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“He’s bad because he’s black and moozlim” Israeli’s On Obama

israeli obama hatred

As Obama, prepares to meet Netanyahu and Abbas for a fresh round of peace talks, a recent poll in the Jerusalem Post suggests that just four per cent of Israelis believe the Obama administration supports their country.

JPost Sep 2009

Watch the following report by Al-Jazeera where israeli’s yet again show their true hatred, with some even calling for Obama’s assassination.

There have been a few videos that have shown the true face of the israeli’s in recent time (remember – feeling the hate?) which goes to show that a country founded on racism is only going to produce people with a racist outlook.

Zionism is a racist ideology.

And yet the ‘West’ continues its unashamed support of the zionist state and continues to propagate the myth that we in the ‘west’ some how hold the same values and ideals that the morally corrupt and racist zionist state does.

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Iranian Missiles Or Israeli Nukes – Whats The Bigger Threat?

Iranian missile

Iran is under intense international pressure to fully disclose its nuclear activities after the US and its allies disclosed that Iran had been secretly developing an underground uranium enrichment facility and warned the country it must open the site to international inspection or face harsher international sanctions.

On Thursday the US, China, Britain, France, Russia and Germany meet in Geneva and, by that time, Iran will be expected to submit to international scrutiny.

The media yet again is playing its part, the narratives offered thus far have been:

How Should We Deal With Iran?

Nobody wishes to talk about the only confirmed nuclear armed state in the Middle East.

In the 1960s, Israel successfully hid its weapons from US inspectors.

In 1986, Israeli nuclear technical assistant Mordechai Vanunu revealed information about the concealed stockpiles and has been effectively in prison ever since.

Israels Dimona Nuclear Facility

Israel no longer cares to deny that it has hundreds of atom and hydrogen bombs and devastating biological “tools”.

Netanyahu has been warning he will destroy the Iranian sites if his country feels the danger is real. Now he has just what he wanted – another crisis in the Middle East, to keep up the idea of plucky, vulnerable, endangered little Israel.

Alarmingly, even the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz is on side.

History has made too many Israelis fear all humanity in perpetuity and that fear brings out the worst in that nation. It has predictably rejected the long, sober, unbiased UN report on the last assault on Gaza chaired by Richard Goldstone. He accused Hamas of crimes against Jewish civilians and charged Israel with grave crimes, the breaking of the Geneva convention, punishing and terrorising unarmed civilians.

We’ve seen the images of these victims of Izzy brutality. Children turned to ash, blistered mothers weeping, and on and on.

There still is no respite for the hungry and dying in Gaza. If Israel can mete out such treatment and not be called to account, just think what the state feels entitled to do to Iran.

The Israeli human rights activist Gideon Spiro asks that his country be subject to the same rules as Iran and all others in the Middle East:

“Reign in Israel, compel it to accept a regime of nuclear disarmament and oblige it to open all nuclear, biological and chemical facilities and missile sites to international inspection.”

The US has leverage because it maintains and funds Israel.

If Obama shies away from this, there can be no moral justification to go for Iran or North Korea or any other “rogue state”. And the leader whose election and dreams gave hope to millions thereby hastens the end of the world.

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US Admits to Stonewalling UN Inquiry into Gaza War


Top White House officials told Zionist organisational leaders in an off-the-record phone call that the U.S. strategy was to “quickly” bring the report — commissioned by the U.N. Human Rights Council and carried out by former South African Judge Richard Goldstone — to its “natural conclusion” within the Human Rights Council and not to allow it to go further, zionist participants in the call told the JTA.

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The World’s Most Expensive MOT – Thanks King Mohammed IV

Hercules Delivers Kings Aston Martin

In what has to rank as the most expensive service and MOT in my memory, the Moroccan king flew his Aston Martin 1,300 miles to the UK for an oil change.

“Morocco’s Mohammed VI chartered a Hercules transporter from his air force to whisk the DB7 from Rabat to Britain.” according to recent reports.

king mohammed IV morocco

Typical tyrant leader of a Muslim state.

