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Katya Koren – The Muslim Model Stoned to Death for Violating Sharia Law – Turns Out The Daily Mail Made It All Up

It was all over the papers – Katya Koren – a beautiful Muslim Ukrainian model – was stoned to death for participating in a beauty contest & “violating the laws of Sharia,” only thing is, it was all a pack of lies.

The Daily Fail, ever hungry to criticise Muslims on any given opportunity, decided to run the story that “A teenage Muslim girl was stoned to death under ‘Sharia law’ after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine.”

All the stereotype subtexts were there – Sharia law taking over – Muslim women should be killed for showing flesh etc all leading to the middle england Daily Mail reader fearing that some kind of nut case Islamic hordes are about to takeover their green and pleasant lands and invoke archaic rules over them all.

The Daily Mail, never wanting to let the facts get in the way of a good story, made the whole story up, they point blank lied.

The truth is that neither Katya or her alleged assailants are Muslim. In fact they were all “Christian with Russian roots”.

Bilal Gaziyev, the man who was outed as the Shariah Law promoting killer, was infact pressured by police into accepting the blame for the murder.

The true murderer was a psychologically unhinged classmate of Katya’s with Sergei Reznikov, a senior policeman involved in the case stating:

“A student did it, killing his classmate. There is no other underlying reason, neither religious nor linked with inter-ethnic conflicts”

This blatant propaganda against Islam by sections of the rabid (zionist owned) right wing press is disgusting. The constant spread of Islamophobic stories has to be monitored, reported and the “newspapers” (I use that term very loosely) have to be made accountable for the shit they are peddling as news.

The Government keep banging on with their prevent strategy, how about preventing the media from telling lies about Muslims?

or does that fly against freedom of speech and make me un-British?

We have to take a collective stand & demand that such practices by the media are stopped, otherwise people believe the hype about Muslims and it strengthens the racist right wing to fight us.

To the Daily Mail & The Mirror, you owe us an apology.


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A Selective Approach to Western Justice As Butcher of Bosnia Ratko Mladic Goes to The Hague

Depending on what side of the fence you’re sitting on, you either view the arrest of Ratko Mladic with pleasure or disdain. The Akh is old enough to remember what The Butcher of Bosnia did, and when The Akh visited Bosnia & Croatia, the brutal legacy left behind by this man (and his followers in the Chetnik army) were nothing short of devilish.

For many young Muslims like myself at the time, we believed that this was yet another war against Muslims. Years later Radovan Karadzic admitted that the Serbs were engaged in a “just and holy war”, it was no rhetorical exaggeration, he and his supporters believed God was on their side, to battle against Muslims.

After the genocidal atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, the world collectively said “never again” would such acts happen again on European soil, so why less than 50 years later were concentration camps allowed to exist to exterminate tens of thousands of Muslims in Srebrenica?

Their aim was simply put:

“300,000 Muslims Will Die, They Will Disappear From The Face of This Earth”

Governments the world over want to know what it is that radicalises Muslims, all we had to do was turn on the TV and see for ourselves what the result of your political inabilities had resulted in – the slaughter and rape of Muslims, less than a three hour flight from London.

While the media talk about the great justice system we have, The Akh has to point out the hypocrisy and double standards being shown.

Ratko Mladic is known to be the General of the Serb forces that carried out these atrocities and yet he is captured peacefully and bought to trial, being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the the former Yugoslavian block.

Yet Osama Bin Laden, is executed, for apparently being behind the 9/11 attacks for which no proof has ever been presented, proof on which a legal case can be built and a prosecution built upon.

Western journalists and media have been sitting on the fence for so long now that they have splinters up their backside.

This selective approach on when and where the law should be applied does nothing but create friction and adds fuel to the fire that many Muslims believe –

There is a war against Islam.

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Sedating The Muslim Ummah

Sedating the Muslim Ummah is a very hard hitting and truthful piece of animation by sister Hajar Rafiq.

The ummah is indeed asleep.

How many more have to die before you wake up?

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“Why YOU Cannot Win In Afghanistan” Unmissable interview with Hamid Gul

With British troops pulling out of Sangin, listen to an excellent summation of the situation in Afghanistan with Hamid Gul, retired Pakistani General and former Director General of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, on why America and the UK can never win in Afghanistan.

Click through on the image above to listen.

Perhaps our politicians would be better suited to listening to what their former ally Hamid Gul is saying, after all he has a better understanding of the Afghan people and it’s military history then our war planners do.

It seems that Hamid Gul agrees with everything that The Akh has to say on Afghanistan.


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“Self hating” Jew Woody Allen backs New York Islamic Centre, on Yom Kippur no less!

Even Woody Allen has backed building the proposed Islamic centre in Manhattan, he’ll be labelled a self hating Jew, obviously as he goes against the Republican/Neo-Con/Zionist nexus.

“If I could speak to people that lost relatives and loved ones, I would try and convince them, if I could, that to build the mosque goes a way towards seeing that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. To intolerantly not build the mosque is just polarising and leads to the kind of problems that rake up this type of conflict.”

