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A Selective Approach to Western Justice As Butcher of Bosnia Ratko Mladic Goes to The Hague

Depending on what side of the fence you’re sitting on, you either view the arrest of Ratko Mladic with pleasure or disdain. The Akh is old enough to remember what The Butcher of Bosnia did, and when The Akh visited Bosnia & Croatia, the brutal legacy left behind by this man (and his followers in the Chetnik army) were nothing short of devilish.

For many young Muslims like myself at the time, we believed that this was yet another war against Muslims. Years later Radovan Karadzic admitted that the Serbs were engaged in a “just and holy war”, it was no rhetorical exaggeration, he and his supporters believed God was on their side, to battle against Muslims.

After the genocidal atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, the world collectively said “never again” would such acts happen again on European soil, so why less than 50 years later were concentration camps allowed to exist to exterminate tens of thousands of Muslims in Srebrenica?

Their aim was simply put:

“300,000 Muslims Will Die, They Will Disappear From The Face of This Earth”

Governments the world over want to know what it is that radicalises Muslims, all we had to do was turn on the TV and see for ourselves what the result of your political inabilities had resulted in – the slaughter and rape of Muslims, less than a three hour flight from London.

While the media talk about the great justice system we have, The Akh has to point out the hypocrisy and double standards being shown.

Ratko Mladic is known to be the General of the Serb forces that carried out these atrocities and yet he is captured peacefully and bought to trial, being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the the former Yugoslavian block.

Yet Osama Bin Laden, is executed, for apparently being behind the 9/11 attacks for which no proof has ever been presented, proof on which a legal case can be built and a prosecution built upon.

Western journalists and media have been sitting on the fence for so long now that they have splinters up their backside.

This selective approach on when and where the law should be applied does nothing but create friction and adds fuel to the fire that many Muslims believe –

There is a war against Islam.

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Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

The Akh has to salute Turkey’s Pana Film’s for making the film “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine”. If you haven’t heard of it, then view the trailer above. Fans of foreign film will know that this a follow up to 2006’s “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq“, the story line depicted yankee soldiers slaughtering a wedding party, torturing prisoners, harvesting and selling their organs.

The americans & parts of the jewish community didn’t like the truth being told on the big screen:

For years we’ve had to put up with shit that lionises the zionist death squads like the Mossad in films like “Munich”, guess Turkey are the only country in the world to have the balls to go up against the zionist owned major hollywood studios.

The zionist lobby is spitting mad over this, as they do not want anyone else having a share of their element of propaganda, cue the now normal hallucinatory shrieks of anti semitism.

The three modern day Rambo’s rip through the occupied west bank, leaving the israeli forces destroyed, in a revenge attack after the murder of Turkish peace activists on the Mavi Marmara.

Resistance by all means necessary.

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United Arab Emirates Hire Erik Prince’s Blackwater/Xe Mercenaries

I’m sure you all remember Erik Prince, the creepy Christian extremist and former CEO of mercenary firm Blackwater (now called Xe), who ended up fleeing the United States for the United Arab Emirates after selling his company to avoid any potential legal cases for all the people his mercenaries killed in Iraq.

Ever wondered what he’s been upto?

He’s only gone and formed another mercenary army, this time at the behest of the United Arab Emirates’ autocratic crown prince, with the tacit approval of the U.S. government.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that – no hypocrisy!

“[The U.A.E.] might want to show that they are not to be messed with,” one administration official tells The New York Times, which broke the story. And what better way to show that you are not to be messed with than hiring a bunch of Colombian and South African “military contractors” to… well, to basically do whatever is needed, even if it’s a crusade to eliminate Muslims:

The force is intended to conduct special operations missions inside and outside the country, defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from terrorist attacks and put down internal revolts, the documents show. Such troops could be deployed if the Emirates faced unrest in their crowded labour camps or were challenged by pro-democracy protests like those sweeping the Arab world this year.

The Times has a copy of the contract, in case you need a model for your own mercenary-army contract.

And really, who doesn’t? Just heed Erik Prince’s words of wisdom:

The former employees said that in recruiting the Colombians and others from halfway around the world, Mr. Prince’s subordinates were following his strict rule: hire no Muslims.

