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Why do the Muslims hate US?

“Mommy, Daddy why are those people on TV so angry? Why do they burn our flag? Why do they hate us?”

So what would you think all American Chuck senior is going to tell little Chucky Jr?

Will he tell his son:

“Son it’s because”:

American soldiers went on the rampage in Afghanistan, broke into people’s homes and killed them while they slept and then burnt their bodies.

It’s because we pay no regard to their religion and burn their holy books – the Quran.

It’s because we like to kill people and then piss on their dead bodies.

It’s because once we kill them we like to cut their fingers and ears off and keep them as trophies.

It’s because we like to kill 92 year old men in their beds while they sleep.

It’s because when we talk about winning hearts and minds, what we really mean is to wipe every single Afghan village off the face of the earth.

It’s because we like to kill people and we know we’ll get away with it.

It’s because our militarised media is so strong no one will believe we’re possible of committing such evil acts.

It’s because when one of our soldiers speak out about what’s really happening, we’ll do everything possible to silence him.

Map explaining why Muslims hate us

In IRAQ they hate us the CIA put Saddam Hussein into power and manipulated Iraq and Iran into a war. We sold weapons to Saddam – 1.5 million people died in the Iran-Iraq war. Then came the Desert Storm campaign, depleted uranium, 10 years of UN sanctions led to almost a million dead children and the latest Iraq invasion, over a 1 million Iraqis have died as a result of American interference in Iraq.

In CHILE they hate us because we got rid of their Preseident Salvador Allende, killed in an American-sponsored coup, led by General Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet’s rise to power, organised by the CIA and Henry Kissinger, began nearly twenty years of military dictatorship that led to thousands of deaths. 30,000 people were massacred in the weeks following this September 11th, as Pinochet tried to wipe out those who opposed fascism. Years later our British friends welcomed the war criminal Pinochet with open arms and gave him sanctuary.

In The Congo they hate us as we gave them a military dictatorship thanks to the CIA assassination of Patrice Lumumba. The Congo conflict has led to at least 3 million deaths.

In Cambodia they hate us (& Britain) for backing the Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot who killed nearly 2 million Cambodians.

Since the Second World War, the US government has bombed 21 countries:

China in 1945-46 and again in 1950-53,

Korea in 1950-53

In Korea, nearly 3 million civilians were murdered by the USA and its allies. Civilians were murdered at No Gun Ri and many other places. The USA supported the fascist puppet regime in South Korea. The South Korean government carried out genocide against both North and South Korean people.

Guatemala in 1954, 1960, and 1967-69

Indonesia in 1958

Up to one million innocent civilians died in Indonesia after the CIA put Suharto into power in Indonesia. At least one third of the population of East Timor died after the USA gave Suharto permission to invade that country.

Vietnam in 1961-73

North Vietnam did not want a war. The US military-industrial complex made sure that there was a war. Through the Phoenix Program, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese were tortured to death in “interrogation centres”.

These torture centres were built by the United States. Women were always raped as part of the torture before being murdered. This terrorism, rape and mass-murder was the policy of the USA. The My Lai massacre itself was an operation of the Phoenix Program.

Up to 5 million Vietnamese were killed in the Vietnam war.

Congo in 1964.

Laos in 1964-73,The United States Air Force dropped the equivalent of a planeload of bombs every eight minutes for nine years on the people of Laos — from 1965 to 1973. Over 2,000,000 tons.This was some of the heaviest aerial bombardment in world history.

Peru in 1965

Cambodia in 1969-70

El Salvador throughout the 1980s

throughout the 1980s

Lebanon in 1983-84

Grenada in 1983

Bosnia in 1985

Libya in 1986

Panama in 1989

Iraq in 1991 until today.

Somalia in 1992, 1994

Sudan in 1998

Former Yugoslavia in 1999

Afghanistan in 1998, 2001 until today.

No, son I don’t know why the rest of the world hate us.


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Video Footage of American Marines Pissing on Dead Afghans

Is this what they mean by bringing peace piss to the Muslims in Afghanistan.

So let’s get this right, you come to our lands and you slaughter us, you rape our women & children, you destroy our lands and strip it of it’s worth, you mutilate our dead, you flush our Quran’s down the toilet & you say Islam is an extreme religion.

I’m sure the media networks are salivating over how this will enrage the Muslim world and that’s it Friday prayers tomorrow so all the usual effigy & flag burnings will take place to show how barbaric the Muslim world really is.

Are you sickened by this footage?

There isn’t a day that goes by that the people in Afghanistan don’t suffer at the hands of a brutal occupation.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not feel sickened by the plight that Muslims the world over are experiencing.

Do you have any humanity in you?

How can the one who shows no mercy expect any mercy to be shown in return?

