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Akh The Angry Academic Activist

My name is Akh The Angry Academic Activist, though you can call me Akh, which is a shortened version of Akhi, Arabic for “Brother”.

As you can gather, I take no small amount of pride in my heritage. I am a Muslim, an educated Muslim, who knows his history and I’m your worst nightmare.

You can try and label me as a moderate, an extremist, a militant, an islamist, I care none for the labels you try and stick on me. If I’m an extremist, then I’m not ashamed of it, for the conditions that my people suffer are extreme and extreme illness can not be cured with moderate medicine.

I’m a non apologist and I’m happy to state that to anyone who tries to stick me into one of those little boxes they have made for all of us to fit into.

I am a twenty something postgraduate, who works as a project developer and coordinator, when I’m not working like a corporate sharecropper, I devote most of my free time towards working actively to challenge the status quo that faces my community. I give my time to work on a grass roots level within my community and also work with two leading movements within the Dawah & Media/Politics fields.

I obviously run this blog, in which I attempt to educate today’s youth on some of the most pressing issues of the day. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one thing to talk about it on the Internet, but it’s a whole other thing to walk the walk like you talk the talk.

I believe that Haqq will always overcome Baatil.

I have been to the top of the mountain, and I have seen what awaits us.

There can be no more time for rest.

This is a call to arms.

This is Akh The Angry Academic Activist and I approve this message!

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23 responses to “About Me

  1. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
    Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    Br. Akh,

    Just to let you know we’ve launched a new website.
    If you feel it deserves a mention that would be much appreciated.

    Like you ebay page (Arab Dictators)


    Development Team

    • Abdulawakeel

      Salam ALaikum, May Allah reward you for your efforts. Please can you kindly furnish me with the information on sheikh “Muhammad-Abduh-Al-Islam-Wa-Al-Nasraniyyah-Ma-a-Al-Ilm-Wa-Al-Madaniyyah”. who he was his madhab and the sorts. I also want to suggest that you should please try to clarify between your personal observations and Opinions and also state where to find information on scholars that you reference because as we both know …there are all sorts of scholars out there nowadays and even Baatil can be spread quoting some scholars writtings or opinions. I am trying to forward your blogs and posts to as many of my brothers and sisters as possible but i need to be able to support and check the infos i send out..though i have yet to see any misguided post or opinons from your post(even with my little knowledge). May Allah continue guide you and protect you from Evil. Ma Salam.

    • Salam bro

      I hope this finds you well. My name is Potent Whisper, I would like to contact you regarding a new anti-war documentary. Is there an address I can direct an email to, please?

      Thanks a lot

      Potent Whisper

  2. Ox

    LOL @ “You can try and label me”

    Gwan Akh!

  3. Jacob Sælø

    Hello Akh!

    I just discovered your blog, and I realise that you are a very educated and enlightened person.

    This may come as a quite random question, but I am interested in one of your edits from October or such. The edit (I’m not sure if that’s the right word, English isn’t my first language) I’m talking about is about corporate interests concerning Swine Flu, and can be found at this link:

    Currently I’m working on an assignment concerning media manipulation, and how corporations may deliberately use the media to manipulate the public in favour of their interests. Therefore, I found your article on Swine Flu interesting. I’m considering to use Swine Flu as a case in my assigment, so I wondered; in your presentation, you present some interesting facts to corporate influence, but do you remember the sources to this information? I would very much like to check them out myself, since I find it interesting….

    If you don’t remember, then thank you anyways, because I found the presentation informative regardless.

    If possible, however, would you perhaps be interested in expressing your views on media manipulation, and how corporations and corporate interests may influence the media, and perhaps mention some cases?

    Thank you!

  4. You

    What if you are called a moderate?

    Would that be considered a compliment or an insult?

    I do however disagree with: “extreme illness can not be cured with moderate medicine” as Islam through the qur’an and hadith requires us to be the median nation.

    When I see the uses of extreme medication in the world, what I see mostly is Muslims murdering other Muslims. Who needs enemies when friends are like that?

    I have added your feed to the aggregator at http://www.therevival.co.uk

  5. Hal


    For a good place to test your arguments, why not check out http://www.councilofexmuslims.com forum.

    What’s your take on the punishment of murtadeen?

