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Think Tank Henry Jackson Society Promotes Iran War To Parliament

The Henry Jackson Societies attempt to build a pro war consensus against Iran gathered further pace last week, as they pitched their case of “what it takes to prevent a nuclear Iran” to a packed committee chamber in Parliament.

As we showed in a damning expose last week, penned by Alan Mendoza, a former Co-Director of The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) In a damning indictment, Mendoza stated that the HJS are an:

“abrasively right-wing forum with an anti-Muslim tinge, churning out polemical and superficial pieces by aspiring journalists and pundits that pander to a narrow readership of extreme Europhobic British Tories, hardline US Republicans and Israeli Likudniks…..provides an insight into the obscure backstage world of Conservative politics”

HJS are a Zionist, Neo-Conservative front that are lobbying intensively at the heart of our Government to manufacture consent for an attack on Iran.

A recent study released by the Political Studies Association at the University of Durham titled “Thinking ahead : David Cameron, the Henry Jackson Society and the British Neoconservatives” makes for some very shocking reading to the uninitiated, on matters of Foreign Policy and International Relations.

The “expert talking head” the HJS bought into Parliament to effectively sell war to our politicians was one Michael Makovsky, Foreign Policy Director of the Bipartisan Policy Center, a right wing, pro war, Neo-Con, American think tank.

Michael Makovsky is himself an interesting character, between 2002-2006, Makovsky served as a special assistant for Iraqi energy policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defence and is a founder and president of MSM Consulting LLC, an energy and political risk consulting firm for various investment firms, focusing on markets and hedging strategies for oil, petroleum products, natural gas and electric power.

Makovsky also authored “Churchill’s Promised Land” exploring Winston Churchill’s relationship with Zionism.

So what you have is a staunch zionist, that definitely stands to gain ideologically with Iran’s destruction and possibly earning a few bucks by hedging investments on behalf of his clients on the world oil bourse.

Sadly our Parliamentarians are either too stupid or are complicit with this scheme, the picture above was gleefully tweeted by HJS staffer Ray Kassam shows a packed parliamentary committee room listening to the lies being spun:

Just in case our Oxbridge educated political elite have forgotten about the lies and spin that led to the illegal invasion and subsequent murder of over a million innocent Iraqi’s, let’s just remind them of a few facts.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) just released its most recent report GOV/2012/37 30 August 2012on the state of Iran’s nuclear program.

As usual this report is used to hype up the “nuclear Iran” scare.

Rupert Murdoch’s The Times was busily reporting that Iran is stockpiling weapons grade uranium a claim which is so completely false as even its own report below that headline states:

The Israeli diplomat said that Iran was in the process of doubling its capacity at Fordow to about 1,500 centrifuges, increasing the amount of 20 per cent-enriched uranium it could produce. Uranium enriched to 20 per cent fuels Iran’s main research reactor, but it is also just below the level usable in nuclear bombs.”

Not only is any Uranium Iran has below weapons grade but, according to the new IAEA report, “Iran has today less enriched Uranium that could quickly be converted into a nuclear weapon than it had in May 2012”, the time of the IAEA’s last report GOV/2012/23 – dated 25 May 2012 on the issue.

In an unprecedented visit to Israel, Sir John Sawyers, head of Mi6, urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to give the go-ahead to plans to bomb Iran. Britain may well be opposed to taking decisive military action on Iran right now, but with the likes of the HJS beating the drums of war to our Politicians, it makes the likelihood of an escalation of hostilities far more likely.

Recently Sir Nick Harvey the Lib Dem MP was removed from his post in the Ministry of Defence. The former Armed Forces Minister, told friends that he was fired in the reshuffle to allow Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to sign Britain up to an Israeli-US preventive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear installations.

Was Harvey sacked just so he wouldn’t embarrasse the Government by being too critical of Israel’s actions if he had still been in the key Ministry of Defence post?

The row broke as sources confirmed that the US has asked Britain to provide frigates to patrol the Straits of Hormuz, where an Armada of international naval power is massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike. That’s quite a manoeuvre to pull off, while the rest of the world is distracted by a video no one ever really saw, cruisers, aircraft carriers and minesweepers from 25 nations have converged onto the Persian Gulf.

On the whole, the “nuclear Iran” scare has little to do with reality and everything to do with the Israeli, American and British desire to subjugate Iran and thereby further their global and regional domination. As was proved in the run upto the Iraq invasion, we cannot expect to read about the reality of Iran when the consensus is dictated by Israeli pro war hawks, to our imbecilic politicians or even in the majority of the western propaganda media channels.