Racist Islamophobes exploiting the situation for their own nefarious political ends.

Well said Woody.

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Corporate Media’s Misrepresentation of Mosques

Why do most people associate a masajid with those who committed the acts of 9/11? After all that’s the narrative the quasi-racist republicans and tea baggers have been using to whip up the anti-Islam frenzy.

A major reasoning is due to media presentation, or should that be misrepresentation.

Whenever a terrorist incident occurs, the media invariably show a masajid and its worshippers, who have absolutely nothing to do with any of the acts perpetrated. Don’t believe me? well keep this in mind when any negative story on Islam/Muslims breaks, I’m sure you won’t have to hang around for long.

Yet the constant image of the masajid becomes established in the viewers mind simply by association, negative connotations, simply adding fuel to the fire.

Our American counterparts have always had a lynch mob mentality, much like the rooting tooting cowboy of old – they hang the first suspect they get their mitts on.

Their are no acts of conniving evil planned in any masajid, hell, you barely have to whisper the word “Jihad” and you’re accosted by “the management” and told to leave, yeah, no politics in the mosque, I understand uncle…but aren’t you a local councillor? and wasn’t that our MP who was chowing down on a samosa with you when you invited him to the masajid?

Hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds with our people.

Our masajids are not only places of worship where people are exhorted to do good, but when used correctly they benefit the entire society.

Unfortunately the masses swallow what the corporate media dictates to them, without having the capacity to reason for themselves, like sheep following one another.

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Political party launches kill Muslims & blow up Mosques video game

A far-right party in Austria has sparked outrage by launching an online video game which allows players to shoot down minarets and muezzins calling for prayer. The game, called “Moschee Baba”, or “Bye Bye Mosque”, gives players 60 seconds to collect points by placing a target over cartoon mosques, minarets and Muslims and click a “Stop” sign.

A couple of weeks ago I asked if it’s wrong to play as the taliban in a video game you’ll remember Dr Fox going berserk over the game’s content.

Now the country that gave us Hitler is at it, oh and it’s not a game developer that’s behind it, but a leading political party.

It is being used by the Freedom Party (FPOe), which has a link to the game on its website, to encourage voters to elect Gerhard Kurzmann, the party’s candidate in the picturesque region of Styria.

“Game Over. Styria is now full of minarets and mosques!” it says at the end of a session, before inviting players to vote for Kurzmann on September 26, when local elections are being held.

The website then invites viewers to take part in a survey which asks them whether the construction of minarets and mosques should be banned in Austria, and whether Muslims should sign a declaration in which they accept that the law takes precedence over the Quran.

According to the Austria Press Agency there are no mosques with minarets in Styria, where 1.6 per cent of the population is Muslim, and only four such buildings in the entire country.

‘Religious hatred’

Anas Schakfeh, the leader of Austria’s Islamic community, has described the game as “tasteless and incomprehensible”.

“This is religious hatred and xenophobia beyond comparison,” he told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Austria’s Social Democrats and Green Party have joined the Islamic community in condemning the video.

“The FPOe is targeting minarets that don’t even exist,” Werner Kogler, the Green candidate in Styria, said.

The game also appears to have divided the FPOe camp, with its deputy, Manfred Haimbuchner, quoted as saying the party should “seek attention with substance, not with constant provocations”.

However Herbert Kickl, the party secretary, defended the game saying it did not involve any real shooting, but rather “the pushing of a stop-button to halt a bad political decision.”

European debate

The Islamic community and the Green party filed complaints for incitement of hatred and degrading of a religion on Wednesday, which can be punished with prison sentences of up to two years.

Prosecutors in Graz, the capital of Styria, have launched an inquiry and will decide whether to take the game off the Internet.

Islamic buildings and dress have sparked debates in many European countries recently, with French and Belgian MPs voting to outlaw the niqab, and Swiss voters backing a ban on building minarets.

Austria’s Freedom Party wants a special vote on banning mosques with minarets and Islamic face veils.

Heinz-Christian Strache, its leader, has said he wants to see anti-Muslim protests similar to those in New York over the building of a Muslim cultural centre near the World Trade Center site.

The debate isn’t just coming from the right. In Germany central banker Thilo Sarrazin, a Social Democrat, has provoked uproar for saying that Muslim immigrants undermine German society, refuse to assimilate, and sponge off the state. He has also said “all Jews share a particular gene” angering people across the German community.

The Freedom Party said its “Bye bye Mosque” game was in part in reaction to Sarrazin’s comments saying they would prefer to have “Sarrazin rather than muezzin,” in Austria. Freedom wants to “deal with a situation which has already long been widespread in Europe,” Kurzmann said. He said young people needed to be informed about the problem.

With its catchy slogans and youthful leader, the Freedom Party enjoys strong support from young people in Austria, polling 17.5 percent of the vote at a national level in 2008.

Source: Al Jazeera & Agencies


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