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YouTube orders me to remove anti Muslim hate speech made by Roberta Moore – Leader of EDL Jewish Division

Roberta Moore the leader of the racist English Defence League’s Jewish division played the copyright card and got YouTube to issue a cease & desist order against a video I uploaded of her, making a hate speech against Muslims at an EDL rally in Dudley on July 17 2010.

As you can see from the capture the EDL Jewish division leader has a problem with free speech, yet funnily enough hid behind that very same rule to make her hate filled speech against Muslims in a public arena.

I’ve taken the liberty to re-upload the video for the sake of posterity, if you have a YouTube, or any other video sharing account for that matter, kindly distribute this video and let the truth ring free, as this zionist & racist machine we’re fighting will resort to every trick in the book to cover up and legitimise their hateful agenda.

In the words of Roberta Moore herself it’s:
“actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”

Zionists & the EDL, two groups that act as magnets for extremist right-wing rhetoric, supporting one another through xenophobia and ethno-centric supremacy.

A BBC2 Newsnight programme titled “Inside the English Defence League leadership” clearly showed EDL spokesman Amit/Guramit Singh saying that he receives his “intelligence” on Islam “from our researchers in Israel”.

The marriage of these extremist hate preachers and nationalist thugs is not just a marriage of convenience, it’s love at first sight.

Otherwise that Masajid that was almost burned down in Bury Park, Luton a few days ago (Luton being EDL HQ) will not become the exception, it will become the rule.

The EDL have previously stated: “Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques”

And days later a Muslim community centre in Ipswich was burned down.

Muslims have to take notice of this growing menace and take political action to stop it dead in its tracks NOW!


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MPACUK Take on the EDL & the Police – Stop Islamophobia!

As part of their Stop Islamophobia Week campaign, the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) took to the streets of the EDL’s heartland, culminating with the local police commander apologising for failing to protect two local Muslims who were hospitalised after an earlier attack by the cretinous EDL.

While Muslims stay pacified sitting in comfort in their masajids debating about the benefits of fasting in the month of Shaban, these handful of Muslims practice what Islam teaches, by standing up to their oppressor and demanding justice.

MPACUK, The Akh salutes you!

The following is taken from the MPACUK website:

Since January, the Beacontree Heath Islamic Society has been harassed by the EDL, so much so that the mosque has not been able to open for prayers.

On 18th June, two Muslim men were attacked by up to 40 EDL members resulting in one of the men having his cheekbone permanently broken.

On both occasions, the mosque has not taken any substantial action due to fear of a reaction from the EDL and the Police have only conducted the most basic of investigations and have not pursued this case the way it should have been.

MPACUK has been disgusted by the Police’s action, or rather their lack of action, and so on Saturday 9th July organised a demonstration from the mosque to Chadwell Heath Police Station to demand to know why they are not taking more effective action against extremist groups like the EDL and also how can they could justify not having enough Police officers on the ground considering that the EDL have been known to target this area over the last 6 months.

We need more action against the EDL and hold the Police to account for not doing more – join our campaign to stop Islamophobia.

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“Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques” English Defence League Statement As Muslim Community Centre In Ipswich Burned Down

Anyone considering joining the EDL, needs to watch this video.

Here are a few of the EDL members on facebook, talking about burning down a Masajid….it’s just the ranting of a few idiots on the internet I hear you say.

A Muslim-run community centre was burned to the ground in Ipswich, in what police described as a deliberate act of arson.

And here’s the typical EDL response:

The Akh is livid that racist scum like the Zionist sponsored EDL are allowed to spread fear within our communities. Their hate filled rhetoric needs to be dealt with the authorities immediately, because if it isn’t, I fear that the hot headed Muslim youth will not sit back idly and allow their community to come under continuous attack, thus perversely fulfilling the EDL prophecy.

The Akh would like to thank the following for providing the source material on tracking the EDL.

Exposing The English Defence League Blog


Jugdish Paneer


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AP Anjem Choudry Goes To America & Declares On Fox News It’s Time for “Muslims To Rise & Establish Khilafa”

Isn’t it interesting that America would let in the chief agent provocateur Anjem Choudry into their country without a problem but wouldn’t let in a guitar strumming sufi like Yusaf Islam or university lecturer Tariq Ramadan.

Not only that (but what a surprise that) Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News gives Choudry a platform so that he can claim he represents what all Muslims secretly wish for, thus building the anti-Islamic sentiment that sustains America’s right wing rhetoric. These two need each other like flies on stink.

Muslims in the UK have wizened upto his AP tactics and have confronted him and his goonsquad everywhere they have appeared, as documented in an earlier post “Luton Muslims Kicking Out Al-Muhajiroun”

Choudry and his agents have a long track record of causing problems and then running away leaving the locals to pick up the fight – The EDL’s rise in Luton is down to Choudry’s boys antics at a British army homecoming parade, but when it comes to fighting the thousands of far right racists like the EDL & BNP, they are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s some advice, do what you did to his mentor OBM, revoke his passport while he’s out of the country, and then see how he cries foul.

