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UKIP & The Future for British Politics

Nigel Farage UKIP Loves Israel

The Lib Dems win, with a much reduced majority UKIP come second in the Eastleigh by-election.

What does it all mean?

Grant Shapps “rare for governing party to capture a seat” Conservatives to become even more Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay like UKIP.

John Denham “People were concerned about migration” Labour must to copy UKIP policies.

UKIP have policies the right wing tories want but can’t have & Labour have no policies or leadership.

Political parties will try & tap into the centralist agenda which apparently UKIP now have, and it’s too lazy to call it a protest vote.

UKIP taking away votes from the Tories at the next general election?

Maybe, who’s jumping into bed with Nigel Farage?

Dave or Ed?

Odin’s Draupnir indeed


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Respect’s George Galloway – Victory speech in Bradford West

The people of Bradford West have spoken emphatically, gone is 38 years of the Labour mafia, Respect and George Galloway win by over 10,000 votes and an unheard of 37% swing of the vote.

For my brother Abu-Bakr.

Your hard work and dedication has been rewarded….I wish you were here to see it.

The politically apathetic Muslims should realise that what has happened in Bradford West is that the people woke up and realised that their votes had been taken for granted and the politicians wouldn’t work hard for them anymore.

Muslims have to be floating voters, do not be unquestioningly loyal to one party, make them work hard for your vote, and if this has whetted your political appetite, join your local parties, select your own candidate & make that change!


The government owned mouthpiece (BBC) and Murdochs empire (Sky et al) are pushing the line that “it woz the muzlims that won it” very disingenuous and disappointing to play the race card.

Perhaps it’s wise to read the blog of Chris Howson, Priest for the City of Bradford and why he (and presumably his congregation) voted for Respect & George Galloway:

A Just Church – Why we voted Respect in Bradford West

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Vote Respect, Vote for George Galloway in Bradford West

A Respect powered change is blowing through the Bradford West by-election, with George Galloway the only man to vote for.

The choice is simple for the people of Bradford, more of the same dross and woeful mismanagement from Labour, or time for new ideas and a fresh focus.

I went upto Bradford this past weekend to pay my respects to the family of my friend Abu-Bakr who passed away while on the campaign trail.

The rest of the weekend I spent campaigning for Respect, to do for barely two days what my dear friend was committed to doing for so long.

It was a touching tribute to Abu-Bakr that the entire Respect team were decked out in the following T-Shirts:

It’s clear that we’re in a two horse race, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are ranked at 80/1 outsiders. It’s between Respect and Labour for the seat.

The turnout at local events has been amazing, with Mosques, community centres and local housing estates all getting face time with the entire Respect team.

For the first time in decades, the people of Bradford have realised that they have been taken as fools by the Labour machine. Their unstinting loyalty to Labour has been taken for granted and has got them absolutely nowhere, and boy are Labour running scared, why else send the top brass, like Andy Burnham to Bradford to help rally the locals.

The Conservative party have had several members of their party jailed for electoral fraud in Bradford in 2005.

The Police and the Electoral Commission were called in to investigate members of the Labour Party in the 2010 General Election in Bradford for postal voting fraud as well.

There’s every chance that these crooks will try and steal the by-election again, unless you come out in your masses and support Respect.

The people have also realised, the feudal “baradari” system has been played to a tee by the Labour party, for generations members of the same clans have dominated the local political spectrum. The chai-wallah that served the master so well in the days of the Raj, has been alive and well in Bradford for the last fourty years.

But not any more.

Today the people of Bradford have a real choice to make.

More of the same corrupt practices, or a party that actually practice what they preach.

If you’re unsure of the quality of the candidates, then watch the above video from this week’s BBC Politics Show. Notice how the beeb gave every candidate an easy line of questioning, but not Respect’s George Galloway, who got the hardest time. The cozy establishment in Parliament and media does not want any dissenting opinions.

Also understand that Imran Hussain is a pro war candidate who wishes to stamp out “extremism” in Afghanistan and continue to send British troops to die for America’s wars of blood and treasure.

The people of Bradford have been stung into action before. At the last general election MPACUK kicked out the Zionist MP Terry Rooney from his Bradford East seat and the people of Bradford and Palestine are better off as a result.

The winds of change are blowing the stench of decay out of Bradford.

It’s time for a change, grasp the mettle and vote for George Galloway and Respect tomorrow.


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Vote Yes to AV – Keep future Pro Israeli & Muslim haters out of Politics

Here’s a simple example on how voting YES for AV can mean keeping future pro Israeli, Muslim hating MP’s out of office & elect those that will look out for our interests;

Only 34% voted for an Islamophobic Zionist candidate which was enough for him to win.

The remaining 66% of the votes were split equally between 2 good candidates = 33% each, so the Zionist wins.

See Birmingham Hodge Hill 2004 by-election for a real example where the anti-war vote was split between Lib Dems and Respect – allowing the pro-war Labour candidate in.

The referendum on the ‘Alternative Vote’ is the most exciting opportunity in years to give real power to us – the voters.

Alternative Vote (AV) is a fairer system of voting than the current ‘1st past the post’ model.

The Akh is saying Yes to AV – here’s why…

1) Fairer Votes

Under the current ‘1st past the post’ system, MPs often get in through the back-door, with as little as 30% support if the vote is split. This means we lose out as voters. For instance Islamophobic Zionist MPs can get into power, when the opposing vote is split between two good candidates. And too often after the Iraq war pro-war MPs got elected despite, the majority of voters supporting anti-war candidates! (see examples below *)

With Alternative Vote (AV), voters get to rank the candidates in order of preference, so there’s no more need for complicated ‘tactical voting’ to try to keep out the worst candidate. Ranking candidates gives us more say and puts a stop to this problem of unpopular MPs getting into power because of a split vote.

