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Muslims overeating in Ramadan & the Vimto factor

Eat & sleep – that’s the Muslim way!

Is there a correlation between Ramadan & sales of Vimto?

Are Muslims eating so much during Ramadan that they’re falling ill?

Muslims can’t seem to get enough of Vimto

Walk into any Arab owned shop in London, and you’ll be able to find all the Vimto you want, but where’s the Ribena?

The scum covered it in typical shouty fashion:

“FASTING Muslims are guzzling cans of VIMTO to get them through Ramadan”

And though this is a couple of years old, the Telegraph’s Will Heaven (Will Hell would be more appropriate) decides that drinking vimto is a form of: “religious cheating” during “the cruel month of Ramadan”

And when they’re not plying themselves with Vimto, Muslims are stuffing themselves silly and ending up in hospital.

Ramadan is not about how much neat vimto you can guzzle to keep your blood sugar levels up, or how much kabsa & mandi you can force down your throat.

If all you’ve gained during Ramadan is hunger & thirst, then you have not gained any benefit from this holy month.

On the authority of Al-Miqdaam ibn Maadiy-Karib who said, I heard the Messenger of Allah saying:

“No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach. Sufficient for any son of Adam are some morsels to keep his back straight. But if it must be, then one third for his food, one third for his drink and one third for his breath.”

Hadith No. 47, Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasaa’I, Ibn Majah – Hadith Sahih.

No one wants to be stood next to you in Isha & Taraweh while you’re burping away letting the rest of the congregation know what you ate at Iftar.

Increase your good deeds, your Qiyam, your Ibadah, your acts of Charity and struggling Fi’Sabeel’Allah during Ramadan.

Increase your E’maan during Ramadan, not your waistline.

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The London Olympics 2012 are almost here!

We’re a few hours away from the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 & after all they hype, headache and £9.3 billion spent, the “Greatest show on the planet” kicks off in a £27 Million pound opening ceremony.

Yes, eye watering figures, how many hospitals, schools and homes could have been built with that sort of money?

Money the government doesn’t have, to put the homeless and drug addicted soldiers that fought in it’s wars into homes and rehab.

The London Olympics are also being used by the israeli’s for political leverage, to get a minute silence at the opening ceremony for a few athletes killed in Munich – you can read more on that in detail here: “An Olympic silence silenced” this excellent article is by brother Abdelxyz who’s blog you really should bookmark and visit regularly.

Simultaneously, your favourite israeli Mark Regev has been spearheading the zionist lobby to pressure the BBC & it’s Middle East Bureau Chief, Paul Danahar to reclassify illegally occupied Jerusalem as it’s capital.

Politics and sports do mix – ask the American squad who boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

Londoners have had to deal with a militarisation of our city, rocket launchers on rooftops, the army patrolling our city streets, we all feel so much safer knowing that it’s the Israeli’s who are running the Olympic security apparatus.

Why do you think there has been a witchhunt against the top brass of Muslim officers in the Metropolitan Police department, do you honestly believe they’d let a Muslim/Paki have anything to do with the Olympics?

Before you mistaken this for being against some kind of imaginary “Olympic Spirit” (£9.3 Billion buys you a lot of spirit), I was actually involved in the construction of the Stratford Olympic site and despite my earlier misgivings I do actually have tickets for a couple of events and I had to apply for them like everyone else.

Have a read through the “critical information” I received from the Olympic ticketing department:

Arrive early so you have plenty of time to go through security: gates open two hours before your session. It will be busy so expect to queue. You will need to empty your pockets before you go through security checks.

We strongly suggest you do not bring a bag: the security procedure is different to other London 2012 venues. If you do bring a bag, your entry to the venue will be delayed and you may miss your event.

Read the lists of prohibited and restricted items for your venue: if you are carrying any of these items with you when you arrive, you will be asked to surrender it and won’t get it back. You cannot bring in liquids over 100ml. There are no storage facilities available.

What are the odds I get pulled out of the line for a “Random Search”?

