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My pictures from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

Goodwood Sculpture – Infinity Loop

I attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend & thought I’d share a few pictures:

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So what cars did I find interesting?

Formula 1 cars for the sheer engineering.

The Bentley Le Mans car for it’s brute power.

The 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 – with snow plough front end, the only car to be designed with a ruler.

1963 Mercedes 300SL (gullwing) – possibly my favourite car of all time

Pagani Zonda R

Some of the bikes were pretty special too….

Carl Fogarty Petronas bike

Valentino Rossi’s Ducati

I had to take a picture of the Ford Cortina, it was in showroom condition.

As was the fully restored 1967 Mk2 Jaguar S type – with offers being invited over £65,000!

I much preferred the old, restored Ford Mustang to it’s newer version.

While Bike exhaust manufacturer Akropovic showed off their creation, the Morsus a perfect fit between form and function – though that seat would give you splinters!

It’s not just a concept – the bike is being produced:

Don’t know if I’d have that over a Ducati 199 Panigale

So there you have it, my round up of the best of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

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Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry is Three years old!

Catch me on twitter @HotterThanCurry

That’s right, Hotter Than A Pile Of Curry turns three years old today!

765 published posts, hundreds of thousands of views and endless comments….The Akh thanks you for your patronage over the last few years and hopefully look forward to your continued support over the coming years.

Over the last few years, I’ve mapped out how a potent mix of an unethical and murderous Foreign Policy primarily influenced by zionist interests is contributing to a never ending & escalating War of Terror.

The ones to benefit from this of course are special self interest groups, like the Military Industrial Complex who make money from every bullet and bomb that’s fired.

In amidst all of this Muslims in Britain have struggled with their identity and how to implement the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah to inspire, guide and lift this Ummah out of the oppressive conditions it faces.

Many a Muslim in the UK has been cowered into silence thanks to the COINTELPRO strategies of the intelligence agencies designed to make Muslims look bad in the eye of the masses. Coupled with a rise in the far right racist movements like the English Defence League and the militant jewish zionist extremists these exemplify the ever increasing threats Muslims in the UK face resulting in a rise in Islamophobic incidents.

The only way through this, is to realise the forgotten fard of Jihad Fi’Sabeel’Allah within media and politics.

Examples of Non Muslim Extremism have to be highlighted wherever possible, to show the hypocrisy of the political establishment.

This comes at a time where media ownership and control have been shown to be as important as politics itself.

If you needed it, the Islamic reasoning for Muslim participation in the fields of media and politics are clear cut.

As Muslims across the Middle East fight for their freedom it’s high time Muslims realise the freedoms we have in the UK, and fight that bit harder to lift the occupation for our people in Palestine.

So, put aside the petty differences that you have been taught, and understand we are all in this struggle together, understand the power and leadership nexus of the past to guide you in to the future.

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Saudi & Orientalist Propaganda at the British Museums’ Hajj Exhibition

The Hajj Exhibition at the British Museum is viewed as a great dawah opportunity by many Muslims. As far as I’m concerned it’s a propaganda piece for the House of Saud project & it’s Orientalist backers.

After much cajoling by friends, I finally bit the bullet and decided to attend the Hajj Exhibition in London, more as an excuse to catch up with old friends and less to actually have my own religion and history explained to me.

For years I’ve avoided the British Museum, despite its new atrium and the sheer wonder of it’s architectural splendour, it’s the contents of the building that trouble me. The swag, the loot, the filthy lucre, centuries of ill gotten gain courtesy of the British Empire looting and pillaging from every known corner of the globe, for King, Queen & Country dear boy.

Putting those issues aside, I entered the exhibition and within the very few first minutes, whilst reading one of the plaques, I remarked to one of my friends:

“Harry St. John Philby? You know who he is right?”

Harry St. John Bridger Philby (1885-1960) Riyadh

Instead of talking about the importance of the Hajj or what the central role of Mecca is to Islam, why would they (the backers of the exhibition) choose to talk about Harry St. John Philby?