The Neo-Con/Zionist axis of evil promotes wars that have absolutely nothing to do with Britain or the British people. Merchants of hate like the HJS piggy back onto Iran to simply promote their own agenda. They are not interested in the oft quoted “Freedom & Democracy”, peace or the idea that Western civilisation is far more advanced than the rest of the world.

The HJS operate as a “Fifth Column” in Britain, with every single conflict and war that they promote requiring the death of British troops and our taxes to fight their wars. It gives their special interest groups that fund their think tank activities, billions of dollars in extra profits received from servicing the war industry.

You can read further on the Henry Jackson Society in one my recent articles:

Raheem J Kassam – Another “Muslim” house slave for the Neo Cons & Right Wing Tories

As well as the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK taking apart another HJS affiliate, in an article titled:

“Where’s Rupert Sutton’s head at?”


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British MP’s – Whoring For Israel

Has your MP been prostituting themselves for their pimp paymaster in Tel Aviv? Barely days after Israeli commando’s murdered nine peace activists aboard the Mavi Marmara, members of Conservative Friends of Israel were busy writing to the Telegraph newspaper, banging the drum for the “only democracy in the Middle East”.

We must not forget what Hamas, which controls Gaza, stands for: it is intent on violence, smuggles arms, colludes with other rogue states and thumbs its nose at the international community.

To achieve long-term security in the region, Hamas must accept the Quartet Principles – to renounce violence, accept the existence of Israel and abide by previous agreements.

Israel, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and the West have a shared interest in preventing Hamas from being strengthened, ensuring that a moderate national unity government is established in Gaza and the West Bank and supporting ordinary Palestinians to secure a two-state solution.

The international community must be very careful not to do anything that emboldens Hamas to pursue its course of aggression and rejection. To hand such a propaganda coup to Hamas would pave the way for future conflict. Hamas needs to know that the British government will not reward its terror tactics, and that getting it to abide by the Quartet Principles will form the core of our policy.

Signed by:
James Clappison MP (Con)
David Amess MP (Con)
James Arbuthnot MP (Con)
Bob Blackman MP (Con)
David Burrowes MP (Con)
Douglas Carswell MP (Con)
Mike Freer MP (Con)
Robert Halfon MP (Con)
Gareth Johnson MP (Con)
Stephen Metcalfe MP (Con)
Matthew Offord MP (Con)

It’s been one atrocity after another, so you’d think that Israel’s cheerleaders scattered about the upper echelons of the British establishment would have the decency to keep quiet and “consider their position”.

The British government has paid lip service to the real issue at hand and continues to reward Israel for its terror tactics. These MPs would paint a much truer picture if they substituted Israel for Hamas.

But who are these MP’s anyway?

Never heard of them?

Don’t be surprised.

With 650 MPs in the UK Parliament, it is easy to vanish into the woodwork. Some have been there for years and never been noticed. But the name Robert Halfon gives the game away. He is former political director of the Conservative Friends of Israel. James Arbuthnot is chairman of the Conservative Friends of Israel and, worryingly, chairman of the Defence Select Committee. It would seem therefore that the rest of the group are similarly allied to the Israel admiration society.

What they propose is certainly no path to peace but a sure way of keeping strife on the boil, which is Israel’s true purpose, as we’ve seen these last 62 years.

They clearly don’t respect Palestinian democracy or humans rights but they love Israel’s racist ethnocracy. They still enthusiastically bat for Israel regardless of its long crime-sheet, even though doing so puts British interests and British citizens in danger.

A hundred years ago people siding with a foreign power at British expense could have found themselves swinging by the neck. Three hundred years ago they risked their heads on pikes for what used to be called treason.

Many of these Conservative MP’s belong to the Henry Jackson Society who in 2006 released their manifesto titled “The British Moment” which called for a new way of thinking about British foreign, security and defence policy, and argued that it is time for Britain, and indeed the rest of Europe, to reclaim the tradition of interventionism across the globe.

This is generally taken to mean the bully-boys can cook up daft excuse – like a country not having Western-style democratic government – to help themselves to the world’s goodies – like Iraqi and Iranian oil and Afghanistan’s mineral wealth.

The British Parliament now has so many Zionists and Friends of Israel that these admirers of the rogue state are still swinging from the chandeliers despite the non-stop killing sprees, mega-maiming and wholesale destruction.

