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Hilarious video as Jon Stewart bids goodbye to Glenn Beck – “They dropped his ass”

This hilarious video from the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is aimed at Glenn Beck, who was finally sacked from his position as head loony at Rupert Murdoch’s “Fix News” station.

If you’ve ever been in America and had the misfortune to see the vile propaganda that comes from the fox network, then you’ll be as happy as The Akh is to see the back of Beck.

Stewart said goodbye in his own fashion to the paranoid loudmouth by reviving his famed, equally conspiratorial impersonation of Beck. It’s not the first time Stewart laid into Beck;

It wasn’t entirely his loony theories that got Beck fired.

It was the pressure campaign that was mounted on fox that saw them lose a million viewers, more than 300 lost advertisers and widespread criticism that all added up to a disastrous business model.

This clip from Charlie Brookers Newswipe shows America’s “news” network at it’s finest:

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has been caught on the backfoot, while all the phone tapping scandal’s continue to play out in the UK, his chief cheerleader gets sacked in the US.

Said thing is, Beck will probably go set up his own show elsewhere, most probably an Alex Jones style show which batshit right wing republicans will fund and lap up.

Beck for president in 2012?

No more crazy than a washed up actor like Reagan running for presidency.

Only in America

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Glenn Beck & Fox News Are So Dumb That They Can’t Find Egypt On The World Map #Jan25 #Egypt

Rupert Murdoch’s zionist propaganda channel Fix News has the most blatant hatred towards Muslims, Islam, in fact anything that does a disservice to Israel, they hate. Chief cheerleader for Fix News is the walking piece of excrement that goes by the name of Glenn Beck.

These guys are so clever that they can’t even find Egypt on the map.

How many Americans swallow every lie these morons put out?

Here’s a word to all you Americans out there, it’s time to get Al-Jazeera.

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Glenn Beck’s Fraudulent Tactics Exposed

Fix news’s right wing republican cheer leader and all round Islamophobe Glenn Beck loves to tell everyone how much he loves his country, and hates to see it being destroyed.

If you are unaware of his antics that the american population so love to see, have a look at the clip above.

This YouTube clip shows Fix News Channel host Glenn Beck having Vicks applied under his eyes in order to cry on cue for a photo shoot.

This is only shocking to those that love Glenn Beck and think he cries non-stop because he ‘loves his country’.

What a fraud.

This is the propaganda that Rupert Murdoch serves up to the americans, and boy do they lap it up.

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