Wonder if he got ripped off by a dodgy mechanic?

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Masajid Dirar – The Masajids of Harm

During the month of Rajab in ninth year after hijrah, the Byzantine empire, which was considered the greatest military force on earth at the time, was showing great alarm at the rise of Al-Islam.

Caesar was in a predicament, he could no longer ignore the great benefits the previous battle of Mu’tah had bought to the Muslims, nor could he disregard the Arab tribes expectations of independence and their hopes of getting free from his influence and reign, nor could he ignore their alliance to the Muslims.

Realising all that, Caesar was aware of the progressive danger threatening his borders, especially Ash-Sham-fronts which were neighbouring Arab lands.

Caesar concluded that the demolition of the Muslims power was his number one objective. This objective should be achieved before the Muslims become too powerful to conquer, and raise troubles and unrest in the adjacent Arab territories.

To meet this aim, Caesar mustered a huge army of the Byzantines and pro-Roman Ghassanide tribes to launch a decisive bloody battle against the Muslims.

Unfortunately as well as an external enemy todeal with, the Muslims also had an internal enemy. There were many hypocrites filed amongst the ranks of the true beleiving Muslims and no sooner had the news about the Byzantine’s preparations for a decisive invasion against Muslims reached Madinah than fear spread amongst them.

They started to envisage the Byzantine invasion in every sound they could hear.

This state of mind of the hypocrites soon began to spread like a disease amongst the Muslims in Madinah.

The fact that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had won all the battles he fought, and that no power on earth could make him terrified, and that he had always proved to be able to overcome all the obstacles that stood in his way – did not prevent the hypocrites, who concealed evil in their hearts, from expecting an affliction to fall upon the Muslims and Islam.

They used to harbour evil and ill-intentions against the whole process of Islam and the Muslims. On grounds of illusory hopes of destroying this great religious edifice, they erected a hotbed of conspiracy and intrigue in the form of a mosque — Masjid-e-Darar (the Masajid of harm).

They approached the Prophet (peace be upon him) with the request that he should come and consecrate the place by praying in it himself.

As he was at the moment about to start for Tabuk, he deferred compliance with their request till his return.

Meanwhile he came to know through Divine Revelation that it was not a Mosque for devotion and prayer but a meeting place for the anti-Islamic elements.

On his return, therefore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent a party to demolish this structure.

So what do we learn from this?

In todays age, we are always making new Masajids, extending Masajids, Alhumdullilah.

But do we create Masajids that are the centre of the community, that are run by the best people, equipped with the skill sets to lead our community?

In very few cases can we say yes.

The sad truth is that Masajids are a building, the building does not function unless it has people within it.

Unless we as Muslims understand the basic concept of utilising the skill sets our people have, then in effect our self appointed leaders are causing not only themselves harm, the wider community harm, but are also in serious danger of allowing the Masajid to become a place of harm.

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Welcome to….District 9

First & foremost a rather belated Eid Mubarak’s to everyone, what with the last days of Ramadhan, a packed schedule of work (more of which later) and events (stay tuned) has meant a bit of a slow down on the blog, but I assure you normal service has resumed.

After limiting my media consumption during Ramadhan (in all honesty if you spent your time watching movies during Ramadhan, then you didn’t spend your time wisely) I was interested to see the flick District 9.

district 9

Although the film does well to present itself as an typical run-of-the-mill sci-fi blast em’up, the more eagle eyed will be able to scratch the surface and see a film that is political satire at its best.

The premise of the film is that extra terrestrials landed in Johannesberg in 1982 and now live in squalor in a fenced off slum. An appropriately evil-sounding corporation called Multi-National United is in the process of relocating the 2.5 million ‘Prawns’ (as the aliens are known as) to a new purpose built housing facility.

Without giving the plot away, the film is a great mix of dramatic footage with faux news reels, documentary-style shots and even CCTV footage all thrown in to add to the realism.

I could tell you how fantastic the movie is, how its direction perfectly fluctuates between brutal realism, heartbreak and fantastically captivating action, how its allegorical and simple premise which, although dealing with familiar themes, is nonetheless refreshing.