Anyone who believes that Anjem Choudry is sincere needs their head examining.

A rather timely distraction to the struggles taking place in the Muslim world?


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An Idiots Guide To The English Defence League

The English Defence League in action, one simple picture says it all.

Courtesy of Carlos Latuff

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BBC Expose The Extremist Jews & Israeli Influence on Geert Wilders Freedom Party

On Monday night, BBC2 screened a shocking programme about how some Jewish extremists and Israel have been secretly behind the rise of the notorious Fascist Geert Wilders.

The programme was remarkable because it goes behind the superficial Nazi ranting of Wilders to uncover how some Jews are the real organ grinders and Wilders along with his fellow travellers in the EDL and Pamela Geller are simply the Monkeys.

Everyone needs to watch the programme in its entirety to establish how we Muslims have been targeted and set upon by some very powerful Jewish extremists. First Louis Theroux exposes “ultra Zionists” and now this excellent BBC 2 programme, good to see all our collective criticism of BBC’s pro israel bias getting through.

Ironically in Europe, Jews were the oppressed but have now become the oppressors of Muslims. The entire programme is about 1 hour and The Akh urges you to watch it all, however, if you are simply interested in the Israel connection then have a look at the segment from the show above.

Props to LondonMuslim

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Why Does The Daily Star Newspaper Love Racists & Hate Muslims?

Worried about foreigners? or Muslim types that are taking over and are going to ban Christmas? well have those fears confirmed in your favourite daily paper, the Daily Star.

Charlie Brooker took apart the Daily Star and their support for the racist English Defence League in last nights 10’o clock show on Channel 4, (click through here to watch it as Channel 4 do not allow their content to be embedded).

The Daily Stars readership seem to comprise of 98 per cent morons, if their own poll is to be believed.

“Yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state”


Ninety-eight per cent of Star readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.

Now, it’s easy to point to the publications of the perverted zionist smut peddler Richard Desmond – the Daily Express and Daily Star, his company Northern & Shell now own TV station Channel Five as well – and wonder why exactly that kind of fear might be occurring at such an alarming rate.

But then again, you have to wonder.

Are these publications merely reflecting their readers’ views, or are they creating them?

Or do they create a self-perpetuating confirmation bias in the readers?

When it comes to things like online polls, are they too easily rigged?

One thing is for sure, though. The Star and Express don’t take the EDL to task when it comes to perpetuating the same old “Christmas is banned” stories – because that would dismantle a whole cheery industry that pops up every year to give lazy hacks something to write about, with bonus anti-‘them’ points.

Stories like this Christmas cracker from 2008:

“CHRISTMAS and Easter have been scrubbed from a college’s calendars in case they offend non-Christians.

Last night Ms Kitching said pupils would still be celebrating Christmas. She insisted: “There has been no big plan to ban the word Christmas.”

CHRISTMAS IS BANNED (except it isn’t, but shhhhhhhhh).

With stories like that knocking about every time the leaves start to fall, it’s no wonder that the moron EDL really believe – and I’m pretty sure they really do believe – that the evil PC Brigade has indeed gone mad once again and will be BANNING CHRISTMAS for fear of upsetting THAT LOT.

When lies such as these are not challenged, it creates a snowball effect, leading to stuff like this:

“A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.”

Well, that’ll be none, then.

Same as every year.

We all know about the Winterval myths that get recycled and embellished every year.

But what if a misleading, deliberately skewed story misrepresented a town, and it suffered an ‘invasion’ from the EDL?

Would that be all right?

Would the people who wrote the rubbish walk off whistling, pleased with a good day’s work?

The EDL are, as you’d imagine, delighted with the coverage from the Daily Star. As one EDL blogger puts it:

“This is the first article I have read, from both the national and regional media, that hasn’t been critical of the EDL. Perhaps we can expect more objective, or unbiased, articles on the EDL from the Daily Star. And if that becomes the case, I would advise EDL members to stop reading the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, etc. and start reading the Daily Star – after all, there are not many tabloids which are fair to the EDL.”

Job done, Daily Star.

Hold your heads high, you must be terrifically proud of yourselves.

Thanks to the enemies of reason blog for the source material.


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Zionist Rabbi Nachum Shiffren Admits “If You Want Racism, Go To The Nearest Synagogue”

“There’s no racism here, walk a mile down to the nearest synagogue and you’ll find it there”

Rabbi Nachum Shiffren

Addressing his fellow cretinous racist English Defence League members in Luton last Saturday.

Props to Gilad Atzmon

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