Harry St. John Philby, as the blurb said, was among one of the first westerners to enter Mecca (pretend to be a Muslim) to undertake the Hajj and to see what it was that drives Muslims to carry out the pilgrimage.

What it didn’t tell you, and what most people would just walk right past without noticing is that Harry St. John Philby was a spy who worked for the British Military Intelligence. His progeny would be one Kim Philby, who would work the same field as his father and end up being exposed as a double agent working for the KGB.

As we continued down the exhibition path and my disdain beginning to recede somewhat, I noticed there was an entire section on the “Arab Revolt”.


The Arab Revolt that was created by men like Philby & Lawrence (of Arabia) of the British “Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force” to launch an armed uprising against the Caliphate.

I’ve written before about Abdul Aziz ibn Saud the bandit chieftain & his marriage of convenience with Britain to destroy the Islamic Empire.

Hijaz Railway - Remains of Exploded Train from Arab Uprising 1918

The exhibition glorified the terrorist attacks like the destruction of the Hijaz Railway, that ran from the centre of the Caliphate, Istanbul to Damascus and onto Medina.

You can see more pictures on this subject from the excellent picture blog of Jerry C Miller

The exhibition then took great lengths to show how great the Saud family was by demonstrating the railway line they built in it’s place some hundred years later.

I’ve read “The Great Theft Wrestling Islam From The Extremists” by Khaled Abou El Fadl and the following surmises what Abd’Al’Wahaab felt about the Caliphate:

So what you have is a foreign superpower (Britain) effectively aiding, abetting and installing by means of outright terrorism, a puppet regime that will favour it (sound familiar? Libya, Syria) whilst destroying the Islamic Empire at the same time.

This very same regime today preaches the message of obeying your leaders, whilst being formed on the exact opposite.


It’s always been the Orientalists dream to understand the strength of Islam and what drives Muslims. Once they figured it out, they could subtly deconstruct that core element to drive their own agenda. For example we have London’s SOAS University , which was created with a remit to train the future leaders of the former British colonies to run them just as their past colonial masters had done so. It’s no coincidence that Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the former leader of The Qadiani’s was trained at SOAS.

Who's who? Haim Weizmann & Prince Feisal, Arabia, 1918

You can read about the Dönmeh connection to the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia in a report titled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots,” dated September 2002 and released on March 13, 2008, by the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency.

You can read Said Nasir’s book, ‘The History of the Saud Family’, where it’s maintained that in 1943, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Muffadal, paid Muhammad al Tamami to forge a family tree showing that the Sauds and Wahhabs were one family that descended directly from the Prophet Mohammed SAW to strengthen their legitimacy as rulers.

You see it’s not that difficult to run counter propaganda.

The truth is that many Muslims are ignorant of their own history and religion.

For a religion that was unveiled with the words IQRA! (Read!) we as a people know little of Islam nevermind the knowledge of our history or the treachery committed by those who garb themselves in cloaks of respectability and piety.

A people who don’t read will fall for anything.




It seems that Qaisra Khan, the project curator of the Hajj Exhibition at the British Museum has read what I’ve written and has labelled me an extremist for writing this blog.

I am willing to share a platform with Qaisra Khan or anyone from the British Museum if they wish to debate me on what I’ve written.

Get in contact.


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Download Your FREE 2011 Year Planner Here

To help you get more productive, The Akh is giving away a free 2011 Year Planner. Measuring in at roughly 915 x 610mm, it’s there for you to plan and schedule your time effectively.

Simply download the 2011 year planner, print and stick it up on your wall.

Click here 2011 Year Planner and save…it’s a 6MB PDF file.

Only Allah knows how badly Muslims need to get more organised.

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2000 – 2010….The Decade That Gave us Terror, Tyranny & War

As we usher in a new decade, I wanted to reflect over the ten years that have passed as by, not by wearing rose tinted spectacles or drawing up best/worst lists of the self titled “noughties”, but what the decade has meant to me, and what challenges lie ahead for us.

