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Hollywoods Greatest Taboo – The Hero Wins Via Suicide Bombing

It’s the Christmas period and no doubt you’ve consumed just a few of Hollywoods finest flicks on TV while chowing down on your (halal) turkey yesterday.

So while you tuck in to some delicious left over turkey sandwiches today, I thought I’d give you a different look at what Hollywood could offer.

The clip above is the alternative ending from the 2004 film “Man on Fire” starring Denzel Washington. It’s one of my favourite films, revenge, redemption, pathos, flawed but a redeemable lead character, it has it all.

The film was directed by the late Tony Scott, and the above alternate ending is voice overed by Scott himself.

After watching the alternate ending on the DVD, I felt it was much better than the ending they actually put out, but of course, our protagonist winning by suicide bombing is never going to be allowed to air in cinema.

As the debate rages today over “Zero Dark Thirty” and it’s use of the cinematic portrayal of torture (we all know the CIA & Mi5/6 do it) in capturing Bin Laden and any bad guy or “ticking bomb scenario” that allows them to use torture, it becomes very interesting what Hollywood can frame as being a cultural norm and a taboo.

Here’s some suggested reading from my earlier posts on how Hollywood is so good at propaganda:

The Oscars – Approving American Imperialism

Rambo – How an Anti War Book became a Hollywood Pro War Blockbuster

Or the flipside is, you make your own films to counter the propaganda that Hollywood churns out:

Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

Ilich Ramírez Sanchez AKA Carlos The Jackal -”Carlos” – The Movie

Reviewing The Four Lions – Is Satire & Ridicule Used To Debunk Jihad?

If like me, you’re not one for the madness of the christmas sales – with people buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have – then this is for you:

When will you wake up? THEY LIVE!!!!

Enjoy your holiday period & go easy on the turkey!

As usual – comments welcome below or via The Akh – Twitter @HotterThanCurry

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When it comes to Palestine, the Masajids are useless

Pick an issue, a real world issue that effects Muslims – Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and you can count one hand the number of Masajids in this country that actively teach their congregation what they can do to change the status quo.

Now pick another issue from the list –

– is it permissible for women to wear nail varnish?

– does Allah have a hand, or is it a meta-physical hand?

– defeating satan by saying Bismillah.

These are just three topics that I’ve heard with my own ears, over the last few years on Jumma Khutbah’s whilst various parts of the Muslim world were being bombarded back into the stone ages.

I’ve nothing against these topics being discussed, but theirs a time and a place, their is a priority.

I originally wrote this article The World Against Israeli Apartheid for the MPACUK website during Ramadan and due to time constraints, ended up not posting it on my own blog. That article is worth reading, and I’d highly recommend you take 10 minutes and watch the video above taken from “The World Against Apartheid”, which shows the force of good religion can play in defeating evil.

If our Masajids ever grew a collective backbone that is.

Regular readers will by now be familiar of the travails I’ve had with my “local community leaders” in getting them to do anything constructive when it comes to the affairs of Muslims. The last two blog posts are a quick reminder:

Steve Baker MP & what he really thinks about the Muslim constituents of High Wycombe

“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

As I wrote previously, the Masajids and the self elected leadership are the ultimate community gate keepers, they’re not here to help facilitate your concerns, they’re here to ensure any potentially tough questions and situations are smoothed over, a quick and simple “not my problem sonny” and it’s done with.

Because when you tell me “Yes we had a meeting with the Shura about it”


that’s it

You should be satisfied that a bunch of uncles and grandads took 30 seconds to discuss it between running their taxi empires and slurping tea and chowing down on samosas.

You would have thought that an area that has 20,000 voting Muslims in it should be taken seriously:

And it would be if the community leaders and councillors had anything other than their own ego’s and careers at stake.

You see, an MP like Steve Baker has a civic role to play in society, so when a local car dealer asks him to pop down for the grand opening of his business, he usually will:

Steve Baker MP Capture

Muslims are all too happy to get the MP to pop around for a picture opportunity when they’re opening a new curry take away, or along a meaningless march like the Prophet (SAW) birthday celebrations, or hell, just to get their picture with the great MP himself:

Steve Baker MP & Locals

But get any of these self serving, self righteous leaders to demand their MP does something constructive for 20,000 potential votes?


That’s impossible

I mean we’ll have a meeting about it.

But what can we do?

You see that’s what the gate keepers will tell you – to keep the restless native quiet – so the master can go about his job unabated.

Last week the world spoke out against Israel in the United Nations Assembly.

William Hague and the UK proved to be on the wrong side yet again by their abstaining vote.

The sands are shifting in the favour of the Palestinians 65 year struggle for justice.

It’s not an act of negligence, but damn right criminality, that so many of OUR Masajids did nothing to help.

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“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

Muslims are the new Jews right? Surah Maidah Verse 24 encapsulates everything that is wrong with Muslims today.

In Palestine we had almost two hundred people dead, the vast majority being women and children, with close to a thousand injured, there was more than a billion pounds worth of damage caused to infrastructure, that will never be rebuilt – thanks to the Israeli blockade of building supplies like cement and steel coming into Gaza.

You and I know this because we don’t believe the lies spun by the mass media, we rely on our own sources, from people like Harry Fear for example who reported from Gaza with his laptop and an internet connection. You see, that’s all it really takes, that and having the courage to do it.

When Gaza was being pummelled by the Israeli’s, I thought I’d do my best from here, to rally the locals, get some sort of pressure built up against the local MP to act. I was effectively given lip service – “Yes, we’ll do something” or to that effects. Well you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

Knowing they’d do nothing I took on my MP myself – I called him out on twitter – you can read my last post to see how that worked out.

Top Gunning Steve “Goose” Baker did put out a statement – if copying and pasting little willy hague’s pro israeli announcement is a statement:

During the bombardment of Gaza, there were two Jumma Khutbahs (two Friday prayers) were you would have thought the Shaykh would have made some kind of a mention of what’s going on in Palestine.


No announcements were made – apart from the obligatory we’re doing a collection.

On November 22, there were several arrests made connected with street grooming in my area.

The following Friday, each and every single Masajid read out a five minute statement, prepared by the local head of Police:

And herein lies my anger, my incandescent rage, that the MP, police and intelligence agencies can create the PVE inspired “Muslim Communication Forum” to deliver any edict to their congregations.

Try and get the very same unapproachable, self appointed community leaders to do anything where people are being butchered with impunity?

It’s a nice, big, fuck off to you sonny boy!

So yes, The same way the Jews told Moses that he and his Lord should go and fight, is the same way that these “Muslim leaders” do nothing but sit on their backsides and do nothing.

But whenever the Devil comes knocking on their door and tells them to deliver a statement to their people, they will bend over backwards for master.

To the people of Palestine, you’re on your own, we can’t do nothing for you.

You and your Lord go fight, we’re happy sitting right here.


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