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Creating the Terror Threat: London Olympic terror exercises carried out – with help of the Mossad

A set of “exercises” have been launched to see if the London Olympics are ready for any would be terror attacks, with Israel’s Mossad helping out.

The UK’s entire defence establishment, including the emergency services, participated in the massive drill, which was held secretly by the British Defense Ministry. But British intelligence officials were not satisfied, and invited their Mossad counterparts to share their experience.

A source at the British Olympic Association said that “certain Israeli elements are advising us on securing the Olympic games.”

So you have Mossad knowing the key operational details of the security apparatus of the London Olympics, after all, if you know how the operation runs, you also know how to get around it.

That doesn’t make me feel any more secure, and I have tickets for the Olympics.

Reminds me of the simulated terror drills with a “scenario of simultaneous attacks on a underground and mainline station” on the morning of 7/7, as the video above shows.

What are the odds of an exercise happening with that scenario and the exact events playing out in real life at the same time?

Is The Akh suggesting that the mossad would infiltrate the security apparatus of the London Olympics to carry out a false flag operation?


They would never do that.


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Afghanistan – A War Without End, Inventing Enemies to Buy Bombs

With Obama’s declaration that “Combat Activities” will cease in Afghanistan & 33,000 US troops will be leaving it’s yet again time to separate the media propaganda from the truth.

Last night’s BBC documentary “Afghanistan – War Without End?” showed many a half truth in discussing the “Great Game V.2.0”. Then again, what can we really expect from John Ware, one of the pro israeli journalists embedded within the BBC.

Already Obama is under pressure from the military industrial complex to keep the troop numbers high. Despite Obama’s approval ratings riding high after the “deading” of Osama Bin Laden, what are the real chances of him still being President in 2013? seeing US presidential elections are due next year. This of course comes from a man who said Guantanamo would be closed as part of his election campaign – four years later, we’re still waiting.

The entire premise of foreign troops, especially American troops leaving a country they have invaded is an entirely false one. The media maybe reporting it as that, but what’s being said is that “Combat Operations” will cease. Just like combat operations ended in Iraq years ago, hasn’t led to a drawdown of troop numbers, Afghanistan will be precisely the same. No one builds the world’s largest “embassy” compound to leave it behind. The Second World War ended in 1945, yet American bases remain in the countries they invaded, principally Germany & Japan.

Listening to Radio 4’s Today Show this morning was far more revelatory than a whole hour’s worth of BBC programming.

Simply listen to what Michael Semple, former Deputy to the EU Special Representative for Afghanistan and a key proponent of talking to the Taliban had to say on the subject:

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve had to explain to people that western military theory is based primarily on Carl von Clausewitz’s teachings, what is taught in every single military academy is;

“War is not merely a political act, but also a political instrument, a continuation of political relations, a carrying out of the same by other means”

War is a conduit to achieve a political objective, if you have no political objective to achieve, or the remit is changed regularly as has been the case in Afghanistan, then you are in a perpetual state of war, a never ending war, that has no end game in sight.

While negotiating a settlement with the Taliban is probably the only option left to “The West”, it’s a bit hard to be taken seriously if you are talking peace, yet continue to kill the people you want to bring to the negotiating table.

The Afghan War Logs showed the true nature of the Afghan War, one that the media doesn’t report on.

As Simon Jenkins, writing in The Guardian pointed out recently, it is not democracy that keeps western nations at war, but armies and the interests now massed behind them. Eisenhower’s farewell message to America was a simple warning against the “disastrous rise of misplaced power” of a military-industrial complex with “unwarranted influence on government”.

A burgeoning defence establishment, backed by large corporate interests, would one day employ so many people as to corrupt the political system. (His original draft even referred to a “military-industrial-congressional complex”.) This lobby, said Eisenhower, could become so huge as to “endanger our liberties and democratic processes”.

