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Yemen’s bullshit election – bought to you courtesy of the Yanks & Sauds

Official Ballot Paper Yemen Election 2012

When’s an election not an election?

When that election is an American sponsored farce in Yemen.

While the people of Yemen risk life and limb in a year of bloody protests, the Sauds & the US carry out a “show election” for a new president.

With their being only one candidate standing unopposed, how do you expect Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi not to win. There wasn’t even a Yes or No option to be had on the ballot, the only vote was for Hadi, the only vote is a YES and there’s no chances he can lose.

This new dictator was vice president under Saleh for 17 years and while Saleh kicks back after his 33 years in charge, in New York under his immunity deal, his right hand man runs the country, while his family control the security apparatus.

You have to love the hypocrisy of it all.

The Americans haven’t even tried to cover up the stench, stating with a straight face:

“Yemen has proved its ability to move from the past to the present via ballot boxes”

I’m drawn between tears and laughter as to how exactly has Yemen become the model for peaceful transition that the Obama administration proclaim it to be.

Predictably, the corporate media has avoided coverage on this issue but chosen instead to focus on Putin’s fixed election in Russia, a tactic to deflect attention away from the role of “The West” in Yemen.

Regular readers will now of a previous blog “Chaos in Yemen today is a direct result of The West’s secret war fourty years ago” which outlined the powerful and corrupting effect committed by Britain in Yemen.

The fallout in Yemen has been instant, whilst America’s kleptocracy’s applaud the sham election the change that was wanted has not transpired. 85 deaths on Monday and another 185 dead today . This will of course be written off by the corporate media as being uppity Al CIAda types opposing democracy and freedom, what it really shows is that the US & her stooge elements want neither peace or stability in the region.

If they did, they would allow a full election with more than one candidate.

The only place where democracy is acceptable, is where America’s candidate is electable.

Just like Obama himself, this is another change that no one can believe in.


If you wish to get a further understanding on Britain’s colonial exploits in Yemen, I’d recommend you watch a documentary by Adam Curtis – The Mayfair Set

The first episode “Who Pays Wins”, tells the story of one Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling, World War II British Army officer,  founder of the Special Air Service and Mercenary.

Worried that Britain was losing its power after the War, Stirling organised deals to sell British weapons and military personnel to other countries, like Yemen & Saudi Arabia, for various privatised foreign policy operations. Stirling along with other associates formed Watchguard International Ltd. He was also linked along with an associate Denys Rowley in a failed attempt to overthrow Gaddafi of Libya in 1970/71.

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Greek Bomb Plot Targets Sarkozy, Merkel & Berlusconi – No Muslims Involved – So There’s Nothing To Be Worried About

While all the talk is about the so called bombs sent from Yemen, how about real bombs that have been sent via the post in Greece all across Europe and have exploded at their intended destinations causing serious injury and damage – where’s the outcry?

Global mail and parcel services stopped for 48 hours after a series of mail bombs were sent from Greece.

Greek police intercepted a booby-trapped parcel addressed to French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday.

German police on Tuesday intercepted a package containing explosives sent from Greece to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin.

A package addressed to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi found on a cargo plane from Athens caught fire when police opened it, an Italian police source said Wednesday.

Are leftist anarchist groups who are thought to behind arson attacks on the offices and homes of politicians less of a threat then the media myth of Muslim extremists whose so called bombs fail to go off?

Shouldn’t we be applying the same letter of the law and media hyperbole to Greece as has been done to Yemen and denounce all Greek citizens as terrorists?

No because that would be irrational – yet if there were any kind of Muslim involvement, you can be rest assured that’s exactly what would happen.


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Yemen Parcel Bombs – Can You Smell The Bullshit?

So while I’ve been taking my shoes and socks off, dumping my bottle of water, being felt up by a security perv, being chemically swabbed and having my underpants X-rayed at airports, all the “terrorists” had to do was to send their “bomb” via post.

Parcel bombs are not a new phenomena, all you have to say is unabomber and the americans will drop a load in their pants.

No parcel bomb has ever killed more than a couple of people – they do not cause mass casualties.

I accept that even two or three dead or injured people is too many, but the worldwide media coverage is completely disproportionate to the threat.