Thanks to Jonathon Blakeley over at www.deliberation.info for the link to the footage.

The Akh is back in the UK and is currently having technical problems with a broken laptop, stay tuned as he will be switching to a regular weekly update, starting with The Akh’s brush with American homeland security.


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Israel behind the murders of Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer Khamis

In the last two weeks, two well known international activists in the Occupied Territories of Palestine have been murdered. Israel has a hand in Vittorio Arrigoni & Juliano Mer Khamis’s deaths – why?

Nobody benefits more than Israel.

Israel could not ask for a greater gift, with the upcoming flotilla which they fear like nothing else, to maintain the blockade imposed on Gaza, they are targeting “white, western” activists within the International Solidarity Movement to scare them away from getting involved in any activities involving Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance Movement in Occupied Palestine has denounced in the strongest terms that the group that has perpetrated this criminal activity does not reflect the culture or customs of the Palestinian people who are open to friendship with all people.

Whilst both these actions are rightly condemned, it’s all too typical of the mass media to highlight these episodes in Palestine, whilst keeping silent over all the actions committed by Israel over the last month, that has resulted in the deaths of over 24 civilians in the Occupied Territories.

Israeli terrorist groups like “Stop the ISM” have been ardent in their mission to stop the International Solidarity Movement from helping life the Occupation of Gaza.

In fact this terrorist organisation has openly produced a hitlist (a web cache of which appears below) which calls for the deaths of flotilla crew members, reporters and any humanitarians fighting for Palestinian rights.

Number one on that list for the IDF was Vittorio Arrigoni.

Israel’s aim is to break the willingness and spirit of the International activist community who will soon be setting out to break the blockade of the Occupied Territories of Palestine, by road and by sea.

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Is Israel preparing a new campaign of terror bombing on Gaza?

There is a real fear that the zionist state is on the verge of launching an all out campaign of terror bombing on Gaza to heighten the strategic and tactical differences among the various Palestinian factions in an effort to forestall any possibility of unity as well as to signal its willingness to rain down more violence on Palestinians.

The mainstream media has cooperated in the effort to portray Israel’s assault on Gaza as a matter of self-defence, despite its obviously offensive nature.

Case in point: The bomb detonated in a Occupied Jerusalem bus stop on March 23 that killed one and injured 30 more was reported in headline news around the world, but the Israeli shelling that killed eight people and left dozens injured a week earlier received hardly any coverage.

The murder of Palestinian civilians in Gaza doesn’t compare to the deaths of civilians inside Israel.

Likewise, the press has devoted acres of coverage to the firing of Qassem rockets from Gaza for the first time in years. The Palestinian rockets generally fall without effect in the desert, but are fired by Palestinian factions into southern Israel as a form of symbolic protest at Israel’s violence. Yet Israel’s use of far more powerful artillery and air strikes are described as “defensive.”

As a case in point, let’s list every single military operation that israel have carried out in the last 31 days, ask yourself if any of these deaths and injuries have been reported in the mass media. Sadly these illegal israeli incursions into the Palestine Occupied Territories are like most other months in the past 60-odd years.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reports, that in the 31 days of the month there were:

29 air strikes by Israel (F16 fighter planes, Apaches Helicopter Gunships)
137 land-based armed attacks (tanks, armoured vehicles, troops)
539 other raids and house invasions (weapons present not used);
327 night/early morning disturbances (low-flying aircraft, vehicle-borne loud speakers); and
7 curfews – all in occupied territories.

As a consequence 24 Palestinians were killed, 170 were seriously injured, 55 others were beaten, 247 were taken prisoner, 532 detained for up to 24-hours and 2,467 had their movements restricted at road-blocks and arbitrary checks. In addition, of course, tens of thousands had their lives made a misery by the continual harassment inflicted by the Israeli army and illegal settlers.

To give a complete picture, they were Palestinian attacks on 14 days in March – missiles were fired towards the Green Line. There were no reports of injury.

To illustrate the life of Palestinians under Israeli occupation, here are three examples taken at random:

– on the 1st March at 13:10pm, Occupation troops cut down about 25 olive trees on land near the village of Al Fureidis, in so doing taking away the farmer’s livelihood

– on 16th March a fanatic from the settlement of Maskiot held up Palestinian children on a road near the village of Al Malih, stole their horse and tied it to his vehicle, which he then used to drag the animal along the road until it died, and

– on the 22nd at 9-00am a 12-year-old boy, Shadi Fayez Omar, was admitted to hospital with severe injuries following a beating by a group of Israeli soldiers near the village of Al Jib

Despite this, our politicians give their tacit support to Israel.