Pretty high.

I’d be better off trying to catch a one way flight to New York with no luggage.

While I’m being raped by a G4S security guard, I can use some of my lines I’ve been developing for just such a situation, I use them while being felt up by security at airports, but I’m sure they’ll work just as well with the idiot security guards at the Olympics.

Enjoy the opening ceremony of the London Olympics – I’ll be breaking my fast and attending Taraweh – I’ll catch all the buffoonery on some kind of highlights package.


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Raheem J Kassam – Another “Muslim” house slave for the Neo Cons & Right Wing Tories

Every now & again you’ll find an individual who stands for everything that you don’t – Raheem J Kassam –  zionist, neo con, extreme tory right winger and self hating Muslim ticks every box. When one of the many tin pot organisations he fronts, as the approving brown face for racist views, had a pop at MPACUK, I thought I’d do the right thing and write a riposte.

The article can be read on the MPACUK page, or continue reading below on how the real axis of evil – Zionists, Neo Cons & the British hard political right unite  to silence any dissenting opinion amongst three million Muslims right here in the UK

It’s a tried and tested method of the proponents of “The Holocaust Industry”  to use the memory of the dead to further their own genocidal consensus. This was proved again in a recent attempted smearing of MPACUK by “Student Rights” & the author of the piece, one Raheem J Kassam.

Raheem & his owners had a problem with MPACUK reminding people of the genocide committed against the Muslims of Bosnia. In their eyes, Muslims have no right to speak about Bosnia, have no right to justice, and any Muslims that demand simple, unalienable rights, are extremists.

Within hours of the article going live on the Student Rights website, it had been gleefully crossposted at the Zionist spitting post Harry’s Place. Birds of a feather, do flock together.

Student Rights are self described as “tackling extremism on campus” and were birthed in the PVE era, when the government was happy to dish out money to any hare brained scheme that would “prevent extremism”. This meant in exchange for tens of thousands of pounds, all they had to say was the government’s foreign policy of blood and treasure,  through illegal wars had nothing to do with being the element that was “radicalising” people throughout the UK.

The self appointed thought police are here to ensure that no politically active, Muslim group sets root into any University. As an example, The Free Palestine Society at Middlesex University came across the cross hairs of Student Rights recently.

The Europol ‘Terrorism Situation and Trend Report’ looked at the broader scope of terrorism in Europe. It’s findings were that attacks by Muslim militants comprised a tiny percentage of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Europe in recent years.

This of course doesn’t stop the likes of The JC in pushing the argument of ‘campus extremism’.  And they are not alone, James Brandon of the Quilliam Foundation; Rosanna Rafel, former co-president of UCL Jewish Society, Dan Sheldon of the Union of Jewish Students and Raheem Kassam of Student Rights are vociferous proponents on tighter restrictions on freedom of speech. Professor Anthony Glees, whose sole testimony is relied upon by the APPG on Homeland Security to argue that:

“The Government must finally tackle the serious problem of radicalisation on university campuses with utmost urgency.”

Anthony Glees, has a track record of irresponsible scaremongering on this issue. A 2008 Cambridge University study by June Edmunds found, contrary to Glees’s unsubstantiated assertions and much to his annoyance, that Muslim students were well integrated and posed no threat to anyone.

All these self created experts never once solicit the views of the largest UK student body, the National Union of Students, or the UK Muslim students’ organisation, FOSIS.

But, Nicola Dandridge, chief executive of Universities UK, argues that the issue of campus extremism is overplayed and exploited, suggesting that the facts do not support claims of a causal relationship between freedom of speech on campuses and radicalisation of university students.

Newt Gingrich: “Who’s the Cha Wallah I gotta take a photo with?”

Raheem, or Ray as he’s known to his masters, joins the ranks of many an esteemed “Cha Wallah”, like Ed, Maj & Shaz who decided that getting paid and joining right wing think tanks was best for their career paths.

So, what do we do with a figure like Ray?