2) No more ‘Jobs for Life’ for MPs

Currently hundreds of MPs have ‘safe seats’, where the chances of any other party winning are so small that they’re not at all worried about getting voted out at the next election – and so they don’t care what the voters think. A lot of Muslim areas have MPs with ‘safe seats’ who feel they have a job for life and can totally ignore their voters.

With AV there would be fewer ‘safe seats’, so our MPs would have to start caring about what their voters want and work a lot harder to win our support.

3) Make MPs work for us

Muslim voters are often marginalised and overlooked because the Labour Party takes their votes for granted and the other parties ignore them, just assuming they are loyal Labour voters. Muslim voters have also sometimes been side-lined by wasting their votes on candidates that have little support and can’t win.

Under AV no vote is wasted, because even if your favourite doesn’t win, you still get your say with your second preference. AV also forces parties to reach out beyond their core supporters – if parties are also competing for our 2nd and 3rd preference votes this gives us more power to make our voices heard.

4) Keep the racists out

The Alternative Vote raises the bar to make it very unlikely that the BNP or other racist extremists could ever get elected as MPs. With AV the winning candidate has to get over 50% of the vote and the BNP has never come anywhere near this. However, under the current ‘1st past the post’ system we could see a BNP candidate elected with less than 30% of the vote! That’s why the BNP are campaigning for a No vote in the referendum on AV.

For more information, go check out the best Muslim political lobby group in the UK, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee

On May 5th choose hope over fear.

We have one chance to make all votes count.

Vote yes to the Alternative vote to get politics working and make that change happen.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Alternative Voting – #Yes2AV

Both the CONservatives and the BNP want you to vote NO in the alternative vote referendum tomorrow as it will severely hit their chances of a slice of power. If you are undecided or confused, here is an idiot’s guide on the alternative vote referendum.

Why is 5th May a big day?
On 5th May we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to choose how we would like to vote.

What is this ‘Alternative Vote’ thing?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3. Instead of just putting an ‘X’ for one person when you vote, you can rank the candidates with 1 for your favourite, 2 for your next choice and so on. If there’s somebody who you don’t want to rank, then just leave them out.

This way even if your first choice doesn’t win, you can still have your say in who your MP will be as your vote can be transferred to your second choice. It’s still ‘one person, one vote’ and now we get a real choice and a real say.

What’s wrong with the current voting system?
Currently we have the ‘first past the post’ system, i.e. you vote for one person only and you don’t get a second choice. MPs can win even if they only get 1 vote more than the next person. This means that MPs can get into power even when most voters wanted other people.

It also means that lots of peoples’ votes are wasted and don’t count in deciding who becomes the MP. Because of this many MPs ignore what us voters say, as they are confident they have a job for life.

What’s so great about the Alternative Vote?
The best thing about this system of voting is that an MP can only be sure to come in to power if they get at least 50% of the votes; so that will mean that those MPs who manage to stay in power by a few votes only will be in danger come election time.

As MPs have to aim for 50% of the vote it’s good news for us, because anti-Muslim parties such as the BNP and UKIP will be out immediately. (That explains why these parties are against the Alternative Voting system.)

As candidates will no longer be able to hang on to power by a few votes, they will have to work harder. If you’re unhappy about something your MP will actually have to listen to you or run the risk of losing power.

So what should I do?

Remember – do yourself and the wider community a favour and vote YES on 5th May.


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Hardly Anyone Bothers To Vote As Labour’s Debbie Abrahams Wins Oldham Saddleworth Byelection

A staggeringly low and understandingly apathetic voter turnout of just 48% of the people turned out to vote in the Oldham Saddleworth byelection, which Labours Debbie Abrahams won with a majority of 3,558.

Here’s the breakdown:

Labour 14,718
Lib Dems 11,160
Conservatives 4,481
UKIP 2,029
Others 2,542

Labour majority 3,558
Turnout 48.1%

The LondonMuslim blog does a good job in deciphering what this means for Muslims in Oldham.

The Tory vote absolutely collapsed with a 11% swing from Conservatives to Labour compared with the general election results of a few months ago.

The protest vote has decided to lay the blame of the country’s problems squarely on the shoulders of the DemCons coalition government, and have turned back to Labour, the ones who got us into this mess in the first place.

With a massive 52% of people not turning upto vote at all, perhaps it’s time to enact a “I vote for none of the above” option on the ballot papers, that way those who abstain from voting can then truly stick two fingers up at the politicians.

Seems like voters in Oldham want the none of the above option.

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How MPACUK Removed FOUR British Members of Parliament – “The Muslim Elections” Documentary

Hassan Alkatib looks at the 2010 UK elections and the unprecedented role MPACUK played in getting rid of FOUR sitting members of Parliament.

The Akh volunteered with the MPACUK team in the successful campaigns run in both Hendon & Watford, and knows only too well the potential of the lazy Muslim masses can have in being a pivotal part of shaping the future of our country for the better.

Instead of leaving all the hard work to organisations like MPACUK to politicise their community by getting rid of repugnant pro-war, pro-israeli, unethical individuals like Andrew Dismore, Terry Rooney & Phil Woolas.

Good work by the brother Hassan and the MPACUK team getting favourable media coverage.

The Akh salutes you.

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