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Christians pole dancing for Jesus

I suppose if you put “for Jesus” after anything then it becomes all good.

I’ve seen some strange ways in promoting your religion, but this one takes the biscuit.

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American Soldiers “Kill Team” video & pictures are war crimes of the highest order – no different to the My Lai massacre

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The photos and the sick details that are emerging are horrifying, the evidence shows that the killings of civilians went beyond a few men in 3rd Platoon and may have been undertaken by other platoons as well.

The Pentagon went to extraordinary lengths to suppress the photos—possibly because of the fact that they implicated soldiers in other platoons—and, unsurprisingly, worries that they will create a scandal of Abu Ghraib-level proportions in Iraq.

The psychopaths like Cpl. Morlock above “talked about throwing candy out of a Stryker vehicle as they drove through a village and shooting the children who came running to pick up the sweets.”

The Kill Team Photos of yet more war crime images the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see are available to view by clicking through

The images are not pleasant so think twice before clicking through.

This reminds The Akh about the My Lai massacre committed by the Americans in Vietnam.

My Lai was a massacre that was successfully covered up for 18 months and was seen as a prime example of the Pentagon’s “Culture of Concealment” and of the lack of integrity that permeated the Defence establishment.

This is the reason why the people of Afghanistan are fighting you.

This has nothing to do with Al-CIAda or Talibans, the Americans are a brutal occupying force using the same scorched earth policy that the Russians used.

Each and every single layer in the chain of command should be investigated and tried, but just like what happened at Abu Ghraib, a handful of people will be scapegoated, and those responsible at the top levels will continue to act with barbarity and impunity.


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Video Interview of Shanna Bukhari defending her Miss Universe bid

So the Shanna Bukhari drama rumbles on, she gave her first interview defending her decision to enter the Miss Universe competition.

This seems to be a topic that has generated a lot of debate amongst readers of my blog.

The Akh still sticks to his position as outlined before that this isn’t an integration issue, but one in how far people are willing to assimilate into amoral activities.

Shanna and every other woman on this planet is entitled to do exactly what they please, but don’t try and do it as if you’re furthering the cause of your people and your religion.

That’s an extremely false construct.

Too many of our people have become so concerned with assimilation and proving that they are the exact opposite of what the racist right wing dominated media narrative that defines Islam and Muslims to the rest of the world as being, the only way in which this can happen is by separating Muslims from our identity and culture.

The Akh finds it laughable that anyone can pass this of as a matter of resistance never mind a win of any sort. While women who wish to stay covered up have legislation passed against them to stop them doing so, and yet those that have no modesty what so ever are paraded as a “win” for all of us, you’re only deluding yourself.

As far as setting a good example for young Muslim women the world over, entering meat market competitions is a pathetic example for anyone to even to follow, you can see for yourself here why I think this way, would you want your sister, wife, daughter or mother behaving like this?

I would rather be proud of what I am, rather than desperately trying to be something I’m really not, just to fit in.

Whether your mind is ready to accept it or not, that’s what this culture or lack of culture is feeding us.

Be true to yourself.


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New radio station Awaaz 107.4 FM hits the airwaves

The Akh was present at the launch of Awaaz 107.4 FM last Thursday and would like to extend his congratulations and well wishes to all involved in the venture. The Akh knows all too well how difficult it is to running a radio station, nevermind getting an all too rare fulltime FM permit.

I do hope that the Awwaz Radio team will stick to their remit and use this platform to empower the community and not play bungle music round the clock.

It already seems that another radio station is in the offing, Marlow FM goes live in May.

So that’s nice to know…one radio station for “them” and one for “us”.

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How to fill in your Census form – A must read before completing your form

Are you concerned about filling in your census form?

You should be.

This is how to fill in your Census form without benefiting Lockheed Martin or creating funding problems for your local authorities.

As I’ve pointed out American military giant Lockheed Martin are running the census on behalf of the ONS.

Lockheed Martin US makes Trident nuclear missiles, cluster bombs and fighter jets and is involved in data processing for the CIA and FBI. It has provided private contract interrogators for the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

Lockheed Martin shares intelligence with its trusted partners – since the patriot act was enshrined into law in the US – all this census data can be handed over to any and all of america’s intelligence agency’s (FBI, CIA etc) and third party contractors (Blackwater, Xe, Halliburton etc).

The peacenewslog website produced an excellent analysis on how you should fill in your census form.

The original page was “disappeared”…wonder why?

So i’ve tracked down a google cache of it, and have attached a screengrab of it below.

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The Narcicyst waking up the people – Brass

The Narcicyst released the video for his track “Brass” this week, most definitely worth a view and a listen, even if rap isn’t your cup of chai.

“You want to get out and see doe
so clouded
Sell out to be Dope”

The Akh would like to say well done to ‘narcy for staying independent and not being a slave to commercially driven garbage that the major record labels are pumping out these days.

Support the brother by getting the Brass single or Narcicyst album now at: iTunes or physical copies at

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