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Justice for the 96! Hillsborough & exposing British police corruption!

It’s taken 23 long hard years for the families of the 96 that died at Hillsborough to get a glimpse of justice, 23 long years of successive British governments lying and colluding with a corrupt police force and media, finally yesterday the truth was revealed and the mass cover up exposed.

A couple of years ago I blogged on the ongoing “Justice for the 96” campaign started by Liverpool Football Club supporters and how Rupert Murdoch’s The Scum newspaper deliberately lied and how that web of lies was upheld by one of Murdoch’s key lieutenants – Kelvin McKenzie.

Today’s front page of The Scum newspaper sadly doesn’t look like the one above, in reality it looks like:

The carefully choreographed words of “deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry” were said by the Prime Minister David Cameron, The Scum editor Dominic Mohan and Norman Bettison Chief Constable of West Yorkshire police.

It’s been proved that there certainly was a conspiracy to ensure that the truth of Hillsborough would be covered up, my original post came well before Rupert Murdoch was shown to have the British political elite in his back pocket.

It’s no conspiracy theory that the “King-Maker” role played by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch owned media has supported successive Labour-Conservative governments in recent decades.

It’s no conspiracy theory to state that Rupert Murdoch has a pervasive and damaging effect on British democracy through his ownership of printed & television media channels.

If it’s not Rupert Murdoch, then it’s his zionist cohort Richard “the pornographer” Desmond who also has an equally troubling choke hold on British mainstream media.

Once in control of the media, the ideological warfare begins. This shows how the right wing zionist media owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Desmond promote the hatred of Muslims and Islam to sell newspapers.

I suppose it would be one conspiracy too many to suggest that Sean Hoare the News Of The World whistle blower was murdered because he knew too much?

I suppose it would be one conspiracy too many to suggest that our British government is the true enemy of free speech and a well and truly free press that is free to criticise?

Hell….you can have a plethora of sex channels on British television, you can even have a gay sex channel on British television and that’s no problem for David Cameron’s media regulator, OFCOM.

You can be Rupert Murdoch at the head of a media corporation which stands accused of rampaging through practically every law in the book and yet you are deemed to be a fit and proper person to operate a television station in London.

But report anything that contravenes the pro war actions of the government run media and there’s hell to pay!

When it comes to events such as Hillsborough, the London Tube bombings, the Lockerbie bombing can we trust the police and justice system?

The Independent newspaper stated the explosives used in the 7/7 bombs ‘was of military origin’

A former Scottish police chief, gave lawyers a signed statement stating that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.

‘The retired officer – of assistant chief constable rank or higher – has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.’

Mark Duggan, the Tottenham man who was executed by the police, who’s murder sparked last year’s riots was said to have had a gun, there have been multiple claims against the police during the IPCC investigation for planting a gun at the scene to cover up for their own crime.

In a world that has been flooded by news, there is usually nothing that rises far above the smouldering lava of sensation — that which consumes all truth and absorbs all lies mixing them into a fiery lake or stew of bubbling nonsense. So much so, that to discover glanced over facts, to question people of importance within government or the machine itself leads to the branding of one as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Not all people who doubt the official version of the story are raving lunatics.

Some, like myself, have an honest distrust of their own government.

This is the legacy left by lying politicians and an untrustworthy media machine.

Always question.


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Adios Fernando Judas Torres, Hola Luis Suarez & Way Eye Man To Andy Carroll

Adios Judas (Fernando Torres) you had a chance to be a red legend….playing for plastic fans in london in the shed doesn’t compare….enjoy the wages.

At least we got top money for you, unlike the midget (owen) who ran down his contract and left for madrid for peanuts.

Luis Suarez has already scored on his debut, despite not playing for two months, while Carroll (nowhere close to providing any sort of value) was more of a panic buy then a well thought out purchase.

One monkey leaving doesn’t stop the circus.

Onwards and upwards.


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Should Liverpool FC’s Glen Johnson & Ryan Babel Be Censured Over Their Twitter Comments?

Is it wrong for footballers (or anyone else for that matter) to air their views openly on twitter, without the media industry calling for their heads?

Whatever happened to freedom of speech and expression?

Glen Johnson went hard against Paul Merson.

While Ryan Babel posted the above picture saying “And they call him one of the best referees? That’s a joke. SMH.” regarding referee Howard Webb’s shockingly poor and biased non performance in the Liverpool V Manure game yesterday.

In fact analysing Howard Webb’s last 10 games at Old Toilet makes for very interesting reading….Alex Fergusons’ puppet indeed.