  6. slickafoe

    Im with ya,if you really are for the HAQ!but dont drag me to the doors of westminister begging them the prayer of Musa(as)”Let my people go”‘cos i aint down with that,may we be comrades in this fight against terror.ws.SlickaFoe

  7. as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

    I love your blog. I used to write Suspect Paki. It was like your blog, except more personal, more foul language (originally) and not quite as clever. I now focus on Ahmadiyya awareness – and given your latest article, would love to hear from you. Please write insha’Allah, our sentiments are practically identical.



  8. Mortimer Sanderson

    Mr. Akh, If you’re calling for people to take up arms, against whom would you like those arms be used? And a related question: is it ever justified for the people to take up arms against the tyrannical rule of those who claim they are ruling in the name of Islam – e.g., the Taliban, or Khameni?

    • great question. anyone who uses their power and privilege to oppress others by denying them their right to self-determination. militaries, politicians, corporations and corporate heads, domestic violence abusers, etc etc. it is the difference between devious manipulation and respectful, cooperative facilitation.

  9. A friend

    Dear Akh,

    It was rather nice to read through your intro above. The ummah goes through terrible times, as we suffer for our sin of willful (and, at times, imposed) ignorance. Knowledge is the ONLY path to Allah and his divine mercy, bar none; until and unless we, as a people, can recall that most important aspect of our faith we shall not have salvation, and no amount of foolish, pseudo-spiritual rituals and worships of lust and fear shall save us. For when Allah is done with our folly, his wrath will grind us down to swirls of wandering dust that shan’t do more than to slowly and pitifully dissipate in the past like so many before us. Anyway, enough pontification for one day, good job on the site, keep up the jihada ;).

  10. The British and thus USA have always have always had a deep hatred of the Arabs, what I believe is the British and there influence on the First World is hatred to the World of the Arab people, you only have to look at the history of the Crusades from Britain and elsewhere, the British put there faith in technology such as weapon development, as a result of there conquests throughout the World as a institutional violent and oppressive organization this appeared as a successful modus operandi, the position taken can only be said to have gone to there heads, creating a false illusion of superiority, the British are not so stupid to state as Hitler did that the German race is the most superior, nevertheless the British are the most conniving and corrupted Races on the Earth at this present time, it remains to be seen how to rid the World of these parasites, as far taking up arms and destroying them is doubtful, the signs of infiltration by immigration and arising in power as Blacks and others becoming elected to Parliament is of interest, the problem with this is by the time you get there you are already groomed in the British Mind set and may well be coerced in to being a suitable candidate for the next exploitive programme that becomes on the table, another collapse of the colonial mind set is that by and large the British Race becomes so depraved and the junk food has inroads on the general mindset, the problem with this idea is the Elite are already planning on its own Race in part to become malnourished so the Elite can stay in Power. We have seen America falling apart through economics and the general spiritual collapse as a sign, the hunger for the drug of oil from the Arab Nations is pertinent, the Allies require to suck the Oil dry and collapse any ability to rise against the West, besides the West procuring Puppet Governments of Arab thugs that are not working for the best interests of its people and sucked in to the Western Allies Game, one solution is to terminate all oil supplies to the West, at your peril the West would come and destroy the Arab nations through Military means, this shows you the nightmare or Western Allies.

  11. unwanted guest

    Not all Americans or British citizens believe Arabs should be hated, but perhaps I am beginning to see that they should be pitied. I’ve seen the atrocities of both sides of the fence and it sickens me. Go ahead and call me an ignoramus, but you are mistaken in saying the British are the most oppressive, conniving and corrupted, sir. Can’t you feel your anger rising toward me? I am a Christian apparently in enemy territory.

  12. Ahmad

    Im very astonished to find someone who sees the truth as well as you do , it is indeed imperative that more people are informed of the true happenings under the titles of “Politics” ,”Democracy”, and “Fighting Terrorism” !! People should know who the real terrorists are!!
    Well personally i think that the terrible , lasting effects after the Middleeastern revolutions are all the planning of those countries… its sad really… What do you think on that issue?
    Oh and i took a few Pics from the site for an Assignment i have…

  13. Hello there. Very interesting blog! I have read some of your posts and I’m interested in the way you think about certain subjects. I was just wondering, have you read ”The Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Moshin Hamid?

