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Show Israel the Red Card – Kick Israeli racism out of UEFA!

Show Israel the red card banner

Last night, I attended the England V Romania U21 Football match & as I neared the stadium, I saw the above banner unequivocally stating to “kick Israeli racism out of UEFA!”

After stopping and speaking to the chaps stood out in the freezing rain – handing out leaflets and stating their position – I was pleasantly surprised to see that this grass roots movement is beginning to take hold within the public conciousness.

One of my fellow bloggers – http://abdelxyz.wordpress.com – (who you should be following!) has been writing on this issue for some time now:

More than twenty years after the spectre of apartheid was finally ended in South Africa, the very same system of state-sanctioned discrimination is alive and well in Israel today.

The Apartheid State of Israel discriminates against Palestinians in every walk of life, including sport.

The world of sport cannot be divorced from other aspects of life and the standards deemed acceptable by sporting bodies, sends very powerful signals to the public.

Since Israel was announced as host there have been a number of calls to boycott the tournament or for UEFA President Michel Platini to reverse his decision.

One well-known petition is organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In the text of the petition it reminds Platini that “Hosting an international sporting competition is an honour. However, there is nothing honourable about the actions of Israel towards the Palestinian people. Your damaging decision sends the message that UEFA has no issue with the illegal and discriminatory treatment of Israel towards the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps Platini granted Israel the opportunity because Israel is a benevolent host – just ask the Ethiopian Jews who live there.

Ethiopian women were ‘kindly’ administered birth control shots without their knowledge

Prominent Israeli politicians join street demonstrations shouting ‘Blacks out’ and refer to Blacks in Israel as ‘cancers’ and ‘infiltrators’.

You all know that the leader of the free world, Barack Obama has gone to Israel to re-affirm his loyalty to the terrorist state (what do you think the millions of shekels in campaign donations buy?) THAT speech in Cairo seems like an awfully long time ago.

The Palestinian people are patient, but the patience is beginning to wear thin, the following a message pinned to a tent, on the ruins of a house bombed by the Israeli’s in one of their all too frequent attacks:

Obama Apartheid

And you know all too well what happens to the Palestinian Ghandi’s who protest peacefully:

i have a dream

“I have a dream” – not if you’re in the only democracy in the Middle East!

Remember to play your part – The world must rise against Israeli apartheid give zionism the red card!

kick israeli racism out of uefa


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It’s Passover & a locust plague hits “God’s chosen people” in Israel

Ban’ee Israel getting swamped by a plague of Locusts over Passover – you couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Just as a swarm of locusts was inflicted on Egypt as one of ten deadly plagues sent by God to persuade the Pharaoh to release the Hebrews from slavery, locusts swarm on the zionists while they keep millions in virtual bondage in occupied Palestine.

Seeing mankind has failed the people of Palestine, maybe we can just leave it to God after all.

Bring on the frogs, rivers turning to blood, darkness and boils.

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When it comes to Palestine, the Masajids are useless

Pick an issue, a real world issue that effects Muslims – Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir and you can count one hand the number of Masajids in this country that actively teach their congregation what they can do to change the status quo.

Now pick another issue from the list –

– is it permissible for women to wear nail varnish?

– does Allah have a hand, or is it a meta-physical hand?

– defeating satan by saying Bismillah.

These are just three topics that I’ve heard with my own ears, over the last few years on Jumma Khutbah’s whilst various parts of the Muslim world were being bombarded back into the stone ages.

I’ve nothing against these topics being discussed, but theirs a time and a place, their is a priority.

I originally wrote this article The World Against Israeli Apartheid for the MPACUK website during Ramadan and due to time constraints, ended up not posting it on my own blog. That article is worth reading, and I’d highly recommend you take 10 minutes and watch the video above taken from “The World Against Apartheid”, which shows the force of good religion can play in defeating evil.

If our Masajids ever grew a collective backbone that is.

Regular readers will by now be familiar of the travails I’ve had with my “local community leaders” in getting them to do anything constructive when it comes to the affairs of Muslims. The last two blog posts are a quick reminder:

Steve Baker MP & what he really thinks about the Muslim constituents of High Wycombe

“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

As I wrote previously, the Masajids and the self elected leadership are the ultimate community gate keepers, they’re not here to help facilitate your concerns, they’re here to ensure any potentially tough questions and situations are smoothed over, a quick and simple “not my problem sonny” and it’s done with.

Because when you tell me “Yes we had a meeting with the Shura about it”


that’s it

You should be satisfied that a bunch of uncles and grandads took 30 seconds to discuss it between running their taxi empires and slurping tea and chowing down on samosas.

You would have thought that an area that has 20,000 voting Muslims in it should be taken seriously:


And it would be if the community leaders and councillors had anything other than their own ego’s and careers at stake.

