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Israeli Mossad agent captured in Cairo was involved in terrorist activities in Egypt

An American-Israeli Mossad agent with multiple identities – Ilan Chaim Grappelli/Grapel – was arrested in Egypt, after Egyptian authorities surveillance suspected him of plotting a campaign of sabotage and harming Egyptian economic and political interests.

The Egyptian authorities and the state news agency revealed on Sunday June 12 2011 that they have arrested Ilan Chaim Grappelli/Grapel, (אילן גרפל ), known in Israel as Ilan Goren (אילן גורן), an American-Israeli Mossad agent, a war criminal who participated in the atrocities of the Lebanon “second war” in 2006, and a former paratrooper soldier who had infiltrated the Egyptian revolutionists and was causing trouble, spying on the military and the revolutionaries, photographing people and reporting to the Mossad, distributing money to some Egyptians and recruiting them in order to cause chaos, to steal and to sabotage public infrastructure in the country.

Grappelli had also been organizing a series of protest movements and preparing them to disobey orders of the military authorities after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

Presiding judge Hesham Badawi of the supreme state security prosecution ordered the detention of the israeli spy for 15 days for pending investigations into his alleged spying on Egypt with the aim of sabotaging and harming its economic and political interests. The israeli mossad spy was arrested at a famous hotel in Cairo with a laptop and three mobile phones.

According to the Egyptian intelligence services, Grappelli, the Mossad officer appeared in Egypt shortly before the start of the January 25 uprising, he entered the country with a forged visa and he was among the first elements that existed in Tahrir Square, and he was photographed and his movements followed closely after he had raised suspicions. He visited several regions in Egypt, including North of Sinai, He monitored gas pipelines, the relationship between the Egyptians and the Palestinians. The spy introduced himself to the resistance at Al-Tahrir Square as a “foreign correspondent” supposedly covering the anti-government protests in Cairo. The movements and phone calls of the spy were monitored and filmed in Egypt before his arrest.

Several images of the spy were released by the Egyptian authorities, showing that he had appeared in various places throughout Egypt. In some images is seen raising signs among the demonstrators, in another one he appears at the jewish synagogue, and in others he is seen around areas affected by violence and troubles.

The Egyptian intelligence service was able to track the messages and contacts of the mossad agent with the Israeli government and to some western countries and the USA. The monitoring process confirmed the suspicions about the seditious role which the spy and his backers played in creating chaos in Egypt in an attempt at pre-empting the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January, by way of fomenting sectarian violence between the Egyptians.

Information gathered by the Egyptian intelligence service confirmed that the Israeli spy belonged to the Israeli military and that he had been injured during the Lebanon war of 2006.

According to intelligence sources, Goren/Grapel/Grappelli had participated directly in the heinous massacres, war crimes against Lebanese villagers in southern Lebanon. They also published some of his pictures with military uniform during the second Lebanon war.

The Mossad spy admitted that he was assigned to a variety of roles in Egypt in order to generate trouble and that he had paid money to some elements in Egypt so that they would assist him in the implementation of the plan, which was about causing strife and chaos in the country and repeating rumours that would prevent the stabilization of the situation in Egypt. He also admitted that he had paid some elements for the dissemination of rumours and for exploding the pipeline which provides Israel and Jordan with gas.

Egyptian sources pointed out that the confessions of the this Mossad operative will reveal amazing facts about some of the horrible incidents which took place during the last months, especially during the outbreak of the people’s ‘revolution’ and ‘liberation’ of Egypt.

It should be noted that previously, three alleged Mossad espionage cells were dismantled in Lebanon and Syria and that Israel has a history of implanting Mossad cells all over western and Arab countries and that there are no doubts that it is behind many horrible crimes such as assassinations of politicians, theft, smuggling of drugs, jewelry, diamonds, weapons, organ trafficking etc., all perpetrated for the advantage of Israel and other Zionist interests. Simply said, Israel is a big threat for security of all people and countries of the world.

The US State Department issued a statement on Sunday reacting to Grapelli’s detention, saying that their Embassy in Cairo “is providing Grapel with the necessary help which provided to all US citizens arrested overseas”. The statement pointed that consular officers visited Gabrel and that the embassy will be in contact with the Egyptian authorities to ensure that he is “being treated fairly under local law”.

