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Lauren Booth – “Why I Became A Muslim” & The Zionist Hate Campaign Against Her

Lauren Booth had her first press conference since reverting to Islam and becoming a Muslim. She spoke out on what lead her to Islam, the discrimination Muslims face, rampant Islamophobia in sections of the media and the zionist witch-hunt against her.

On what lead her to convert to Islam

“I have not actively been seeking to convert to Islam at all. I have not been studying Islam, although when you work in Muslim communities you’ll get clue to a quite deal of the Qur’an and in people’s speech. So, I suppose I have learned a few bits of the Qur’an by accident. This really has to do with the love of the people of the “Ummah” and the great united feeling of arms being put around you once you open to Islam.

But first and foremost, this is about the connection that I felt with God that I did not expect. Because would not have converted out of love for the people of Islam because that is just friendship.

I could not have converted without having had a big spiritual experience that changed my heart. I had to know God first and I feel I hopefully do a bit now.”

On discriminations against Muslims

“The one difficult thing for me in this converting to Islam moment has been the fact that it will affect the way I am perceived by people who watch my work with Palestinian organizations quite closely and critically because the sad truth is at the moment if you are a Muslim in the Middle East you are listened to less than if you are a Christian or if you a Jew. This is not the Christians’ fault, that is a monologue that is coming over from the neo-cons from America and it has to do with the disrespect of the Muslim people so I don’t think that my converting is going to help with my causes that I want to help in Palestine unfortunately, but I will give me energy to carry on when I find it difficult and it will give me the chance to pray even more for the people of Palestine, which is a good thing.”

Her views on western media Islamophobia

“Some parts of the British Press are surprising me perhaps. They have been very level, I think, in covering the story, because if they attacked me too harshly in the mainstream media, they reveal the Islamophobia that is latent in a lot of their writings. So I actually think in the main papers it has been quite calm but perhaps in the blogs and other commentaries it is not.

There has to be a line drawn to this somewhere.”

Her reactions to the Zionist media propaganda campaign against her

“One good piece of advice I got as soon as I announced that I have converted to Islam was do not read the nasty stuff. Do not go to the blogs, do not read the comments on the video of you announcing your conversion.

Just leave it.

So actually, I have ignored a lot of the presumed unpleasantness out there. What I have been focusing on and what that has been so easy to find is the love and support and friendship of the Muslim community.”

The Akh is not surprised one iota by the hate campaign being waged against sister Lauren, in the mainstream press and blogosphere.

The zionist stooges and islamophobe journo’s out there have yet again shown their out right contempt for Islam & women alike by this concerted attack.

Have you ever witnessed such vitriol when some d list celebrity adopts kabbalah as a way of life?

No…..didn’t think so.

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us – Sister Lauren, stay steadfast and pay no heed to these naysayers.


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Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converts to Islam & the zionists are hating

Lauren Booth, who has been campaigning for Palestine for years, has Alhumdulillah become a Muslim at this weekend’s GPU.

Pro zionist sites are up in arms.

The level of hostility and the personal attacks on Lauren are quite disgusting, even her children are fair game for insults.

Don’t be surprised though, zionism teaches supremacy over others who do not subscribe to their corrupted way of thinking.

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