You see, an MP like Steve Baker has a civic role to play in society, so when a local car dealer asks him to pop down for the grand opening of his business, he usually will:

Steve Baker MP Capture

Muslims are all too happy to get the MP to pop around for a picture opportunity when they’re opening a new curry take away, or along a meaningless march like the Prophet (SAW) birthday celebrations, or hell, just to get their picture with the great MP himself:

Steve Baker MP & Locals

But get any of these self serving, self righteous leaders to demand their MP does something constructive for 20,000 potential votes?


That’s impossible

I mean we’ll have a meeting about it.

But what can we do?

You see that’s what the gate keepers will tell you – to keep the restless native quiet – so the master can go about his job unabated.

Last week the world spoke out against Israel in the United Nations Assembly.

William Hague and the UK proved to be on the wrong side yet again by their abstaining vote.

The sands are shifting in the favour of the Palestinians 65 year struggle for justice.

It’s not an act of negligence, but damn right criminality, that so many of OUR Masajids did nothing to help.

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“So go, you and your Lord go fight, we are sitting right here”

Muslims are the new Jews right? Surah Maidah Verse 24 encapsulates everything that is wrong with Muslims today.

In Palestine we had almost two hundred people dead, the vast majority being women and children, with close to a thousand injured, there was more than a billion pounds worth of damage caused to infrastructure, that will never be rebuilt – thanks to the Israeli blockade of building supplies like cement and steel coming into Gaza.

You and I know this because we don’t believe the lies spun by the mass media, we rely on our own sources, from people like Harry Fear for example who reported from Gaza with his laptop and an internet connection. You see, that’s all it really takes, that and having the courage to do it.

When Gaza was being pummelled by the Israeli’s, I thought I’d do my best from here, to rally the locals, get some sort of pressure built up against the local MP to act. I was effectively given lip service – “Yes, we’ll do something” or to that effects. Well you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

Knowing they’d do nothing I took on my MP myself – I called him out on twitter – you can read my last post to see how that worked out.

Top Gunning Steve “Goose” Baker did put out a statement – if copying and pasting little willy hague’s pro israeli announcement is a statement:


During the bombardment of Gaza, there were two Jumma Khutbahs (two Friday prayers) were you would have thought the Shaykh would have made some kind of a mention of what’s going on in Palestine.


No announcements were made – apart from the obligatory we’re doing a collection.

On November 22, there were several arrests made connected with street grooming in my area.

The following Friday, each and every single Masajid read out a five minute statement, prepared by the local head of Police:


And herein lies my anger, my incandescent rage, that the MP, police and intelligence agencies can create the PVE inspired “Muslim Communication Forum” to deliver any edict to their congregations.

Try and get the very same unapproachable, self appointed community leaders to do anything where people are being butchered with impunity?

It’s a nice, big, fuck off to you sonny boy!

So yes, The same way the Jews told Moses that he and his Lord should go and fight, is the same way that these “Muslim leaders” do nothing but sit on their backsides and do nothing.

But whenever the Devil comes knocking on their door and tells them to deliver a statement to their people, they will bend over backwards for master.

To the people of Palestine, you’re on your own, we can’t do nothing for you.

You and your Lord go fight, we’re happy sitting right here.


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Steve Baker MP & what he really thinks about the Muslim constituents of High Wycombe

Top Gunning MP Steve “Goose” Baker

With the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza escalating, I thought I’d do my democratic duty, by getting in touch with my MP Steve Baker and asking what he intends to do.

What followed was a typical politicians attempt to placate a restless native constituent, I’ve captured the screen shots from Twitter for you to see how the dialogue developed:

A few points of note:

Steve Baker MP has since deleted all the tweets he made, you can check yourself on his twitter profile.


Steve Baker MP talks about “Decry all aggression” and yet served the Military Industrial Complex with the Royal Air Force as an Engineer between 1989-1999 http://www.stevebaker.info/about/detailed-biography/

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in touch with Steve Baker MP.

I wrote to Steve Baker MP asking him to spell out the actions our government intended to take in response to Israel’s murder on the high seas of Gaza-bound international aid workers in June 2010.

I then followed it up with what Steve Baker had responded with alongside the crass comments made by my former MP Paul Goodman.

You see the Government has spent Millions of pounds it could barely afford on the PVE strategy – a part of which was to hear any aggrieved concerns of it’s citizens.

Guess what?

When it comes to foreign policy of this Government, it is inherently biased towards Israel and any attempts to engage any constructive dialogue are met with bewildering statements.

Steve Baker MP, last time you held a meeting with the self elected “pillars of community” in H/W, it was relayed to me that you said “there’s a blog by a chap called The Akh, that’s saying I sent out the same standard responses to everyone” so I clearly give you – or your team some credit for keeping their ears close to the ground.

I was also told when you were pressed on the issue of Palestine, your response was a rather pathetic and patronising “what do you want me to do about it?”

