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Muhammed Sbihi Britain’s first Muslim Olympic rower solves Ramadan dilemma

Muhammed Sbihi – Britain’s first Muslim Olympic Rower

Muhammed Sbihi, Britain’s first Muslim Olympic rower has solved the Ramadan fasting dilemma for athletes, instead of fasting during the Olympic games he’ll pay for the meals for 1,800 people in his native Morocco as recompense.

When Muhammed Sbihi was picked for the GB rowing Olympic squad he faced a dilemma, how to marry his faith and to practice the month of Ramadan, where one must abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours and the demands it would have on him as a athlete in a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Willing to find another solution, he then heard about Moroccan goalkeeper Badou Zaki, who though a Muslim never fasted during his time at Real Mallorca in Spain’s La Liga. Instead, he would go to Morocco each year to pay for thousands of meals for the poor.

A cousin in Tangiers, the home town of Muhammed’s father, consulted scholars to come up with the final answer. Muhammed would follow the example of Ezzaiki and provide 60 meals for the poor for each day he misses the fast.

So this summer, up to 1,800 people in Morocco will eat a meal thanks to a 6ft 8in rower chasing a gold medal in the UK.

Islam is a religion of ease, Allah SWT knows the limitations of his creation. Allah, in the Quran, declares that religious morality is easy and that He will make things easier for those who follow their religion:

“He has chosen you and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship”
(Surah Al Hajj: 78)

“We will ease you to the Easy Way”
(Surah A’la: 8)

So well done to brother Muhammed Sbihi, looking forward to seeing you bring home the gold medal, Insh’Allah.


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Co-opting Dissent: The Muslim Leadership Council & The Relaunched All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia

What do the ‘Dem-Cons’ government do when they need approval from a representative Muslim body?

Easy, they create the Muslim Leadership Council, handpicking who gets to be on the body itself.

Paul Goodman over at CONservative home seems to think every single Muslim involved in the scheme is a closet Islamist.

The interesting fight of course is between the Conservative heavyweights (in every sense of the word).

In one corner we have Eric ‘chicken tikka masala’ Pickles

In the other corner we have Saeeda ‘every muslim apart from me is an extremist kaffir’ Warsi

What they are wrestling for (disgusting image if you think about it) is the soul of the Conservative right wing.

Muslims, like always, are smack bang in the middle of it all.

Last year, An All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia was formed, the secretariat of which was ENGAGE.

Zionist MP’s from across the board were spurred into action by their masters to remove Engage from their position as secretariat to the APPG on Islamophobia, and as ever, they succeeded in doing so.

Now you know the background, you’ll be able to follow my logic.

The government and it’s zionist cadre, always need a Muslim partner to act as a yes man and rubber stamp it’s actions.

Ostensibly this was the MCB (Muslim Council of Britain’s) job for many years, until Daud Abdullah decided he could no longer tolerate British political support for Israel after 2010’s ‘Cast Lead’ attack on Gaza.

He was savagedly attacked in the media for saying what the majority of the muslims in the UK think.

Since then, the MCB & MINAB and a whole bunch of Muslim Acronym groups have been given the cold shoulder.

Other government created fronts like the The Sufi Muslim Council were brilliantly exposed.

So it left the government and it’s zionist sponsored schemes for Muslims in disarray, without a Muslim yes man, how can we play our RAND created moderate V extremist, divide and rule policy?

Step up the Muslim Leadership Council.

It’s very important to understand how good the system is at co-opting dissenting voices and that most discussions within the media are often the first step for the issue to be reabsorbed into ‘the system’, investigated or committee’d to death & out of consciousness.

As I was ready to publish this, news got to me that the APPG on Islamophobia, as written about above, had been relaunched within Westminster.

Dr. Chris Allen (The Key Trends Of Islamophobia & Anti-Muslim Hate Crime) is someone who’s work I recognise in fighting Islamophobia and helping shaping policy to eradicate it.