Source: Terminal X

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Egyptians Celebrate The Dawning Of A Pharaoh Free Era #Egypt #Jan25

It has been a remarkable two-and-a-half weeks for Egypt – with developments coming thick and fast. If the Egyptian military had taken control straight away we all would have smelled a rat and called it a military coup d’état, a military financed and backed by Americas two billion US dollars every year.

In essence replacing one dictator with another.

You can’t help me for this train of thought, after all we’ve had manufactured revolutions before, but this one does seem different, let’s hope for a peaceful transition period leading to a fair, free and transparent election.

“The West” have to stick to the rules of the democracy game and play fair. Let the Egyptian people decide who is to administer their affairs and respect their decision, nobody has the right to say that a government that is perhaps “more friendly” to the west must be installed, at the detriment of the country’s internal affairs, as has been the case for the last 31 years.

We’ll play your game, you respect the rules when the votes are counted.

I sincerely hope that the jackals are not released where the doves have failed.

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It’s Official – Hosni Mubarak Resigns As Egyptian President! #Egypt #Jan25

The dictator has gone, long live the new dictator?

Well let’s just celebrate the fact the people power has won and made the dick-tator Hosni Mubarak resign as president.

It’s taken three solid weeks of resistance to get rid of a tyrant that ruled with fear and domination for more than 30 years.

Let’s hope that their is a free and fair election soon and the American backed army generals do not assume full control on a permanent basis.

Can you hear the tears in Tel-Aviv?

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Mubarak Begins Bloodbath In Egypt – Approved By The USA #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir

Mubarak’s Mukhabarat (secret police) rode in on camels and horses, with the police backing them armed with sticks and knives, to enter Tahrir square.

Al Jazeera report the army seemed to be standing by and facilitating the clashes.

Read the following twitter posts to give you some idea of whats happening:

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Glenn Beck & Fox News Are So Dumb That They Can’t Find Egypt On The World Map #Jan25 #Egypt

Rupert Murdoch’s zionist propaganda channel Fix News has the most blatant hatred towards Muslims, Islam, in fact anything that does a disservice to Israel, they hate. Chief cheerleader for Fix News is the walking piece of excrement that goes by the name of Glenn Beck.

These guys are so clever that they can’t even find Egypt on the map.

How many Americans swallow every lie these morons put out?

Here’s a word to all you Americans out there, it’s time to get Al-Jazeera.

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Million Masri March – People Power Flooding the Streets in Egypt #Jan25 #Egypt

The Million Masri March (“Masri” is Arabic for an Egyptian) is in full swing, with more than a million protesters flooding into central Cairo, turning Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital, into a sea of humanity in a massive show of protest against Hosni Mubarak.

Packed shoulder to shoulder in and around the famed Tahrir Square, the masses held aloft posters denouncing the president, and chanted slogans “Go Mubarak Go” and “Leave! Leave! Leave!”

It is only a matter of time and perseverance that this tyrant will be forced to flee the country.


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Why Israel & America Want Strong Arm Dictatorships Across The Middle East #Jan25 #Egypt

As a million Egyptians take to the streets of Cairo, America & Israel are still pondering how to contain the situation, appoint another pro zionist strongman dictator or allow a full and transparent election risking that the people would elect a government that would serve the interests of the Egyptian people before kowtowing to Tel-Aviv.

“If there is anyone who is more cooperative with Israel than Mubarak, it’s Omar Suleiman. He knows us and he’s worked with us for years. The best scenario for Israel is that Suleiman succeeds in restoring order.”

The words of former senior Mossad official Joseph Alpher in a recent interview. Alpher of course has an excellent working relationship with Suleiman who was the head of the much feared Mukhabarat (secret police) who would summarily torture and execute anyone who would oppose Mubarak’s regime.

In exporting democracy to the world, America and Israel or for that matter any other foreign state has no right to dictate terms to Egypt. You either accept democracy in its original form and don’t cry when the result goes against you, like it did in Algeria in the early 1990’s and more recently in Palestine when the people elected Hamas.

“It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honoured dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address

Transpose the founding father of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln to Egypt today.

Would those very same words have him labelled as a wild man?

As a radical?

As an Islamist?

Self-determination is a must, a government of the people, by the people, for the people of Egypt and all across the Middle East.


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