Muslim soldiers, Mr. Prince warned, could not be counted on to kill fellow Muslims.

The Akh can’t see anything going wrong here, can you?


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Juice Media presents “RAP NEWS 8: Osamacide”

Juice Media drop their latest Rap News bulletin and ask if Osama Bin Laden was in fact clubbed to death by seals and whether he was armed with a “muslamic ray gun”.

It’s the end of an era.

The decade which opened with a ferocious attack in the United States of America, closes with the announcement of the death of its greatest and most conveniently disney-like villain, Usama Bin Laden.

In a decade which has been dominated by the Empire Strikes Back, our affable and dextrous host Robert Foster invites us to scrutinise the events shrouding the killing of this twentyfirst-century Goldstein. Joining him in this May retrospective are Rap News regulars, General Baxter, the Pentagon’s most effusive spokesperson, attempting uncharacteristically to stay ‘on message’, and his counterpart from the world of alternative academia, the conspiracy industry’s favourite son, Terrence Moonseed.

What actually happened in Abbotabad?

Do the public have a right to see evidence of this event?

What is Terrence wearing on his head?

Was justice really served?

What next?

History is happening.

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The Queen might be in Ireland, but who’s better, the Taliban or the IRA?

Have you always wanted to know who was the ultimate freedom fighter/terrorist group? This video breaks down exactly what would happen if the Taliban and the IRA were to go up against one another.

Despite what you think, the IRA have never really gone away, this weeks bomb threat proved that, and the whole world has been fighting the Taliban for more than ten years and they are still alive and kicking.

Now I like the IRA, but I also like the Taliban.

But which ones better?

There’s only one way to find out.

Cue the video from deadliest warrior and FIGHT!!!

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Bandit King of Saudi Arabia Advises the Scholars!

“Ask the Scholars Ya Akhi!”…how many times have you heard this?

How many times have our khateebs in our masajids accused the youth of being hot headed and to seek guidance from the learned scholars.

This video above is less than a month old, and shows the bandit king saud ADVISING the scholars.

You heard and saw it correctly – the ruler telling the scholars how to act.

Saud had the audacity to state:

“Command what is good and forbid what is evil, according to your capabilities, and that you do the things that please Allah above all, and serve your religion and your land”

While his head Mufti, Shaykh Abdul-Aziz responded with:

“The scholars and the leaders have a strong bond with one another
The scholars strengthen those in authority and love them and invite the people to love them as well
And to be loyal towards them and help them do what is good”

So while the bandit king is bribing his people with $37 Billion to support him while turning our holiest sites into a gaudy Dubai style adventure playground his own personal fatwa brigade continuously overlook, no, give their tacit support to the rulers – not avoiding munkar and doing mahruf.

The biggest problem with the Ummah is that the Ulema bow down and listen to tyrant rulers – rather than the ulema tell the king’s what’s best for the Ummah, it’s even worse as Arabia is the centre point for Islam.

We are told to “ask the scholars”, but if the scholars are so aligned with the rulers then what do you do?

Even the Ulema of the world’s oldest University, Al-Azhar admitted that it did itself and the Ummah a great injustice by joining itself with Mubarak’s authoritarian regime.

Last weeks Jumma reminder was from Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi who acted accordingly to Islamic principles and denounced the tyrants of Syria for their acts – and since doing so the Shaykh has been put under virtual house offence. Not that the western media gives two hoots – after all its only the likes of Burma’s Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who’s worthy of this position.

Cowardly scholars like those surrounding the bandit king are part of the problem, they clearly value their provision more than speaking the truth.

If you go and see the comments under the original posting of this video, you’ll see just how many people have been brainwashed into believing the hype about the sauds.


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How the zionist media promotes Muslim hatred to sell newspapers

This video shows how the right wing zionist media owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Desmond tell blatant lies about Muslims whenever one of their media outlets use Islamophobia to sell newspapers.

Shouty headlines like “BOMB THREAT AGAINST CORONATION STREET” to “MUSLIMS WANT TO BAN CHRISTMAS”, papers like the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph print stories they know are blatantly fabricated.

They just don’t care if the result is the spread of prejudice and race-hatred.

All’s fair in the war to boost newspaper circulation.

