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Bomb Blast In Occupied Al-Aqsa, But How Many Civilian Deaths Have Their Been On Both Sides?

With the bomb blast in Occupied Al-Aqsa/Jerusalem yesterday, The Akh thought it was time to put the number of people who have died on both sides of the conflict into context, before the zionists launch another war of revenge.

The breakdown of the graph above makes for very interesting reading.

The numbers cited above include civilians and combatants killed by members of the opposing nationality. The numbers do not include the Israeli wars in Gaza or the sizable number of Palestinians who died as a result of inability to reach medical care due to Israeli road closures, curfews, the Israeli closure of border crossing from Gaza.

The Israeli military have not updated their statistics page since early in 2006 for the number of Israelis killed, there is reason to believe that their numbers may have been somewhat inflated.

Cross reference the above graph with the one issued by zionist lobby group The Israel Project, who issued their stats on Fatalities and Casualties from Palestinian Terrorism yesterday.

The truth of it all is that more Israelis die from peanut allergies than from any Hamas rockets.

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Yet More Israeli Hatred – Ben Yehuda St, Jerusalem, Catwalk of Jewish Extremism

In his latest vox pops Max Blumenthal takes a walk down Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall in central Jerusalem and meets some Jewish extremists.

The self certified “God’s chosen people®” showing their hatred yet again.

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Israel Turn To Lindsay Lohan For Support #Egypt

You can always count on the israeli’s to wheel out some big guns to support their policy of murder, subjugation and land theft.

Seems they are getting desperate when they have to turn to sometime hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, a drug and alcohol abusing kleptomaniac for a little hasbara.

Next time we need some advice from a substance abusing criminal, we’ll be sure to look you up.

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Never Fear, Captain Israel Is Here To Save The Day!

Meet Captain Israel, he is here to save one people only namely the ‘chosen tribe’.

Captain Israel the ethnic cleanser, murderer, hero for the politically indoctrinated zionists.

With his flaming Menorah torch, he is here to set the entire region on fire.

It has become pretty obvious that that Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity anymore.

Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

Props to Gilad Atzmon for bringing this to The Akh’s attention.

Have a flick through for yourself to see the shameless hasbara/propaganda the zionists brainwash their children with.


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Republican Leader Eric Cantor Pledges Allegiance to Israel Over America

House majority leader Eric Cantor (Republican) is desperately trying to explain away the promise he made to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that he would side, as a policy, with Israel against the President of the United States of America.

Cantor huddled with Netanyahu just prior to the Prime Minister’s meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton was expected to reaffirm the American commitment to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and opposition to Israeli settlement expansion.

But Cantor wanted Netanyahu to know that he had his back.

Cantor’s office itself put out a statement bragging about his pledge to Netanyahu:

“Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration and what has been, up until this point, one party rule in Washington….He made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States, and that the security of each nation is reliant upon the other.”

For now, forget Cantor’s ridiculous assertion that the security of Israel and the United States are “reliant upon the other.”

No, the United States provides Israel with the security assistance to survive – it is not the other way around.

But lay that aside.

It is Cantor’s statement of loyalty to Netanyahu that is the shocker.

Specifically, it is his promise that he would ensure that Republicans in the US House of Representatives “will serve as a check” on US Middle East policy.

Almost immediately, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s bureau chief in Washington, Ron Kampeas, declared that Cantor’s statement was “extraordinary”.

He wrote that he could not

“remember an opposition leader telling a foreign leader, in a personal meeting, that he would side, as a policy, with that leader against the President.”

Kampeas was clearly shocked, but he was understating the enormity of Cantor’s offense.

Cantor’s pledge of allegiance to a foreign leader would be remarkable, and deeply offensive, even if the foreign country in question were Canada or the United Kingdom, our two closest allies with whom we have few policy differences.

The United States has major policy differences with Israel, and has had them for decades, most notably over settlements, the occupied West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, etc.

Israel is also the largest recipient of US foreign aid in the world, which means that the President of the United States has every right to express those differences firmly and clearly.

On the other hand, no American official – by any stretch of the imagination – has the right to tell the government of Israel, or any foreign government, that he stands with the foreign leader against his own president.

It is one thing to oppose particular US policies; it is quite another to tell a foreign leader, “I’m with you, not my president.” Of course, Cantor was just being honest.

Although he does oppose virtually all of President Obama’s policies – he’s a Republican and that is what Republicans do – he supports 100 per cent of Israel’s policies.

And although an extreme partisan domestically, when it comes to Israel, he supports whichever government is in power.

He believes in the right to criticise this government, just not that one.

Cantor’s mistake was not telling Prime Minister Netanyahu what everyone knows is true anyway, but telling the world what he said.

This is the classic Washington definition of a gaffe (i.e., inadvertently speaking an inconvenient truth).

In this case, the gaffe produced a firestorm.

And this is where I consider the possibility that Cantor simply doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

After all, he has been an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) cutout since he first was elected to office.

He’s been to more AIPAC meetings than he can probably count.

And he should have figured out by now that the lobby is extremely careful, obsessively careful, to always empathise loyalty to the United States while simultaneously endorsing Israeli policies that undermine our foreign policy objectives.

AIPAC officials never, ever, say that when push comes to shove their loyalty is with Israel not the United States. In fact, the accusation that this is the case is the charge AIPAC hates most.

But the soon-to-be Majority Leader came right out and said it: Israel, right or wrong.

It took a few days for Cantor to understand how utterly offensive his statement was. He might have heard from a few Tea Party types who, say what you will about them, tend to take their patriotism seriously.

So Cantor explained that he was misunderstood. His inconvenient truth, his gaffe, was replaced by a laughable untruth.

MJ Rosenberg is a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network. The above article first appeared in Foreign Policy Matters, a part of the Media Matters Action Network.


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BBC’s Panorama Bias: “Death in the Med” deconstructed

This excellent video deconstructs the lies told by Jane Corbin & the BBC’ on their shameful hasbara (propaganda) carried out on behalf of Israel in the “Death in the Med” Panorama programme. This is the analysis that the BBC shamefully neglected to show us.

Whatever happened on the Mavi Marmara on the morning of May 31st, 2010, the BBC’s Panorama team failed to give a balanced view of it in its so-called documentary, Death in the Med. Even the title sounds more like that of a paperback mystery, rather than a serious analysis of Israel’s worst atrocity since Operation Cast Lead.

Documentaries should be truthful and informative and expand our understanding of situations and events; their content should be rigorously checked for errors in statements which are presented as facts and conjecture, and the personal opinions of their writers and presenters should be explicitly identified as such. But Death in the Med failed any test based on those parameters.

The BBC’s television and radio services reach an audience measured in hundreds of millions, world-wide, but are primarily funded by taxes and license fees paid by the British public; not by Israel or its influential friends. Panorama’s biased and often untruthful Treatment of Israel’s worst atrocity since Operation Cast Lead should trigger a public enquiry about who is really in charge of one of the most influential broadcasters on the planet.


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Have Israel turned Fidel Castro?

The Akh would like to know how “El Jefe” went from saying:

“The State of Israel’s hatred towards the Palestinians is such that it would not hesitate to send 1.5 million men, women and children to the crematoriums in which millions of Jews of all ages were killed, the swastika would seem to be the flag of Israel today”


“I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.”

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: ‘Stop Slandering the Jews’

Have the zionists done what America has failed to do in all these years and turn Fidel Castro?


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