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BBC Expose The Extremist Jews & Israeli Influence on Geert Wilders Freedom Party

On Monday night, BBC2 screened a shocking programme about how some Jewish extremists and Israel have been secretly behind the rise of the notorious Fascist Geert Wilders.

The programme was remarkable because it goes behind the superficial Nazi ranting of Wilders to uncover how some Jews are the real organ grinders and Wilders along with his fellow travellers in the EDL and Pamela Geller are simply the Monkeys.

Everyone needs to watch the programme in its entirety to establish how we Muslims have been targeted and set upon by some very powerful Jewish extremists. First Louis Theroux exposes “ultra Zionists” and now this excellent BBC 2 programme, good to see all our collective criticism of BBC’s pro israel bias getting through.

Ironically in Europe, Jews were the oppressed but have now become the oppressors of Muslims. The entire programme is about 1 hour and The Akh urges you to watch it all, however, if you are simply interested in the Israel connection then have a look at the segment from the show above.

Props to LondonMuslim

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Why Does The Daily Star Newspaper Love Racists & Hate Muslims?

Worried about foreigners? or Muslim types that are taking over and are going to ban Christmas? well have those fears confirmed in your favourite daily paper, the Daily Star.

Charlie Brooker took apart the Daily Star and their support for the racist English Defence League in last nights 10’o clock show on Channel 4, (click through here to watch it as Channel 4 do not allow their content to be embedded).

The Daily Stars readership seem to comprise of 98 per cent morons, if their own poll is to be believed.

“Yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state”


Ninety-eight per cent of Star readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.

Now, it’s easy to point to the publications of the perverted zionist smut peddler Richard Desmond – the Daily Express and Daily Star, his company Northern & Shell now own TV station Channel Five as well – and wonder why exactly that kind of fear might be occurring at such an alarming rate.

But then again, you have to wonder.

Are these publications merely reflecting their readers’ views, or are they creating them?

Or do they create a self-perpetuating confirmation bias in the readers?

When it comes to things like online polls, are they too easily rigged?

One thing is for sure, though. The Star and Express don’t take the EDL to task when it comes to perpetuating the same old “Christmas is banned” stories – because that would dismantle a whole cheery industry that pops up every year to give lazy hacks something to write about, with bonus anti-‘them’ points.

Stories like this Christmas cracker from 2008:

“CHRISTMAS and Easter have been scrubbed from a college’s calendars in case they offend non-Christians.

Last night Ms Kitching said pupils would still be celebrating Christmas. She insisted: “There has been no big plan to ban the word Christmas.”

CHRISTMAS IS BANNED (except it isn’t, but shhhhhhhhh).

With stories like that knocking about every time the leaves start to fall, it’s no wonder that the moron EDL really believe – and I’m pretty sure they really do believe – that the evil PC Brigade has indeed gone mad once again and will be BANNING CHRISTMAS for fear of upsetting THAT LOT.

When lies such as these are not challenged, it creates a snowball effect, leading to stuff like this:

“A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.”

Well, that’ll be none, then.

Same as every year.

We all know about the Winterval myths that get recycled and embellished every year.

But what if a misleading, deliberately skewed story misrepresented a town, and it suffered an ‘invasion’ from the EDL?

Would that be all right?

Would the people who wrote the rubbish walk off whistling, pleased with a good day’s work?

The EDL are, as you’d imagine, delighted with the coverage from the Daily Star. As one EDL blogger puts it:

“This is the first article I have read, from both the national and regional media, that hasn’t been critical of the EDL. Perhaps we can expect more objective, or unbiased, articles on the EDL from the Daily Star. And if that becomes the case, I would advise EDL members to stop reading the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, etc. and start reading the Daily Star – after all, there are not many tabloids which are fair to the EDL.”

Job done, Daily Star.

Hold your heads high, you must be terrifically proud of yourselves.

Thanks to the enemies of reason blog for the source material.


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Zionist Rabbi Nachum Shiffren Admits “If You Want Racism, Go To The Nearest Synagogue”

“There’s no racism here, walk a mile down to the nearest synagogue and you’ll find it there”

Rabbi Nachum Shiffren

Addressing his fellow cretinous racist English Defence League members in Luton last Saturday.

Props to Gilad Atzmon

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David Cameron Tells Britains Jews: Stop Tolerating Extremists

David Cameron should be using his muscular liberalism to condemn the coming together of extremist groups like the English Defence League, foreign Rabbi’s and the Tea Party who have made Islam their number one target.

Come on Dave, show us your muscles and take some action.

The headlines this weekend were all variations of:

“David Cameron tells Muslim Britain: stop tolerating extremists”

Substitute the word Muslim for Jew or Black, you’d never stand it for it, so why is it OK to tar two million Muslims in this country with the extremist tag?

When the Conservative party chair, Sayeeda Warsi, came out and stated that prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner-table test” and become socially acceptable in the UK, perhaps she was referring to the racists and Islamophobes within her party.

