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Death By A Thousand Cuts

Observer Front Page 31 Aug 2009

Today’s Observer adds weight to my belief that the British and Americans have no clear mandate for their roles in Afghanistan.

They have gone from trying to neutralise the threat of Osama Bin Laden and ‘The Taliban’ to helping the Afghans rebuild their country (that we bombarded to smithereens…eight years on and it still hasn’t happened). Next came introducing democracy helping to put in the stooge government of Karzai in Kabul, and of course by now the naughty Talibans had resurfaced, so they had to be fought again.

Then came the threat of the naughty Talibans from Pakistan, so we had to tell the Pakistanis to launch a full scale war on its NWF populace, making two and a half million civilians homeless in the process.

Now the political aim of Gordon Brown is to promote “an emerging democracy” as its election time yet again in Afghanistan.

Everything concerning the West and Afghanistan has been ill conceived, naive, cack handed and above all handled with supreme levels of arrogance and stupidity.

Gen Stanley McChrystal, the top US general in Afghanistan has called for a revised military strategy, meaning the current one has failed, yet again. He went on to add that ‘while the Afghan situation was serious, success was still achievable.

McChrystal now sees protecting the Afghan people against the Taliban as the top priority.

Perhaps he needs to consult his ‘Chrystal’ ball to tell him what to do next…he might as well, they’ve tried everything else.

To give further strength to an earlier piece I wrote, Legitimising Afganistans Elections The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission, which is monitoring the Afghan elections says that of more than 2,100 allegations of wrongdoing during voting and vote-counting, 618 have been deemed serious enough to affect the election’s outcome.

Without realising it, the World’s forces are being bogged down into a long standing, drawn out war of attrition in Afghanistan, one that none of its leaders wanted, or now wish to admit that they have been suckered into.

The Afghan Mujahideen that fought the Soviets in the 1980’s attested to the fact, that they were in a war where they would defeat their Soviet enemy by ‘Death of a thousand cuts’.

Mark Twain once said that history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

I see the ‘rhyme’ he describes, the similarities are that we are talking about discretionary wars that are not of great intrinsic value to national security.

Be it Afghanistan or Iraq, these are wars of choice.

The US cannot summon the political will and military strategy for outright victory, however that is defined.

In both cases the ‘enemy’ knows that their job is not to defeat the great superpowers to their every last man, but merely to prolong the war and to break the will of their oppressors.


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Legitimising Afganistans Elections

Daily Mail Headline 27 Aug 2009

The colonisers never lose.

They occupy a country, and then set up bogus elections to legitimise (in their own eyes) the selection of their own collaborationist puppets.

When the people participate in the voting, they say that this proves that the colonial project has been a success.

When people don’t vote (less than 10% in some provinces in Afghanistan), they say that they were intimidated by the terrorists.

If they were to have voted in large numbers, they would have said: they were able to ignore the intimidation of terrorists.

And despite the Americans’ presence, Afghan officials said 290 people voted here last week at what is the only polling place in a region the size of London.

The Beeb reported that special envoy US neocon Richard Holbrooke met with American Stooge President Karzai where concerns were raised about ballot-stuffing and fraud, with a second-round run-off in the air to make the election process more credible….straight out of W.Bush’s playbook the first time he got elected.

According to the Guardian, Holbrooke also met with Abdullah Abdullah (so good they named him twice…a bit like reggae reggae sauce I guess) on the same day.

Are the US looking to replace one puppet with another?

Still…Karzai can always go back home to Helmand…no, not Helmand in Afghanistan, Helmand the restaurant in Baltimore, USA where he and his family were all holed up for many a year before the American led war in Afghanistan….making Kebabs and the like.

His restaurants in Baltimore are said to be doing a flourishing trade in feeding rotund Americans…getting the morbidly obese yanks to chow down, what a real challenge that is….oh stupid me, running those restaurants must have equipped him with the skillset you need to lead and rebuild a country.

….how the hell do you go from being a restaurateur to President?

