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Anders Behring Breivik, Zionism, Oslo bombings, Utoya shootings & Israel

Don’t expect the mass media to link Anders Behring Breivik, his admission to being a zionist supporting Israel and his love of right wing racists the EDL & SIOE. The media have pathetically done everything they can to make it look like the Muslims carried out this attack – Rupert Murdochs The Scum newspaper ran this as Saturday mornings frontpage (via themuslimanarchist).

The Akh will break it down for you.

In January 2011, Jonas Gahr Stoere, Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said Norway will be a leading country in recognising the Palestinian state once the Palestinian institutions are set up.

March 2011 -“the junior partner in the Norwegian government, the Socialist Left Party of Kristin Halvorsen, (Sosialistisk Venstreparti), plans to vote on a measure calling for military action against Israel if it decides to act against Hamas in Gaza.”

Days before the shootings at Utoya, campaigners voiced their opinions to their political leaders that Norway should boycott Israel.

It has been reported that the Oslo Police conducted a bombing exercise days before the Oslo Blast.

On the evening of the 21 July 2011, TV2 in Norway had a short segment reporting on uniformed men, with black uniforms and automatic weapons, sweeping the exact surroundings of the building hit in the bombing.

Yet we’re told that Anders Behring Breivik acted alone.

An eye witness, Emilie Bersaas, 19, said: “The shooting came from all different directions.”

The Norway attacks were carried out by a well organised team.

What sort of people want to change Norway?

The sort of people who wrote this: “Why Israel’s Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too”

We know that Israel’s Mossad ran an operation called the “Kilowatt Group”

This is a ‘loose informal and practice oriented’ network of secret services including the NATO-countries, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel and South Africa.

It was created in the early seventies on Israeli initiative with the declared aim to combat terrorism.

Anders Behring Breivik is the suspect held in connection with the 22 July 2011 attacks in Norway.

He describes himself as being a Zionist and a freemason

He was known to be active on the internet, expressing extremist Islamophobic views on forums and criticizing immigration policies.

The people making use of Breivik are probably the same sort of people who were involved in Operation Gladio terrorism in Italy – the organisation known as P2.

In Italy, the P2 masonic lodge connected various groups belonging to the Deep State.

The Deep State “is a parallel secret government, organised by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military.

In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of the 962 members of P2, which contained the names of:

3 government ministers and 43 members of parliament,

43 generals and 8 admirals,

Secret service chiefs and police commanders

Top bureaucrats and diplomats, industrialists, financiers, journalists and TV personalities.

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote that Licio Gelli, P2’s Grand Master, was allied to Mossad and involved in Operation Gladio.

The CIA-NATO’s Operation Gladio carried out acts of terrorism such as the 1980 Bologna Bombing.

For background reading I suggest you get familiar with Operation Gladio.

Credit for cartoon: macleodcartoons.blogspot.com


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“Burn Our Poppies, We’ll Burn Your Mosques” English Defence League Statement As Muslim Community Centre In Ipswich Burned Down

Anyone considering joining the EDL, needs to watch this video.

Here are a few of the EDL members on facebook, talking about burning down a Masajid….it’s just the ranting of a few idiots on the internet I hear you say.

A Muslim-run community centre was burned to the ground in Ipswich, in what police described as a deliberate act of arson.

And here’s the typical EDL response:

The Akh is livid that racist scum like the Zionist sponsored EDL are allowed to spread fear within our communities. Their hate filled rhetoric needs to be dealt with the authorities immediately, because if it isn’t, I fear that the hot headed Muslim youth will not sit back idly and allow their community to come under continuous attack, thus perversely fulfilling the EDL prophecy.

The Akh would like to thank the following for providing the source material on tracking the EDL.

Exposing The English Defence League Blog


Jugdish Paneer


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Why Does The Daily Star Newspaper Love Racists & Hate Muslims?

Worried about foreigners? or Muslim types that are taking over and are going to ban Christmas? well have those fears confirmed in your favourite daily paper, the Daily Star.

Charlie Brooker took apart the Daily Star and their support for the racist English Defence League in last nights 10’o clock show on Channel 4, (click through here to watch it as Channel 4 do not allow their content to be embedded).