It goes without saying that media coverage was the real aim, timed to fit into America’s mid-term elections rather well? I thought that was George Bush’s tactic, pull out a Bin Laden mixtape everytime he was doing poorly in the ratings or the yank army were exposed for committing another war crime.

If bad publicity was the aim, to tar another Muslim country within the global war OF terror, to act as a pretext and to justify the covert war in Yemen blowing up to an open war, then doesn’t that rather widen the field of people who might have been behind it all?

For the last several weeks we’ve been told that the threat level was increasing. This message, we are told, was found on a “secret website” by an Israeli company who put it in a press release.

The group distributing these threats, SITE Intelligence, is contracted to the American government, is run by a former IDF member whose father was a Mossad terrorist. SITE Intelligence is the source of the Osama bin Laden tapes long proven to be, not only the wrong voice, but to resemble bin Laden so little as to have become a joke.

The easy and extremely detailed tip off from the Saudi security services is very interesting.

Not only did the Saudi secret service have the precise details of the bomb packages, the female alleged terrorist in Sanaa gave her phone number to the courier company. As all ultra dangerous highly trained Al-Qaidah operatives are obviously taught to do. Not withstanding the fact her identity was hijacked.

Now who do we know that hijacks identities for a weekend away in Dubai?

While the politicians are still living off the blank cheque from 9/11 by saying the bombs might have been detonated on the plane, except that the parcels changed cargo planes three times, it would be difficult to know when they were on a plane and where they were.

Contrary to the false reports disseminated by government agencies, there were no detonators in the toner bombs. They would therefore almost certainly have failed to go off, the mobile phone circuits they were attached too would not pick up a signal at altitude, even if they had a power source, which they didn’t.

As for the weird insistence by the government that the bombs were designed to go off on the plane, I just don’t believe it.

What is the evidence for this?

If the object was to bring down a plane, why possibly call attention to the packages by addressing them to Jewish organisations in Chicago?

No suspicions there then.

The only possible reason to insist that planes, not synagogues, were the target is to tap in to the public psyche which since 9/11 has been thoroughly indoctrinated with the airline bomb threat.

In other words, deliberate government fearmongering.

There is now an official insistence that the bombs were physically created by the same man who created the underpants bomb. Actually entirely possible, in that both attempts were useless, had no access to detonators, and didn’t kill anyone.

To sum up:

Somebody posted two parcel bombs.

Grave threat to western civilisation.

Our basic principles are at stake.

They hate our freedoms.

Biggest threat since World War 2.

Islam incompatible with democracy.

Yemen is the new Afghanistan.

Eternal vigilance needed.

More tanks required at airports.

Fighter plane escort for passenger planes is a rational answer to parcel bombs.

NATO may need to invade Somalia.

Torture in Saudi Arabia vindicated by this tip off.

Israel is our stoutest ally.

Will that do?

Rupert Murdoch when can I expect my cheque?


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Chaos in Yemen Today is a Direct Result of “The West’s” Secret War Fourty Years Ago

What’s so fascinating about the reporting on the War OF Terror is the way almost all of it ignores history – as if it is a conflict happening in another time. The Yemen is a case in point. In the wake of the underpants bomber we have been deluged by a wave of terror journalism about this dark mediaeval country that harbours incomprehensible fanatics who want to destroy the west. None of it has explained that only forty years ago the British government fought a vicious secret war in the Yemen against republican revolutionaries who used terror, including bombing airliners.

But the moment you start looking into that war you find out all sorts of extraordinary things.

First that the chaos that has engulfed the Yemen today and is breeding new terrorist threats against the west is a direct result of that conflict of forty years ago.

Secondly it also had a powerful and corrupting effect on Britain itself. To fight the war both Conservative and Labour governments in the 1960s set up international arms deals with the Saudis. These involved bribery on a huge scale which led to the Al Yamamah scandal that still festers today.

To fight the war in secret the British government also allowed the creation of a private mercenary force. Out of it would come today’s privatized military industry that fights wars for dictators throughout Africa and is deeply involved in fighting against the insurgency in Iraq.