However, even Dr. Allen wasn’t immune to being co-opted into the system, when his “Independent report to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia” was inadvertently used to remove Engage from it’s role as secretary.

As it was put to Dr. Allen, you can write intellectually impressive analyses of the subtle nuances of the meaning contained in the term Islamophobia, but when it comes to making basic political judgements in response to the actual operation of anti-Muslim bigotry in the real world, you clearly don’t have a fucking clue.

The relaunch of the group now has Khalid Mahmood MP (Labour) as co-chair.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Khalid Mahmood, he’s an absolute waste of space career politician. He’s never raised the issue of Islamophobia, he voted for the Iraq war, he’s refused to condemn Israel on several occasions and to show what a great Muslim he is, he had an affair with Elaina Cohen and claimed the hotel he used for his sleazy rendezvous on his expenses….so he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either.

By appointing someone like Khalid Mahmood, the system has the element of control it requires and will use the token Muslim face to once again act as gate keeper and block any dissenting opinion from the Muslim community, one that Khalid Mahmood has been doing successfully in Birmingham for many a year, and one he will get to replicate at the highest level possible.

No Muslim political group or lobby (and by political I mean in the sense of defending the rights of Muslims in the UK and worldwide, yes chaps it’s foreign policy) can be created by the government.

This political group can only be created and funded by almost 3 million Muslims in the UK.

The vision, aims, strategy and tactics have to be developed by us.

The ownership has to be ours.

Sadly we hear of the 99% and the 1% all too often.

Of the 3 million Muslims in the UK, I’d say that not even 1% are defending the Muslims and the Ummah – getting politically active – to change the betterment of mankind.

Government created means government owned.

Stop funding the building of new glass chandeliers and marble floors in your Masajid, it is not a priority.

Creating the 800lb gorilla that fights politically for the rights of Muslims in the UK, (ultimately the actions taken by the politicians in the UK that effect Muslims the world over) HAS to become our number one priority.

Are you with me?


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Why the Muslims will fail Babar Ahmad

Free Babar Ahmad!…but can Muslims be bothered?

The Israeli’s & “The West” as a whole have a policy of leaving no man behind enemy lines, it was proved with the recent Gilad Shalit case, but Muslims don’t really care about their political prisoners who are rotting in the belly of the beast and the Babar Ahmad case may just sadly prove it.

Just to remind you again, why your small contribution of a signature for the petition is so important. Babar Ahmad was arrested in 2003, without charge and was tortured during and since his arrest. All that is being asked for is a fair trial in the UK – a basic human right which has been denied for so many years.

The yankees have requested extradition for his apparent support of ‘terrorism’. If successful, his extradition would set a precedent, meaning the yanks can shout terrorism at anyone in the UK & our government would happily hand them over to be tried in a kangaroo court. This of course could happen to anyone, a blogger like me, or perhaps even you reading this at home.

It’s not a ‘Muslim Only’ issue, Gary McKinnon is up on extradition charges, wanted by the Yanks for apparently hacking their defence network. Most “Security” laws passed since 2001 have been done so because they go against the ‘Evil’ Muslims and are passed without much uproar from the general population.

That is until those very same laws passed against the pesky muslims are used against Dave & Gary, the good ol’ English boys.

Truth is, I know how difficult it is to get Muslims to sign a petition, believe me I’ve done it for years. Even when the government wanted to pass the 42 day internment detention for Muslims, you could get hardly any muslims to sign up to voice their opposition against it. Of course these are the same Muslims who would cry when their communities are targeted by Five-O.

3 Million Muslims in the UK

100,000 signatures needed

3.333% of Muslims needed to sign the petition

As of today 42,000 people have signed

Thats less than 1.5% of Muslims in the UK.

That is shameful.

The brother Shahid has put in effort to give you the Islamic justifications (like you needed it) as to why you should sign the petition.

Play your part in helping Babar Ahmad reach his first step towards justice – sign and share the petition.