I wonder what Eisenhower would make of today’s US, with a military grown from 3.5 million people to 5 million. The western nations face less of a threat to their integrity and security than ever in history, yet their defence industries cry for ever more money and ever more things to do. The cold war strategist, George Kennan, wrote prophetically: “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial complex would have to remain, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented.”

The war on terror fulfilled all Eisenhower’s fears, as America sank into a swamp of kidnapping, torture and imprisonment without trial.

The belligerent posture of the US and Britain towards the Muslim world has fostered antagonism and moderate threats in response. The bombing of extremist targets in Pakistan is an invitation for terrorists to attack us, and then a need for defence against such attack. A self fulfilling perpetual cycle of violence.

Meanwhile, the opportunity cost of appeasing the complex is astronomical.

Eisenhower remarked that “every gun that is made is a theft from those who hunger” – a bomber is two power stations and a hospital not built. Likewise, each Tomahawk Cameron drops on Tripoli destroys not just a Gaddafi bunker (are there any left?), but a hospital ward and a classroom in Britain.

As long as bullets are fired in war, there will be a company profiting from their sale, with the invention of the global war against terrorism, it provides a blank cheque opportunity for the defence industry – the military industrial complex – the scenery maybe variable – Iraq or Afghanistan – the money source remains the constant and the end result remains constant.

Muslims die.

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Israeli Mossad agent captured in Cairo was involved in terrorist activities in Egypt

An American-Israeli Mossad agent with multiple identities – Ilan Chaim Grappelli/Grapel – was arrested in Egypt, after Egyptian authorities surveillance suspected him of plotting a campaign of sabotage and harming Egyptian economic and political interests.

The Egyptian authorities and the state news agency revealed on Sunday June 12 2011 that they have arrested Ilan Chaim Grappelli/Grapel, (אילן גרפל ), known in Israel as Ilan Goren (אילן גורן), an American-Israeli Mossad agent, a war criminal who participated in the atrocities of the Lebanon “second war” in 2006, and a former paratrooper soldier who had infiltrated the Egyptian revolutionists and was causing trouble, spying on the military and the revolutionaries, photographing people and reporting to the Mossad, distributing money to some Egyptians and recruiting them in order to cause chaos, to steal and to sabotage public infrastructure in the country.

Grappelli had also been organizing a series of protest movements and preparing them to disobey orders of the military authorities after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

Presiding judge Hesham Badawi of the supreme state security prosecution ordered the detention of the israeli spy for 15 days for pending investigations into his alleged spying on Egypt with the aim of sabotaging and harming its economic and political interests. The israeli mossad spy was arrested at a famous hotel in Cairo with a laptop and three mobile phones.

According to the Egyptian intelligence services, Grappelli, the Mossad officer appeared in Egypt shortly before the start of the January 25 uprising, he entered the country with a forged visa and he was among the first elements that existed in Tahrir Square, and he was photographed and his movements followed closely after he had raised suspicions. He visited several regions in Egypt, including North of Sinai, He monitored gas pipelines, the relationship between the Egyptians and the Palestinians. The spy introduced himself to the resistance at Al-Tahrir Square as a “foreign correspondent” supposedly covering the anti-government protests in Cairo. The movements and phone calls of the spy were monitored and filmed in Egypt before his arrest.

Several images of the spy were released by the Egyptian authorities, showing that he had appeared in various places throughout Egypt. In some images is seen raising signs among the demonstrators, in another one he appears at the jewish synagogue, and in others he is seen around areas affected by violence and troubles.

The Egyptian intelligence service was able to track the messages and contacts of the mossad agent with the Israeli government and to some western countries and the USA. The monitoring process confirmed the suspicions about the seditious role which the spy and his backers played in creating chaos in Egypt in an attempt at pre-empting the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January, by way of fomenting sectarian violence between the Egyptians.

Information gathered by the Egyptian intelligence service confirmed that the Israeli spy belonged to the Israeli military and that he had been injured during the Lebanon war of 2006.

According to intelligence sources, Goren/Grapel/Grappelli had participated directly in the heinous massacres, war crimes against Lebanese villagers in southern Lebanon. They also published some of his pictures with military uniform during the second Lebanon war.