  14. Sayidi- Anger is not good. Your skills and eloquent language are something I envy- don’t waste them on being just another angry bloke- its clear your much more than the description you give. Smiling is a SUNNAH- if grimacing was then I’d join you. You are in the best country- don’t be angry at its people because they didn’t put you here- Allah (swt) did- you are in Makkah preaching to Meccans- to make it to Madina requires patience, love, pain and understanding of fellow Meccans not hatred like they have. I can call you Akhi or Akh if you like but I don’t like your posts because your angry- I like them because they are eloquent. Make dua for me that I attain your wizardry with words- I’m just used to spitting verbs, never been a lover of nerds, always flying with the birds, never sided with the Serbs, like my herbs but I ain’t no herbivore… Salam

  15. Deenside. Who said anger is not good? A noted but minor prophet from the Islam perspective, is my reference to Jesus, had by all accounts bouts of anger. We are aware that New Age groups would often see anger as negative, you must not be angry, is the catch cry.
    Noted are the presenters of current affairs and commentators that are expressive of joy and jubilation, why is it so? I suggest the lucrative salary, perks and time out, the exhilaration of being in the public limelight, and having make up artists waiting on them, as if a sort of rock star, many people long for such privileges, would be optimistic and anger is not part of the profile for the job.
    Many whom have not suffered front line action have the inability to comprehend certain states of mind, or other calamities, as such.
    One must excuse those as being envious of human beings blissfully out of touch with tragedy, to be ignorant has advantages, nevertheless for those who know better, at the cost of inner suffering would not exchange places with the ignorant.

  16. Noted the Akh, has not commented on the London Olympic games, this extravaganza and attempt to unite the British People as Queens subjects perhaps, already having had a dose of the Royal Barge saga, what next? As a diversion, some of the masses temporarily indulge in this theatrical performance and even appear entertained, rather like a extravaganza dance around the Maypole.
    Simultaneously the Syrian war being described as the Mother of War, its almost as if birth becomes death, is Syria a problem to America as seen as a connecting conduit to Iran? Is the CIA in the wings of the border of Turkey as advisers and arms trafficking? Whats in this for America? By destabilizing Syria, is this a channel to destroy Iran? Is Israel in on a land grab as a potential incident, as a justification?
    Meanwhile Western bankers having a access to Syrian money, as spoils of war?
    We now have Libya,Egypt, and Syria, having experienced turmoil, I have read several accounts of behind scenes, with Libya, Blair failed to impose a loan from IMF, with Gaddafi, and consequences of debt, also Gaddafi, having associations with Chinese companies and oil, noted only a year before Gaddafi’s downfall, a arms fair held in Libya, by Britain, selling arms to Gaddafi, the head of IMF banking is French, and Jewish, furthermore, the French become the first to attack Libya with jet fighters, the French had British military assisting in this operation, the ins and outs of the Libyan oilfields, require some looking in to, although the Western Allies regard the oilfields as of small production, it is highly regarded as a pure oil.
    We see with London’s Games, a high military presence, battleships in the Thames, rocket launchers on roof tops and helicopters with heavy artillery army personnel, with automatic guns, planes and jets overhead, who is this for? Is this a military exercise with a few games in the back ground to soften the macabre ending of a culture in its death throws living in a dream that has had its day?
    A confused culture that is now the banking capital of the World that trades on death destruction and arms deals, solely to destroy the infra, structure of the third World, and obtain resources.
    As Britain lead the Industrial Age and seemed to have a vision, that showed how eventually power corrupts, and brings out the worst in mankind, become the Evil Empire, other than for those who are culturally indoctrinated, or those who are beneficiaries, with the military destruction of cultures and people throughout the World, now destroys not only people, cultures, and resources, but intent upon the destruction of the environment. At present Britain a bankrupt Nation financially other than the Elite, but having no authentic solutions other than archaic systems that are out dated for the problems now confronting us, banking and implements of destruction are the only systems Britain has. The Establishment now in a state of motor neuron disease, with no cure in sight, this condition being in the DNA of the Establishment, this limitation is all part of the legacy of the old Establishment mind set, incapable of dealing with contemporary problems, and now requires action in being overthrown, as being recognized as a senile and authoritarian husk.

