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Justice for the 96! Hillsborough & exposing British police corruption!

It’s taken 23 long hard years for the families of the 96 that died at Hillsborough to get a glimpse of justice, 23 long years of successive British governments lying and colluding with a corrupt police force and media, finally yesterday the truth was revealed and the mass cover up exposed.

A couple of years ago I blogged on the ongoing “Justice for the 96” campaign started by Liverpool Football Club supporters and how Rupert Murdoch’s The Scum newspaper deliberately lied and how that web of lies was upheld by one of Murdoch’s key lieutenants – Kelvin McKenzie.

Today’s front page of The Scum newspaper sadly doesn’t look like the one above, in reality it looks like:

The carefully choreographed words of “deeply ashamed and profoundly sorry” were said by the Prime Minister David Cameron, The Scum editor Dominic Mohan and Norman Bettison Chief Constable of West Yorkshire police.

It’s been proved that there certainly was a conspiracy to ensure that the truth of Hillsborough would be covered up, my original post came well before Rupert Murdoch was shown to have the British political elite in his back pocket.

It’s no conspiracy theory that the “King-Maker” role played by the Zionist Rupert Murdoch owned media has supported successive Labour-Conservative governments in recent decades.

It’s no conspiracy theory to state that Rupert Murdoch has a pervasive and damaging effect on British democracy through his ownership of printed & television media channels.

If it’s not Rupert Murdoch, then it’s his zionist cohort Richard “the pornographer” Desmond who also has an equally troubling choke hold on British mainstream media.

Once in control of the media, the ideological warfare begins. This shows how the right wing zionist media owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Desmond promote the hatred of Muslims and Islam to sell newspapers.

I suppose it would be one conspiracy too many to suggest that Sean Hoare the News Of The World whistle blower was murdered because he knew too much?

I suppose it would be one conspiracy too many to suggest that our British government is the true enemy of free speech and a well and truly free press that is free to criticise?

Hell….you can have a plethora of sex channels on British television, you can even have a gay sex channel on British television and that’s no problem for David Cameron’s media regulator, OFCOM.

You can be Rupert Murdoch at the head of a media corporation which stands accused of rampaging through practically every law in the book and yet you are deemed to be a fit and proper person to operate a television station in London.

But report anything that contravenes the pro war actions of the government run media and there’s hell to pay!

When it comes to events such as Hillsborough, the London Tube bombings, the Lockerbie bombing can we trust the police and justice system?

The Independent newspaper stated the explosives used in the 7/7 bombs ‘was of military origin’

A former Scottish police chief, gave lawyers a signed statement stating that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.

‘The retired officer – of assistant chief constable rank or higher – has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.’

Mark Duggan, the Tottenham man who was executed by the police, who’s murder sparked last year’s riots was said to have had a gun, there have been multiple claims against the police during the IPCC investigation for planting a gun at the scene to cover up for their own crime.

In a world that has been flooded by news, there is usually nothing that rises far above the smouldering lava of sensation — that which consumes all truth and absorbs all lies mixing them into a fiery lake or stew of bubbling nonsense. So much so, that to discover glanced over facts, to question people of importance within government or the machine itself leads to the branding of one as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Not all people who doubt the official version of the story are raving lunatics.

Some, like myself, have an honest distrust of their own government.

This is the legacy left by lying politicians and an untrustworthy media machine.

Always question.


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Sean Hoare NOTW Whistle Blower – Murdered because he knew too much?

Sean Hoare, The News of the World journalist who blew the whistle on the corruption in Murdoch’s media and the political class, has been found dead.

Was he murdered because he knew too much?

Let’s examine the facts.

Ever since Rupert Murdoch hired PR giants Edelman last week, we’ve been seeing a onslaught of activity by News Corp to save it’s battered reputation.

We’ve seen Murdoch’s key Colonel’s Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton leave their positions with the NOTW and WSJ, but rather tellingly, they are still employed by News Corp.

We saw Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Alsaud (The largest shareholder in Murdoch’s media empire, after Murdoch himself) wheeled into carrying out presser duties where he declared his undying love for Murdoch, and blamed the whole situation on a few bad apples within the company.

