My Politik

The Akh does not adhere to any political party or philosophy.

All political parties in the UK are abysmal failures when it comes to foreign policy, energy and economics.

None of the parties have the spine to tell people the truth and they suppress those who try and do so.

In fact I believe we are long overdue for a new approach, one that throws out all the archaic political constructs, spin, buzz words, orthodoxies and ideologies out of the window and start with a fresh sheet of blank paper.

We have entered into a new human paradigm, it is of little to no benefit to continue talking about the refinements of industrial age governance and associated philosophies.

The failed “New Labour Project” has become little more than an ineffective wing of one political construct and its leadership in the face of the egregious offences of the invasions it has sanctioned as well it’s fiscal and social irresponsibilities shows the abysmally short-sighted, wholly devoid of true leadership and courage our so called political leaders are (with a few noteworthy exceptions).

The CONservative Party are no different, I have never been impressed by their attitudes towards race and poverty. The “Old Etonian” blue blooded boys club are so laughingly out of touch.

The Liberals and the Greens are great on the environment but are generally and historically weak on people issues, economics and foreign policy.

Libertarians have a decent understanding of money but no grasp of what drives it – energy.

All the term “Independents” means is that you have adherents who are sick of all the sides, but have no real political muscle and any new ideology they offer will gain short and sharp shrift.

I view the entire political and economic system as broken and corrupt, subservient to corporate and financial interests and based on an economic paradigm which demands the impossible to sustain it – infinite growth.

The grim reality that confronts my real politik is that we need to understand the wider political, military, social and economic implications that we the citizens are left to flounder in by our so called good and great leaders.

The false dichotomy that presents itself lands many of us on the peripheries of the political orthodoxy. We have no choice but to demand a space at the table and advocate our policies, that is representative of a thought out logic and critically evaluated logic.

We have to dare to take ourselves where our leaders have failed to take us, the choice is stark, yet simple, either we remain passengers in a car that is heading off the road, headlong into a tree at a hundred miles an hour, or we take control of the car.

We either play catch up to the false leadership or we become the leaders and produce the next generation of leaders.

We learn to live together as brothers, or we perish together like fools.

11 responses to “My Politik

  1. Tia

    Salaams, what do you know of British Muslims for Secular Democracy? I noticed they were in your Sell Out corner…

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  3. Umm Musa

    Tia – the BMSD are in the sell-outs corner b’cos they are sell-outs…how much more straight-forward would you like it?

  4. A. Blum

    You are dishonest. You pretend you don’t have a clear political philosophy- but one thing you say clearly with your insignia- on that you are clear, like all conventional left-antisemites: “Boycot Israel”. I am a proud Jew & Israeli, living in the only free-democracy in the Middle-East: Why don’t you fight against oppression against freedom in the many Arab countries; oppression against women; the lack of freedom & democracy in all these countries; the perversion of Islam; against primitive terrorism of those organisations as Hizboullah, hamas. You are the new fascists oif our time. I suggest you study the views, not of me, a Jew, but those of the famous left-wing Spanish journalist. Try to reply to her well-expressed critique of the conventional left-wing antisemites, like you. Don’t boycott Israel- learn from a free-democracy & liberate the modern Arabs from their ignorance & bigotry, hatreds & violence.

    • I am a Muslim and there is truth in what A Blum has commented. However A Blum, I don’t think the editor is a, “left-antisemite” as the words of “Boycott Israel” do not refer to a Jewish person or a the Jewish religion, but to the question marked actions of the state and of the Zionist business who uses they money and power in taking away the freedoms of many Palestinian people. The actions of the Zionist movement who disgracefully use term anti-Semitism to shutter any opposition, which is well spoken about by many Jewish people in Europe.