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Is child abuse in Muslim Madrassas rampant? The BBC think so

A scathing BBC report tonight will document over 400 cases of reported child abuse in Madrassas through the UK.

I’m not sure if any of these pop-up madrassas have any rules & guidelines to abide by, in terms of structural governance & best practice guidelines, not curriculum.

Do they even bother vetting staff with background CRB checks?

It’s not just the Nazi Pope & his minions who have a problem with paedophile child abuse.

Unless we want to see the name of Islam dragged through the mud – like that’ll ever happen – then parents, demand some good governance, being hit with a stick, or being forced into the “murga” (chicken) position has to be outlawed.

There’s plenty of time for Muslims to be forced into stress positions à la Guantanamo, so leave the kids alone.

I don’t think most kids have the mental capacity after being at school all day to do an extra two hours on their Islamic study/Quran. Then again I know of plenty of parents who view it as an extra drop off facility for their kids.

Personally, I tend not to believe the propaganda that comes out of the pro zionist beeb these days, I don’t know enough about the show’s presenter Fran Abrams to make a call, but when I’ve done a bit of digging in the past, I’ve found that BBC Panorama’s Jane Corbin’s husband tuned out to be John Cradock Maples, former MP & President of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

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Ramadan Kareem to all of you!

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your families, The Akh hopes that Allah Az’Wajjal accepts your Saum (fasting), Ibadat (acts of worship) and Duah’s (prayers).

Alhumdullilah, in the UK we all have started Ramadan together, whether we have Eid together of course is another question. That’s mainly thanks to the taxi mafia goon squads that own our masajids (see last post).

Just like last Ramadan, I’ll be posting up a breakdown of every Ajiza/Juz section of the Quran on a daily basis. While it’s good to stand for salaat tarweh, it’s just as important that for all of us for whom Arabic is not our first language, to understand what is being recited. Insh’Allah the first Juz goes up tonight.

The Akh received an email a month ago which I’ll post in it’s entirety below, let’s see if the calculations prove to be correct:

Assalaamu Alaykum W W

Please find information regarding Shaban to Eidul Fitr, if you have any query please feel free to contact me

Sha’ban started on Sun 03/07/2011

Sha’ban is expected to end with 29 days

1. The Astronomical New Moon is on July 1, 2011 (Friday) at 8:54 UT. On July 1 it can not be seen anywhere in the world except Polynesian Islands.

2. On Saturday, July 2, 2011, it can be easily seen in Australia, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Americas. Most of Europe will see it on July 3 (See visibility curves).

Ramadan is expected to start on 01/08/2011

Ramadhaan is expected to end with 30 days

1. The Astronomical New Moon is on July 30, 2011 (Saturday) at 18:40 UT. On July 30, it can not be seen anywhere in the world.

2. On Sunday, July 31, 2011, it can be easily seen in Southern Africa and South America, but with difficulty in Central Africa. (See visibility curves).

Eidul Fitr is expected to be on Wed 31/08/2011

1. The Astronomical New Moon is on August 29, 2011 (Monday) at 3:04 UT.

2. On August 29, it can not be seen anywhere in the world, except part of Soth America and Polynesian Islands.

3. On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, it can be easily seen everywhere except Northern Asia and Northern Europe (See visibility curves).

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Cricket World Cup 2011 – Who Are You Supporting & Do You Pass Tebbit’s Test?

With the 2011 Cricket World Cup getting towards the business end of the knock out rounds, The Akh has to ask, who are you supporting?

One of the things that got a young akh politicised was back in 1990 when prominent Conservative MP Norman Tebbit stated:

“A large proportion of Britain’s Asian population fail to pass the cricket test. Which side do they cheer for? It’s an interesting test. Are you still harking back to where you came from or where you are?”

Tebbit’s cricket test as it became to be known, referred to a perceived ‘loyalty’ or ‘lack of loyalty’ of immigrants and their children from certain parts of Asia and the Caribbean to the England cricket team.