Over in the Labour camp there’s a struggle going on for the party leadership. Interest is centred on the Miliband brothers, front-runner David (former foreign secretary) and Ed. The prospect eventually of a Jewish prime minister after the Zionists Brown and Blair is too depressing. Is the Labour Party really going to saddle us with that?

The Conservatives meanwhile are bulging with Israeli flag wavers. The prime minister David Cameron, has declared himself a Zionist. His foreign secretary and defence secretary are both leading Friends of Israel. Indeed, 80 per cent of Conservative MPs and MEPs are thought to belong to the pro-Israel lobby, according to a recent Channel 4 TV “Dispatches” programme.

After recent scandals the British people have been promised a major clean-up of politics. In the pipeline are constitutional changes that will give voters power to force an MP who engages in serious wrongdoing to face another election. All they’ll need is the backing of 10 per cent of constituents in a petition.

As well as the power to get rid of corrupt MPs, changes include a clampdown on lobbying in Parliament, a statutory register of lobbyists and a clean-up of party funding.

But could any of this bring an end to infiltration by agents of a foreign power?

The three main political parties in the UK each have a “Friends of Israel” lobby organization that ensures pro-Israel members are embedded at all key levels in Parliament and government. These adherents to another flag inhibit the government when it comes to taking a principled stand on issues such as Israel’s murderous and unlawful blockade of Gaza and continuing illegal occupation of the West Bank.

As the parties show no sign of cleansing themselves of these obnoxious groups, an obvious way of dealing with them would, in theory, be to engage the Committee on Standard in Public Life, a standing committee which says that “Seven Principles” should apply to everyone in the public service. These are:

Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.


Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.

Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

I produce them here in full because they are a beacon of good practice and a splendid basis on which to build solid and reliable government. These principles are now included in the Ministerial Code, a document setting out “rules” and standards for government ministers.

So why aren’t they enforced? Especially the one about Integrity?

In 2005 it was reported that the UK government was considering bringing prosecutions for treason against a number of British Islamic clerics who had publicly spoken positively about acts of terrorism against civilians in Britain, or attacks on British soldiers abroad. That does not seem a million miles away from speaking encouragingly about Israeli thugs carrying out acts of lethal violence against peaceful activists, including British nationals, in international waters.

The Standards Committee is essentially a parliamentary sleaze watchdog, but two years ago it turned down a request by a group of 20 top academics, surgeons and others to investigate the influence of Israel lobby organizations like Friends of Israel at the heart of British government.

The group maintained that “the man in the street is entitled to look at the Seven Principles of Public Life and say that the activities of lobbies like Friends of Israel are against the intentions, both in word and spirit, of those Principles“.

No-one will be surprised to learn that the sleaze watchdog had itself been infiltrated by Friends of Israel. The Jewish Chronicle reported a “smear” on Israel lobby MPs, one of whom suggested that if the committee failed to investigate it might be accused of being part of a Jewish conspiracy. But the then political director of Conservative Friends of Israel, none other than Mr Haflon, confidently predicted there would be no investigation, his cocksure attitude leading one to suppose that he and others of similar persuasion were a protected species within the Westminster village.

There wasn’t an investigation; and they are.

At the time Liam Fox, now defence secretary, was quoted on the Conservative Friends of Israel website as saying: “…We must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression – Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.”

Dr David Halpin, a trauma surgeon who had led a team of seven UK doctors to Gaza, said: “Dr Fox presumably speaks for all Friends of Israel in the party that hopes to form the next government. He would have Parliament and the public believe that Israel’s enemy, Iran, must become Britain’s enemy. Such dangerous and irresponsible nonsense could lead this country to disaster.”

That is even truer today. The group observed that British people should not have to tolerate dual allegiance in their Parliament and government, since obviously it put national security at risk.

Today, the Jerusalem Post reports that a study by B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organisation, shows that 95 per cent of Gaza’s factories are closed, 93 per cent of the water is polluted and Israel’s blockade has caused an economic collapse. B’Tselem’s executive director, Jessica Montell, sums up by saying that the ongoing occupation both violates Palestinian rights and poses clear dangers for Israel’s democracy. “For this reason we as Israelis must demand accountability for actions taken in our name in the occupied territories and work to change policies that infringe human rights.”

Words are simply not adequate to describe those who perpetrated this evil and those who encourage, support and cheer from the sidelines like the stooges hiding behind the respectable trappings of Westminster.

We’ll have to see whether our bright new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government really means to abolish sleaze, as it says, or is just a “big girl’s blouse” – a bunch of wimps – when action is needed.

Source: Stuart Littlewood is the author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit www.radiofreepalestine.co.uk.

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