Perhaps the media pundit industry should be aware that they talk it while others live it & in today’s world people don’t need to use the traditional media channels to give reporters the exclusive scoop they crave.


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Liverpool FC Sack Roy Hodgson – King Kenny Dalglish Returns

Breaking news: The board at Liverpool FC took the decision to remove Roy Hodgson from his post as manager and have replaced him with the legend that is “King” Kenny Dalglish.

The Akh and all Liverpool supporters thank the board for making this move and listening to our concerns over the future of our club.

The Akh does have some reservations over Dalglish’s managerial awareness, it’s been over a decade since he managed last – and the game has changed in that period.

Let’s hope that Kenny can galvanise the squad and inject some impetus into them ahead of the game at old toilet against manure in the FA cup tomorrow.


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A Message to John W. Henry, Tom Werner & NESV – Roy Hodgson Has To Go

Dear John,

You said yourself recently that there have been many poor short term decisions taken at this football club in the recent past. This is undoubtedly true and one of them was the appointment of Roy Hodgson as Liverpool manager. In all his 35 years of management there was absolutely no evidence that he had the experience required to manage a club of the stature of Liverpool FC. Despite this, for six months this site has supported him as best we could, as we did not want to exacerbate a problem not of your making. We were happy to trust your judgement, to allow you to get your feet under the desk, to appoint a management team and to make the right decision on the manager when you were ready. We were hoping that in return Roy just might prove capable of limiting the long-term damage to the club during that time.

Unfortunately it is clear from events so far this season culminating in the inept display last night that the consequences of keeping Roy Hodgson in place are now so pressing that immediate and decisive action is required from Fenway. His position at the club is no longer tenable. He appears to have lost the ability to motivate the team, a team of internationals and World Cup winners, and he has certainly lost the backing of the Anfield crowd with 44,000 openly showing their derision at his inept tactics.

The bond between Liverpool fans and their managers is strong, stronger than at any club in the world, and in normal circumstances it would be unthinkable to see the crowd turn on the manager as they did last night. If there was ever any coming back from that for Mr. Hodgson he closed that door himself in his post-match interview when he criticised the support of those same fans. Sorry, but those fans will be standing on the Kop supporting this team long after Roy Hodgson has gone and they were supporting their club in the only way they know how, defending it from a man who is corroding it from the inside.

I am well aware of the statistical modelling NESV use for the Boston Red Sox, I have the following stats for you to consider. During the calendar year of 2010, Liverpool’s performances were extraordinarily poor in an historical comparison:

* Two away league victories the entire year.
* Elimination at home to a pair of lower-league teams.
* First loss ever to a fourth-tier team.
* Got blanked in five European matches.
* Losing a whopping 15 matches in regular time (8 of them under Hodgson, all in the league).
* Extra-time included, five matches were lost at Anfield.
* Got blanked in nine league fixtures away from home (about half of them in fact).

The league performance over the entire year, then?

53 points in 36 matches makes a points average of 1.47 points per match.

45 goals scored, an average of only 1.25 goals, with only 10 goals conceded in Rafa’s effort last spring, repelled by a staggering 23 goals under Hodgson, the comparison making for a very interesting reading. In total the goal difference was 45-33.

How has the game/point ratio (in the league) been in previous years? Compared from 1991, the year our dynasty ended the moment King Kenny resigned, it looks like this:

1991: 66 pts/41 matches=1.61 pts ratio
1992: 58 pts/41 matches=1.41 pts ratio
1993: 63 pts/43 matches=1.47 pts ratio
1994: 69 pts/42 matches=1.64 pts ratio
1995: 73 pts/40 matches=1.83 pts ratio
1996: 78 pts/39 matches=2.00 pts ratio
1997: 63 pts/37 matches=1.70 pts ratio
1998: 59 pts/38 matches=1.55 pts ratio
1999: 60 pts/38 matches=1.58 pts ratio
2000: 60 pts/38 matches=1.58 pts ratio
2001: 70 pts/37 matches=1.89 pts ratio
2002: 74 pts/40 matches=1.85 pts ratio
2003: 56 pts/39 matches=1.44 pts ratio
2004: 65 pts/40 matches=1.63 pts ratio
2005: 64 pts/36 matches=1.78 pts ratio
2006: 79 pts/41 matches=1.93 pts ratio
2007: 69 pts/36 matches=1.92 pts ratio
2008: 81 pts/39 matches=2.08 pts ratio
2009: 74 pts/38 matches=1.95 pts ratio
2010: 53 pts/36 matches=1.47 pts ratio