For all of the bluster about apartheid and racism, and how they play into District 9, the theme that I found to be ultimately the most interesting was that of the role of the individual in today’s society.

The Nigerians certainly weren’t happy with it

The alien prawns that land on Earth are a sort of worker class, cut off somehow from their species’ hierarchy and left in a barbaric state as a result of this isolation. They are an anonymous group driven primarily by a need to survive (and eat cat food).

The main human character, Vickis, may appear to some as an equally anonymous peon on a corporate ladder (the appropriately evil ladder of the MNU), but he is nonetheless an individual, a man endearingly lovestruck and devoted to his wife, a slightly awkward man whose brief position of power results in his passing of some wisdom, a few stumbles, all of the typical stuff that makes up the human condition.

The MNU wants to gain access to advanced Prawn weaponry and with his escape, Vikis is immediately ostracized from society, from his job, from his wife and from the societal hierarchy that he had previously depended on.

As the film progresses, we witness him become increasingly self-reliant, impulsive, violent and willing to do anything to return to his role in society until he realizes that its an impossibility, until he turns his back on the world he resided in entirely.

What the audience witnesses is a man who endures exile, fights against said exile and who ultimately loses his humanity in a literal, and arguably moral sense.

On the other hand, the main Prawn character, Christopher Johnson, is depicted as a uniquely driven, devoted being, still maintaining loose ties to the remainder of his far-flung race and a loving relationship with his son.

As the film runs its course, Christopher morphs from the typical likeable alien with ulterior motives into arguably human character. His devotion to his people and their freedom is reminiscent of the hundreds of other freedom fighters whose lives and sacrifices have been portrayed on film, and his relationship with his son is ultimately the most emotional and pure in the entire film.

But what, I think, keeps Christopher in this quote unquote human condition is his unique knowledge that he has the ability to return to his home planet, regain his connection with his hierarchy and save his people.

This is what keeps him from losing any sort of humanity throughout the movie, that knowledge that he can return to the fold with a grand success.

But for Vickis, there is no hope of return, there is no way for him to go back to his wife, go back to his job, his home and parents, as a result of not just his transformative state, but of his actions as well.

The vision that stands out to me from District 9 isn’t one just of racial segregation and rampant prejudice, but of the possibility that without a connection to society, mankind and perhaps all sentient beings are ultimately reduced to an animalistic, individualistic state.

There is an indication at the end of the movie that Vickis still retains some of his humanity, but his transformation from mild-mannered office worker to a lightning-gun wielding, murderous freedom fighter taking joy out of his killings and looking out only for himself provides an interesting parallel to Christopher’s story.

Without hope for a role in society, is the individual inevitably going to break free from societal constraints and, for better or for worse, become something alien?

After watching the film, I got home and saw the following footage on the news.

Whether its the District 9’s in the West Bank & Gaza Strip or the District 9 of Sadr City in Baghdad….you get where i’m going with this…..I’ll allow you to make your own conclusions.

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The Zionist Project Training Manual 2009

Zionist Hasbara Manual
‘The Israel Project’, a US media advocacy group, has produced a revised training manual to help the worldwide Zionist movement win the propaganda war, keep their ill-gotten territorial gains and persuade international audiences to accept that their crimes are necessary and conform to ‘shared values’ between Israel and the civilised West.

I have tracked down the manual and it is available in PDF format here and backed up here, and is now available to read thanks to scribd above, but in the meantime, please have a read of the synopsis below.

It’s a Clever Document

The manual teaches how to justify the slaughter, the ethnic cleansing, the land-grabbing, the cruelty and the blatant disregard for international law and UN resolutions, and make it all smell sweeter with a liberal squirt of the aerosol of persuasive language. It is designed to hoodwink us ignorant and gullible Americans and Europeans into believing that we actually share values with the racist regime in Israel and that its abominable behaviour is therefore deserving of our support.

Israel is hoping for a PR massacre.