The Daily Stars readership seem to comprise of 98 per cent morons, if their own poll is to be believed.

“Yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state”


Ninety-eight per cent of Star readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.

Now, it’s easy to point to the publications of the perverted zionist smut peddler Richard Desmond – the Daily Express and Daily Star, his company Northern & Shell now own TV station Channel Five as well – and wonder why exactly that kind of fear might be occurring at such an alarming rate.

But then again, you have to wonder.

Are these publications merely reflecting their readers’ views, or are they creating them?

Or do they create a self-perpetuating confirmation bias in the readers?

When it comes to things like online polls, are they too easily rigged?

One thing is for sure, though. The Star and Express don’t take the EDL to task when it comes to perpetuating the same old “Christmas is banned” stories – because that would dismantle a whole cheery industry that pops up every year to give lazy hacks something to write about, with bonus anti-‘them’ points.

Stories like this Christmas cracker from 2008:

“CHRISTMAS and Easter have been scrubbed from a college’s calendars in case they offend non-Christians.

Last night Ms Kitching said pupils would still be celebrating Christmas. She insisted: “There has been no big plan to ban the word Christmas.”

CHRISTMAS IS BANNED (except it isn’t, but shhhhhhhhh).

With stories like that knocking about every time the leaves start to fall, it’s no wonder that the moron EDL really believe – and I’m pretty sure they really do believe – that the evil PC Brigade has indeed gone mad once again and will be BANNING CHRISTMAS for fear of upsetting THAT LOT.

When lies such as these are not challenged, it creates a snowball effect, leading to stuff like this:

“A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.”

Well, that’ll be none, then.

Same as every year.

We all know about the Winterval myths that get recycled and embellished every year.

But what if a misleading, deliberately skewed story misrepresented a town, and it suffered an ‘invasion’ from the EDL?

Would that be all right?

Would the people who wrote the rubbish walk off whistling, pleased with a good day’s work?

The EDL are, as you’d imagine, delighted with the coverage from the Daily Star. As one EDL blogger puts it:

“This is the first article I have read, from both the national and regional media, that hasn’t been critical of the EDL. Perhaps we can expect more objective, or unbiased, articles on the EDL from the Daily Star. And if that becomes the case, I would advise EDL members to stop reading the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, etc. and start reading the Daily Star – after all, there are not many tabloids which are fair to the EDL.”

Job done, Daily Star.

Hold your heads high, you must be terrifically proud of yourselves.

Thanks to the enemies of reason blog for the source material.


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Zionist Rabbi Nachum Shiffren Admits “If You Want Racism, Go To The Nearest Synagogue”

“There’s no racism here, walk a mile down to the nearest synagogue and you’ll find it there”

Rabbi Nachum Shiffren

Addressing his fellow cretinous racist English Defence League members in Luton last Saturday.

Props to Gilad Atzmon

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Israeli Flags Flown By English Defence League At Luton Hate Parade

How many Israeli flags were paraded by the racist English Defence League yesterday?

This comes off the back of BBC2 Newsnights “Inside the English Defence League leadership” where EDL spokesman Amit/Guramit Singh was clearly heard saying that he receives his “intelligence” on Islam “from our researchers in Israel”.

This should come as no surprise to anyone.

Groups such as MPACUK have been exposing this connection as far back as June 2010.

Zionist Federation And EDL Unite Against Muslims

The EDL and Its Zionist Connection

The Akh calls on David “I’m a Zionist” Cameron to act on his speech about “muscular liberalism”, come on Dave, show us your muscles and deal with these two extremist, supremacist and racist groups aiding and abetting one another.

Or are Muslims your only enemy?

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Christian Pastor Fred Phelps Thanks God for the Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – What If He Was A Muslim?

Pastor Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist church in Kansas praised Jared Lee Loughner for killing six people, including Christina Taylor Green and wounding 14 others.

Fred Phelps states in the video above:

“Thank God for the violent shooter, one of your soldier heroes in Tucson – Westboro Baptist church will picket their funerals.”

Can you imagine the uproar if these words stated by a Muslim?

The Akh suggests that America should deal with it’s own extremists before pointing accusatory fingers to anyone else.

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