The key figure behind Britain’s involvement was called Colonel David Stirling. He brought Britain into the war, created the mercenary amy, and set up the Saudi Arms deal. Stirling was one of the main characters in a documentary series I made called The Mayfair Set, and a large part of the first episode tells the inside story of Britain’s role in the Yemen war in the 1960s. I thought I would put up that section plus a brief background to our whole involvement in Yemen.

Here is a map of Aden in the 1960s:

And here is one of the Yemen:

Aden had been a crucial part of the British Empire since 1839. In 1963 a rebellion began. A nationalist group called the National Liberation Front started an armed revolt against the British army. The NLF were followers of Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser who was the president of Egypt. Nasser was an extraordinary figure who inspired the whole of the Arab world. He wanted to unite all the Arab countries and use that power to force the western colonial powers out of the Middle East.

By the mid 60s the revolt had developed into a bitter and vicious insurgency as the NLF used terror against British civilians as well as attacking the soldiers. Here is some footage shot by the BBC Panorama programme of the aftermath of the killing of a British Civil Servant on a dusty road just outside the Crater district of Aden. As well as showing the details it also conveys the mood of a once confident imperial power caught up in something it doesn’t fully understand and feeling its power slipping away.

It is also interesting how back then Panorama broadcast shots that lingered far longer on the dead body than we would be allowed to today.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As the insurgency continued both sides turned to terror. An Amnesty report in 1966 alleged that the British were torturing prisoners including beating them and burning them with cigarettes. The British soldiers were also stripping the Arab prisoners naked to humiliate them.

Here is a short piece of film that was grabbed by a Reuters cameraman in 1967. It graphically shows the hatred of the local people that had built up in the British troops.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The terrorists meanwhile had resorted to throwing grenades into childrens’ parties and had blown up a DC3 civilian airliner over the Yemen killing everyone on board. Here is a news item where a BBC journalist shows some of the Improvised Explosive Devices that were being used against civilians.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

At the same time as the insurgency began in the south, in Aden, another revolution happened in the North Yemen. A group of republicans who were also followers of President Nasser overthrew the ruling royal family. Nasser then sent Egyptian troops to support the republicans.

Many in the British government wanted to recognise the new regime, but a small group in the security services, led by David Stirling, persuaded the Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, to let them organise a covert war in the deserts and mountains of Yemen in support of the royal family.

These men had a romantic and simplified view of the world. They did not see this war as a nationalist struggle but as part of a much wider fight against a communist takeover of the world. Engaging in this global conflict would be a way of recapturing Britain’s power and greatness.

Stirling also believed that selling arms and planes to the Saudis would not only help fight the war, but would also re-establish Britain’s influence in the Middle East in a new way – through the arms trade.

And he was right. Although the mecenaries failed to restore the royalists in Yemen, they did help defeat Nasser and destroy his anti-colonial project. But more than that, their secret war also helped re-establish western influence in the Arab world in a new way. In a post-imperial age the British returned to the Middle East by supporting and propping up regimes through selling arms and through mercenary armies. Just as Stirling had intended.

But it had a terrible price.

The regimes that Britain, and America, would support for the next forty years were mostly corrupt and despotic. The very regimes that Nasser had told the Arab world were a part of the past which the modern world would sweep away. The man who foresaw this was the British Prime Minister – Harold MacMillan. In 1963 he wrote privately:

“It is repugnant to political equity and prudence alike that we should so often appear to be supporting out-of-date and despotic regimes and to be opposing the growth of modern and more democratic forms of government.”

The Islamism that we face today rose up in the 1970s precisely as a reaction to those corrupt regimes and their western backers. It too is an anti-colonial project that is very similar to Nasser’s vision of a united Arab world free of western influence – but with religion bolted on. And now, to fight it, we are preparing to send arms and “intelligence advisers” to help prop up a corrupt regime in Yemen.

To the Arabs in Yemen it must seem like deja vu. We are the old ghosts who have returned.

Here is the section from The Mayfair Set. It begins with the owner of the Clermont Club in Mayfair, John Aspinall, musing on the group of entrepreneurs and adventurers who spent their time gambling in his club. Men like David Stirling.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source: The Medium & The Message, Adam Curtis, “Yemen, The Return of Old Ghosts”

The Akh is currently away, and will try to update every few days as time and web connection dictates.


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