  17. kris dee

    As a non-Muslim British guy I visit blogs like this to learn what I can about Islamic thinking ,but one thing I don’t understand , why everyone keeps using Arabic words when they are writing in English.Every Muslim person I have met says the word Allah is just the Arabic word for God, so why don’t they just say God? Half of the words on this site I have to look up in some book on Islam, and then I discover there are correct English words for them eg, deen=religion,ummah=muslim community, kafir=unbieliever(bastard implied),halal= clean and allowed, shirk=blasphemy, haram=forbidden and so on.What is the reason for this refusal to use English words when writing English? Is it motivated by ignorance, or is it more to do with a wish to pretend to be some sort of Arab when most of the people doing this don’t even speak Arabic?

    • Akh The Angry Academic Activist


      Thanks for the comment.

      We use Arabic as that is the language that the Quran was revealed and written in.

      There are certain words in Arabic that do not have a – word for word – translation into English, hence we use Arabic where possible.

      As Muslims, we have 99 names, or attributes for Allah, for example:

      Allah is Ka’f – The Sufficient

      Ha’ – The Guide

      Ya’ The Protector

      ‘Ain – Knower of all things

      Saad – The true to his words

      It encapsulates more than just the term “God” – of which there is only one.

      The use of the term “Kaffir” is one that strictly means “Unbeliever” a unbeliever in Allah, his books, ALL of his Prophets, angels, the day of resurrection and the next life.

  18. Akh, a couple of points arising from recent events, the first is the para Olympics, a number of entries, I believe more than four thousand entries prevail, a proportion of entries undoubtedly come from war injuries? such as Afghanistan, Iraq, war, it appears we should applaud these games as part of the triumphant spirit overcoming adversity, if we have the history of how some of the contestants become challenged, as such, I suggest the salient question becomes, how can we avoid the destruction of part of the natural body lost as what we had become accustomed to living in, momentarily I divert to a saying that appears to some as significant, “those that live by the sword” in this situation those that are using explosives?
    A salient part of Muhammad’s doctrine, is when invasive forces occur, as would be seen in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, would this be seen as such as invasion? By subversive forces, and uninvited, the fact that these hostile and violent foreign powers decide to impose the cultural imprint of what they regard as the correct ideology upon others is endemic of a neurotic imposition of Western allies that are in essence evil.
    Today 5 Australians have been killed, in Afghanistan, our Prime Minister, Ms Gillard, shocked by this news has decided this is not determining a hasty withdrawal of Australian troops as a result of casualties, I suggest the increase of Australian troop deaths would eventually decide the Australian troop withdrawal, in this Mohammed’s idea is correct.
    As we see this passing parade of the Para Olympics that in part hides some atrocities of the past such as injuries gained in war, that simultaneously, Britain is manufacturing war equipment sold in trade fairs, that are transported over the World to destinations that are unknown to the British Establishment, the fact that the Queen and the Royal family can appear howbeit bored as head celebrities, knowing they are all participants to a performance that has auspicious and dubious ideology, behind the razzmatazz, of one legged fancy dressed participants suspended mid air and spotlighted, some see through the glitter and are not only unimpressed, but are grief stricken by a charade that promotes the so called athletes with sprinkles of confetti and a backing of “We are the Champion’s”
    When the celebrations are over and the cleaning up begins, the cleaners get a angle on the illusion of entertainment few enjoy.
    We hear little of the police state and the battle ship stationed in the Thames, and the anti air craft missile defense system housed upon the roof tops surrounding the Olympic Stadium, after the earlier Olympic games, with no audience other than several members of British defense as audience, we are left with the question, where did we all go wrong?

  19. Assalam Aleikum, Akh[i],

    I found your blog by accident searching for Operation Gladio. Your thoughts resonance well with our own thoughts (like-minded British Muslim Nationalists; Yes, Nationalists).

    Please visit our blog, Jerusalem Group, at http://highfieldsoffice.wordpress.com/ and try to read the main pages only then if you like to ‘connect to the network for United Muslim Front’ (based on Muslim nationalism not religious or sectarian politics) please get in touch at altawhid.leicester@hotmail.co.uk.

    Akhi Saeed.

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