The Mossad spy admitted that he was assigned to a variety of roles in Egypt in order to generate trouble and that he had paid money to some elements in Egypt so that they would assist him in the implementation of the plan, which was about causing strife and chaos in the country and repeating rumours that would prevent the stabilization of the situation in Egypt. He also admitted that he had paid some elements for the dissemination of rumours and for exploding the pipeline which provides Israel and Jordan with gas.

Egyptian sources pointed out that the confessions of the this Mossad operative will reveal amazing facts about some of the horrible incidents which took place during the last months, especially during the outbreak of the people’s ‘revolution’ and ‘liberation’ of Egypt.

It should be noted that previously, three alleged Mossad espionage cells were dismantled in Lebanon and Syria and that Israel has a history of implanting Mossad cells all over western and Arab countries and that there are no doubts that it is behind many horrible crimes such as assassinations of politicians, theft, smuggling of drugs, jewelry, diamonds, weapons, organ trafficking etc., all perpetrated for the advantage of Israel and other Zionist interests. Simply said, Israel is a big threat for security of all people and countries of the world.

The US State Department issued a statement on Sunday reacting to Grapelli’s detention, saying that their Embassy in Cairo “is providing Grapel with the necessary help which provided to all US citizens arrested overseas”. The statement pointed that consular officers visited Gabrel and that the embassy will be in contact with the Egyptian authorities to ensure that he is “being treated fairly under local law”.

Source: Terminal X

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Michael Scheuer, CIA Head of “Bin Laden Unit” Blasts America For It’s Foreign Policy Towards The Muslim World & It’s Support For Israel

Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s “Bin Laden Unit” spoke at the Hay Festival last week and used the platform to blast western foreign policy:

“We are being attacked in the west and we will continue to be attacked in the west as long as we are in Afghanistan, as long as we support the Israelis, as long as we protect the Saudi police state.

They can’t cope with the fact that it’s nothing to do with the way we live. It doesn’t have anything to do with elections or democracy or liberty.

He, the first Mr Bush, then Mr Clinton and the second Mr Bush have assiduously lied to the American people for 20 years and as a result have made the relations in the United States between Muslims and other people much more difficult.

They have identified the motivation of our enemy as a war against liberty, as a war against gender equality.

There is almost no Muslim out there who is an insane character who is going to blow himself up because my daughters go to university.

The only way to end the war on terror was to withdraw from the Middle East to an extent that is consistent with our interests.

The American relationship with Israel, in my mind, is a useless and unnecessary relationship.”

Politicians have been asking what “radicalises” Muslims in the UK for over a decade now, The Akh has consistently stated that it is our Government’s foreign policy is to blame.

We know it, the CIA know it, secretly our Government even knows it but are loathe to admit to it.

Unless Western Governments change their foreign policy towards the Middle East and Muslim world, the self created phantom enemy that is promoted as the “Global War Against Terrorism” will have no end in sight.

As Michael Scheuer said:

“We’ve been kinda lying to you for 30 years and why we are being attacked is until recently we were supporting fascism across the Middle East.

In the rhetoric of our enemies there is very little, if anything, about attacking us for how we live or how we think or how we act in our own country.

It is about intervention, it is about being in the Arab Peninsula and it has nothing to do with these cultural things.

We are the ones that are arranging the cultural war against them, as long as we are playing a role, we are the recruiting sergeant for the people that are going to kill us”

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United Arab Emirates Hire Erik Prince’s Blackwater/Xe Mercenaries

I’m sure you all remember Erik Prince, the creepy Christian extremist and former CEO of mercenary firm Blackwater (now called Xe), who ended up fleeing the United States for the United Arab Emirates after selling his company to avoid any potential legal cases for all the people his mercenaries killed in Iraq.

Ever wondered what he’s been upto?

He’s only gone and formed another mercenary army, this time at the behest of the United Arab Emirates’ autocratic crown prince, with the tacit approval of the U.S. government.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that – no hypocrisy!