Tebbit suggested that those immigrants who root for their native countries rather than Great Britain in sports might not be sufficiently loyal to their new country.

The tabloid press at the time relished this statement and pointed aggressive fingers at the new communities for our disloyalty to both Queen and country.

How true was this statement?

Four out of every five people from the black Caribbean community living in Britain described their national identity as British, English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Three-quarters of the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities identified them selves in the same way. Among people of mixed ethnic origins the figure was 87% and 81% in the “other black” category, those originating from outside Africa or the Caribbean. They included many born in Britain and describing their ethnicity as black British in recent official surveys.

This attitude was further challenged by ONS data showing only 27% of people in Scotland described themselves as British, with the rest preferring to identify themselves as Scottish. In Wales 35% said they were British and 62% Welsh. Their loyalty to the England cricket team may also be questioned without impugning their patriotism.

A 2009 Home Office consultation paper titled “Earning the Right to Stay” proposed a points system to determine who was qualified to be a British citizen. The paper suggested that points should be deducted from a person’s score total, if they demonstrated an “active disregard for UK values”. What constitutes an “active disregard” was never made clear.

It never meant criminal activity, perhaps it meant an action that was within legal boundaries, yet was disrespectful. As an individual I feel uncomfortable having to stand for the British national anthem or saluting the flag – I don’t really believe in the monarchy, and the flag is a emblem of colonial expansion that dominated the countries of my fore fathers.

So perhaps I am showing an active disregard?

But I am already here. There is nothing much that can be done about us who are already here, but for those who wish to enter it’s a different ball game.

“I want to see a greater pride from British people about their own culture and identity – English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish, so that people can actually celebrate their own sense of identity much more clearly and have the confidence to celebrate and welcome other people.”

David Blunkett, Home Secretary, 2003, at the launch of the “Britishness Test”

In other words, immigrants will be tested so that British people can feel better about themselves.

At it’s core root, identity politics insists upon the premise that who we are determines what we do and how we think. The assumption being of course that there is one singular proscribed way of being British, or at the very least a behavioural standard below which no one may be considered British, seeking to set a standard to reach and the penalties for not meeting it.

It’s precisely these narrow, constrictive framings that never make any sense.

So who am I supporting?

Easy choice.


How English exactly is the cricket team?

Let’s start with the management, coach Andy Flower was born in South Africa and played for Zimbabwe. Spin bowling coach is Pakistan’s Mushtaq Ahmed, while Australia’s David Saker is the fast bowling coach.

Of the current squad ,captain Andrew Strauss, Matt Prior, Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Craig Kieswetter and Michael Lumb are all South-African-born but qualify through British parentage (though they still had to fulfil residency requirements), whilst Eoin Morgan is an Irish citizen, while Ajmal Shazad became the first Yorkshire-born player of a Pakistani background to play for Yorkshire and England.

England have been captained by a Scot (Mike Denness), four South African-born players (Tony Greig, Allan Lamb, Andrew Strauss and Kevin Pietersen), three Indian-born players (Douglas Jardine, Colin Cowdrey and Nasser Hussain), Italian-born (Ted Dexter) and Australian-born (Gubby Allen). South African Cape Coloured player Basil D’Oliveira famously played for England during the Apartheid era, whilst other notable players of the past 20 years include Graeme Hick (Zimbabwe), Andrew Caddick (New Zealand) and Geraint Jones (Papua New Guinea/Australia).

In fact players of Pakistani, Indian and West Indian heritage have all represented England

Usman Afzaal, Kabir Ali, Sajid Mahmood, Owais Shah, Adil Rashid, Ravi Bopara, Ronnie Irani, Monty Panesar, Min Patel, Mark Ramprakash, Vikram Solanki, Phil DeFreitas, Dean Headley, Chris Lewis, Devon Malcolm, Gladstone Small, Alex Tudor

Almost a decade later after those comments, I remember watching a Channel 4 documentary entitled “The White Tribe”. Darcus Howe questioned Tebbit about his now infamous test.

