Anjem Choudry, MI5 & The Far Right – Whats The Connection?

Daily Express Front Page 15 Oct 2009

The Daily Express continue their crusade to highlight Anjem Choudry’s call for Shariah to replace UK law.

The narrative the express are using is one I touched upon in an earlier post, which you can read here, but right now, I don’t want to look at the message, I want to look at the messenger.

We have a problem in the UK that none of us is willing to accept a single person or body to represent us. Whoever thinks Anjem Choudry represents the views of almost two million people needs their head examined.

The media run to him because they know they will get a soundbite, an ‘extreme’ view that will help to shift papers and get hits on their sites, in turn increasing their ad-revenue’s, thus enabling them to pay off whatever columnist is passing off their propaganda views as news these days.

Anjem Choudry and his collection of organisations, be it, HT, AM, or whichever front they are using these days (Islam4UK) are either unbelievably naive, stupid or are paid up agent provocateurs.

Note how one Glen Jenvey became a Muslim at the hands of Islam4UK, covered in an earlier post here, now jenvey used to supply dodgy intel to Conservative MP and ex-Army officer Patrick Mercer, who heads up the counter-terrorism sub-committee, and features in the express article linked at the top of this entry.

Jenvey was also once good friends with Paul Ray the Luton-based anti-Muslim blogger known as “Lionheart”, and member of the fascist English Defence League. Interestingly, Ray said that Jenvey becoming a Muslim was “propaganda”.

Going back to the early summer in Luton, we had Choudry’s AM goons who went about protesting against returning british troops in the wrong manner, which caused a ruckus, to put it lightly.

In turn non-muslim extremist elements then kicked off riots in Luton.

Which then in turn led to the formation of the EDL.

Now the main protagonists in giving Islam & Muslims a bad name can be singled out, and they are Anjem Choudry & Glen “Omer Hamza” Jenvey.

A few months ago, The Independent ran a piece titled “How MI5 blackmails British Muslims”

The question has to be asked on whose paybook are they on?

And whose best interests do they really have at heart?

I gotta call it like I see it.

I suspect Anjem Choudary (like his mentor Omar Bakri) is an agent of MI5, he is used to portray Muslims as a threat in order to continue government policies of war in Muslim countries, as well as inciting divisions in society so people never focus their anger on the true blameworthy culprit, our government, but instaed our focus is on each other.

The new Islam4UK website is just another tool that the MI5 will use to cause further tensions between Muslims and Non-muslims in the UK.

It actually amazes me how no one sees this connection up to this point, even with his ability to walk around the streets without being attacked, his seemingly infinite amount of money to fund his subversive campaigns and roadshows, as well as the elephant in the room, the fact that no action is being taken against him.

I would urge people of all faiths to understand that you are being manipulated, by MI5, to hate ‘the other’. Laugh at Choudary for what he is, a cartoon character, a Muslim bogeyman under your bed, a puppet which has been set up……. but focus on those who are pulling his strings.


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9 responses to “Anjem Choudry, MI5 & The Far Right – Whats The Connection?

  1. Invisible

    Assalam u Alaikoum

    I have seen you article being referenced on the MPAC website on this link

    First of all MPAC need to get their facts right. Stand4Islam is a HT campaign not Islam4UK. Islam4UK is campaign run by ex Al-Muhajiroun/Al Ghuraba/The Saved Sect. The article is stating a Lie which needs to be corrected. Since I am a one off visiter to MPAC and do not come to their website often. Whenever I do come to the website All I find is slanderous statements made by them. No wonder why their fan base is made up of dumb nitwits rather then informed and thoughtful audience who go around propogating their false, ill informed, slanderous narrative to the public. All they do is create hatred in the heart of one muslim brother for another.

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  8. I agree Anjem Choudary is working for Mi5 , it is clear as the blue sky in a summer morning.

  9. david cameron

    The current crisis ! Stealing land , robbing other peoples money , setting up a false society , keeping the themselves in pocket while all others suffer , worshipping falsehoods ! and that’s just the western world never mind ISIS ..


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