Who Can YOU Trust?

I see through the mentality implanted in us
And I educate my fam about who we should trust

Part of my longer term objective is to provide a comprehensive breakdown of who it is that we can trust? who has our interests at heart? who is selling us out for their thirty pieces of silver? who is the internal enemy? and who is the external enemy?

In life, you’re either part of the problem, part of the solution or part of the scenery.

So I’ve categorised organisations into three distinctions, these are based on my own observations, sometimes from monitoring their websites, press releases and media appearances, at other times from personal experience.

I do not need to validate myself to anyone by way of explaining why I have put a certain group in a certain category, unless I’m in an exceptionally jovial mood.

If you have any suggestions on who should be added to the list, feel free to contribute by dropping a comment below

Trust Worthy – Fighting the Good Fight

Muslim Public Affairs Committee MPAC UK

A Different Perspective

Mehdi Hasan’s Dissident Voice


Islamophobia Watch

Media Lens

The Medium & The Message

Yeh I Said It!


Dr. Norman Finkelstein

John Pilger

Sell Outs, Stooges & Uncle Toms

British Muslims for Secular Democracy


Quilliam Foundation

Faith Associates

Islam Haters

Harrys Place

11 responses to “Who Can YOU Trust?

  1. umm musa

    I have just come across your website. It is really good – especially the sell-out corner. BMSD and Quilliams are such big sell-outs that they should be listed twice!

    I think you should include UmmahPulse in your trustworthy corner – they have consistently spoken for Islam and against the sell-outs – especially since they had that huge run-in with BMSD about the BMSD’s dodgy school guidance document.


  2. Kate Taylor

    You might consider adding Mike Ruppert to your trust worthy list. I have always found he speaks the truth.
    Find him at:

  3. Abdul Wakeel

    Salam Alaikum,
    I appreciate your efforts in doing your part to further the interest of the muslims and Islam in general. All actions are judged according to intentions, and I pray that Allah(S.W.T.) help you in purifying your intentions and overlook your shortcomings and make you better in propagating islam and ultimately grant you Jannah. Please try to be clear in your posts between what’s your humble opinion and what is a religious fact and also try to include proofs when it comes to religious matters. May Allah give us all Idhaaya and Grant us respite in this world and in the hereafter. Love you fi’llah.

    N.B. -Don’t you think sites like “Islam-qa.com” should be included in your list of trusted sites?. what do you think?
    Your Fellow Akh

  4. Yoav

    If you want to boycott Israel you should start getting used to live in the middle ages. Israel has a touch in every high tech, medicine, cellular, computing and software elements.
    You – muslim world have a big touch in explosives, rockets and blowing.
    So I wish you all the best with boycotting the state of Israel and living good with yourself you piece of shit

    • Paul

      This is the kind of arrogant, sneering and extremely ignorant attitude that creeps like a malignant cancer, destroying the good work carried out by good people who genuinely care about ALL of humankind.
      Yoav, you should hang your head in shame. Your comments seem to mirror the approach of the Israeli government towards the occupied territories, the illegal settlements and it’s contempt of the Palestinian people.
      Btw, I am British, of Anglo-Saxon heritage and caucasian. I am just fed up with all the people who don’t carry a good heart through the day. If we all did so, then a co-ordinated resolution to all humanity’s problems would be a fraction more possible.

  5. Ryan

    How can you not have Noam Chomsky on your “trust” list? Also Mark Curtis and Naomi Klein are excellent, as is Robert Fisk.

    Otherwise (religion stuff aside), this site is a decent resource – i’ve just discovered the Bureau of investigative journalism as a result of an article f yours, so thanks.

  6. Yakoub

    I would certainly add Henry Makow on your trusted site. He is an excellent writer against feminism and the New World Order. Recommended.

  7. Imran

    I would add alanhart.net to trustworthy sites. He has been a long standing champion of the Palestinian cause and is outspoken in his opinions on zionist crimes.

    May Allah, the Bestower of Honour guide you to keep up the good work

  8. Salam Akhi, have launched a platform to clear out the misconceptions about Muslims and Islam in the media. Maybe you can join in and have your say on n off 🙂



  9. While I think boycotting Israel is definitely not a bad idea, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. The Zionist entity wouldn’t exist without the billions of dollars in open and hidden financial and military help by the United States and their consistent abuse of the Security Council veto. If you want to be effective you have to take on those individuals and corporations that support IsraHell.

  10. Salams, check out whatreallyhappened.com and add it on your trust lists

    btw, your uncle tom links dont work – it says you added an affiliate link lol

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