I remember the dawn of the new millennium, I was there on the banks of the Thames, watching the fireworks, somehow caught up in all the hype, wondering if the Y2K bug would send us into meltdown on the stroke of midnight, it didn’t, but the fear it created would be a tool that would be much used over the approaching decade.

The new labour project government had us all feeling good about ourselves, we were told we were on the cusp of great achievements, this would be a new renaissance for us all. We were part of a new Britain, the old class lines were no more, social mobility was the new buzz word.

The decade promised so much, and yet failed to deliver on so many fronts.

We’ve had wars, wars on drugs, war on terror that turned out to be a war of terror against the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fifth column activities in Pakistan and Iran continued, while the Sauds got scared of a uprising in Yemen and decided to kill it dead, thanks to US intel and weaponry. We’ve seen the poor get poorer as the rich got richer and to make it even worse, the poor had to come to the rescue of the rich to the tunes of trillions to rescue a corrupt financial system.

We failed on climate change, thanks to the US, India & China refusing to commit to any binding targets. We had a decade of failure to bring any progress on the issue of Palestine, the murderous Zionists set off the second intifada by storming Al-Aqsa, and yet play the victim card at every opportunity, while stone walling any attempts of serious and meaningful dialogue. The Muslims of Palestine continue to live in the world’s largest concentration camp with the zionist regime given carte blanche to assassinate, torture and slaughter the indigenous population.

It would be impossible for me to go any further without mentioning 9/11. 9/11 changed nothing, and changed everything. It became a game changer. Commentators will tell you it changed the world forever, and it did, it bought up the hypocrisy of US governance and its partners in crime. No longer would they carry out their nefarious schemes behind closed doors, their zealous foreign policy of divide and conquer by way of subversion, torture and slaughter could be carried out brazenly in front of the world, with no dissenting voice or opinion.

There is something that 9/11 was able to do. To awaken the sleeping giant of Islam. For far too long Muslims had given up, we live under acquiesced, corrupt, despots installed by the US and its partners. We have been numbed by the dismantling of our once proud Khilafah. The sleeping giant is out of its slumber, and we are all “Ummah Aware”, but at what cost?

How many of us die around the world, before we rid ourselves of the mental enslavements that shackles us?

Fear was used to play us off against each other, there are no more communities, it is all about the self.

The creation of all these “social networks” and electronic tools that have been created to bring us closer, have in effect driven us apart. We live in 30 second bursts, a text message here, a twitter update there, meaningful, heartfelt communication is a thing of the past.

The next decade will not be an easy one.

We as a people have to stand up and fight for our rights, and know that the decisions that get made right here in this country effect the rest of the Ummah. There can be no more discussion over the merits of engagement. We are in a situation where if we do not continue to challenge the system and offer resistance to the schemes being plotted to turn us against one another then we are better off dead.

The wars will continue and many will die, but you want to know what’s worse than death? The psychological warfare that will be played out. The wars that began with the dismantling of the Islamic Empire and gained pace with Sykes Picot & the Balfour Declaration continue today with the wholesale western support of corrupt leaders and tyrants throughout the Muslim world.

Camp X ray in Guantanamo Bay still operates despite Obama’s election pledge to close it. Abu Ghraib and the many secret prisons still operate throughout the world.

It sent a psychological message to the Muslims, that if you dare to speak out, this is where you will end up, it sacred us so much that we abandoned to speak for our rights that our enshrined in the very constitutions that the West trumpet loudly, and yet will abandon at a drop of a hat to launch more wars of choice.

Our differences will be highlighted and exploited, we will be constantly told that we are worthless, and that we have done nothing to contribute to society, and the new younger generation of Muslims will be brainwashed and will become self hating of their identity.

While we all sit around wishing one another a happy new year, how many of us know what Islamic year we are in, never mind the Islamic month or day we’re in?