The other side – the Palestinian Authority and the PLO – don’t take communications seriously and have neglected to correct Israeli distortion. They are happy, it seems, for Israel’s one-sided definitions to prevail, which of course makes the task for Israel so much easier. This latest propaganda offensive is potentially the ‘coup de grace’ to finish off the tormented Palestinians.

And the manual will no doubt serve as a communications primer for the army of cyber-scribblers that Israel’s Ministry of Dirty Tricks is recruiting to spread Zionism’s poison across the internet.

This quote at the beginning sets the tone:
“Remember, it’s not what you say that counts. It’s what people hear.”

Top Priority: Demonise Hamas

The manual’s numerous messages are aimed at the mass of “persuadables”, primarily in America but also in the UK. The strategy from the start is to isolate democratically-elected Hamas and to rob the resistance movement and the Palestinian population of their human rights….

“Clearly differentiate between the Palestinian people and Hamas. There is an immediate and clear distinction between the empathy Americans feel for the Palestinians and the scorn they direct at Palestinian leadership. Hamas is a terrorist organization – Americans get that already. But if it sounds like you are attacking the Palestinian people (even though they elected Hamas) rather than their leadership, you will lose public support. Right now, many Americans sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians, and that sympathy will increase if you fail to differentiate the people from their leaders.”

The plight of the Palestinians under Israel’s heel was an international concern long before Hamas appeared on the scene.

But this scorning of leaders is familiar ground. We scorned Bush and Blair and had to differentiate between them and their respective peoples. We now have to do the same with Barack Obama and Gordon Brown. We are tired of having to make that same differentiation between the Israeli people and the dreadful leaders they produce.

“Israel’s right to defensible borders: With more than three years of violent history since Israel’s agreement to withdraw from Gaza and portions of the West Bank, Americans have had time to take stock of the situation and form opinions. The big picture: they believe that Hamas’ leadership of Gaza has made Israel and the region less safe, while some are more receptive to what they perceive as a moderate approach in the West Bank by Mahmoud Abbas. Based on these experiences, they are willing to grant Israel more leeway in resisting calls to give more land for more peace.”

Here we clearly see the motive for demonising Hamas….Israel wants more leeway to continue its land-grabs and other criminal activities.

“If… If… If…Then.”: Put the burden on Hamas to make the first move for peace by using If’s (and don’t forget to finish with a hard then to show Israel is a willing peace partner). “If Hamas reforms… If Hamas recognize our right to exist… If Hamas renounces terrorism… If Hamas supports international peace agreements… then we are willing to make peace today.”

How daft can you get?

Substitute Israel for Hamas.

Words that Work
The manual sets out numerous examples of “words that work” – supposedly.

“We know that the Palestinians deserve leaders who will care about the well being of their people, and who do not simply take hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance from America and Europe, put them in Swiss bank accounts, and use them to support terror instead of peace.”

No mention here of the billions of tax dollars Israel takes from the US and spends on munitions to obliterate and vaporise its neighbours.

“Peace can only be made with adversaries who want to make peace with you. Terrorist organizations like Iran-backed Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad are, by definition, opposed to peaceful co-existence, and determined to prevent reconciliation. I ask you, how do you negotiate with those who want you dead?”

Hamas and Hezbollah are only regarded as terrorists by the White House and Tel Aviv and by US-Israeli stooges and flag-wavers at Westminster and elsewhere.

In Executive Order 13224 – Blocking property and prohibiting transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism – Bush used this definition: “The term “terrorism” means an activity that — (i) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and (ii) appears to be intended — (A) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (B) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (C) to affect the conduct of a government by mass estruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage-taking.”

It describes the antics of the US and Israel perfectly.

“There is never any justification for the deliberate slaughter of innocent women and children. never.. there is one fundamental principle that all peoples from all parts of the globe will agree on: civilized people do not target innocent women and children for death.”

Fine words, but where does that leave Israel, which recently killed 320 children in Gaza and 773 civilians including 109 women? From the start of the second Intifada (uprising against the Israeli occupation) in 2000 to the end of last year Israel had slaughtered 4,936 Palestinians in their homeland, including 952 children, according to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem. In the same period Palestinians killed 490 Israelis in Israel including only 84 children.