      Many Muslims like to point the finger at the fallings and position of the Muslims in societies and the standing in the world at other nations and religions. However, we know not of our own failings in our Muslim countries, we should spend more time and effort boycotting our own corrupt leaders, kings, dictators, and non educated Islamic leader.
      I am not a supporter of Israel and her policies but I respect the right of the people of Israel to live, however the action of the state and also the actions of the Zionist movement must be dealt with a in a different manner, one which is of inelegance and acceptance. As Muslims and non- Muslims who claim to be intellects and now political activists of the truth our action should be focused on awakening the minds of the lost Muslims and non Muslims alike who are in life in which there is “oppression against women; the lack of freedom & democracy” the same issues the which are pointed out, although I would like to add the general male is also oppressed by it failure in receiving education. The aim should not be to erase Israel of the map but for peace, peace is what the politics of Islam teaches in that putting the Arab nations and the Muslim countries back on the map for true democracy and back to its true nature of liberation of all.

      I say boycott ignorance and understand your opposition in working to benefit all, this is liberation.

    • keith woolnough

      a democratic act to build illegal settlements in occupied territory?
      maniacs tell that they commit crimes because God told them to
      there is nothing democratic in claiming that God gave you the land
      it is theocratic and the God of a theocracy is not the God of universal peace and justice but a racialist tyrant

    • Max

      Blum, i suspect you are one of many paid Israeli activists trying to put Israel in a goid light.

      Israel is a state built on occupied land given to it by the British. In orgin it is illegal.

      It brutally suppresses its local inhabitants.
      Jews have a right to exist. Israel doesn’t

  5. Jewish people are basically Arabs, the myth of the Jewish culture started with Moses who made a decision that these tribes had to be amalgamated, as you are well aware after his sojourn with the chat with God on the mountain he had a spaz and broke the tablets in anger, at the immoral carry on’s with the tribes who acted as a decadent bunch of hedonists, it is difficult to say whether much has changed in that regard, except that the mythology consolidated this artificial group, hence the pursuit of money that became there pursuit gave them the chance of education, and the birth of individuals as Einstein, many great minds came from the Arab World, although as a result of Western intervention and oppression of the Arab World chiefly the extraction of oil and resources by hook or by crook introduced a complexity of corruption which is in the main the chief export of Countries such as Britain and America, the mind set that has pervaded these two Countries historically in particular is lamentable, it is a great misfortune for the World that it is here to stay for some considerable time owing to the fact that they believe in this mindset, is a sort of Nazi romance that flatters the idea of superiority, owing to this malady we have to bare and tolerate the excesses of these people that are often described as the Elite, this group is the normal by standards of there own definition, whereas I will take the liberty and define them as in a state of perpetual insanity, the sheer luxury of this group that extols the virtue and adoration high risers, highways and sophisticated weaponry, space travel, and the fascination with technology is not only daunting but overwhelming, there is little I am able to do to persuade the Elite that they are out of touch, as the seduction and romance of technology is great, the emotional response such as MI5 and 6 and the CIA and the others in this game, is somewhat infantile from my point of view, the rewards enormous for this group of subversives and do little for the greater good of Mankind.

  6. Why don’t you people just tell the truth the bankers who are behind most of the wars of the world are Zionist the bank of England is part Rothchilds walk around our country as if don’t know what is going on, Bankers to the Queen and are behind NWO our country has lost its Democracy the BBC
    are [yes] people to this,we are spied upon everywhere you go, prices are so high so the above can control the masses.Lord Mandelson was one of the guys who helped introduce spy laws on the British people via the none democracy Europe,EU when the shit hits the fan the people will turn as we are waking up to a planned takeover of the world from Zionist.
    Norman Kennedy

  7. rafik

    Akh, i would suggest you have a look at; DELETED LINK
    with news on current affairs; DELETED LINK
    with islamic culture; DELETED LINK
    with solutions to energy and economic problems; DELETED LINK
    and lot more … ws.

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist

      Salaam Ya Akhi,

      Regular readers are well aware that I don’t indulge the hizbi mentality.


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