Black History Month for Privileged White People

White People of privilege everywhere! There’s only two days left in Black History Month.

Every February, without fail, some white people ask “Why is there no White History Month?” In response, check this video to examine the concepts of equality, privilege and economic class in terms that even the most ignorant should be able to understand.

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Daily effects of white privilege

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You’re welcome my fellow white people.

As usual – I welcome your comments below or you can reach me via Twitter @HotterThanCurry


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2 responses to “Black History Month for Privileged White People

  1. Brilliant my friend erudite, on point. I Thank you shared.

  2. Some 2 or three decades ago the lower white class were I was informed two thirds in Britain, now it has changed to one third lower class, what happened to the other one third? the Mummies and Daddies decided they were to be educated and join the ranks of the privileged, who are they? some say the professional class, some the middle class, when as a definition the term used white, what this lacks as a definition is the repressive conditions imposed by the racist an often religious bigots, who do not even recognize the meaning here example of a definition as follows, in Australia, most white professionals can get a loan or mortgage at around 6% to 7% if as I am considered a security risk coming into the stigma of a low doc loan, you will pay as I have for some decades paid in the region of 13%, this is what is punishment is, the unwritten rule that you may be white but you are not one of us? what is one of us? it is you have no right to exist, you are one who must await in our time in the queue, of your calling if we ring back, on what is called deferment, is it not surprising the riff-raff, have empathy for the terrorist, here the definition is terrorist as a normal adjective, as defined in right wing conservative conditional reaffirmation of Western Democratic society, did I say Democratic? I apologize to those who think otherwise, it is almost not something one should rub salt in to the Western wounds by saying that the West has as yet to have its history rewritten as to who the terrorists are? This is when the holier than the political conditioned Western mind starts to bulk, at the idea the terrorist has now gone to its 360 degree, turnaround.
    Captain Cook, who from lower class roots, having laid dieing from wounds inflicted by the natives? must have had a existential crises as his morality of theft of one of his boats become the nemesis and crises having discovered Australia for the Crown of Britain and this theft of a so called uninhabited land, that even Banks of the Discovery, who looked through his magnifying glass at so much natural phenomena of fauna, insects, animals and so forth had omitted in seeing several hundred thousand Aboriginals, that most perished, being , what we as a superior race of white supremacists consider as having no official representation of correct authority as with us, such as Admiralty House and number 10 Downing Street, these people did not have mortgages and worst to come no fixed abode, and still worst to come no streets, it is obvious they had no sense of self preservation as the morally right White people had.
    As we can see right and wrong are all about who defines what? a foot note with regard to Cooks unfortunate experience, is the natives held a belief that what is useful belonged to the tribe, known as we might describe as communism, their for from the point of view of the native, the concept of theft did not exist, the similarity of the Western Establishment with regard to communism, as, Bill Clinton, stated all resources of the World belong to us, meaning America, do you see a connection with communism here in the heart of Capitalism, can become communism or vice-versa, it all depends who you are perceived to be.

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