To my astonishment, he admitted to being an immigrant himself from the lowlands of Europe, and preened as he spoke of how the tribes people from whom he came were proud to lift themselves from their lowly status up into the hallowed corridors of the English.

Tebbit’s test did not survive the passage of time and is now truly dead.

Perhaps it’s time for all those right wing politicians and commentators who talk about multicultural aspect of Britain being a failure being hit out of the park for a six.

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Why Does The Daily Star Newspaper Love Racists & Hate Muslims?

Worried about foreigners? or Muslim types that are taking over and are going to ban Christmas? well have those fears confirmed in your favourite daily paper, the Daily Star.

Charlie Brooker took apart the Daily Star and their support for the racist English Defence League in last nights 10’o clock show on Channel 4, (click through here to watch it as Channel 4 do not allow their content to be embedded).

The Daily Stars readership seem to comprise of 98 per cent morons, if their own poll is to be believed.

“Yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state”


Ninety-eight per cent of Star readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.

Now, it’s easy to point to the publications of the perverted zionist smut peddler Richard Desmond – the Daily Express and Daily Star, his company Northern & Shell now own TV station Channel Five as well – and wonder why exactly that kind of fear might be occurring at such an alarming rate.

But then again, you have to wonder.

Are these publications merely reflecting their readers’ views, or are they creating them?

Or do they create a self-perpetuating confirmation bias in the readers?

When it comes to things like online polls, are they too easily rigged?

One thing is for sure, though. The Star and Express don’t take the EDL to task when it comes to perpetuating the same old “Christmas is banned” stories – because that would dismantle a whole cheery industry that pops up every year to give lazy hacks something to write about, with bonus anti-‘them’ points.

Stories like this Christmas cracker from 2008:

“CHRISTMAS and Easter have been scrubbed from a college’s calendars in case they offend non-Christians.

Last night Ms Kitching said pupils would still be celebrating Christmas. She insisted: “There has been no big plan to ban the word Christmas.”

CHRISTMAS IS BANNED (except it isn’t, but shhhhhhhhh).

With stories like that knocking about every time the leaves start to fall, it’s no wonder that the moron EDL really believe – and I’m pretty sure they really do believe – that the evil PC Brigade has indeed gone mad once again and will be BANNING CHRISTMAS for fear of upsetting THAT LOT.

When lies such as these are not challenged, it creates a snowball effect, leading to stuff like this:

“A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims.”

Well, that’ll be none, then.

Same as every year.

We all know about the Winterval myths that get recycled and embellished every year.

But what if a misleading, deliberately skewed story misrepresented a town, and it suffered an ‘invasion’ from the EDL?

Would that be all right?

Would the people who wrote the rubbish walk off whistling, pleased with a good day’s work?

The EDL are, as you’d imagine, delighted with the coverage from the Daily Star. As one EDL blogger puts it:

“This is the first article I have read, from both the national and regional media, that hasn’t been critical of the EDL. Perhaps we can expect more objective, or unbiased, articles on the EDL from the Daily Star. And if that becomes the case, I would advise EDL members to stop reading the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, etc. and start reading the Daily Star – after all, there are not many tabloids which are fair to the EDL.”

Job done, Daily Star.

Hold your heads high, you must be terrifically proud of yourselves.

Thanks to the enemies of reason blog for the source material.


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Are White Girls Easy Meat?

Jack Straw certainly thinks so.

The Akh is of the thought that these spurious claims about Muslim men grooming white girls hides a more legitimate worry about a system that fails victims of abuse.

While these scum should be dealt with the full crushing weight of the law, it’s not only wrong but inappropriate to stereotype a whole community to shoulder the blame with such irresponsible comments.

It’s similar to me saying that ALL Catholics are paedophiles, because child abuse is rampant within the priesthood or all Israeli’s are rapists as two of their former President’s were found guilty of rape.

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