We saw Britain’s most powerful policeman, Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, quit his post after he was given a free reported £15,000 holiday at a resort where Neil Wallis, former deputy editor of NOTW, was senior management.

Let’s just work out the formula thus far:

Phone hacking + Big media + Police + Politicians X Corruption =

The coverage on Sean Hoare death has been contemptuous to say the least.

Last night’s BBC Newsnight dedicated all of two minutes on “discussing” his death.

You would have thought that a media that has been salivating over every nuance and angle connected to this ever widening story would be going into the stratosphere with the news that the man who kick started the whole affair, the man who crucially had not signed any confidentiality agreement with Murdoch’s media and thus was free to speak his mind, winds up dead.

The police of course have already been quick to state that “The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious”.

What is clear to me is that Sean Hoare knew too much and he couldn’t be paid off.

There will now be a smear campaign against him in the media.

Already I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern with a build up of accusations about his character to undermine his credibility as a reliable source of information – alcoholic, fantasist, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, couldn’t be sure what to believe of what he said, scared of people coming to get him etc etc.

It will be interesting to see if there is a proper coronial inquiry into this death.

As Steve Richards commented in The Independent recently, “Here was a company that evidently thought it was powerful enough to get away with it, able to block police enquiries and to pay off victims of crime.”

Phone hacking + Big media + Police + Politicians X Corruption = Whistle blower Sean Hoare murdered.

Do the math, no conspiracy theory needed.

What happened to the last whistle blower to break ranks?

Dr. David Kelly was “suicided”.

His formula was very similar.

Iraq + Big media + WMD’s + Politicians X Oil = Whistle blower Dr. David Kelly murdered.

Do the maths, no conspiracy theory needed.


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How Rupert Murdoch’s dinner party for the British political elite got him ownership of SKY

Zionist media magnate Rupert Murdoch has yet again successfully reminded Britain’s political elite who’s running the show, by getting them all to his summer party in the days when a decision is likely to be made on his News Corp’s 100% ownership bid of Sky TV.

I’ve stated on many an occasion that Rupert Murdoch has a pervasive and damaging effect on British democracy through his ownership of printed & television media channels. The politicians are so scared of the “King Maker” that instead of challenging his position, they kowtow to his every demand.

Vince Cable was removed from his post as business secretary after he declared he would not bend over for Murdoch:

“I have declared War on Mr Murdoch and I think we are going to win…I have blocked it using the powers that I have got”

Murdoch’s News Corp were ripe for a severe dressing down of their corporate prowess after the phone hacking scandal.

Last Thursday, David and Samantha Cameron as well as Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls drank Moet & Chandon champagne and ate oysters with Rupert Murdoch.

Despite the Sun’s high-profile decision to back David Cameron in 2009, the Labour leadership know that alienating Murdoch would be foolish. There were more Labour figures at the party than Conservative ministers, a reflection, perhaps, of Labour’s continuing obsession with winning over Murdoch when they can, and trying to neutralise his title’s most venomous attacks when they fail. As well as Miliband and two of his closest advisers, Tom Baldwin and Stewart Wood, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper and shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander also partied.

Tory backbenchers were represented by David Davis and Nick Boles. Labour peer Lord Sugar, who had attacked NI over phone hacking earlier that day, was also there,

With Murdoch himself present, Cameron gave an early-evening keynote speech to the “CEO summit” organised by the Times – although the event programme published on the newspaper’s website coyly described him as an unnamed “senior cabinet minister”.

If you analyse what Murdoch and his News Corp have pulled off, despite being almost dead and buried, it’s quite remarkable how they have achieved their objectives:

By endlessly criticising the European Commission via their media outlets, News Corp managed an unconditional approval for their bid for Sky, effectively going over the heads of the line manager (the British Government) straight to the big boss’s office in Brussels.

Reduced the debate around media plurality to news ownership. This was a tactical master stroke. Fleet Street rivals are incredibly worried about the potential for News Corp/Sky to use online sports rights to help lift audiences for the Times and Sun websites with bids beyond the means of newspaper budgets. News Corp insists it has no such plans, but then, News Corp would say that wouldn’t it.

Kept Labour quiet. Labour may not be gaining that much from the Sun or the Times right now, but there is the promise that one day, those titles might change sides. That is the most likely motivation for the decision by the Labour leadership not to pursue Murdoch over the phone hacking issue.