Well Steve, if I had been in that room, I would have told you, clearly and unequivocally that Israel was created by the British mandate in Palestine and handed over the land under the auspices of the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

It’s no good trying to fudge Britain’s responsibility for it’s actions then and the unintended consequences of it’s toxic legacy in the region today.

The Conservative party is full of members of the CFOI “Israeli Friends” lobby group, at this moment in time, I do not know if you are

Sorry Steve, I’m not one of those hand wringing, cha wallah types of my community, the ones that will bend over backwards for you in return for a picture opportunity.

You and every single elected member of parliament are our servants, you serve us, the citizens and the taxpayer. I suggest you familiarise yourself with that notion.

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Rachel Corrie – Murdered by Israel

Rachel Corrie was 23 years old when she was murdered by an Israeli military bulldozer tank in 2003. This morning, after almost a decade long struggle to see justice prevail, an Israeli court decided that there was no negligence on part of the Israeli state or army and dismissed a civil lawsuit brought by her family.

As the video of a fifth grade Rachel Corrie testifies, she was driven by compassion, by truth and by justice and when she heard of Palestine she took action, she commented:

“I feel like I’m witnessing the systematic destruction of a people’s ability to survive”

Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israeli authorities as she defended children, whose home was about to be illegally bulldozed in an ethnic cleansing operation to grab more land.

Just as the rapist blames its victims, as do the Israeli authorities sickeningly blame Rachel Corrie for her murder.

Just as a black man couldn’t get justice from the judiciary system in Apartheid era South Africa, anyone not inside the Zionist circle is exempt from justice in Israel today.

While the Rachel Corrie Foundation continue in their quest for justice, in the eyes of the people, Israel and its apparatus are stone wall guilty of murder.

Tom Dale who was present at the time of Rachel Corrie’s murder was scathing in his response to the Israeli court and the BBC’s attempt at an impartial interview.

The sheer hatred of Zionists has been typical, on twitter the following comment was typical and sums up the zionist mentality:

The IDF claim to be the world’s ‘most moral army’ and yet act with impunity.

You’d be wrong to think this was an isolated case, Israeli soldiers shot dead James Miller, a British television documentary journalist and Tom Hurndall, a British photographer and pro-Palestinian activist. In November 2002, an Israeli sniper had killed a British United Nations worker, Iain Hook, in Jenin in the West Bank.

British inquests returned verdicts of unlawful killings in all three deaths, but Israel rejected calls for the soldiers who killed Miller and Hook to be held to account. The Israeli military initially whitewashed Hurndall’s killing but after an outcry led by his parents and British government pressure, the sniper who shot him was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter.

That sentence apparently did nothing to erode a military mindset that sees only enemies.

As Glenn Greenwald rightly points out;

The US and its loyal thinktank scholars have long demanded that other states maintain an “independent judiciary” as one of the key ingredients for living under the rule of law. But these latest episodes demonstrate, yet again, that the judiciary in the US, along with the one in its prime Middle East client state, is anything but “independent”: its primary function is to shield government actors from accountability.

Israeli courts have submissively accepted the supreme fiction of their own narrative: anyone impeding government actions is a terrorist or terrorist-enabler who gets what they deserve, while the actions of the state, no matter how savage, can never be anything other than legitimate.

The world is turning against the Israeli apartheid regime and Israel yet again is painting itself further into a corner and it only has itself to blame.

The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions programme against Israel is one that all people of conscience should support. Caterpillar, who supplies the specially designed bulldozing tanks to the Israeli ethnic cleansing forces have just as much blood on their hands as the driver and those who gave the orders to kill.

It’s high time businesses put humanity before profits.

Rachel Corrie – one day, you and all those that have suffered at the hands of the Israeli’s will get the true justice you deserve.


This article was cross posted on the MPACUK website
8:06 pm, Tue 28 Aug 2012

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American Jews are falling out of love with Israel

Norman Finkelstein was on BBC Hardtalk recently, the topic being discussed – American Jews are falling out of love with Israel.

Finkelstein argued that American Jews are now so unhappy with the murderous and quite frankly indefensible actions of Israel, that they want to distance themselves from that country.

Watch out, the Hardtalk presenter Sarah Montague looks to be an Israeli hasbara agent.

Dr. Finkelstein is adept at putting zionists firmly in their place, even beating the trump card of the holocaust, as this old blog piece testifies.

And if you still want more, I’ll direct you to read “On the Crisis of Zionism” an article on the much discussed Peter Beinart book. You know when Rolling Stone magazine starts covering Palestine it’s getting to be a pretty mainstream issue in America.

Recently Hebrew graffiti denouncing Zionism was sprayed inside Israel’s own Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in occupied Jerusalem:

Translated into English, the above reads as:

“The war of the Zionist regime is not the war of the Jewish people”


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