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Shanna Bukhari – Why not compete as a British citizen? Why bring religion into it?

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Liberal sensibilities dictate that Shanna Bukhari’s wish to strut around on the Miss Universe stage are supported the world over, but why not compete as a British citizen, why bring your Muslim identity into it?

In this interview with CNN Shanna states she is proud of her origins and her religion, but it’s the media that has made her religion an issue, she said;

“My intentions were not to bring my religion into this”

Like I said in my original post, the promoters were well aware of the controversy factor and the free publicity it would create for their sordid little event by having a Muslima involved.

As ever, the undertones to this discussion are:

“The West” allows for women’s freedom as they can parade around with their business out on stage for creepy old male judges to gawp over, all under the guise of women’s emancipation.

Muslims prefer that their women do not walk around unclothed, so immediately they are primitive and are setting back women’s rights.

By the way, you don’t have to be wearing a swimsuit to be wearing risqué attire.


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Video Interview of Shanna Bukhari defending her Miss Universe bid

So the Shanna Bukhari drama rumbles on, she gave her first interview defending her decision to enter the Miss Universe competition.

This seems to be a topic that has generated a lot of debate amongst readers of my blog.

The Akh still sticks to his position as outlined before that this isn’t an integration issue, but one in how far people are willing to assimilate into amoral activities.

Shanna and every other woman on this planet is entitled to do exactly what they please, but don’t try and do it as if you’re furthering the cause of your people and your religion.

That’s an extremely false construct.

Too many of our people have become so concerned with assimilation and proving that they are the exact opposite of what the racist right wing dominated media narrative that defines Islam and Muslims to the rest of the world as being, the only way in which this can happen is by separating Muslims from our identity and culture.

The Akh finds it laughable that anyone can pass this of as a matter of resistance never mind a win of any sort. While women who wish to stay covered up have legislation passed against them to stop them doing so, and yet those that have no modesty what so ever are paraded as a “win” for all of us, you’re only deluding yourself.

As far as setting a good example for young Muslim women the world over, entering meat market competitions is a pathetic example for anyone to even to follow, you can see for yourself here why I think this way, would you want your sister, wife, daughter or mother behaving like this?

I would rather be proud of what I am, rather than desperately trying to be something I’m really not, just to fit in.

Whether your mind is ready to accept it or not, that’s what this culture or lack of culture is feeding us.

Be true to yourself.


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British Muslim Miss Universe Hopeful Shanna Bukhari Receives A Death Threat

A while back I touched upon Muslima Shanna Bukhari, and her aspirations of representing GB in the meat market that masquerades as a Miss Universe contest.

The Akh has no issue with her particularly entering a meat market competition.

What I have a problem with is that she states:

“This is my passion and I want others to follow my example”

I’m sorry for being the morality police here, but for someone who has a university degree, getting your kit off isn’t the most empowering of choices, nor is it one that should be promoted to impressionable girls, the way in which the Guardian of all papers have tried to spin into a “Us V Them” narrative, complete with madcap Muslims giving Shanna death threats;

“One Facebook message calls her a “dirty Muslim” and asks why she is representing Britain “when you don’t even fucking belong here”. Bukhari said: “I actually replied to him in a very calm manner because I’m not one to retaliate, my family taught me to rationalise rather than react. Then I thought ‘why can’t I represent Britain?’ I was born here and am proud to be British. My parents are from Pakistan but I am not going to represent Pakistan as this is my country.”

This isn’t an integration issue, but one in how far people are willing to assimilate.

I have no issues with wearing the “British Muslim” badge, it doesn’t mean that to prove how British I am, I have to get steaming drunk on a Friday night and follow it up with a bout of vomiting and drunken violence….which the “British Lads” culture (or lack of culture) promotes.

Chances are the promoters were well aware of the controversy factor and the free publicity it would create for their sordid little event by having a Muslima involved.

I’m sure this will run and run….judging by the sheer number of people who are searching for this topic.


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Muslim Shanna Bukhari To Represent Britain In Miss Universe

Manchester’s Muslima Shanna Bukhari is all set to represent Britain in the Miss Universe meat competition.

Shanna reckons:

“there is much more to the contest than pretty girls wandering around in swimsuits for the titillation of men”


The Akh was about to go off on one, but realised he had already covered this before when Rima Fakih, a Muslima was crowned Miss USA last year.

Shanna, you’re an educated university graduate, try using your brains and not your booty to get ahead in life.


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