status.

Belizeans take to the streets to protest against Lord Michael Ashcroft’s Belize Bank Ltd. over $20M diverted from the public treasury to pay off a private loan that had been secretly guaranteed by Belize’s former prime minister.

Colonialism never really went away, it was replaced by the myth of “free trade” and “market forces”.


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BBC’s Panorama Bias: “Death in the Med” deconstructed

This excellent video deconstructs the lies told by Jane Corbin & the BBC’ on their shameful hasbara (propaganda) carried out on behalf of Israel in the “Death in the Med” Panorama programme. This is the analysis that the BBC shamefully neglected to show us.

Whatever happened on the Mavi Marmara on the morning of May 31st, 2010, the BBC’s Panorama team failed to give a balanced view of it in its so-called documentary, Death in the Med. Even the title sounds more like that of a paperback mystery, rather than a serious analysis of Israel’s worst atrocity since Operation Cast Lead.

Documentaries should be truthful and informative and expand our understanding of situations and events; their content should be rigorously checked for errors in statements which are presented as facts and conjecture, and the personal opinions of their writers and presenters should be explicitly identified as such. But Death in the Med failed any test based on those parameters.

The BBC’s television and radio services reach an audience measured in hundreds of millions, world-wide, but are primarily funded by taxes and license fees paid by the British public; not by Israel or its influential friends. Panorama’s biased and often untruthful Treatment of Israel’s worst atrocity since Operation Cast Lead should trigger a public enquiry about who is really in charge of one of the most influential broadcasters on the planet.


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BBC Panorama – Israeli Propaganda At It’s Finest – Protest This Sunday

If you watched BBC’s Panorama this week, you would have witnessed some first class propaganda supplied by Israel’s hasbara squad which was delivered by Jane Corbin and the Panorama team.

For years, we have been seeing and hearing increased bias from the BBC. Whether it be by airing blatant propaganda or by just not showing the truth.

One of the latest shows of propaganda displayed, was in the Panorama documentary, ‘Death in the Med’. As a documentary it was farcical. The murder of 9 innocent activists was made justifiable because of the ‘attacks’, on the poor Israeli soldiers. The fact that Israel committed piracy and was in international waters – where it had no right to be, apart from the fact that the siege which the activists were aiming to break is illegal, was not even mentioned.

The BBC needs to know that it cannot continue presenting lies as the truth.

Needless to say you have already sent in your complaint, if not, do so now, for tips on who and how to address your complaint to, click here.

Join the protest against the propaganda and lies on Sunday 22nd August, at the BBC Television Centre, Hammersmith, London, from 1pm to 6pm.

Come and fulfil your duty by exposing the BBC and holding them to account.

As you can see from the comments section there certainly has been a furore over the BBC’s antics.

What was even more interesting was Ken O’ Keefe’s testimony, which appears below on how Jane Corbin lied over editorial control, and as the video above demonstrates.

I’ve written about Ken before, especially after he put himself in harms way to disarm Israeli commando’s who were killing unarmed civilians onboard the Mavi Maramara. The way Ken handled himself infront of what can only be described as hostile and aggressive questioning by BBC’s Hardtalk was very impressive.

That original post can be viewed here.

Have a read of what Ken had to say, courtesy of MPACUK

If you haven’t seen it, look for BBC Panorama’s “Death in the Med” programme online – you’ll be treated to first class propaganda as only the BBC can deliver.

I am one of the passengers/witnesses interviewed for this programme and I am very much aware of BBC’s role in justifying war and covering up Israeli crimes. I am in no way naive about this. To the contrary, my motivation for the interview lay largely in the all-too-likely opportunity to expose the BBC, a relevant job considering the BBC’s role in the slaughter of over one million Iraqis, a direct role by virtue of the war they justified. The BBC, from start to present, justifying Iraq, a massive war crime and crime against humanity based entirely on lies (propagated intensely by the BBC). The British Broadcasting Corporation, synonymous with millions of orphans and refugees and countless lives destroyed in Iraq, beating the drums of war without pause, the ultimate prostitutes of propaganda.