So Israel’s kill-rate is at least 10 to 1, and rising since the blitzkrieg on Gaza.

Palestinians too have a right to defend themselves. Hamas was the popular choice of Palestinians at the last election and is entitled under international law to take up arms against an illegal occupier and invader. If it is supported by Iran, so what? Israel is extravagantly funded and supplied by the US. Here’s part of their begging-bowl “Military Aid Speech”…

“Israel makes the request for military assistance out of self-defence. As a democracy, they have the right and the responsibility to protect our borders. As a democracy, they have the right and the responsibility to protect their citizens. Israel does not ask for U.S. troops to protect itself. It does not ask for a single American soldier to protect its borders. It only asks for the funds for them to protect themselves. They need the equipment so that their own troops can ensure the safety of their civilian population through this gathering conflict with the enemies of democracy. They didn’t ask to have our nation built in range of Iranian missiles. They didn’t ask that their nation be a focal point for religious extremists who have declared war on the West and on democracy. But they are, and they need your help.”

And Here’s the Rationale Behind it….

“Americans fundamentally believe that a democracy has a right to protect its people and its borders. And while Americans don’t want to increase foreign aid in a time of significant budgetary deficits and painful spending cuts, there is one and only one argument that will work for Israel (in four easy steps):

1) As a democracy, Israel has the right and the responsibility to defend its borders and protect its people.

2) Terrorist groups, including Iran-backed Hezbollah and Hamas, continue to pose a direct threat to Israeli security and have repeatedly taken innocent Israeli lives.

3) Israel is America’s one and only true ally in the region. In these particularly unstable and dangerous times, Israel should not be forced to go it alone.

4) With America’s financial assistance, Israel can defend its borders, protect its people, and provide invaluable assistance to the American effort against the war against terrorism.”

It’s evident that Americans don’t believe in democracy enough to allow Palestinian democracy to flourish.

“When the terror ends, Israel will no longer need to have challenging checkpoints to inspect goods and people. When the terror ends we will no longer need a security fence.”

There are no rockets coming out of the West Bank, so why is the security fence still there – and still being built? Why are the occupation troops still there? Why are hundreds of checkpoints still there? Why is Israel still stealing land, demolishing Palestinian homes and building settlements there?

“Remind people – again and again – that Israel wants peace. Reason One: If Americans see no hope for peace—if they only see a continuation of a 2,000-year-long episode of `Family Feud’—Americans will not want their government to spend tax dollars or their President’s clout on helping Israel. Reason Two: The speaker that is perceived as being most for peace will win the debate. Every time someone makes the plea for peace, the reaction is positive. If you want to regain the public relations advantage, peace should be at the core of whatever message you wish to convey.”

Israel does not want peace.

It has never met its peace agreement obligations. Every action is directed at keeping the conflict going until the Israelis have stolen enough land and established enough ‘facts on the ground’ – Jews-only settlements, highways, disconnected Palestinian bantustans – to enable them to redraw the map to suit their expansionist agenda and make the occupation permanent.

“Israel made painful sacrifices and took a risk to give peace a chance. They voluntarily removed over 9,000 settlers from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, abandoning homes, schools, businesses, and places of worship in the hopes of renewing the peace process. Despite making an overture for peace by withdrawing from Gaza, Israel continues to face terrorist attacks, including rocket attacks and drive-by shootings of innocent Israelis. Israel knows that for a lasting peace, they must be free from terrorism and live with defensible borders.”

Israel never left.

It still occupies Gazan airspace, coastal waters and airwaves, and controls all borders except Rafah where it nevertheless exerts a veto. Israel has Gaza in a vice, which is crushing the tiny enclave’s economy, starving its 1.5 million citizens and creating a huge humanitarian crisis in an attempt to bring the elected government to its knees.