They refuse to allow open debate about Israel’s breaches of International Law, they allow British exports used directly in furthering the Occupation, and are promoting changes to prevent citizens initiating legal action against Israeli war criminals; whilst in Europe there are moves to give even more preferential treatment to Israeli exports.

Ask yourself what you are doing to alleviate the situation of 1.5 million people trapped in Gaza?


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American Soldiers “Kill Team” video & pictures are war crimes of the highest order – no different to the My Lai massacre

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The photos and the sick details that are emerging are horrifying, the evidence shows that the killings of civilians went beyond a few men in 3rd Platoon and may have been undertaken by other platoons as well.

The Pentagon went to extraordinary lengths to suppress the photos—possibly because of the fact that they implicated soldiers in other platoons—and, unsurprisingly, worries that they will create a scandal of Abu Ghraib-level proportions in Iraq.

The psychopaths like Cpl. Morlock above “talked about throwing candy out of a Stryker vehicle as they drove through a village and shooting the children who came running to pick up the sweets.”

The Kill Team Photos of yet more war crime images the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see are available to view by clicking through

The images are not pleasant so think twice before clicking through.

This reminds The Akh about the My Lai massacre committed by the Americans in Vietnam.

My Lai was a massacre that was successfully covered up for 18 months and was seen as a prime example of the Pentagon’s “Culture of Concealment” and of the lack of integrity that permeated the Defence establishment.

This is the reason why the people of Afghanistan are fighting you.

This has nothing to do with Al-CIAda or Talibans, the Americans are a brutal occupying force using the same scorched earth policy that the Russians used.

Each and every single layer in the chain of command should be investigated and tried, but just like what happened at Abu Ghraib, a handful of people will be scapegoated, and those responsible at the top levels will continue to act with barbarity and impunity.


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Disgusting Pictures Show American Soldiers Posing With Murdered Afghan Civilians

Photographs showing American soldiers murdering Afghan civilians for sport have been leaked, with the murderers posing with their trophy victims. Last year The Akh blogged on the fact that U.S. soldiers are murdering innocent Afghans for fun & that the army covers it up.

The Akh challenges you to find the difference between the pictures below, and the shocking pictures of Israeli soldiers posing with the bodies of dead Palestinians.

The pictures below (courtesy of Public Intelligence) are wholly repugnant and shows soldiers from the 5th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, posing next to the corpse of Gul Mudin, an unarmed Afghan civilian killed by their unit on January 15, 2010, as well as the corpses of two other unnamed Afghan civilians.

There are reportedly more than four thousand photos of the “kill team” that were collected by Der Spiegel during the course of its investigation.

The American army has no morals and the “crusading” attitude of its soldiers are not symptomatic of a few bad apples, the entire command structure from the very top to the bottom is rotton to the core, it’s attitude towards Muslims is exactly the same as the Israeli zionists, “God’s” chosen people meting out divine justice on their never ending war’s of revenge.

This is American state sponsored terrorism, bought to you by the military industrial complex.


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Obama – Didn’t You Promise To Shut Down Guantanamo?

The President for change who was going to close the concentration camp in Guantanamo has done a complete U-turn by not only failing to close the death camp within 12 months but has now reinstated “Military Trials”.

The logic of course is that these men held for almost ten years, with no charge are too dangerous to free or impossible to convict due to evidence obtained through torture. The Americans refuse to try them in civilian courts where the burden of proof required is far lower than in a military kangaroo court.

You would have thought that prosecuting Osama Bin Laden’s personal bodyguard for close to a decade would have been an open and shut case. Despite all the hype, American military courts could not prosecute Abu Jandal and today he is a free man.

In a similar case, Salim Hamdan spent seven years in Guantanamo, he was freed after no charges were forthcoming. Instead of being the dangerous terrorist the Bush administration made him to be, he was found to be a low-level aide and freed.

But for every man who wins his freedom, another man will die of “natural causes”, Awal Gul, 48, was accused of being a Taliban commander and part of the al-Qaeda network. He had been held without charges since October 2002.

Then there’s the case of Saber Lahmer, one of six men kidnapped by US agents in Sarajevo and taken to Guantanamo. After being held without charge for over eight years they were acquitted of all terrorism related charges.

Guantanamo’s role has been far removed from making the world a safer place by keeping dangerous terrorists locked up, instead it acts as a focal point of an unjust foreign policy, that acts as a rallying call for those who despise the hypocrisy in America’s actions.

The White House may well say that it has made the system fairer, but it’s simply a return to square one.

America knows better.

Like Johnny Cochran said during the OJ Simpson murder trial, “If the glove does not fit…you must acquit”

The Akh urges Obama to stop being a hypocrite, try these men in a civilian court, you cannot hold anyone without charge indefinitely.


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