So, despite the semi final in Europa League, this is our worst year on the football pitch since the pre-Shankly days. And the bad thing is that Hodgson will surely keep the job for another while following the typical knee-jerk reaction from our board following a solitary win

League positions for the record:
1990-91: 2nd
1991-92: 6th
1992-93: 6th
1993-94: 8th
1994-95: 4th
1995-96: 3rd
1996-97: 4th
1997-98: 3rd
1998-99: 7th
1999-00: 4th
2000-01: 3rd
2001-02: 2nd
2002-03: 5th
2003-04: 4th
2004-05: 5th
2005-06: 3rd
2006-07: 3rd
2007-08: 4th
2008-09: 2nd
2009-10: 7th
2010-11: 12th – 4 points from the bottom three

We haven’t finished lower than eighth in the top flight since we were relegated in 1954, which just shows how unacceptably poor our performances have been this autumn. Only the defensive record under Rafael Benitez saved this year from becoming the clearly worst post-Shankly year, and the fact that we actually were only minutes away from a European final.

I wholeheartedly agree with your strategy of concentrating on what is in the best long-term interests of Liverpool FC, even if it is at the expense of short-term popularity. I have never called for any serving manager of Liverpool FC to be kicked out, and that includes the Graeme Souness era, but I believe that we have reached a tipping point in the club’s direction and that Roy Hodgson’s continued presence in the dugout is now detrimental to the long-term future of the club as well as our immediate future this league season.

Akh The Angry Academic Activist
A supporter of Liverpool Football Club for 27 years

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Did the CIA pay new Liverpool Football Club owner to use his jet for torture flights?

Just when it couldn’t get any worse for Liverpool supporters, it has, a jet owned by co-owner of NESV, Philip H Morse was chartered by the CIA & used in it’s illegal renditioning – kidnapping & torturing programme of “terror suspects”.

Philip H Morse is vice chairman of New England Sports Ventures, which has recently bought Liverpool Football Club in the UK.

A jet owned by Morse was chartered by the CIA and used in flights linked to the kidnapping and torture of ‘terror suspects’.

Mr Morse confirmed the arrangement with the CIA. He said: ‘Yeah, that’s true.’

But he insisted he had stopped renting the plane to the CIA after he became aware of the rendition flights.

He said: ‘The plane is still chartered. It’s just not chartered to the CIA.’

How the hell did that get past the “fit & proper” test of ownership the Premier League is supposed to have in place?

I’ve never had any love for the Daily Mail and await to see if the sources of this news are proved to be reliable, at least more reliable than the photo-shopped picture the rag are using to headline this story.

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Victory for people power – Liverpool fans get regime change at Anfield!

It’s victory to the people as supporters of Liverpool Football Club finally got the regime change we’ve been hoping for at Anfield, as Aids & Cancer (Tom Hicks & George Gillett) lost their high court battle to keep control of the club.

It was a grass roots movement that led to this moment.

Let’s hope regime change off the pitch leads to better fortunes on it, with the drama’s of ownership behind us.

Though what John “Dubya” Henry (whats with americans and “dubya”?) will do different in terms of “leveraging” – borrowing money against the club’s assets that the previous regime did. The playing staff needs investment immediately, the stadium needs an extra 30,000 seats to have a truly self functioning revenue generation system. So how exactly will this be funded?

Yes it’s good to see the back of those clowns – and that’s doing a serious dis-service to clowns, but this interview with Hicks should show you what a complete and utter clueless idiot the guy is, blaming everyone but himself for the situation.

The Akh won’t forget how Rafa Benitez ripped straight onto the yankee cowboys straight away and in doing so opened the eyes of a lot of people.

To use his now immortal words after he flushed those reptiles out, whilst being attacked by the London based, manc loving football press pack scum in the process;

“Its not my ego … its my responsibility”

Pity about all those so called Liverpool fans who couldn’t see the politricks behind the scenes.

It cost him his job in the end, but he sacrificed that in order to bring awareness to the fans.

The club down the M6 don’t know what kind of murky water they are in because the purple faced, gin-soaked tramp prefers to dismiss the yellow & green Norwich campaign and back the Glazers instead of his own fans.

That’s one of the biggest difference between us and them.

Thank you Rafa for speaking up and fighting for Liverpool when most other managers (that’s you Mr. Ferguson) would have silently sat by.

Bring on Everton tomorrow!


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