“[The U.A.E.] might want to show that they are not to be messed with,” one administration official tells The New York Times, which broke the story. And what better way to show that you are not to be messed with than hiring a bunch of Colombian and South African “military contractors” to… well, to basically do whatever is needed, even if it’s a crusade to eliminate Muslims:

The force is intended to conduct special operations missions inside and outside the country, defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from terrorist attacks and put down internal revolts, the documents show. Such troops could be deployed if the Emirates faced unrest in their crowded labour camps or were challenged by pro-democracy protests like those sweeping the Arab world this year.

The Times has a copy of the contract, in case you need a model for your own mercenary-army contract.

And really, who doesn’t? Just heed Erik Prince’s words of wisdom:

The former employees said that in recruiting the Colombians and others from halfway around the world, Mr. Prince’s subordinates were following his strict rule: hire no Muslims.

Muslim soldiers, Mr. Prince warned, could not be counted on to kill fellow Muslims.

The Akh can’t see anything going wrong here, can you?


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Does Al Qaeda Really Exist? – Revisiting Adam Curtis’s Power of Nightmares

Al Qaeda related news has been the number one media scare story for more than a decade. In the face of much more tangible threats in the past – like the IRA, the Soviet Union and even Nazi Germany – British governments did not encourage the people to behave like hedgehogs.

So why roll up into a ball now in the face of what is a serious but in no way an overwhelming threat to our nation and our freedoms?

The Akh has been revisiting the brilliant documentary series by Adam Curtis, titled “The Power of Nightmares”, from which the most telling clip above is taken from. What that documentary stated was not that there was no threat, but rather the nightmare vision of a uniquely powerful hidden organisation waiting to strike our societies is an illusion, in effect, a way of creating the terror threat.

The question the series tried to answer was why contemporary politicians and other elites, like the media, want you to feel frightened – to behave and feel like a hedgehog trapped on a motorway – when the reality and the scale of the threat is actually very different.

In December 2004, Lord Hoffman, standing in the House of Lords made the following speech:

“The real threat to the life of the nation, in the sense of a people living in accordance with its traditional laws and political values, comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these”

This can be found on hansard’s records in paragraphs 94-97

Like Lord Hoffman I am optimistic, I’m sure we will survive not only “al Qaeda” but also the politics of fear.

Of course when the fear goes and people see just how much the threats have been exaggerated then there will be a further loss of trust in politicians and their authority.

Yet there are those who say the Al Qaeda group doesn’t exist at all, that they’re an invention of the Government designed to keep the population frightened, and to ensure that the pliant masses accept higher military spending.

But where’s the evidence to support their claims?

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.

Terror Expert Jason Burke, author of Al Qaeda, one of the most quoted books on the subject, is also in the video excerpt above (1.08 in) he states;

“The terrorist group al-Qaeda in fact does not exist. It was made up in January of 2001 in order to prosecute Osama bin Laden in his absence. In order to prosecute bin Laden there had to be an organization like the Mafia for which he was a part of. Under the law if such an organization exists then the head of the organization can be prosecuted under the law. So in order to bring the prosecution they made up the organization and called it al-Qaeda. But the organization is fiction. It doesn’t exist. It’s all a huge fraud.”

and then adds;

“The idea which is critical to the FBI¹s prosecution that bin Laden ran a coherent organisation with operatives and cells all around the world of which you could be a member is a myth. There is no Al Qaeda organisation. There is no international network with a leader, with cadres who will unquestioningly obey orders, with tentacles that stretch out to sleeper cells in America, in Africa, in Europe. That idea of a coherent, structured terrorist network with an organised capability simply does not exist.”

Marion E. (Spike) Bowman was serving as the Deputy General Counsel at the FBI and he to said something very similar to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on July 31, 2002:

“…al Qaeda is far less a large organization than a facilitator, sometimes orchestrator, of Islamic militants around the globe. These militants are linked by ideas and goals, not by organizational structure. The intent is establishment of a state, or states ruled by Islamic law and free of western influence. Bin Laden’s contribution to the Islamic jihad is a creature of the modern world. He has spawned a global network of individuals with common, radical ideas, kept alive through modern communications and sustained through forged documents and money laundering activities on a global scale.”

