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NEVER FORGET the atrocities committed since September 11

John Pilger – Breaking The Silence, Truth And Lies In The War On Terror

It’s been eleven years since 9/11, while 2,916 people died on that day, Millions have been killed & felt the wrath of America’s revenge in the ensuing wars. That one event of 9/11 has been used to justify every single bit of criminal action committed by the US & her junior partners ever since.

A few years ago I wrote a piece for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK titled the “Septembers of our lives”

I rehashed and added to that a year later, including several other terrorist atrocities committed on September 11 that the media don’t make a song and dance about.

With the outpouring of 9/11 propaganda, I had a chance to drop a few of my own. Hence the blogs about:

Do you remember the five Israeli’s who filmed the 9/11 attacks & were caught celebrating?

Bombs on the George Washington bridge & the Israeli’s that were caught with bombs & Arab disguises

Israel had prior knowledge of 9/11 attacks

You see if I had the power of Murdoch’s media behind me, I could endlessly play those reports until the whole world believed it to be the 100% unassailable truth.

America & her partners got more than their pound of flesh when they obliterated Iraq, decimated Afghanistan, pulverised Pakistan & turned the Muslim world into one sectarian driven nightmare. Any dignity or good will you had on THAT morning has long since evaporated.

I cannot sugarcoat it for you, so before you accuse me of harbouring a conspirational agenda, go and read an earlier post of mine “The False Charges of Conspiracy Theory”.

Many media bods (propagandists) argue that if 9/11 was an inside job than surely someone would have broken ranks and spilled the beans by now.

Watch the above interview and see what Richard Clarke, the Chief Counter Terror adviser to the White House 1998-2002 had to say. If you don’t have time to watch the entire interview, watch from 09:00 onwards.

And you can see for yourself where all that 9/11 charity money went to as well, some of the 9/11 profiteers, frauds, and fools have been revealed.

Just don’t expect to hear anyone accuse the military industrial complex of profiteering of the back of 9/11 anytime soon though.

A message to the American government, stop using the excuse of 9/11 to justify every single thing you do to kill Muslims the world over.

Stop lying to your own citizens, the statistics show that since 9/1, only 33 deaths were from “Muslim” terrorism against an unbelievable 150,000 deaths from murders within America itself.

Perhaps it’s time for America to act decisively and launch “The War Against Murder”.

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Who’s the terrorist? – In 1988 US Navy blew up Iran Air flight leaving 290 dead

On July 3 1988, the US navy, courtesy of the USS Vincennes, targeted Iran Air flight 655 with a missile, blowing the passenger plane out of the sky, killing all 290 people on board.

Vice-President at the time, George H.W. Bush was quoted in Newsweek saying:

“I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are.”

So who are the real terrorists?

You all remember Lockerbie? Megrahi & the American hypocrisy surrounding that case?

That Libya were providing safe haven for terrorists.

Did anyone ever draw the same conclusion, that America shooting down a passenger jet, while trespassing into Iranian waters and refusing to apologise for it, had committed a deliberate act of war?

No one talks about Iran Air Flight 655, because Muslim blood is cheap and plentiful.

Still think we hate you for your freedom and democracy?

Bare hypocrisy.

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The Queen might be in Ireland, but who’s better, the Taliban or the IRA?

Have you always wanted to know who was the ultimate freedom fighter/terrorist group? This video breaks down exactly what would happen if the Taliban and the IRA were to go up against one another.

Despite what you think, the IRA have never really gone away, this weeks bomb threat proved that, and the whole world has been fighting the Taliban for more than ten years and they are still alive and kicking.

Now I like the IRA, but I also like the Taliban.

But which ones better?

There’s only one way to find out.

Cue the video from deadliest warrior and FIGHT!!!

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Reviewing The Four Lions – Is Satire & Ridicule Used To Debunk Jihad?

The Akh needed some serious down time this weekend and decided to go and see Chris Morris’s 4 Lions at the cinema, yeah a great way to unwind, by watching a film about four would be jihadi’s.

Turns out the film in itself wasn’t too bad, yeah sure it had it’s laugh out loud moments, normally based on the extreme stereotypes of the moronic northerner, zealous “white” revert, gangsta rapper wannabe, holier than thou pious brother and of course the equally stupid and bumbling police/intelligence agencies.

Is the honey monster a bear scene with the police snipers, believing the heart over the head, the whole terror camp training and avoiding police surveillance skits were well crafted and delivered, the appearance of Omer’s (Riz Ahmed) “holier than thou” brother in law was sadly, an all too familiar character.

There were plenty of “injoke’s” throughout the film, one’s that I and a few others got that flew over the heads of the rest of the audience, either because they are not Muslims or more likely just don’t follow the war against Islam as closely as others do, hard to tell in a darkened cinema.

The “zealous white revert” character I referred to is Barry, played by Nigel Lindsay, as in the clip below:

To me, this character was based on one Abu Abdullah, right hand man of Abu Hamza.

Director Chris Morris has taken his research dead seriously ever since his public feud with the post 9/11’s cottage industry’s favourite literary Islamophobe Martin Amis, and on that point alone, I’ll give Morris his dues.

All that aside, there is a worrying theme that is being developed by the influential think tanks out there, no doubt inspired by their american cousins over at RAND, UK think tank DEMOS recently made public their report titled “The Edge of Violence”, which I’ve taken the liberty to embed below.

Jamie Bartlett, one of the co-authors of this report argues that:

“Satire and ridicule can help win the fight against Al-Qaeda by stripping it of its glamour and mystique.

Al-Qaeda has to be ridiculed as the equivalent of a middle-aged dad at a school disco: enthusiastic, incompetent and excruciatingly uncool.

Satire was another powerful tool, it had been used effectively against both the Ku Klux Klan and the British Fascist party in the 1930s.”

Films such as The Four Lions and the other recent release “The Infidel” as well as the recent debacle over the South Park cartoon are all attempts to achieve the aim set out in this report. My fear is that these are softeners, designed so that we lower our guard so when the “Muslim” version of a Life of Brian comes round, it will be accepted by all.

What these so-called ivory towers based researchers have failed to address is the issue of what is right and correct.

No one is drawn to groups like Al CIAda because they offer opportunities to live the life “of a petty criminal: tedious, lonely and punctuated by fear”, quite the opposite, it’s the obvious injustices, whether that is the invasion, colonisation, conquering and occupation of Muslim lands, or the hypocritical double standards that allow western governments to enforce gun point democracy or the constant propping up of stooge king’s and despot rulers across Muslim lands that gives such groups legitimacy and a following.

In the now all too familiar attempts to marginalise legitimate Muslim concerns, all of those who now rally against the all too readily acceptable form of racism, Islamophobia, are as par for the course labelled as “petty criminals, tedious, lonely and fearful”.

I’ll save you the trouble of reading the whole document, there is no mention of foreign policy, or the slaughter of Muslims across the globe, the illegal invasions and subsequent occupations for natural resources and geo-political advantage, the role of militant zionism and neo-conservatism or the exclusion and the marginalisation of Muslims on every level of society.

This obfuscatory plot is one that is designed to further malign Muslims and Islam, worse still, the paralysis of fear that is already endemic within Muslims will be heightened whereby any and all forms of resistance will be consigned to the same dusty book shelf where we keep our Quran’s, our obligations are on the verge of being abandoned and forgotten in the face of an enemy that will not cease it’s relentless pursuit of your soul.


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