Knew the rules inside out. Takeover law in Britain works like this: it is for the would-be acquiror to propose undertakings in lieu of a referral to the Competition Commission. It is, in the case of media at least, for the minister to decide whether to accept or reject them. That gave the Murdoch organisation a key advantage: it could propose a concession it could perfectly well live with (a spun-off Sky News) rather than risk having one imposed on it didn’t care for (a sale of the Times titles).

Make no mistake for the prize is worth it. When completed, the News Corp/Sky deal would result in an unassailable position in the UK media scene, with full control of a company that is expected to double operating profit from last year’s £845m to £1.7bn in 2015, contributing 30% of income to a company that is already the world’s largest media group.

What we have in the UK is a coming together of the political elite and the media in a way that makes people outside these elite circles feel disenfranchised and powerless.

With an unassailable grip on the British media, News Corp has the ability to dictate to our elected political class as never before, no one in their right minds wants Fox News style propaganda being beamed on to our screens.

The question remains, how do WE compete with that?

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How the zionist media promotes Muslim hatred to sell newspapers

This video shows how the right wing zionist media owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch & Richard Desmond tell blatant lies about Muslims whenever one of their media outlets use Islamophobia to sell newspapers.

Shouty headlines like “BOMB THREAT AGAINST CORONATION STREET” to “MUSLIMS WANT TO BAN CHRISTMAS”, papers like the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph print stories they know are blatantly fabricated.

They just don’t care if the result is the spread of prejudice and race-hatred.

All’s fair in the war to boost newspaper circulation.

On a related note, The Akh has been watching the BBC’s “See You In Court” a documentary which follows libel battles as they unfold.

A recent episode dealt with North London Central Mosque’s libel case against Policy Exchange. You can read more about that particular case on the Barthnotes blog.

The Akh has long held the belief that just like the ADL was set up in the US as a watchdog for any anti semitism – We need a similar body here in the UK that deals with any Islamophobic actions – the only way these media outlets will learn is if their bottom line – their profits, the money in their pockets is hit over and over again by litigation in court.


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Hilarious video as Jon Stewart bids goodbye to Glenn Beck – “They dropped his ass”

This hilarious video from the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is aimed at Glenn Beck, who was finally sacked from his position as head loony at Rupert Murdoch’s “Fix News” station.

If you’ve ever been in America and had the misfortune to see the vile propaganda that comes from the fox network, then you’ll be as happy as The Akh is to see the back of Beck.

Stewart said goodbye in his own fashion to the paranoid loudmouth by reviving his famed, equally conspiratorial impersonation of Beck. It’s not the first time Stewart laid into Beck;

It wasn’t entirely his loony theories that got Beck fired.

It was the pressure campaign that was mounted on fox that saw them lose a million viewers, more than 300 lost advertisers and widespread criticism that all added up to a disastrous business model.

This clip from Charlie Brookers Newswipe shows America’s “news” network at it’s finest:

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has been caught on the backfoot, while all the phone tapping scandal’s continue to play out in the UK, his chief cheerleader gets sacked in the US.

Said thing is, Beck will probably go set up his own show elsewhere, most probably an Alex Jones style show which batshit right wing republicans will fund and lap up.

Beck for president in 2012?

No more crazy than a washed up actor like Reagan running for presidency.

Only in America

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Nas – Sly Fox

A couple of years ago, hip hop artist Nas went hard against Rupert Murdoch’s Fox media, not content with dropping the “Sly Fox” track, he mobilised his community to take direct action in delivering a 600,000-signature petition to the channel’s Manhattan studios as the video below shows.

This shows the ability that rappers have to mobilise the people, to act in a concious manner, more community action, less talk about guns and drugs.

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Murdoch’s Fox news caught lying by CNN over claims of #Libya/human shield report

CNN correspondent Nic Robertson blasted Murdoch’s Fox News, after Fox lied that Robertson and other journalists were being used by the Libyan Ministry of Information as human shields, in a successful bid to block a coming, second attack on a compound in Tripoli, supposedly controlled by Qaddafi.