Answers on a postcard please.


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The Lockerbie Bomber & American Hypocrisy


Typically the Americans are claiming the moral high ground after Lockerbie ‘bomber’ Al-Megrahi was released on grounds of ill health.

Lets remember that Al-Megrahi was convicted of the Lockerbie tragedy on flawed evidence, the West needed someone to blame for the crime, and Ghaddafi’s Libya, the 1980’s terrorist safe haven of the world, fitted the bill perfectly.

I can draw parallels between the welcome Al-Megrahi was given and the welcomes given to the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian physician convicted of the murder of Libyan babies on their return to Sofia.

Bulgarian Nurses

I didn’t see any condemnations and accusations from the British government or the US administration against the Bulgarian government for welcoming home those individuals who were convicted of infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV.

Neither the West, nor the Libyan governing party can claim any sort of moral superiority over the other, as the release in both cases was done in exchange for promises of lucrative contracts, and the exploitation of Libya’s wealth of oil and natural resources.

This is of course a fact denied by the foreign office, but the two faced duplicity of the unspeak used by politicians should let you draw your own conclusions.

While we are on the subject, the Americans can lecture no-one on the early release of convicted mass murderers.

Lieutenant William Calley of the US army, was tried and convicted for his involvement in the My Lai massacre in Vietnam where more than 500 village civilians were butchered in cold blood, Calley was subsequently sentenced to life in prison with hard labour.

He was released after three days, spent three years under house arrest, his sentence was reduced to 10 years and was then paroled and freed because he had served a third of his sentence.

This should come as no shock to any of us.

The US is the world’s self appointed police man, but when it comes to dishing out justice to its own, it is always found wanting.

How many individuals have been found guilty and served REAL time for their atrocities committed in Haditha, Fallujha, Abu Ghraib?

The list is endless.

And you want to lecture me about justice being served?

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‘I Am Wrong’ Israeli Mother Realises Zionism Ideology Is Based on Ignorance

Its taken over sixty years, the ethnic cleansing and physical ejections of millions of the indigenous populace, but the message is beginning to get through people’s heads.

The corrupt ideology of Zionism which has been used to enslave millions, start wars of aggressions and murder those who dare oppose tyranny is being questioned more than ever, and as the clip illustrates, its former die hard proponents are seeing it laid out for all that it is.

A corrupt and morally bankrupt way of life.


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Would You Live in a Country That…..

…..Physically attacks people for protesting?

…..Murders those who do protest and then tries to cover it up?

…..Puts fear in to would-be activists and those who question government policy?

…..Does not allow free media coverage of protests and police brutality?

…..Tortures people and then lies to the world that “we don’t do this kind og thing”?

…..Tells the rest of the world about how they must change, yet is in complete denial about its own human rights abuses?

This is no tinpot banana republic.

Welcome to “Great Britain 2009”


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Pilger on Obama’s ‘Chump Politics’

One of the only true investigative journalists, in every real sense of the word that the world has left, John Pilger speaks on Obama and blows apart the rebranding efforts of American imperialism.

Chris Hedges the author of Empire of Illusion, states;

Obama does one thing and Brand Obama gets you to believe in another, this is the essence of successful advertising, you buy or do what the advertiser wants, because of how they make you feel.

And so you are kept in a perpetual state of childishness.

This is chump politics.

Carlos Latuff illustrates it perfectly for us;

6th Anniversary Iraq War Obama



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Any Criticism of Israel & You’re Fired!

Malcolm Evans Cartoonist New Zealand Herald

You can make cartoons that show Muslims in a bad light or make fun of the Prophet and your newspaper will be lauded as a defender of free speech by other Zionist fronts and see a surge in ad revenue.

But as soon as you depict a cartoon that shows the horrible suffering that goes on everyday in Occupied Palestine and you’re sure to be standing in the unemployment line.

Unbelievably this cartoon got Malcolm Evans fired from his job as editorial cartoonist for the New Zealand Herald.

Shame on you.


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