The idiocy of militant secularists & atheists

“It’s such a shame athiests will never know true love #atheists” – and with this simple tweet I opened the floodgates to my little experiment on Sunday, what happened next was idiocy and buffoonery by the militant secularist and atheists on the twittersphere.

After watching & dropping a few tweets on sunday morning (as one has become accustomed to doing while watching the BBC’s Big Questions) to the question should Britain become a secular state? I was not wholly surprised by the marginalisation of religion (Islam) and immigration (Romanians are the new Paki’s) as the major bug bear for the panel and the audience, token muslim representation withstanding.

Like Nicky Campbell always says, join in the discussion, so I did:


Within minutes I was inundated with these types of messages:


I figured, for the last three Sundays, I had tuned into the Big Questions and it was always the same, an underlying whiff of acceptable criticism of Islam, hidden by a veneer of academia or professional positioning.

Yeah it pissed me off no end, and it should piss you off too.

So I thought, I’d try a little social experiment, and where better than a platform of social media, over the course of a couple of hours on sunday afternoon, I tweeted the following:


I know what you’re thinking.

Why did I do it? Am I a troll? Why do I want to annoy people?

Because annoying people is funny. Why is it funny?

Maybe because I find life and the people in it so fucking irritating at times.

So to turn the tables now and then by being an absolute pain in the arse, to jedi mind trick them into thinking they’re getting one over me, but instead they’re revealing their true nature, idiocy.

So here’s a selection of tweets that came back – note even the “popular historian” Tom Holland (the one who makes up Islamic history with the help of Israeli’s) fell for it.





As the hatred, bile and anger of these militant extremists grew, I laughed.

I found I actually enjoyed trolling atheists.

You must have noticed the deliberate misspelling of “atheists” – what pedant could possibly resist that bait?

Not many, and I must have had a dozen catches almost straight away.

You know the type.

Militant Wankers

The type that have “#atheist” in their bio, like anybody gives a fuck.

The type that searches for #atheist on Twitter.

And I argued with a handful of them simultaneously for close to an hour, giggling like a schoolboy as I typed:

“Your going too hell!”

They didn’t know whether to go after the religious debate or the grammar.

It was hilarious.

A collection of atheists despairing for humanity!

It’s a great way to redress the balance when you’ve been wronged; to put things right so that you can get to sleep without grinding your teeth in anger.

And there you have it – do as I did, troll an atheist or secularist or humanist or culturlist or whatever the fuck they’re labelling themselves as today – it might be the most fun you have while pissing someone off and the beauty is that you can’t blame yourself, if these individuals own self righteously obtained moral high ground and indignation wasn’t so screwed up they wouldn’t bother you?


“To you be your religion, and to me my religion”
“Lakum dinukum waliya deen”

Quran Surah al-Kafirun (109/6)


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9 responses to “The idiocy of militant secularists & atheists

  1. Religion is a lie

    Aside from your racist comment towards Pakistani people, this is more idiotic blog ive read in a long time. Cherry picking tweets from people who clearly do not understand atheism does amount to supporting your dislike for people who have a lack of belief in religion. Hatred comes from the religious, telling people they will die in pain in a non-existent hell etc

    Education has failed you!

  2. You may want to review the comments you provide as examples of this “militant atheism” as some of them are quite clearly by non-athiests, which rather undermines your whole rant.

  3. Sky Blue

    Errr – I’m still not sure what your point is? Granted, it’s quite amusing, but not, I think, for the reasons you were hoping. Doesn’t do more than actually reflect quite badly on you, no?

  4. You’re a dick. Be nice, #Atheist.

  5. Bear

    It looked like most of the replies were jokes or otherwise an attempt to humorously point out religious hypocrisy… Didn’t look super angry and militant as you are trying to point out. Fail troll is fail.

  6. You don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between “militant wankers” growing in hatred, and those who are calmly and legitimately entering discussion. And yet you think every one of those tweets in response backs up your claim?

    There’s even some that call you out on your attempts at trolling. Seems like you’re making out your success to be much bigger than it actually was. But by all means, continue to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing little more than nothing.

  7. Mickey Mouse

    Ah, right. Deliberate misspelling of “atheist”, was it? So is that a deliberate comma where there should be a full stop in the first paragraph; deliberate incorrectly used apostrophe in “Paki’s” (a plural, if you know what that means); deliberately peculiar use of the word “withstanding” (you mean “notwithstanding”, I think); deliberate splitting of the single word “bugbear”; and deliberate failure to capitalize “Sunday” and “Muslim”? How can “marginalisation” of Islam be a bugbear for the people you disagree with, incidentally? It’s almost as if you struggle to formulate your own thoughts, and that you’re semi-literate, but sure, it’s all deliberate. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself you’re smarter than the rest, mate.

  8. Wow, you really have made yourself look foolish now. Maybe re-read your post then delete?

  9. C Bizzle

    The horror of people replying to your posts on social media!! So militant of them! It’s almost as if they think social media is about interacting with other people!!

    Way to expose the militancy of those folks, you’re doing god’s work!!

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