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YouTube orders me to remove anti Muslim hate speech made by Roberta Moore – Leader of EDL Jewish Division

Roberta Moore the leader of the racist English Defence League’s Jewish division played the copyright card and got YouTube to issue a cease & desist order against a video I uploaded of her, making a hate speech against Muslims at an EDL rally in Dudley on July 17 2010.

As you can see from the capture the EDL Jewish division leader has a problem with free speech, yet funnily enough hid behind that very same rule to make her hate filled speech against Muslims in a public arena.

I’ve taken the liberty to re-upload the video for the sake of posterity, if you have a YouTube, or any other video sharing account for that matter, kindly distribute this video and let the truth ring free, as this zionist & racist machine we’re fighting will resort to every trick in the book to cover up and legitimise their hateful agenda.

In the words of Roberta Moore herself it’s:
“actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”

Zionists & the EDL, two groups that act as magnets for extremist right-wing rhetoric, supporting one another through xenophobia and ethno-centric supremacy.

A BBC2 Newsnight programme titled “Inside the English Defence League leadership” clearly showed EDL spokesman Amit/Guramit Singh saying that he receives his “intelligence” on Islam “from our researchers in Israel”.

The marriage of these extremist hate preachers and nationalist thugs is not just a marriage of convenience, it’s love at first sight.

Otherwise that Masajid that was almost burned down in Bury Park, Luton a few days ago (Luton being EDL HQ) will not become the exception, it will become the rule.

The EDL have previously stated: “Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques”

And days later a Muslim community centre in Ipswich was burned down.

Muslims have to take notice of this growing menace and take political action to stop it dead in its tracks NOW!


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Zionist Rabbi Nachum Shiffren Admits “If You Want Racism, Go To The Nearest Synagogue”

“There’s no racism here, walk a mile down to the nearest synagogue and you’ll find it there”

Rabbi Nachum Shiffren

Addressing his fellow cretinous racist English Defence League members in Luton last Saturday.

Props to Gilad Atzmon

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English Defence League & It’s Jewish Division Unite with Rabbi Shifren Against Islam

The English Defence League teamed up with an American tea party affiliate, the proudly Zionist Rabbi Nachum Shifren in front of the Israeli embassy in London on Sunday to shout it’s racist and Islamophobic abuse, as can be clearly seen and heard on the above video.

The Rabbi had no problem in denouncing all Muslims for “the dogs that they are”.

Why was this hate preaching extremist Rabbi allowed to enter the UK to incite racial hatred?

Why aren’t the mainstream moderate Jewish voices doing more to silence these extremists in their community?

The oft repeated mantra of the EDL are that they are moderates and not racist in any sense of the word, they are simply defenders of an English way of life. The EDL calls for taking action against the “Islamisation of Britain” and “Muslim fundamentalists”.

It’s natural that like attracts like.

A group that acts as a magnet for extremist right-wing rhetoric becomes supported by a like minded group, one that is also driven by xenophobia and ethno-centrism.

The EDL Jewish division has been active for several months and Roberta Moore, a prominent persona within the Jewish Division let slip that it is “actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”

Whilst we bemoan the influence of the infamous “Labour friends of Israel” on the last Government, we are having to steady ourselves against the pervasive and unethical impact of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” that is succeeding in it’s attempts of amending the British universal jurisdiction. It is also becoming a common sight to see the Israeli flag being waved in extremist right wing demonstrations.

Whilst the usual suspects were out to claim that last weekend’s GPU was being attended by “Islamic Radicals” Paul Goodman and his ilk at Conservative Home need to come forward to condemn the actions of the EDL.

Watch the video, I challenge you to find a single bone of moderation in these people screaming “Death to Allah” and other foul mouthed rants.

There can be no denying that these are extremists that have a proven track record of violence everywhere they have been, and they will be coming to a street near you soon.

It’s clear that the fascists are uniting in their hatred of Muslims.

The marriage of extremist hate preachers and nationalist thugs is not just a marriage of convenience, it’s love at first sight.

Muslims have to take notice of this growing menace and take political action to stop it dead in its tracks.


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