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Israeli Flags Flown By English Defence League At Luton Hate Parade

How many Israeli flags were paraded by the racist English Defence League yesterday?

This comes off the back of BBC2 Newsnights “Inside the English Defence League leadership” where EDL spokesman Amit/Guramit Singh was clearly heard saying that he receives his “intelligence” on Islam “from our researchers in Israel”.

This should come as no surprise to anyone.

Groups such as MPACUK have been exposing this connection as far back as June 2010.

Zionist Federation And EDL Unite Against Muslims

The EDL and Its Zionist Connection

The Akh calls on David “I’m a Zionist” Cameron to act on his speech about “muscular liberalism”, come on Dave, show us your muscles and deal with these two extremist, supremacist and racist groups aiding and abetting one another.

Or are Muslims your only enemy?

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David “I’m A Zionist” Cameron Runs Off To Germany & Attacks British Muslims

The Bullingdon buffoon David “I’m a zionist” Cameron scuttled off to Munich to attack British Muslims, giving the English Defence League the credence they crave, on the very day the racist EDL continue their assault on Muslims in Luton.

Perhaps the most telling statement he made was:

“This ignores that fact that many of those found guilty of terrorist offences in the UK have been graduates, and often middle class. They point to the grievances about Western foreign policy and say: stop riding roughshod over Muslim countries and the terrorism will end. But there are many people – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – who are angry about western foreign policy and don’t resort to acts of terrorism. They also point to the profusion of unelected leaders across the Middle East and say: stop propping them up and creating the conditions for extremism to flourish.

But this raises the question: if a lack of democracy is the problem, why are there extremists in free and open societies?

Yes, we must resolve sources of tension – not least in Palestine.

And yes, we should be on the side of openness and political reform in the Middle East.”

The Akh agrees with LondonMuslim that this is no attack on Multiculturalism or as others will seek to highlight about a new concept called “muscular liberalism” “what’s that then – Clegg and Cable on steroids?). The reality is this speech which was probably written by Israelite Michael Gove is actually a grotesque racist attack on normal decent Muslims going about their everyday business in Cameron’s collapsing society yet sadly being tarred with the same brush as a small but vociferous bunch of extremist fruitcakes.

The issue of immigration is embedded in the DNA of Tory closet racists the new test is when Tories talk of Muslims you can be sure that they are in serious political trouble while talk of dinner table Islamophobia by Sayeeda Warsi was a temporary diversion.

Lets be clear we need no lectures from Cameron and his fellow bunch of Eton boys. Muslims increasingly are tacking the extremists within our community unlike Cameron who remains silent when Tory Councillors abuse Muslims. Cameron while you revert to Maggies tone about the UK being “swamped” or Michael Howards “are you thinking what we are thinking”, the reality is Muslims today in Luton are victims and on the receiving end of a violent riot.

Not all Muslims are extremists, blah, blah, blah….but just throw enough mud at the religion to curry favour with reactionary populist sentiment on the subject to deflect from the right royal screwing you’re giving them through cutbacks in services and jobs and massively hiking their cost of living.

Also, why make a speech about the UK in Munich and not here?

Why make such a speech on the day the EDL are holding their biggest march?

‘This terrorism is indiscriminate and thrust upon us’ – Nothing to do with Western foreign policy over decades then, just them picking on us for no reason?

‘Our way of life is at stake’ – Our way of life is more at threat from this coalition government than by any extremists.

In The Spectator, Peter Oborne writes that the Neocons in The Conservative Party are winning the argument about how to deal with Muslims.

Where’s the divide?

The British debate about political Islam is catastrophically muddled 29 January 2011

The outcry over Sayeeda Warsi’s speech on Islamophobia last week cannot be understood without a clear grasp of the balance of power within the coalition government. There are two factions, and the strongest can loosely be described as neoconservative.

This faction remains an unconditional supporter of the United States of America, continues to defend the Iraq invasion, powerfully admires and in some cases worships Tony Blair, and automatically takes the side of Israel in the middle east.

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English Defence League’s Guramit Singh Arrested On Grounds Of Religiously Aggravated Harassment, Alarm & Distress

Guramit Singh, one of the leaders of the English Defence League (EDL) has been arrested after police received complaints about his speech during their protest in Peterborough on 11th December.

Guramit Singh (28), from Nottingham, was arrested yesterday (22nd December) on suspicion of intentionally causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

This has nothing to do with freedom of speech but stopping those racists who have gone from “Paki bashing” to “Muslim bashing”.

I’ve spoken about these idiots before in a previous post titled “Young, British & Angry – The EDL’s Racist Nature Exposed”

It looks like Guramit Singh has a problem, and that is do with his sister reverting to being a Muslim.

The EDL not racist?

Yeah keep saying it over and over, you may just convince yourself.

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