Then serving as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Ian Blair stated:

“Al Qaeda is not an organization. Al Qaeda is a way of working … but this has the hallmark of that approach. Al Qaeda clearly has the ability to provide training … to provide expertise … and I think that is what has occurred here”

At the very same time, the Neo Conservative ideology spoused by Leo Strauss was spreading their ideas and their myth of America as a revolutionary force that can spread democracy and freedom around the world, but infact were a convenient disguise for a much more ruthless and anti-democratic exploitation of the world.

“We are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom. They needed an enemy. So, they first started propaganda against Usamah and Taleban and then this incident happened. You see, the Bush administration approved a budget of 40bn dollars. Where will this huge amount go? It will be provided to the same agencies, which need huge funds and want to exert their importance.”

Osama bin Laden’s interview with Ummat, a Pakistani daily, published in Karachi on September 28, 2001. It was translated into English by the BBC World Monitoring Service and made public on September 29, 2001.

Many of us believe that business and corporate interests shape the world and that all ideas and political ideology are just froth on the surface that disguise the real, hidden forces underneath.

The neoconservatives and the Islamists believe the complete opposite – that ideas can fundamentally change the world. In the neoconservatives’ own words: “Ideas do have consequences.”

I don’t believe either of these positions. I think the reality is far more complex – that ideas do have widespread effects but not in the way those who developed them necessarily intended. They are taken up, used and distorted by many other forces which include business and corporate interests.

There is a synergy, a fit, between the neoconservatives’ particular individualistic version of democracy and the neo-liberal economic policies that suit American business interests, that is at the detriment to the rest of the Muslim world.


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Anjem Choudary, Muslims Against Crusades & Osama Bin Ladens Funeral

Anjem Choudary and his group  Hizb ut Tahrir, Al Muhajiroun, oh right…Muslims Against Crusades decided to hold a symbolic funeral for Osama Bin Laden outside the US embassy on Friday.

Predictably, the dailyfail reported on Anjum Choudry and his mob going to town:

This just in from London-istan: Violent clashes outside U.S. Embassy after hundreds of UK Muslims stage mock funeral for ‘murdered’ Bin Laden

Now a whiles back, The Akh  put to paper the following observation that Anjem Choudry, MI5 & Far Right need each other to further their own interests.

Yesterday this got picked up by Alex Jones prison planet website, (is that a good thing?):

“A child of three could see through this scam. Muslims brainwashed by extremist preachers on the MI5 payroll – people like Anjem Choudry and Abu Hamza, are told to riot in London and threaten retailiation attacks for the death of Bin Laden.

This not only reinforces the Bin Laden fable, but it also allows the media to whip up anti-Arab sentiment amongst British and American citizens by bombarding them with images of screaming Muslim extremists.

Look at these savages – they want to impose Sharia law, they want to build mosques at ground zero! This must mean that the bombing of Libya and Iran is the right thing to do! Let’s just not mention the fact that the US and UK military are now actively supporting Al-Qaeda in Libya and Iran in an effort to overthrow Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad.

Sure, there are real Muslim extremists who are ignorant of the fact that Bin Laden was a loyal CIA asset, but most of this is being provocateured for mass public consumption by the usual suspects.”

And ever since, The Akh’s original post has been replicated here, here and here.

Even the masses are beginning to see through the lies…they say the truth will out…Haqq overcomes Baatil…Insh’Allah we’re getting there.

For years The Akh has harboured suspicions that Anjem Choudry and his mentor OBM (Omar Bakri Muhammed) are agent provocateurs that always discredit and harm the greater body of Muslims by provoking their own members to commit wrong or rash actions. As ever, in the picture above, Anjem Choudry is lying deep behind the front lines, whilst no doubt hyping up the youngsters in front of him.

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