“Draw direct parallels between Israel and America—including the need to defend against terrorism…. The more you focus on the similarities between Israel and America, the more likely you are to win the support of those who are neutral. Indeed, Israel is an important American ally in the war against terrorism, and faces many of the same challenges as America in protecting their citizens.”

Note how Israel’s strategy is almost totally dependent on the false idea that they are victims of terror and western nations need to huddle together with Israel for mutual protection. Fortunately, level-headed people are beginning to realize who the terrorists really are.

It is surely obvious by now that allowing parallels to be drawn between Israel and America only serves to increase the world’s hatred of America. US citizens need to wake up to this, and British citizens should avoid falling into the same trap.

Inject with “Core Values” and Repeat Over and Over Again…

“The language of Israel is the language of America: ‘democracy,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘security,’ and ‘peace.’ These four words are at the core of the American political, economic, social, and cultural systems, and they should be repeated as often as possible because they resonate with virtually every American.”

If so fluent in this language, why won’t Israel acknowledge their neighbours’ rights to democracy, freedom, security and peace and end their military oppression?

“A simple rule of thumb is that once you get to the point of repeating the same message over and over again so many times that you think you might get sick—that is just about the time the public will wake up and say ‘Hey—this person just might be saying something interesting to me!’ But don’t confuse messages with facts…. “

Never let facts get in the way of a good message!

“How can the current Palestinian leadership honestly say it will pursue peace when previous leaders rejected an offer to create a Palestinian state just a few short years ago and now refuse to live up to their responsibilities as outlined in the Road Map?”

This must be a reference to Barak’s so-called “generous offer”, another of the myths Israelis love to peddle. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip, seized by Israel in 1967 and occupied ever since, comprise just 22% of pre-partition Palestine. When the Palestinians signed the Oslo Agreement in 1993 they agreed to accept the 22% and recognise Israel within ‘Green Line’ borders (i.e. the 1949 Armistice Line established after the Arab-Israeli War). Conceding 78% of the land that was originally theirs was an astonishing compromise on the part of the Palestinians.

But it wasn’t enough for greedy Barak. His ‘generous offer’ required the inclusion of 69 Israeli settlements within the 22% remnant. It was plain to see on the map that these settlement blocs created impossible borders and already severely disrupted Palestinian life in the West Bank. Barak also demanded the Palestinian territories be placed under “Temporary Israeli Control”, meaning Israeli military and administrative control indefinitely. The ‘generous offer’ also gave Israel control over all the border crossings of the new Palestinian State. What nation in the world would accept that? The unacceptable reality of Barak’s offer, contained in the map, was hidden by propaganda spin.

Later, at Taba, Barak produced a revised map but withdrew it after his election defeat. Don’t take my word for it – the facts are well documented and explained by organisations such as Gush Shalom.

“Why is the world so silent about the written, vocal, stated aims of Hamas?”

Why is the world so silent about the written, stated aims of the racist regime and its political parties? Read their manifesto’s.

“Successful communications is not about being able to recite every fact from the long history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is about pointing out a few core principles of shared values—such as democracy and freedom—and repeating them over and over again…. You need to start with empathy for both sides, remind your audience that Israel wants peace and then repeat the messages of democracy, freedom, and peace over and over again…. we need to repeat the message, on average, ten times to be effective.”

Is democracy a shared value? Israel is an ethnocracy. Is freedom a shared value? The world is still waiting for Israel to allow the Palestinians their freedom.

“The situation in the Middle East may be complicated, but all parties should adopt a simple approach: peace first, political boundaries second.”

Renounce resistance while still under Israel’s jackboot? The correct approach is for the international community to first insist that Israel complies with international law and the many UN resolutions it has contemptuously ignored. The boundaries are already defined. Whatever issues remain to be decided, Palestinians should not have to negotiate under occupation or duress.

Rockets, Bombs and Atrocities: the Language of Peace

“Bottom line: What will happen if we fail to get the world to care about the fact that Israeli parents in southern Israel need to literally dodge rockets when they drive their children to kindergarten in the morning? What will happen if the world allows Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, to get nuclear weapons? What will Israel do if bad press causes American citizens to ask [their] government to turn its back on Israel? Why do I care so much about the success of your communications efforts? I care because I never want our children to live through what my family and yours lived through in the Holocaust.”

