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Israel, The Gerald Scarfe Cartoon & “Anti-Semitism”

Gerald Scarfe Cartoon Israel sundaytimes 27 01 13

I’m sure if the cartoon by Gerald Scarfe was of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH there would be no apology, instead we’d be reminded that Britain has fine, upstanding traditions of freedom of speech and expression, and nothing is sacred enough to be above satire & Muslims should grow a thicker skin or go back to wherever they came from.

That’s the standard “intellectual” media response.

This comes off the back of Bradford East MP’s David Wards comments that got him into big trouble with the zionist lobby.

Of course, the cartoon and the MP’s statements barely scratch the surface of the actions of Israel.

After all, this is a state that forcibly sterilizes Jewish Ethiopian women before letting them into Israel.

Nazi Germany’s Eugenics programme lives on in Israel today.


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Any Criticism of Israel & You’re Fired!

Malcolm Evans Cartoonist New Zealand Herald

You can make cartoons that show Muslims in a bad light or make fun of the Prophet and your newspaper will be lauded as a defender of free speech by other Zionist fronts and see a surge in ad revenue.

But as soon as you depict a cartoon that shows the horrible suffering that goes on everyday in Occupied Palestine and you’re sure to be standing in the unemployment line.

Unbelievably this cartoon got Malcolm Evans fired from his job as editorial cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald.

Shame on you.


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