While wars are fought over control of dwindling energy supplies, we have to change the ways we live. For all our scientific nous and the over reliance on man’s ingenuity to get us out of the predicament we face, you cannot change the laws of Allah, known to us as the laws of thermodynamics, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. We will face water shortages and food shortages (have you notced the rise in food costs over the years?) as we divert land and water to feed alternative energy creation, instead of feeding our stomachs, we feed the combustion engine.

When you get older in life it’s granted that people get taken from you, but you only find that out, as you live your life and get older. Sometimes we get so caught up, that we can’t see the forest for the trees, so it’s only when you are away from everyone that you realise what the most important things in life are. Sitting here and reminiscing over the people that are with us and the people that aren’t and the times we shared gets me everytime.

For some, it was their time, for others perhaps they went too young…Allah knows best, but it should teach us that this life is a fleeting one and none of us knows when it’s our time, so spend it wisely and spend it with those who matter to you.

I still believe that we are the greatest nation raised, but it’s up to each and everyone of us to rise up and prove it.

It is from the places of despair that shall rise a people reborn.

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My Trip To The United Arab Emirates – Dubai – November 2010

As promised, here’s the second section of pictures and videos of my trip to the United Arab Emirates, this time in Dubai.

Went out for a spin in the countryside

Nearly got killed

Ended up with the tyre coming of its rim, now where’s my AA recovery membership card gotten to?

Hooray…finally some culture at the UAE Heritage Village

And I think I may have killed a donkey…had to get out of there fast.

Before bumping into a local Emirati with a fierce looking pigeon

The Abu Dhabi skyline wasn’t too shabby.

And the sun didn’t disappoint once

Thought I’d see the local Masajid.

It’s big

They couldn’t make it the biggest in the world though….

for obvious reasons…though I’m sure they could if they were allowed to

Escape the heat and into the cool

You call that a doorway?

Nice bit of objet d’art, hand carved by….

Yummy – giant sweeties

Mehrab – Point where the Salaat (prayer) is lead from

Don’t worry the light wasn’t going to fall on my head

Just in case I forgot where I was, a helicopter buzzed overhead with a giant flag

Had to do a touch of shopping

Seeing all the fish made me hungry

Getting lazy, thought I’d hitch a ride

Before driving home

Down the Metropolis of Sheikh Zayed road…and back to blighty where it gets dark at four and the temperature barely rises above zero….we came from the sun to live in the cold….why?


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My Trip To The United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi – November 2010

As I promised here’s the pictures and videos of my trip to the United Arab Emirates from earlier in the month. I haven’t had the time to do a write up, so this will have to suffice. On a personal front, it’s been a very hectic and draining year for The Akh, but Alhumdullilah (All praise due to Allah) this break was precisely what was needed to recharge the batteries.

The challenges of the next 12 months will be great and will come thick and fast, but with the help of Allah, The Akh is ready to take on those twisting roads that lie infront of him.

Welcome to Dubai

Where everything has to be big & shiny, including our buildings, tallest in the world don’t you know

Where we put on a show

Our yachts, the largest in the world and ready for delivery.

Yas Marina, right next door to the Abu Dhabi Yas Island F1 circuit. The newest race track built.

With plenty of fancy yachts moored

Recession? What recession?

There was no point hiring anything less than a Bugatti Veyron now was there?

Not sure about the colour scheme though

For a car with a price tag of over a million pounds and that’s before Hermes got their hands on it to customise it, you would have thought that the colours would be a bit more bolder.

With petrol at 25p a litre, you can afford to run a 16300cc (16.3) litre engine…bonkers

Time for a spot of relaxation on the beach

Had it all to myself…it was a private beach after all

Before taking the leap of faith at the aquaventure water park, not my footage, but what a ride, 30 metre vertical drop into a pool.

The drive back, off the Palm Jumeirah was nice at sunset

I’ll have the rest of the trip up for you tomorrow.

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