With this understanding, I solicited an agreement with the BBC producers. In return for my interview, the programme would include the fact that we disarmed, captured and ultimately released three Israeli commandos (after giving them medical attention no less). That was the deal, a deal I made with an audio recorder in service.

And yes, the poor Israeli commandos were beaten, just as any invader in any capable person’s home would be beaten. I take no issue with that fact.

But truth be told, the commandos we captured should thank us for their lives. I ask the Israelis, British and American people specifically: if your home was invaded, your family being murdered, would you be willing to disarm, completely control, and then set a murderer of your family free???

You can lie to yourself if you like, bury that head right down deep in the sand, but that ship was our home, and we were all brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles. United, a family, engaged in a most righteous cause, with the vast majority of the planet behind us. The primary beneficiary of our mission, over 800,000 innocent children.

For those lost in a pit of ignorance and indoctrination, those currently stripped of all reason, absent of conscience, duped and hoodwinked, I know you very well because I was once you, a US Marine robot volunteering to kill or be killed. I see my past self in the Zionist who has no capacity at this moment to think, for in that state it is all about regurgitation. Independent thought is but a possibility. For you, I maintain no hate; for nobody actually, rather it is pity, pity for you that you sacrifice the greatest gift of all, the gift of humanity.

And so it is that the BBC, absent of integrity, contemptuous of humanity, attempts in this programme to turn disarmed, helpless Israeli commandos into heroic self-rescuing commandos who managed to Superman their way out of a circle of well over 100 very motivated men whose brothers lay murdered with multiple gunshot wounds. That is what we call a bald-faced lie. Big-time lie, in-your-face lie, you-in-the-audience-are-a-bunch-of-drooling-idiots lie.

Returning from the Zionist alternate universe, we held in our power the fate of three boy commandos who may well have been murderers on that night. Think about that, under these circumstances, we let them go. That is what we call preserving life.

It is not that BBC does not know the truth, there are literally hundreds of witnesses and overflowing facts to reveal it; it is simply the BBC’s slavish duty to produce a Zionist storyline of illusions and deceptions. And the story goes that we are the aggressors, “terrorists”, “extremists” and killers. Only in this context can the poor Israeli commandos be victims. How is it possible to dominate and control commandos simply to let them go if we are killers? Answer, it isn’t. And that is precisely why Panorama blatantly lied.

Ah but the irony, the kind of irony that always provides me a smile from the inside out, the irony of these lies being big, beautiful gifts. In all sincerity, thank you BBC.

The BBC says there is doubt as to who fired first. To the hundreds of us on the Mavi Marmara and other ships, there is no doubt at all who shot who. The Israelis have said we shot at them. Well, where are their gunshot wounds? And even if you have gunshot wounds, how do we know you did not shoot yourselves? Exactly like you did in “Operation Cast Lead”?

Returning once again from the Zionist alternate universe, the Israeli military attacked in international waters and murdered within the first five minutes of the attack. The attack resulting in scores of gunshot wounds and death in rapid succession, blood spilling all over the ship. In that environment, I took possession of a 9mm pistol that I removed from one of the commandos… and I emptied it of the (real) bullets. Other weapons were seized by other brothers and thrown into the sea, one of which was an assault rifle. Yet when others and myself had the power to end life, and believe me it was as simple as release the safety, point, shoot, over, instead we preserved life, by taking those weapons away from established killers, we prevented them from killing more. We literally saved our lives and their lives. That is what we call cold, hard facts.

We could have taken out at least three of them, but we did not. Nope, we let them go.

The BBC mentions that we were in international waters at the very end of the story, as if this were an insignificant fact. The fact that Israel stole all the footage that it could, footage that undoubtedly shows them firing 4 bullets to the head of the 19-year-old American passenger, Furkan Dogan. No problem. Executing people at close range, no worries. The fact that the blockade itself is illegal, nah, don’t mention that. 800,000+ children in Gaza, malnourished, anaemic, traumatised… not important.
I would need to review this programme many times over to identify every poisoned tactic that the BBC employed in order to do what they do so well: justify murder and war.

Nevertheless, the BBC’s perversion of the truth will elevate the cause of justice immensely, delegitimising itself in such grand fashion was indeed a great big gift.

Hats off to ya, BBC!

Ken O’Keefe


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