Only one in 500 makeshift Qassam rockets causes a fatality, small beer compared to the devastation and carnage resulting from Israel’s state-of-the-art rocketry targeted on Gaza. How does it look when Palestinians are forced to pay a heavy price for the Holocaust in Europe? And how much does Israel care about the Palestinian holocaust it has caused?

The manual then gives a long glossary of terms. Here’s a sample….

“Deliberately firing rockets into civilian communities”: Combine terrorist motive with civilian visuals and you have the perfect illustration of what Israel faced in Gaza and Lebanon. Especially with regard to rocket attacks but useful for any kind of terrorist attack, deliberate is the right word to use to call out the intent behind the attacks. This is far more powerful than describing the attacks as “random.”

Israelis know all about bombarding civilian targets. And they are careful not to mention that Sderot, until recently the only Israeli township within range of Gazan rockets, is built on the ruins of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village whose inhabitants were forced from their homes by Jewish terrorists.

The propaganda manual, which runs to 116 pages, is an unpleasant piece of work which recycles many of the discredited techniques used by the advertising industry before standards of honesty, decency and truthfulness were brought in to protect the public.

And it serves to undermine with clever words the inalienable rights pledged by the UN and the world’s civilised nations to all peoples, including the Palestinians.

When you have to stoop this low you simply don’t have a case.

Everyone should bear in mind the following, written nearly 61 years ago:

“Now, Therefore the General Assembly proclaims This Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance, both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.”

It would seem that Israel has not read or understood the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration, which all nations signed up to. There can be no excuse. Attempts to wipe out the rights of people who happen to be in the way of the bulldozing Zionist vision of a ‘Greater Israel’ deserve no support whatever.

Meanwhile the Palestinian side needs to de-bunk this Zionist handbook and re-frame the Holy Land situation in the language of truth.

If the PA and the PLO won’t do it, who will?


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Zionist Conspiracy Plots? Don’t Be Absurd

Izzies showing off their propaganda tools

Zionists are being trained to fight the hasbara campaign on behalf of the terrorist izzy state.

By having a pool of trained bloggers to fight the online war for them, the izzies are doing everything in their power to ensure they do not lose the PR battle next time they go about their murderous ways.

“Aimed at tackling challenges faced by Jewish bloggers both here and in the Diaspora, over 300 bloggers attended the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem at Beit Avi Chai on Sunday evening.

Although the convention attempted to help bloggers discover how to best make use of the Internet for promoting their cause, Tova Serkin of JGooders warned that “social media are not the ‘magic bullet,” and explained that while the Internet is indeed “the future,” it remains merely a tool that needs to be harnessed.

The conference, titled “Uniting the Jewish Community through Social Media,” included eight workshops followed by two panel discussions aimed at advancing Jewish, Zionist and charitable causes.”

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Is This What Zionist Belief Teaches?

Zionist throwing wine at passing Palestinian Woman

A settler occupier tosses wine at a Palestinian woman on Shuhada Street in Hebron. The approach of some settlers occupiers towards neighbouring Palestinians, especially around Nablus in the north and Hebron in the south, has often been one of contempt and violence.

Its not an isolated incident either, as Ynet propoganda reports that “A group of settlers from the Yitzhar area clashed Tuesday morning with Palestinians living in the West Bank village of Ein Abus.

Palestinians reported that the settlers had fired at a shepherd’s brother, who sustained light wounds and was evacuated to hospital by the Red Crescent. They also said the settlers had slaughtered 10 sheep.”

Notice the language.

Occupiers are “settlers”.

When armed settlers attack Palestinian civilians, it is called a “clash.”

And when Israeli terrorist soldiers attack unarmed Palestinians, it is also called “a clash.”

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Overcoming The Israeli Apartheid Wall

Overcoming The Apartheid Wall

Not even the izzies apartheid wall can hold back the Muslims in Palestine.

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