“[T]his allegation is outrageous and it’s absolutely hypocritical. When you come to somewhere like Libya, you expect lies and deceit from a dictatorship here,” Robertson told Wolf Blitzer. “You don’t expect it from the other journalists.”

Fox claims their own correspondent, Steve Harrigan, declined to accept the invitation from the Libyans for fear of being used as a propaganda tool, and perhaps a human shield. But Robertson claims Fox did indeed send an employee on the trip — not a regular news guy — and that Harrigan has been asleep on the job since hostilities began.

“I see him more times at breakfast than out on trips with government officials here,” Robertson said. “So for them to say and call this — to say they didn’t go and for them to call this and say this was government propaganda to hold us there as human shields when they didn’t even leave the hotel … is ridiculous.”

Fox is staking out high-ground here, claiming they were above being used by the government. Nonsense, says Robertson. “They sent a member of their team. He was not editorial. He was nontechnical, not normally a cameraman.”

Robertson added that the reason he and many other reporters agree to this and similar outings is simple. “[W]e go on these government trips … for a very simple reason because we don’t want government officials to film it themselves, edit it themselves and hand it off to us,” Robertson said, raising the suggestion that Harrigan’s reporting from Libya is suspect or incomplete.

Source: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com

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Rupert Murdoch OWNS British Democracy

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has given the Conservative approval to News Corp’s plans to take over BSkyB.

Many people are right to think that we have reached a new low in British politics today, because the Conservative party, which was backed by Rupert Murdoch before the election, has delivered this deal within months of being elected.

To ignore the hundreds of thousands of constituents who signed petitions and e-mails to oppose this deal is to ignore the democratic wishes of the population.

Jeremy Hunt could have reassured them by referring the matter to the Competition Commission, and he can still do so.

The fact is Murdoch’s media decided months ago that Cameron was going to win and invested in his victory in the most undemocratic fashion.

Why else remove Vince Cable from his post as business secretary is it to do with the fact that he said:

“I have declared War on Mr Murdoch and I think we are going to win…I have blocked it using the powers that I have got…I can’t politicise it, but this is a big, big thing”

What we have in the UK is a coming together of the political elite and the media in a way that makes people outside London or outside those elite circles feel disenfranchised and powerless.

The Akh urges him, in the interests at least of the probity of British politics, to refer the matter, because nobody believes that the undertakings given by Murdoch will be adhered to in the long term.


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AP Anjem Choudry Goes To America & Declares On Fox News It’s Time for “Muslims To Rise & Establish Khilafa”

Isn’t it interesting that America would let in the chief agent provocateur Anjem Choudry into their country without a problem but wouldn’t let in a guitar strumming sufi like Yusaf Islam or university lecturer Tariq Ramadan.

Not only that (but what a surprise that) Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News gives Choudry a platform so that he can claim he represents what all Muslims secretly wish for, thus building the anti-Islamic sentiment that sustains America’s right wing rhetoric. These two need each other like flies on stink.

Muslims in the UK have wizened upto his AP tactics and have confronted him and his goonsquad everywhere they have appeared, as documented in an earlier post “Luton Muslims Kicking Out Al-Muhajiroun”

Choudry and his agents have a long track record of causing problems and then running away leaving the locals to pick up the fight – The EDL’s rise in Luton is down to Choudry’s boys antics at a British army homecoming parade, but when it comes to fighting the thousands of far right racists like the EDL & BNP, they are nowhere to be seen.

Here’s some advice, do what you did to his mentor OBM, revoke his passport while he’s out of the country, and then see how he cries foul.

Anyone who believes that Anjem Choudry is sincere needs their head examining.

A rather timely distraction to the struggles taking place in the Muslim world?


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Glenn Beck & Fox News Are So Dumb That They Can’t Find Egypt On The World Map #Jan25 #Egypt

Rupert Murdoch’s zionist propaganda channel Fix News has the most blatant hatred towards Muslims, Islam, in fact anything that does a disservice to Israel, they hate. Chief cheerleader for Fix News is the walking piece of excrement that goes by the name of Glenn Beck.

These guys are so clever that they can’t even find Egypt on the map.

How many Americans swallow every lie these morons put out?

Here’s a word to all you Americans out there, it’s time to get Al-Jazeera.

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