You’d need a cold beer to wash away the taste of brown nosing “Massa” all day

Ray is “from a muslim family”…..whatever that implies, I’ll let you make you’re own decision.

Well first of all, he’s the “Director” of Student Rights. Cha Wallah’s do like having a good title, and just look at who’s sat on the Board of Advisors   the majority of those MP’s are on the cross party Friends of Israel lobby group.

Ray is also a “director of marketing” at the hard-right Henry Jackson Society, and ‘executive editor’ of The Commentator blog.

When Ray isn’t flying business class to Israel to receive orders on how he can be an even better useful idiot to the Zionists, he likes nothing better to call out anyone slightly left of centre, the likes of Mehdi Hasan, Laurie Penny and Shami Chakrabati, have all felt Ray’s breath, and no it isn’t very nice.

As the Liberal Conspiracy blog pointed out, Ray did have  a highly detailed Wikipedia page, that he used to edit and to promote “Ray – The Brand”, funnily the Wikipedia editors decided to close his page down.

Where does Ray find the time? with all these Director roles and fighting extremism, you’d have thought he’d have his hands full?

Come on Ray, you killed Cain’s campaign too?

No…Ray is also a “Campaigning Strategist” and was involved in Jon Huntsman’s failed nomination to become the Republican nominee to fight the US election against Barack Obama. If you need someone who’ll burn your campaign, Ray’s your man!

Make your own caption for this one….seriously

What you have here is a coming together of the real axis of evil – Zionists, Neo Cons & the British hard political right. Their aim is one, to silence any dissenting opinion amongst three million Muslims right here in the UK, by using every scare tactic possible in the book. If there is no dissenting opinion, it makes launching a war for Israel on Iran that much easier.

Sadly there will always be some who are willing to claim their thirty pieces of silver, in return for being the Muslim that says it’s OK to launch a genocidal consensus across the world. They label MPACUK extremist but when Israeli Zionist groups like the UJS recruit students to go and fight for Israel, right here on British university campuses there’s no charge of extremism levied.

We know who the terrorists are and we know who the extremists are. No shoddy smear campaign is enough to put us off in our quest to spread the truth.


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My pictures from the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

Goodwood Sculpture – Infinity Loop

I attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend & thought I’d share a few pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what cars did I find interesting?

Formula 1 cars for the sheer engineering.

The Bentley Le Mans car for it’s brute power.

The 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 – with snow plough front end, the only car to be designed with a ruler.

1963 Mercedes 300SL (gullwing) – possibly my favourite car of all time

Pagani Zonda R

Some of the bikes were pretty special too….

Carl Fogarty Petronas bike

Valentino Rossi’s Ducati

I had to take a picture of the Ford Cortina, it was in showroom condition.

As was the fully restored 1967 Mk2 Jaguar S type – with offers being invited over £65,000!

I much preferred the old, restored Ford Mustang to it’s newer version.

While Bike exhaust manufacturer Akropovic showed off their creation, the Morsus a perfect fit between form and function – though that seat would give you splinters!

It’s not just a concept – the bike is being produced:

Don’t know if I’d have that over a Ducati 199 Panigale

So there you have it, my round up of the best of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

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Who’s the terrorist? – In 1988 US Navy blew up Iran Air flight leaving 290 dead

On July 3 1988, the US navy, courtesy of the USS Vincennes, targeted Iran Air flight 655 with a missile, blowing the passenger plane out of the sky, killing all 290 people on board.

Vice-President at the time, George H.W. Bush was quoted in Newsweek saying:

“I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are.”

So who are the real terrorists?

You all remember Lockerbie? Megrahi & the American hypocrisy surrounding that case?

That Libya were providing safe haven for terrorists.

Did anyone ever draw the same conclusion, that America shooting down a passenger jet, while trespassing into Iranian waters and refusing to apologise for it, had committed a deliberate act of war?

No one talks about Iran Air Flight 655, because Muslim blood is cheap and plentiful.

Still think we hate you for your freedom and democracy?

Bare hypocrisy.

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