On a related note, The Akh has been watching the BBC’s “See You In Court” a documentary which follows libel battles as they unfold.

A recent episode dealt with North London Central Mosque’s libel case against Policy Exchange. You can read more about that particular case on the Barthnotes blog.

The Akh has long held the belief that just like the ADL was set up in the US as a watchdog for any anti semitism – We need a similar body here in the UK that deals with any Islamophobic actions – the only way these media outlets will learn is if their bottom line – their profits, the money in their pockets is hit over and over again by litigation in court.


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Let’s get rid of ‘Democracy’

“Democracy.” Let’s dump it; toss it on the scrap heap of history. The concept may remain worthy, but the word is rapidly being exhausted of all residual value.

Democracy is much more than the elimination of an undemocratic leader.

What we have seen this year, unfolding on our television screens and laptops, looks like democracy, but as any Parisian schoolchild can recount, the path from the barricades to a functioning parliament can be tortuous.

After the Jacobin terror sent more than 14,000 victims to the guillotine, France (and most of Europe) got Napoleon, whose excesses ultimately led to a restoration of the monarchy. Five years from now, we are more likely to see another Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, or another Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, than to see a functioning representational government in any of the countries now undergoing the “Arab spring.”

The instant transfer of political power is intoxicating, but it should not be confused with democracy itself. Neither can a functioning democracy exist without fair elections, and a social compact that accepts representational government and the discipline of abiding by its decisions.

Truth be told, our government’s commitment to democracy in other countries is almost whimsically inconsistent: clearly greater in Libya than in Saudi Arabia, less in Bahrain than in Iran. We are constrained from actively promoting democracy in China by our enormous national interests there; but in Congo, where our interests are negligible and the outrages against democracy are constant, we do nothing. The misappropriation of the word is so great as to be silly.

Perhaps the late George S. Kaufman had it right when he noted that “One man’s Mede is another man’s Persian.”

Taken from Outlook’s Third Annual Spring Cleaning List where 10 ideas, traditions, habits or technologies are dumped into the rubbish tip.

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Court of Appeal quashes all corruption charges against Ali Dizaei, former Metropolitan Police Commander

Former Metropolitan police commander Ali Dizaei has been cleared of all the corruption charges laid against him, by the Court of Appeal.

More than a year ago, The Akh wrote a piece titled “It’s All White At Scotland Yard” which showed how the biggest gang in the UK, The Met, had systematically removed all high level Muslims from their command positions – can you imagine a Muslim being the actual commander?

At the time, The Akh said he had been framed, with the entire case being centred around an unpaid debt over a website, with one singular star witness for the prosecution, who has been exposed as a fraud.

This all shows how desperate The Met were to get rid off Dizaei, with spurious allegations that he was spying for Iran being a prime example of how badly they wanted shot of their own commander.

Dizaei described his time in prison as hell and like “putting a hand in a wasps’ nest” as he lived alongside the kind of criminals he had spent over two decades trying to jail, reminds me of Tango & Cash.

With a retrial imminent, it will be interesting to see what tactics the institutionally racist met police will wheel out to save face.

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Israel murder dozens of civilians in three bordering countries – a brazen act of war

If one country kills unarmed civilians in three bordering countries on the same day, is that not an act of war? Israel killed unarmed civilians in cold blood in Gaza & The West Bank, murdered Syrian nationals in the Golan Heights and at least another ten were butchered by the Israeli’s on the Lebanese border.

Yesterday marked the “Nakba”, or day of “catastrophe” for Palestine.

The “Nakba” is how Palestinians refer to the 1948 founding of the state of Israel, when an estimated 900,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled following Israel’s declaration of statehood, in one of the greatest criminal acts of ethnic cleansing.

Israel will always immerse itself in praise of itself and its democracy on a nauseating level, whilst claiming it is surrounded by blood thirsty Arabs who want to drive the poor israeli’s into the sea.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is a quasi ethnic/military dictatorship that outlaws any peaceful protest, as the Nakba Day is virtually outlawed by the same powers that were responsible for it.

We all know Israel is repeatedly supported by the US, Britain and the EU, which means we have to show our solidarity with Palestine. It is our collective obligation to ensure our government changes its policy.

We must keep the pressure up until there is a free and independent Palestine.

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